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Mar 28, 2015
Hey @sourav24071999 ,
I was using v3.9 from the past few days, and everything was working fine until yesterday
When I tried to boot up the device in morning, it is stuck at "android one" logo and I am not even able to login in recovery or fastboot mode
Also, the logo screen comes after various attempts to boot up, it does not come up in one attempt, it feels like the phone is dead but sometimes the android logo boots up
I had a hardware check, everything is fine on the hardware front, what can i do?


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Aug 1, 2021
Nokia 3
Hey @sourav24071999 ,
I was using v3.9 from the past few days, and everything was working fine until yesterday
When I tried to boot up the device in morning, it is stuck at "android one" logo and I am not even able to login in recovery or fastboot mode
Also, the logo screen comes after various attempts to boot up, it does not come up in one attempt, it feels like the phone is dead but sometimes the android logo boots up
I had a hardware check, everything is fine on the hardware front, what can i do?
Do you get the bootloader unlocked warning when the phone starts?


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Aug 1, 2021
Nokia 3
are there any steps to go into EDL mode? could you link some here?
First disconnect and reconnect the battery and short these points on the motherboard with tweezers and connect the usb cable. You should now see a device on device manager which means you entered edl mode


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Apr 27, 2021
Really love the ROM, probably the fastest, most comfortable to use custom OS for X6.

My only gripe with it is that gApps are included by default, and that the ROM starts downloading updates over 4G network as soon as initial (offline) setup is over.

This agressive autoupdate policy of google has long become a burden in stock roms. Is there any way to disable google-initiated app and system autoupdate in this PixelPlus? Also, what google packages can be safely removed via adb to debloat the device and can I replace PixelLauncher with something else without breaking everything?
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Apr 27, 2021
Also, when the OS loads for the first time, it encrypts all of the internal storage data. While useful, it prevents TWRP from even taking backups again. Any way around it?
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    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels.
    * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers.

    "This is a user-friendly thread, all your suggestions, and proper bug reports are important to us but don't be disrespectful to anyone here. Your suggestions and proper bug reports will be taken into consideration.."


    PixelPlusUI is another aftermarket AOSP ROM Minimal UI & close to Stock Android ROM. What differentiates us from the rest, you ask? LET'S FIND OUT. It has additional localized and personalized functionality while preserving the stock Android look by adhering to Material Design guidelines. Unlike OEMs' slow and untimely updates, we closely follow Google to bring the latest updates to our users, and even prolonging support to devices that have been declared obsolete by OEMs. Our ROMs' source code is open-source, secure, stable, and outstanding. Your experience using PixelPlusUI will be butter smooth with added convenience and features. The main aim of this form is to give the user a better experience without compromising the quality of the Android experience so that no one struggles with any kind of difficulties while using their device. PixelPlusUI brings a better UI/UX to Android with a seamless experience coupled with customizations and user security. In short, it's perfectly balanced between Great Performance, Security, Stability, Minimal UI & Awesome features including pixel goodies But this doesn't mean we aim to provide all the customization available on the planet. So do not hesitate anymore, join us now and start enjoying the beauty of stock Android. Download and enjoy PixelPlusUI on your respective devices!


    - Kostya Maslennikov - Founder & lead Developer
    - Saurav - Co-lead & Project Manager
    - Victor - Core Developer
    - Smokey - Core Developer & Support Team
    - Tikki - UI/UX Developer
    - Sarthak - Project Coordinator & Support Team
    - Abhishek - Support Team

    - And Also Our Hardworking Maintainers


    Tap Here For Screenshots

    NOTE: As we keep updating source so its hard to keep threads updated everytime everywhere so kindly visit our website for latest changes and screenshots or for more you can also visit our telegram group

    Tap Here For CHANGELOG

    Statusbar :
    Introduce VoLTE & VoWiFi icons picker
    OOS Styled Network Traffic Activity Indicator
    Hiding Statusbar on the lock screen
    Show 4G Instead of LTE toggle
    Quick settings :
    Added Daily Data usage on the left side of QS
    Useful new tiles like sync, Data Switch, AOD, etc
    Require unlocking QS tiles
    WIFI/NFC, Mobile Data, Bluetooth Panel instead of full Settings
    Themes :
    Redesign Settings Homepage Header
    Settings: Implement Miui Inspired Custom Headers
    Bring back Gaming mode with dynamic mode
    Added Miui & ShapeShift Volume Panel Style
    Added PixelPlusUI Specific Lockscreen Clock
    Redesign QS Expanded Clock
    Introduce Android 12 Style Switches
    Clocks: Add Android S Clocks
    Implement Dynamic Volte/VoWifi Icon back again
    PixelPlusUI Paper App
    Pixel Theme Picker
    More color accents, clocks, and fonts
    Introduce 404 IDE Clock, Sammy highlight clock, Divided Lines Clock, MNML Clock, Fluid lock screen clock, SFUNY clock, etc in Display/Style and Wallpapers
    Hardware Buttons :
    Advance Restart
    Expanded volume panel
    Power Menu Customizations
    Disabled Annoying Emergency button in power menu
    Added Screen OFF Animation
    Navigation :
    Navigation bar layout invertion
    Introduce HW Keys backlight & brightness control
    Notifications :
    Allow suppressing notifications sound/vibration if the screen is ON
    Gaming mode
    Add unlinked ringtone and notification volumes
    Incall vibration options
    Heads-up & Less boring heads-up
    Gestures :
    3-finger screenshot gesture
    Added Long Screenshot
    Double-tap to sleep on the status bar and lock screen
    Statusbar brightness control
    Security & Safety :
    Added System App Lock
    FaceUnlock on OFFICIAL
    App Data Restrictions using wifi data VPN
    Protect sensitive info on the About device
    Added Smart Charging
    Added Smart Cut Off
    Settings :
    Introduce Android 12 Style Search bar
    OOS Inspired Battery Meter view
    OOS Inspired Storage tab
    Brand New Qs Panel Look
    Brand New PixelPlusUI info in about device
    Extra :
    Support for internal audio recording
    Pixel Charger Animation
    Implement cutout force fullscreen
    Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
    Miscellaneous :
    Pixel 5 Goodies
    OTA Updates
    Handpicked Wallpapers
    Russian, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Brazilian, etc translations


    SourceForge ! (Slow download)

    OFFICIAL Website ! (Fast Download)

    : Our OFFICIAL website download link is high speed download server and you don't need to mirror it. And it is little bit expensive so support from your side will help us a lot !




    NOTE: It is STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing and please avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup (or with any backup/restore app) as this can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug, restoring regular apps is fine.
    If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience any strange behavior.


    1. Boot in to TWRP
    2. Click on wipe
    3. Select Format Data
    4. Type Yes
    5. Reboot to Bootloader
    6. Boot in to TWRP
    7. Select Wipe
    8. Select Advance Wipe
    9. Select all except SDCARD
    10. Swipe to wipe
    11. Copy ROM.zip
    12. Flash ROM.zip
    13. Change Slot
    14. Select Wipe
    15. Select Advance Wipe
    16. Select all except SYSTEM, Vendor, and SD CARD and Swipe To Wipe
    17. Reboot System

    1. Boot in to twrp
    2. Flash ROM.zip
    3. Change Slot
    4. Reboot

    What works?

    Wifi | RIL | Mobile data | GPS | Camera
    Flashlight | Camcorder | Bluetooth | Fingerprint reader | Lights | Sound | vibration
    Almost everything

    What doesn't work?

    Nothing yet
    You tell me! :p


    As soon as the problem occurs, take a logcat and please inform us via Telegram or XDA.
    for more READ THIS


    - Android Open-Source Project
    - Pixel Experience
    - LineageOS
    - Havoc-OS
    - AOSPA
    - Octavi-OS
    - Wave-Project
    - ShapeShiftOS
    - Project-404

    - Others, I forgot to mention

    PixelPlusUI XDA Logo and Banners
    - Virendra


    - Android OS version: 11.0
    - Security patch: August 2021
    - Build author/Device Maintainer : Saurav
    - DEVICE: Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6 )

    Sources and Documentation

    - ROM Source Code
    - Kernel Source


    ---------- DONATION LINKS ----------

    As you know build is free but building ROM needs a server. And Maintaining source and device stuff needs a server and it's pretty expensive for a student. It will be really helpful and appreciated if you donate or contribute to us. Also if you have any queries related to donation you can freely message -> Saurav (Co-lead Dev)

    PAYTM UPI ID : [email protected]
    GPAY UPI ID: [email protected]

    PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/uglykid24


    PixelPlusUI 3.9 Update (09.09.2021)

    Do Visit
    : https://ppui.site/

    Source Side Changelog :
    • Latest September Patch Merged android-11.0.0_r43
    • Fixed Safety Net Issues and by defalut it will pass
    • Added BatteryHealth section in battery tab
    • Improved our Bumpy boy effect (now its system wide)
    • Add Lockscreen Clock Styles in Display Tab Setting
    • BatteryTab: Re-Arrange battery Tab and Update battery tab icons
    • UI: Re-arrangement stuff acording to PixelPlusUI Interface
    • Replace media notification background with artwork optional in Pixelizer
    • SystemUI: statusbar clock date customization in Pixelizer
    • SettingsLib: Improve ActionButtonsPreference UI
    • SystemUI: Introduce user interface for Alert Sliders
    • SystemUI: Redesign Media Player View inspired from Android S
    • SystemUI: Make A12 DP3 clock bigger
    • TwilightService: Save and use last fetched location
    • Pixelizer: Move Some features to pixelizer
    • Pixelizer: Update About Team Section info
    • apns: Add IPV4V6 to EE (UK)
    • kernel: Fix vdso32 building for 4.19+ kernels
    • Fix Three UK / FreedomPop APN (MCC 234 MNC 20)
    • vendor: apns: Add Digi Mobil
    • wall: Update new wall for new version 3.9
    • vendor/aosp: Bump version to v3.9 | Eternal
    • DT2Doze: Move Preference to gesture settings
    • Add Style picker & StatusBar Icon Tuner missing summary
    • Fixed Pulse Music App Crash
    • Nuked one Glitched Lockscreen Clock
    • core: Remove overscroll shadow for all
    • Drop the maximum recommended log size from 16MiB to 8MiB.
    • Workaround global ThinLTO build break
    • core: jni: Switch to -O3
    • SettingsProvider: Set device name to marketname if available
    • Improved Performance and Stability
    • Misc changes and fixes

    Device Side Changelog :
    PixelPlusUI Source Upstream
    Fixed Mic issues some of users were facing
    Fixed issues with Wifi Calling (Airtel)
    Fixed Safety Net (Now it passes without root)
    Banking apps like gpay etc are now working fine
    Addressed Some sepolicy denails
    Improved Performance and Stability (not kidding)
    Misc Changes and Fixes (which u wont understand)

    : [email protected]
    GPAY UPI ID: [email protected]
    PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/uglykid24

    Device Changelog:

    Improved performance and stability
    Misc changes and Fixes

    Do Visit : https://ppui.site/home

    Source Changelog:

    * Latest July Patch Merged 'android-11.0.0_r39'

    * Redesign Settings Homepage Header

    * Settings: Implement Miui Inspired Custom Headers

    * Bring back Gaming mode with dynamic mode

    * Added ShapeShift Volume Panel Style

    * Added PixelPlusUI Specific Lockscreen Clock

    * Redesign QS Expanded Clock

    * Introduce Android 12 Style Switches

    * Debloated Gapps (nuked useless stuff)

    * Clocks: Add Android S Clocks

    * Implement Dynamic Volte/Vowifi Icon back again

    * Import VoLTE/VoWifi icons from Vivo X60 Pro

    * Added battery temp in battery tab

    * Pixelizer: Drop Volte/Vowifi icon Picker

    * Add Custom header in Each Tab of Pixelizer

    * Pixelizer: Add About PixelPlusUI and Team Section info

    * Add toggle for show battery in QS header

    * Add toggle for QS tile title visibility

    * Add QS columns/rows options

    * Fixed Date not changing in Expanded QS Clock

    * Add statusbar battery options (circle,dotted,text,etc)

    * HeadsUp: add timeout option

    * HeadsUp: Essential only mode option (less boring heads up)

    * Prebuilt: Update Pulse Music apk to v4.3.0

    * Updated Screen usage and last full charge icon

    * Improve face unlock method

    * Searchbar: Adjust Searchbar bg color

    * Fixed Nav Bar getting stuck when changing from landscape to potrait or vice versa

    * Added Squary Clock - Htc alike clock

    * Show me more than 4 items in the menus!

    * Add Wifi and Bluetooth Timeout Icons

    * Settings: Move some BT,NFC,CAST above submenu

    * Plugin: Add notification slider if ring & notification is unlinked

    * Plugin: Fix alarm not showing

    * Plugin: MiuiPanel: Make the corners perfectly rounded

    * vendor/aosp: Bump version to v3.7 | Ragnarok

    * Enable New Google Keyboard Theme and Rounded Corners

    * New Wall for New Version 3.7

    * Clocks: use correct thumbnail for Android S clock

    * Allow Seamless rotation while PIP is active

    * SystemUI: Add spacing above emergency call button

    * SystemUI: It's time to kill klondike-saur

    * BrightnessController: tune the slider animation duration

    * FODCircleView: remove fod dim and inline with los

    * SystemUI: Add OnePlus Numbers, Minimal and Roman clock

    * Java IDE Clock: Fix Package name For PixelPlusUI

    * Fix inactive state Wifi Icon in Kai Icon Pack

    * Improved Performance and stability

    * Misc changes and fixes


    • UPI​

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    • Paypal​

    Soon In PixelPlusUI 3.5 Update

    PixelPlusUI 3.8 Update (09.08.2021)

    Source Side Changelog :
    * Latest August Patch Merged android-11.0.0_r40
    * Allow disabling refresh rate lowering in battery saver
    * Added Dash/Warp/VOOC Charge indication support
    * Added SuperDart charging support
    * ScrollView: Remove static modifier
    * base: Disable spammy Log TAG 'Error;;NOtifStack' & improve code
    * A12-clock: remove drop shadows
    * TypeClock: Align owner info as per the clock style
    * SystemUI: Left align owner info on ShapeShift and IDE clock
    * Fixed AndroidAuto and TTS Crashing
    * SystemUI: Properly align owner info to the 3 left aligned clocks
    * DataSwitchTile: Improve the code
    * IDE clock: fix the C++ syntax and format
    * AndroidSClockController: set clock text color based on wallpapers
    * IconPack{Kai,Victor}: Fix clock icon
    * Pixelizer: Update About Team Section info
    * CarSystemUI: Exclude FODCircleViewImpl from UI components
    * AntiFlickerTile: Fix error in handleRefreshState
    * PocketJudge: Allow to register vendor proximity sensor
    * Restore bypass lockscreen after face unlock preference
    * VibratorService: Fix double click effect with OnePlus vibrator format
    * base: make app volume rows optional
    * audio: support set volume for app
    * Prebuilt: Update Pulse Music apk to v4.3.2
    * base: Allow user to block individual apps from resuming
    * base: Introduce automated DC Dimming
    * display: Make Night Light transition more gradual
    * Switch to Hastebin for copying crash logs
    * AppLock: Fix biometric prompt disappearing if app launched from resolver
    * keyguard: Left align lock icon when required
    * MediaResume: Set it to 0 by default to avoid UI glitch
    * Introduce Android 12 ShapeShift clock
    * Improve statusbar icon sizes and positions
    * SystemUI: Add time refresh capabilities for S clock controllers
    * styles: Use user fonts for Material UI themes
    * vendor/aosp: Bump version to v3.8 | Hikaru
    * base: Conditionally apply accent to Android S clock
    * New Wall for New Version 3.8
    * base: Adjustments to Android S clock
    * Plugins: Introduce Oos Vol Panel
    * Introduce Material (P404 Style) Volume panel
    * Settings: Update Security Settings drawables from Android 12
    * Battery Meter View : Text & Icon Follow accent color Battery Meter View
    * Remove contextual card background from battery usage graph
    * Added Headers to Battery usage, Dark mode, livedisplay etc
    * [WIP]: Added bumpy boy effect in settings page
    * Add preference for maximum screen refresh rate
    * Kernel: allow devices to use newer GCC
    * vendor: Add double quote in custom APN name check
    * Improved Performance and stability
    * Misc changes and fixes

    Device Side Changelog :
    • Fixed OK Google
    • Fixed Safety Net (Now it passes without root)
    • Banking apps like gpay etc are now working fine
    • Addressed Some sepolicy denails
    • Disable SDM rotator downscaler
    • Improved Performance and Stability (not kidding)
    • Misc Changes and Fixes (which u wont understand)

    PixelPlusUI 3.6 Update (18.06.2021)

    Source Side Changelog :
    * Latest June Patch Merged r38
    * Type (Alt) Clock: fix wrong salute messages
    * clock: Improve Type (Alt) clock
    * Add support for per app network isolation
    * Set SCROLL_FRICTION to 0.015f
    * Added Sony VoLTE icon
    * Update BT battery level from OOS
    * fwb: Add screen off fod
    * FODCircleView: Rework icon dimming
    * SystemUI: Port ambient indication from redfin
    * SystemUI: Change LockIcon drawables
    * Add capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstreams
    * Shorten network transition timeout
    * Allow camera shutter sound to be disabled in all countries
    * Tune rounded corners for icon shapes
    * Fix Biometric Auth for Applock
    * Add support for one shot auto-brightness
    * Explicitly make SBC Dual Channel an optional (HD) codec
    * Import VoLTE icons from Vivo X60 Pro
    * Added OOS style tint option
    * Added Android Twelve QS Tint Style
    * Import Descendant Seamless Clock Switch (press and hold clock on LS and swipe)
    * Introduce Fluid lock clock V2
    * Introduce LiveDisplay from Lineage
    * Add Live Display , reading mode, anti flicker tile
    * Fix unreadable SSOS clock thumbnail
    * QSClock: Adjustments & Fixup
    * Pocket: introduce pocket judge/lock
    * PixelPropsUtils: Spoof Pixel XL for Google Photos
    * AppLock: Improve strings and cleanup
    * FODCircleView: Recognizing fingerprint animation
    * SystemUI: Recognizing FP animation effects
    * SystemUI: FOD icon picker
    * Add OP8T Cyberpunk 2077 FOD animation
    * SystemUI: FOD pressed colors
    * Added POSP Plug-in
    * fwb: Implement VolumePluginManager
    * Add MIUI volume style plugin
    * BoardConfigQcom: Allow targets to upgrade to UM 4.19 family
    * vendor: apns: Add LIDL Connect
    * audio: Change default notification sound
    * vendor/aosp: Bump version to 3.6 | Unicorn
    * New Walls for New Version 3.6
    * Move Some toggles to pixelizer
    * Settings Page Search bar Adjustments
    * Use seekbar to allow setting arbitrary animation values
    * Settings: Use MD2 icon for Playstore
    * InstalledApp: show link to Google Play
    * use framework text colors for SwitchBar
    * Improved overall Performance and stability
    * Misc Changes and fixes

    Device Side Changelog :
    - sdm660-common: Switch to source built [email protected]
    - sdm660-common: Migrate to Health 2.1 HAL
    - sdm660-common: Disable BPF offload for tethering
    - Moved Battery icon back to QS header
    - Enable compositor background blurring
    - Improved Performance and battery backup
    - Use stock vibration configs
    - Tree Clean up and Misc Changes and fixes

    PixelPlusUI 3.5 Update (15.05.2021)

    Source Side Changelog :
    * Latest May Patch Merged r37
    * Introduce Octavi's lockscreen clock
    * Battery : Redesign BatteryMeterView and Beautify it
    * Settings: Redesign storage summary donut header
    * Dashboard: Redesign searchbar header
    * Add a preview for dark theme Display > Dark Mode
    * Add LS Clocks IDE, Clockertino, Sticker Tag, type(alt)
    * Modify brightness slider icon
    * Add VOLTE icon toggle
    * VoLTE/VoWIFI Icon User Selectable Icons
    * Use OOS silent icon in statusbar
    * Bluetooth timeout feature
    * Wifi timeout feature
    * Nuked network indicators
    * Make power button press fp unlock toggleable
    * Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
    * AppLock: Add option to instantly lock app on closing
    * Rename Pornhub accent overlay to dark orange
    * Nuke Unnecessary Dividers
    * Keyguard: Lock icon improvements
    * Settings: Expose radio info (*#*#4636#*#*)
    * Move some battery Toggle back to battery tab
    * overlay: Update SimpleDeviceConfig
    * New Wall for New Version 3.5
    * APNs: Add Belong, Visible Wireless & Fix giffgaff
    * Add MediaPlayer() function for backward compatibility
    * Improved Performance & stability
    * Misc Changes and Fixes

    Device Side Changelog :
    - Enable New Google Keyboard Theme and Rounded Corners
    - wlan: Smarter decisions on whether to use a 2Ghz or 5Ghz AP
    - wlan: Relax WiFi re-association RSSI thresholds
    - Moved Battery icon from QS header to QS panel
    - Improved Scrolling Friction
    - Switch to Qualcomm sound effects
    - Improved Performance and battery backup
    - Use custom vibration configs
    - Add network traffic monitor on statusbar
    - Enable Smart Charging & AOD
    - Tree Clean up and Misc Changes and fixes

    Important Notes :
    • OTA has been Pushed and YES!! u can do dirty flash

    * SELinux is Permissive [TEMP]
    * Banking apps are working fine without root and with magisk hide also.

    PixelPlusUI 3.4 Update (01.05.2021)

    Source Changelog
    * Latest April Patch Merged r34
    * Brand New OTA Updater added
    * Added Incall vibration options
    * Wire up default fonts with font engine
    * QS: Show date below QSclock
    * CarrierConfigManager: enable LTE+ icon by default
    * Merged FOD Changes from latest PE Source
    * Ask pin for shutdown/reboot on secure lockscreen
    * Added Smart Charging
    * Allow using 4G icon instead LTE
    * SystemUI: Add activity indicators to wifi icon
    * SystemUI: Implement OOS-style small data type icons
    * QS: Decrease date size a little in small QS
    * Port long screenshot implementation from Asus
    * Added MNML, Orono, Shapeshift clock
    * Added Custom Spectrum Analog Clock
    * Added Custom Sneeky Analog Clock
    * wall: New Wall for New Version 3.4
    * ThemePicker: Remove unwanted space under clock faces container
    * Added Screen off animations
    * QS: fix height and size of clock
    * Added Smart Cutoff
    * Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
    * Allow disabling vibration alerts for successful auth
    * iorap: Enable by default
    * InputMethodService: Disable fullscreen keyboard
    * Gestures: allow to set back swipe deadzone
    * SystemUI: forward port Status bar icon tuner
    * Dividers: Say No to Dividers
    * Added a toggle for QS Tint optional
    * Added App-Locker settings icon
    * Added Missing Icons in Settings Page and About Section
    * Added Search bar like A12 & Added Settings Headers Like Fluid
    * Increased Stability and overall performance
    * Misc Changes and Fixes

    Device Side Changelog
    * Initial OFFICIAL BUILD

    // If u like our work show some support by donating us which will help us to pay server rents //

    • Gpay : [email protected]
    • Paytm : [email protected]
    • Paypal :