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[ROM] [11.0] [Mi A3] NezukoOS v1.3 [OFFICIAL]

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    NezukoOS for MI A3

    What is this?
    NezukoOS is a fresh new ROM aiming to provide you a customisable and stable experience!

    Unlike others, we actually care about what our users think and are built upon decisions made by our future and current users!

    Whats working?
    Nearly Everything!

    Known issues

    Some features

    All Pixel Goodies!
    Theming of every kind
    Power Menu customisations
    Battery saving features
    Fingerprint customisations
    Lockscreen customisations
    Clock customisations
    Quick Settings customisations
    Statusbar customisations
    Icon customisations
    Hardware keys customisations
    Power & Volume button customisations
    And much more!

    GApps included.

    Download For A10FW here!
    Download For A11FW here!

    Stay tuned
    ROM Support Group
    Device Support Group

    Changelogs :
    ROM :
    NezukoOS Release 1.3 "El Risitas"

    • Add a fresh new user toggleable QS clock.

    • Add Android 12 and OxygenOS 11 QS tint options.

    • Add an option to tint brightness bar and icons alongside OOS 11 tint.

    • Fixed a bug where the text Settings wasn't translated.

    • Fixed a bug where QS would go haywire while using RTL languages.

    • BT HD Audio Fix

    • Fixed permission grant dialogue text remaining pink, now it's white on dark and black on light. Looks pretty epic.

    • Add an option to hide lock icon

    • Switch to notifications based Media Player from Q with our own little touch.

    • Add ShapeShift clock.

    • Added OnePlus Sans and OnePlus Sans Light fonts.

    • Added OnePlus Slate Light font.

    • Added Linotte font.

    • Removed Rosemary and Coolstory (fina-****ing-ally)

    • Add incall vibration customisations.

    • Import new Face Unlock.

    • Allow to use Face Unlock as an auth method for apps.

    • Added OOS 11 volte icon.

    • Added Live Display.

    • Fixed a bug where WiFi icon would get discolored in Settings upon changing icon style.

    • Allow to hide gesture navigation back arrow.

    • Materialize toasts

    • Added BT timeout

    • Added option to instantly lock or lock apps in 15 seconds.

    • Screen recording preferences are now remembered and won't be reset everytime you record.

    • Updated Music App

    And some more minor things.

    Music app changelog:
    • Fresh new Now Playing Screen.

    • Allow users to ignore some folders to scan music from.

    Now I know this isn't a big update but I hope I could be excused, health issues stopped me from working as much as I usually do on the ROM.

    Release tomorrow or the day after.

    Kernel upstreamed to latest version 4.14.232 (Switched to Super Soldier)

    Default FOD pressed color to White Enabled

    FPS Info tile

    HUGE SEPolicy Improvements and moved to SELinux ENFORCING!!!

    OK/Hey Google voice recognization on SCREEN ON is fixed

    Defaul MIC Volume is increased

    Updated POWER profile from Stock

    Dropped Pixel 1.3 Power HAL Switched to QTI bootctrl HAL

    Added new AIDL QTI thermal HAL Switched to [email protected]

    HOW To Flash
    A10FW :

    1 go to recovery

    2 wipe all ( except vendor )

    3 format data > type yes

    4 flash rom zip

    5 flash recovery

    6 reboot system and enjoy

    A11FW :
    1. Flash the Lineage os recovery (.img) through fastboot
    2. Go to recovery
    3. Do a format data
    4. (If the recovery has de option) do a system wipe
    5. Flash rom though sd card or flash it through sideload
    6. Flash the .zip of the Lineage os recovery
    7. Do a format data
    8. Reboot

    NOTE : If you are updating from 1.2 you can dirty flash you don't need to clean flash
    i already on 1.2 version but i don't know how to dirty flash.....please give instructions on dirty flash
    i already on 1.2 version but i don't know how to dirty flash.....please give instructions on dirty flash
    Open recovery and just flash the zip with no wipes , but flash recovery
    It's possible to flash starting from another custom rom (lineage 18.1 stock a11 vendor) or is better reflash stock and after your rom?