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[ROM] [11.0] [dotOS 5.2] [STABLE] [Lmi] [October 12th, 2021]]

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Oct 7, 2007
Esplugues de Llobregat
You should update OP with latest version.
Comming from another ROM. May I format data?
Not specified but I'm stucked on start animation
I answer myself. Needed to format data.
Anyone having problems with headset volume buttons?
They don't work as expected. Instead of increase/decrease buttons it acts as a click on the screen.
Worked on stock ROM
I answer myself. Needed to format data.
Anyone having problems with headset volume buttons?
They don't work as expected. Instead of increase/decrease buttons it acts as a click on the screen.
Worked on stock ROM
Please explain your issue in details. Like how it worked on stock rom and whats not working in this rom....


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Oct 7, 2007
Esplugues de Llobregat
Please explain your issue in details. Like how it worked on stock rom and whats not working in this rom....
The problem with headset volume buttons is that in stock ROM works as expected. I mean it turns the volume up and down when pressed.
In this ROM the up/dpwn buttons acts as a click on the first item in a list. I mean If you are in settings>security and press the up/or down volume button, it selects the first item -Google Play protect- and if you press again it enters in that option.
Of course, I've tried not only one but three different headsets and they work fine in other phones.
This same behavior happens in another AOSP based ROM, so is not related only to this one.

There is also another strange issue with SIM 2: If you turn off that SIM, sometimes is set to on after you shut down the phone. This doesn't happens if you reboot the phone. Similar behavior on another AOSP ROM, althouhg in that ROM it seems to happens always..

I'm not rooted. If you need some other information or logcats, don't hesitate to ask me.

Apart from this, I'm impressed with the options available and overall performance. FOD works like a charm. I'll check battery drain during this next days.

Thks for your work
Feb 12, 2017
Weirdly enough I lost the option to choose gestures-type. Previously I had 2-button, 3-button and gestures options and now it just disappeared. Tried to reset it with ADB, rebooted multiple times, etc. but it just won't reappear. In order to switch apps or go to Home I have to use Google Assistant, lol.


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    " #DroidOnTime "

    ROM Version: 5.0

    Device: lmi/lmipro

    Maintainer: Fahmid Islam Soumyo

    Build Status: Unofficial


    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels.
    * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers.

    "This is a user-friendly thread, all your suggestions are important to us and will be taken into consideration.."


    dotOS is an Android ROM which focuses on performance and stability. We focus on making our rom look and feel great without struggling on Performance and Battery! So that one can get most out of his/her device.....



    Download the latest build & and Recommended FW

    Reboot to recovery

    Make nandroid backup (Optional)

    Flash Firmware

    Flash the latest Build



    Download the latest build

    Reboot to recovery

    Flash the latest build

    Wipe Cache


    Note: GApps only has to be flashed once whereas Magisk/Su is to be flashed every time you Dirty Flash the OTA Update. (No need Gapps Already Included)

    Also to improve the FOD Experience use White Recognising Color and register your fp with low brightness, another one with high brightness, another with auto-brightness. Make sure you delete your current fp before registering it and reboot. I also Use the Oneplus FOD icon & FOD Animation for a better experience :D


    Dot OS 5.0


    New and refreshed UI
    New Customization app (previously named as DotExtras)
    Accent Overlay & RGB Picker
    Edge Lighting
    Battery Styles
    Battery Percentage Styles
    Clock Customization
    Traffic Indicator
    Battery Light Customizations
    QS Tiles title toggle
    QS Tiles style toggle (AOSP & accent)
    QS Rows & Columns Customization
    New FOD Icon & Animation picker with previews
    FOD recognition color picker
    Screen-Off FOD
    Automatically temporary disable night light while using FOD (toggle)
    New Theme Manager
    Overlays based Accent Picker
    Material Palette Accent Picker
    Smart Accent Picker (find an automatically proper shade of accent for the other theme; if you apply custom accent for dark theme, press Smart Accent Picker and it will find a good shade to use for a light theme and vice-versa)
    Fonts, Icon Packs, and Icon Shapes picker
    Other Extra Features
    Hold power to torch
    Double-tap on the status bar and lock screen to sleep
    Double-tap while sleeping to open doze (ambient display)
    Quick Screenshot (3 fingers gesture)
    Volume Panel position switch (right or left)
    Navigation bar pill size customization (hide, stock, medium, large)
    Pocket Mode - avoid screen touches while the phone is in your pocket
    Use Biometrics on first boot (unavailable for encrypted users)
    Lockscreen Media toggle
    Built-in Launcher Grid control
    MicroG support



    Pixel Experience

    Dirty Unicorns

    And all other open source Devs/Teams.


    Mohan CM - Founder/Core Developer

    Sam Grande - UI Developer/Project Co-ordinator

    Iacob Ionut - UI, UX Developer/ Core Developer

    Sipun Kumar - Developer/Maintainer

    Shreehari Vaasistha L - Developer/Maintainer

    Special thanks:

    - Graphics Designer

    ShreeJoy - Web Backend Developer

    Manish Bajpai - Web Frontend Developer[/SIZE]

    Important Links

    Liked The ROM? Want to Help Us? Then gift us some credits


    dot OS source

    dotOS-Device Sources


    Telegram Group

    Telegram Channel

    Poco F2 Pro | Redmi k30 Pro Support Group




    As soon as the problem occurs, take a logcat!

    for more READ THIS

    and do not forget to send it to us 😜


    XDA DevDB Information

    DotOS, ROM for Poco F2 Pro | Redmi k30 Pro

    Contributors: Fahmid Islam Soumyo

    Source Code: https://github.com/DotOS

    Kernel Source:: Prebuilt Kernel

    ROM OS Version: 11.0 Android R

    ROM Kernel: 4.19.113

    ROM Firmware Required: Must be On MIUI

    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information

    Stable Unofficial

    Current Stable Version: v5.0

    Stable Release Date: 11-02-2021​

    dotOS 5.1.3 | Android 11
    for Poco F2 Pro | Redmi K30 Pro (lmi/lmipro)


    Build Variant : Gapps
    Build Version : 5.1.3

    Build Date : August 9th, 2021

    Device Changelog:

    • Updated to August Security Patch
    • Using NFC from Stock
    • Improved Battery Life
    • Improved Audio Quality
    • Latest MIUI Global Blobs
    • Improved Powerhal & zram Sysfs nodes
    • Updated to latest dotOS 5.1.3 source
    • Updated Translations
    • Nuked Pixel Libpergmr
    • Improved Storage Speed
    • Improved Brightness
    • Improved Display Color Compositions
    • Improved Charging Speed
    • Reverted to 60hz
    • Using Latest QK-Kernel thanks @Ayrton990
    • Fixed BT pairing Issues
    • Added Live Display
    • Added Support for AptX
    • Switched audio policy to LA.UM.9.12.r1-08300-SMxx50.0
    • Fixed Mifare Classic Reading
    • Nuked useless Live Display Options
    • Improved overall performance
    • Fixed few known bugs
    • Using Latest LOS FOD Implementation
    • More I don't remember

    Source Changelog: Click Here




    • NOTES •
    - Use Global Firmware.

    BKASH: 01716981404
    NAGAD: 01732529604​

    dotOS 5.2| Android 11
    for Poco F2 Pro | Redmi K30 Pro (lmi/lmipro)


    Build Variant: Gapps
    Build Version: 5.2

    Build Date: October 12th, 2021

    Device Changelog:

    • Enabled FOD
    • Improved System Stability & reliability
    • October Security Patch
    • Improved Audio & it's Compatibility across devices

    might not sound huge but yeh worth updating :D

    Source Changelog: Click Here



    • NOTES •
    Use Global Firmware.
    Better flash Full MIUI ROM and then flash this ROM...

    BKASH: 01716981404
    NAGAD: 01732529604
    BANK TRANSFER? Inbox @soumyo19 on telegram
    Sorry, my country doesn't support Paypal.

    would be glad if you appreciated my work..

    Thanks to Dmytro for testing final release.
    Thanks to th779 for his work on trees
    " #DroidOnTime "
    This new update of DOT OS has some major Changes not in UI but in under the Hood Experiences and lots of bug fixes!
    • April Security Patches (Android11 r34)
    • Full Anx Camera Support ( disable lens correction before using wide angle lens )
    • Full Gcam Support
    • Added Volte icon
    • Added SFUNY Lockscreen Clock
    • Added Hardware keys lights support
    • Added back SystemUI Tuner (Settings / System)
    • Added Auto-brightness button in QSPanel
    • Added DataUsage view in QSPanel
    • Added auto-detect support for OEM fast chargers
    • Added Heads-up tile
    • Added flag to disable cutout space (Notched devices)
    • Disabled safe volume everywhere
    • Fixes for traffic indicator
    • Fixes for FluidClock preview
    • Fixes for some random SystemUI crashes
    • Added QSPanel Opaqueness switch
    • Minor fixes on the UI
    • Updated dot stats to new API
    • Added Silky UI on Customizations Settings
    • System Updates
    • Updated libraries to latest one in prebuilt SDK
    • Updated download URLs and server URLs to new API
    • Fixed changelog not being stored in database
    • Triple check if every view if should be or not visible
    • Updated translations from crowdin
    • UI/UX improvements
    • Stability and underhood improvements
    • Switched OSS Build ( Vendor + Kernel)
    • Using Quantic+ Kernel by default
    • Improved Gaming Performance
    • Improved MultiTasking
    • FOD Flashbang Removed ( read more about FOD below on how to use)
    • Fixed a lot of known bugs


    About FOD (Fingerprint on Display): To use FOD, go to settings > Customizations > FOD Options > Switch to Green FOD Light > then Again switch to white FOD Light > Then turn on FOD Night > then go back and enable FOD Animations of your Choice > Then go Back > Choose FOD Icons of your Choice > Now Set your Brightness at Maximum State > Now Add your Fingerprint > FOD will only work properly on 70% above brightness.
    Passing SafetyNet: Currently Google is now blocking Magisk (maybe other apps) from checking SafetyNet attestation or their server for checking down. Nevertheless, if Netflix stays in your Google Play Store, you shouldn't worry as much. however to pass SafetyNet.

    1. First flash the magiskhide props (https://t.me/AncientOS_Lmi_OFFICIAL/315?single) and universal safetynet fix (https://t.me/AncientOS_Lmi_OFFICIAL/314?single)via Magisk (Obviously you need ROOT)
    2. Reboot your device
    3. After reboot, Go to termux/terminal (You can find it at Play Store, I personally use termux)
    4. Type su in termux/terminal
    5. Grant Root access (there should be a popup from magisk)
    6. Type props
    7. Select 1 (Edit device fingerprint)
    8. Then select f (pick certified fingerprint)
    9. Then select 22 (Poco)
    10. Then select 2 (Poco F2 Pro Global)
    11. After that just select y, y, and y
    12. Your device will reboot.
    13. Enable Magisk Hide & Safety net will pass.

    NOTE: For those who don't understand what SafetyNet is. In short, It is required to pass SafetyNet for you to use banking apps + some other apps to work properly.


    To install this build Clean Flash is mandatory!
    First Format Data
    Then Flash recommended Firmware
    Then Flash ROM

    Then again format data and Reboot!

    I recommend 1206-wzsx150-

    Dot OS 5.0.1

    for personal questions and extra support join the telegram group I can't help on XDA Thread much as I am always busy...
    Telegram Support Group

    Like this thread, if you appreciate my work. Thanks in Advance!

    @SebaUbuntu for his work on OSS.
    @Ayrton990 for his work on Quantic.
    & all of my testers can't mention all of them as this time there were many peeps :D