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[ROM][11.0] LegionOS 3.11 [OFFICIAL] [30-07-2021]

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Apr 21, 2020
Xiaomi Mi 5X
Redmi K20 Pro
hello. im new here in this rom. i have encountered few bugs or error. and I dont know what to do about it. when im playing a game downloaded. then open fb messenger with bubbles. it hang my cellphone. and it will requires me to restart the device, im new also in flashing or rooting phones. please bear with me haha, thank you in advance!
Did you do a clean flash?


Feb 25, 2021
Redmi K20 Pro
Ok, well, I didn't manage to install this ROM. I used previous LegionOS with MIUI vendor, also several of OSS roms. I tried to flash the newest build but it boot into recovery. So i used DmVerity/ForceEncrypt zip after rom flash and I managed to see Legion logo but with bootloop. Tried both GAPPS and Vanilla.
Flashing another OSS rom like Corvus work great. Am I doing something wrong?

Something with encryption maybe? I wiped system/data/vendor/cache partition, should I format /data then?

EDIT: Solved. Full data format did a job.
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Jul 7, 2021
Redmi K20 / Xiaomi Mi 9T

this is a really awesome Rom and i really enjoy the many customizations
But the Microphone does not work.
i cant record videos with sound, send voice messages and many more.
Can you please help me with this issue
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    Source Changelog:

    • Update to June security patch
    • Added Edge lighting (Ambient customization)
    • Our notifications now show colourd/app icons
    • Added New Default Wallpaper
    • New Legion Settings UI Header
    • Spoofed More apps to use Pixel FP
    • Moved to usb hal 1.1 source wide
    • Added Gesture Navigation related customization (Extended/Long swipe ...Dead zone...Gesture bar radius/size...Sensitivity ...etc etc)
    • Ship Gcam GO by default for all device (Except that if developer ovverides)
    • Dynamic Changelog (See changelog before updating device)
    • Fix Legion Settings crashes
    • Use a new Package installer (From dotOS) [New ui]
    • Added Bluetooth SBC HD codec as default for all devices
    • Fixed some Bluetooth A2dp and QTI bt stuffs
    • Updated AOSP Bluetooth and oss bluetooth

    Device Changelog:

    • Update to Redfin June 2021 fingerprint
    • Add support for Battery Health


    LegionOS for Redmi K20 PRO [raphael]

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels.
    * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers.

    What is this?
    LegionOS is an AOSP based ROM

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device.

    Based on Android 11

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    FM radio
    Fingerprint reader
    Face unlock

    Download the latest build and GApps (optional)
    Reboot to recovery
    Make nandroid backup ( optional)
    Wipe System, Data, Cache, Dalvik
    Flash the latest build and GApps(on non Gapps build if needed)
    Reboot to slot A (B if on A | A if on B) {ONLY FOR A/B PARTITION DEVICES}

    Download the latest build (gapps or non Gapps)
    Reboot to recovery
    Flash the latest build
    Wipe Cache

    Note: GApps only has to be flashed once and on non gapps buildwhereas Magisk/Su is to be flashed every time you Dirty Flash the OTA Update.

    Known issues
    Nothing yet
    You tell me

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram channel
    Our Telegram Group

    Source Changelog:

    • New Legion Settings UI
    • Update to May security patch
    • Imply force redfin(Pixel 5) fingerprint
    • Added Brightness bar Style
    • Added new Volume panels (from miui/Android8/Tiles/compact etc)
    • Updated Some prebuilt apks
    • Enable IORap by default
    • Cleanup and rebuild legion setting with new ui and animation (You may face some glitches please bear with us we will be done soon with it)
    • Fixed some permission problmes
    • Moved Date/Day to qs header
    • Moved Battery to qs header
    • Spoofed User build for all build even though it shows userdebug
    • Added Lock Immediately option to app lock
    • Added option to set/lock Refresh rate (Only for supported devices)
    • Changed to hashmap from arraymap (Increases performance)
    • Fix some Face unlock and App lock logics
    • Updated Pixel Props to May
    • Removed some Line dividers which make the UI look ehh
    • Updated some Long screenshot related dependencies
    • Made the system wet well with magisk
    • Added share button in launcer menu
    • Added new icon pack implementation
    • Added New Default Wallpaper

    Device Changelog:

    • Show battery icon in header
    • Enable support for Bluetooth hearing aids
    • overlay: improve padding between signal icons and battery icon
    • Add RetroMusicPlayer
    • Add faceunlock to biometric auth overlay

    * Changelog is in the above download link
    * Uses Immensity Kernel
    * Vendor : IT'S OSS . Dont flash miui vendor.
    Vendor & Firmware Asserts are in place in this build. To Avoid any hassle of flashing the ROM, given below are Vendor-Firmware files you need to download and flash according to your specific region. You won't be able to flash the rom if you're using different vendor.

    Telegram Support Group

    Source Changelog:

    • LegionOS updated to v3.2
    • Merge October Security patch r5
    • Added Analog ,Vertical, Digital clock style
    • Added Lockscreen Quick unlock
    • Global Actions with Advanced Reboot
    • Long-press power while display is off for torch
    • Add three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
    • Volume Rocker Wake
    • Volume key music control
    • Port: Wake on plug
    • Disable/Enable screenshot sound
    • Incall vibration options
    • Fingerprint authentication vibration
    • Added transparent notifications on lockscreen
    • Show 4G instead of LTE switch
    • Added VOLTE icon toggle
    • Added 8 User Selectable VoLTE Icons
    • Added VoWifi icon options
    • Added 8 User Selectable VoWifi icons
    • Added Volume key cursor control
    • Added Lockscreen battery info
    • Added Dash charging support
    • SystemUI: optimize statusbar content padding
    • SystemUI: Optimize system statusbar icons
    • Added double tap to sleep on statusbar
    • Added double tap to sleep on Lockscreen
    • Make QS columns count configurable
    • Camera: Force HAL1 for predefined package list.
    • Fix permission issue with ThemePicker
    • Add animations to quick settings tiles
    • Add interpolators to qs tiles animation
    • Added Battery light customization
    • Added HeadsUp blacklists
    • Added AOKP custom system animations
    • Added XuiMod: Toast Animations
    • Add option to disable scrolling cache
    • Added toggling animations off option
    • Added CPUInfo toggle tile
    • Added Screen off animations options
    • Added 8 Power Menu animations
    • Lockscreen Clock Fonts
    • Lockscreen Date Fonts
    • Added hiding lockscreen shortcuts on secure lockscreen option
    • Added Lockscreen Clock alignment options
    • Added Lockscreen Clock styles
    • Added Lockscreen Date Styles
    • Added LS OwnerInfo Fonts & Size Options
    • QS Tile tint customizations (Gradient , accent tint and Random tint)
    • Added option to select bgPrimary or textColorPrimary for tile icon
    • Added QS Label customizations ( default, random , accent, Gradient)
    • Launcher: Add double tap to sleep gesture
    • Launcher3: Use system fonts
    • Added toggle to show Search bar on first screen
    • Use ThemePicker as wallpaper picker package
    • Launcher: implement hidden & protected apps
    • Update all dark themes for R
    • Added device personalisetions and ThemePicker permissions
    • Move ThemePicker to display settings
    • Improved Performance
    Device Changelog:

    • Fixed Audio Crackling Issue
    • Fixed CTS Failing even with magiskhide
    • Fixed Autobrightness fluctuations
    • Added Dynamic R Blurs
    • Added StarWars popup sounds
    • Misc Perfomance and Stability improvments