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Dec 24, 2015
Also my phone model is d2s and not d2x, I couldn't install the s variant in TWRP and I could install the x variant for some reason?? probably why SIM doesn't work.


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Dec 4, 2012
Hello guys. I am currently running android 11, the latest update. baseband N976BBXXU7FUE1. BUILD NUMBER ...N976BXXU7FUE3. So I have the version 7 not 6 of the update and it was written that I can not downgrade. Can I install this rom on my phone now?
If yes, i need to know if this rom has the same functions of Spen as stock?
Is this a deodex Rom so I can enable signature spoofing in order to get rid of google and install microG on it?
I will apreaciate your answers. I really want to be able to use my new phone with a good rom which has spen as stock and microG. I could not find any until now!
Is this the new update? Downloaded from main page link.


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Nov 11, 2012
Is this a TouchWiz ROM or an AOSP ROM? It used to indicate which type of ROM it was back in the Note 4 days, but it looks like that's no longer included. How does one know these days if the ROMS are TouchWiz or not? TouchWiz meaning all jazz that's in a stock Samsung OS, for example S-Pen and Camera app, as opposed to say a Pixel or similar.


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Is this a TouchWiz ROM or an AOSP ROM? It used to indicate which type of ROM it was back in the Note 4 days, but it looks like that's no longer included. How does one know these days if the ROMS are TouchWiz or not? TouchWiz meaning all jazz that's in a stock Samsung OS, for example S-Pen and Camera app, as opposed to say a Pixel or similar.
AOSP ROM. As a sidenote Touchwiz is gone and they're known as OneUI ROMs now.
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    Evolution X 5.1 for Samsung Galaxy N10/N10+/N10+5G
    * Your warranty is void. Or valid, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving.

    Evolution X
    is a flashable custom ROM to bring a true Pixel-feel to your Android Device at first glance, with many additional configurations at your disposal. We aim to provide frequent builds with monthly security patches from the latest AOSP sources!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @joeyhuab (Founder & Lead Developer)
    @peaktogoo (Project Manager)
    @AnierinB (Project Specialist)

    - Design -
    @ecnivtwelve (Lead Designer)
    @MartonDev (Website Designer)


    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    Feature list coming soon...


    You tell me



    First Time Install / Clean Flash
    1. Download the proper flashable ZIP for your device
    2. Reboot to Recovery
    3. Wipe Data/Cache/System
    4. Format Data (Optional)
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Reboot to System
    7. Reboot to Recovery (Optional)
    9. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    Update / Dirty Flash
    1. Reboot to Recovery
    2. Download the proper flashable ZIP for your device
    3. Reboot to Recovery (Optional)
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    Note 10 | Note 10+ | Note 10+ 5G

    Mirror downloads

    Donate me! / Official Chat / Device Support

    If you mean Pixel Experience team roms, there is no support for Galaxy Note 10+
    I would like to try this rom, but working talking, I need the safetynet working. Looking forward fore next builds hopefully fixing the issue with Magisk Hide.
    I'm unofficially supporting ROMs at the moment for Note10+ hence no official support (even though that would also be from me). Soon though. I will try and get some update to you as soon as possible.
    Evolution X 5.9.1 with August Security patch is out
    sorry, i couldnt root so had to flash other rom. great work though!
    You can find Ivans boot image on https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...5g-note10-note10-exynos.4189503/post-83911107
    New update to Evolution X 5.5.2 - Now including standard Note 10 (d1) support.
    Available in OP now!

    Evolution Changelog below since last build:

    Evolver: Re-arrange QS options

    AppInfo: Add time spent in app from Wellbeing
    VolumeDialogImpl: Don't vibrate when volume dialog is not visible
    iorap: Increase daemon priority

    DisplayPowerController: make brightness ramp rate overlay-able
    QuickStatusBar: Check for privacy chip indicators earlier
    SystemUI: Bring back QS drag handle
    SystemUI: migrate status bar manual brightness to float
    Track Snap camera by default
    overlays: Update file name for wireless icon used Settings
    vendor: Allow background broadcast for CAMERA_BUTTON
    vendor: Whitelist some of our own broadcast actions

    Evolver: Add Switch styles
    Evolver: Add QS Header size customizations
    Evolver: Implement Gvisual mod navbar colors
    Evolver: Theme settings dashboard icons
    rro_overlays: Add GoogleWallpaperPickerOverlay

    Bump ROM version to 5.5.2
    Implement some theme changes from Android 12 DP2
    Update Pixel Launcher (Adds double tap to sleep functionality)
    Update external card state based on current app
    apns-conf: Add Kena Mobile entries
    apns-conf: Add ho.mobile configs
    apns-conf: Update CoopVoce entries
    apns-conf: Update PosteMobile entries

    Bump ROM version to 5.5.1
    Remove Smart Pixels support
    Settings: Hide|disable "Phone number" from About phone information
    pixelstyle: Add missing configs

    Bring back PA’s Applock
    ColorBucket: Add Android 12 Dark style
    DataSwitchTile: Make it behave like OxygenOS
    FOD: Bring back allowing the user to disable night light when active
    SystemUI: AmbientTile: Actually start using SecureSetting
    SystemUI: AmbientTile: Default the setting to 1
    SystemUI: AmbientTile: Don't hardcode display settings intent
    SystemUI: AmbientTile: Use SecureSetting to change doze setting
    SystemUI: SecureSetting: Allow specifying a non-zero default

    Always include Apex support
    Evolver: AODSchedule: Add support for mixed time & sun modes
    Evolver: Change some default values
    Introduce Fluid lockscreen clock
    Introduce anti flicker mode in LiveDisplay
    SystemUI: Add anti flicker tile
    base: Introduce automated DC Dimming

    LiveDisplaySettings: Drop no longer necessary casts when calling findPreference()
    LiveDisplaySettings: Hide Reading Mode if wellbeing app is enabled
    Settings: Add a toggle for anti flicker mode in LiveDisplay settings
    Settings: Allow removing livedisplay pref screen with config_enableLiveDisplay
    Settings: MediaOutputPanel: Handle the case of missing packageName
    Settings: Remove obsolete PreferenceCategory for LiveDisplay
    SystemUI: ensure FOD view is correctly hidden
    core: Add overlay for disabling livedisplay

    FODCircleView: Various changes
    PixelPropsUtils: Add more apps
    Settings: Use correct icon to reset battery stats
    vendor: Bring back OPScreenRecord

    Revert "No need to 'addChild' when start 'FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP' Activity.”
    SystemUI: Expose camera, location and microphone icons to Tuner
    SystemUI: tiles: Open display settings on long clicks for livedisplay tiles
    apns: Add Belong
    apns: Fix giffgaff
    base: fix padding between privacy icons and network traffic

    BrightnessController: Fix thread exception
    Fix for TestDirectBootEmulated testcase
    Improve strings for bluetooth dual channel
    Settings: Introduce Android 12 Style Search bar
    SystemUI: Fix Wakelock issue
    SystemUI: MediaOutputDialogFactory: accept null package name
    base: Disable LiveDisplay low power consumption by default

    GlobalScreenshot: Reduce screenshot dismiss delay to 2 seconds
    Pixel Navbar: Hide opa when not pressed
    Pixel Navbar: Make animation available even without google search
    Pixel Navbar: Remove halo, white cutout
    PixelPropsUtils: Use Pixel 3 XL spoof for Google app
    Refactor Pixel Navbar animation toggle behavior
    VolumeDialogControllerImpl: Stop log spam with no caption service

    AuthBiometricFingerprintView: Fix indicator text color on dark theme
    Evolver: Update default font style
    LS charging info: Add support for Fahrenheit
    SystemUI: check if the cutout views array is null before using it
    SystemUI: Redraw display cutout on overlay changes
    Updater: Refactor
    fixup! SystemUI: Introduce dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    overlays: Set Body font for manrope
    pixelstyle: config: Build Manrope family fonts
    pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Don't version on config overlays
    pixelstyle: rro_overlays: EvolutionXConfigOverlay: Change headline font

    Allow using face as auth method for apps
    FaceService: Nuke useless call to getAuthenticatorId
    Settings: Expand abbreviation in average memory usage string
    SystemUI: BiometricPrompt: Adjust layout if FOD is present

    PictureAdjustmentController: Fix NPE when using getPictureAdjustmentRanges()
    Sharesheet: Set max ranked items to 8
    systemui: make media widget respect notif app name style

    Add isFaceAuthEnabledForUser checks in KeyguardLiftController
    AuthContainerView: fix rare SystemUI crash
    FaceUnlock: Drop lockouts completely
    LockIcon: Don't cache icon when scanning face
    NotificationPanelViewController: reduce right pull down region
    Settings: Fix NPE in NetworkModePreferenceController
    SystemUI: Allow listening for face only on pin/pass view
    SystemUI: Block face authentication when device is in pocket mode
    SystemUI: Face Unlock animation
    SystemUI: custom lockscreen shortcut fixes
    base: do not use new lockscreen layout for bypass
    fwb: Guard some functions against face unlock
    vendor: Add back FaceUnlock support

    BuiltInPrintService: Fix icon accent color
    Fix inconsistent system app icon colors
    Switch to using AOSP DocumentsUI (Files app)
    config: Enable IORap app launch prefetching
    device_config: Enable cached app freezer on supported devices
    overlay: Add changes from PixelDocumentsUIGoogleOverlay

    FOD devices ONLY
    FODCircleView: various improvements

    DisplayModeDirector: Make sure we apply refresh rate on startup
    Evolver: FOD icon: Replace Scratch (Red/Blue) with Spiral (White)
    InputMethodService: Disable fullscreen keyboard
    PowerUsageSummary: Remove obsolete call to update the battery header
    PixelPropsUtils: Remove gms spoof
    SystemUI: prevent crash in MediaOuptutReceiver
    Update prebuilt StitchImage for R
    VolumeDialogImpl: Launch bluetooth settings on media output icon
    device_config: Enable cached app freezer on supported devices
    fixup! Add PairNewBluetoothReceiver to launch Bluetooth pairing page
    libmedia: Add MediaPlayer() function for backward compatibility

    AOD: Sleep when proximity is covered for 3 sec
    BatteryManager: Mark battery moto mods constants as hidden
    BatteryService: Add support for battery Moto Mods
    BatteryService: Mod: Check against all conditions
    cryptfs: Fix legacy QCOM HW FDE encryption
    gms: Add TurboAdapter without Google Battery
    pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Update from RQ2A.210305.006

    Evolver: Allow scheduling always on display
    Merge March 2021 Security patches
    SystemUI: Fix issues with VoWiFi icon
    SystemUI: Introduce dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    apex: Update from RQ2A.210305.006
    fwb: Fix navigation bar button hit testing

    Settings: Improve OverlayCategoryPreferenceController for icon packs
    Settings: Show full default name in customization preferences

    AbsSeekBar: Fix growRect computation
    AbsSeekBarTest: Fix dpToPixel computation
    IDEClock: Fix preview not displaying

    Install seccomp filter even if selinux is permissive
    NetworkTrafficSB: Better workaround for RequestLayout() spam
    SystemUI: HeadsUpStatusBarView: ensure cutout start if cutout bounds are not null

    Enable IPV4V6 for APN Yesss

    AMS: Disallow requestSystemServerHeapDump on non-eng builds
    Include SBC Dual Channel (SBC HD Audio) support additions from LOS
    SystemServer: Only enable fd leak tracker on eng
    SystemUI: Add side paddings for brightness slider
    core: jni: Switch to -O3

    BiometricPrompt: Force portrait orientation if we have FOD
    pixelstyle: overlay: Remove Adaptive connectivity toggle

    KeyguardClockSwitch: IS_DEBUGGABLE -> IS_ENG
    Refrain from using Mobile Data panel for QS long press
    init: Allow the possibility to use prebuilt ramdisk init
    pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Remove GooglePermissionControllerOverlay
    prebuilt/common: add APN config for rakuten.jp

    Settings: Maintainer preference: Also show for unofficial builds
    SystemUI: HeadphonesBuddy: Fix crash on long press
    ViewConfiguration: Set scroll friction to 0.012

    backuptool: Correct supported partitions for addon.d v3

    Evolver: Improvements and updates
    kernel: Support pixel style vendor_boot modules
    pixelstyle: audio: Add more Pixel Sounds

    Clocks: Disable status area for specific styles
    Evolver: Add Gvisual mod feature
    Evolver: Replace warning for Navbar visibility
    QuickStatusBarHeader: Long-press header date to access calendar
    QSFooterImpl: Add vibration effect to Settings button Long-press
    Settings: Display menu: move lockscreen/ambient preference to top
    Settings: set the correct position on the navbar size seekbar by default
    SystemUI: Allow overlaying max system icons
    SystemUI: Fix shutter sound
    SystemUI: Handle cases that we can't address within FODCircleView
    SystemUI: Open Sound settings on long click at the panel button
    SystemUI: Screenshots: Refactor shutter sound logic
    VolumeDialog: Improve long press code
    gms: Don't build GooglePackageInstaller
    prebuilt/common: add IMS entry for Airtel mcc="404,405" configs

    SystemUI: Make the kill app qs tile icon prettier

    Evolver: Add Smart Pixels warning
    Evolver: Move Screen off FOD feature into FOD category
    Evolver: Re-enable Gaming Mode footer
    Introduce 404 IDE Clock
    NavBar: Don't crash when we can't find navigation overlays
    config: decrease gboard ime height

    Evolver: Remove SystemUI restart dialog for Notification headers
    Pulse: fix NPE when navbar is hidden
    Stop manually mixing /dev/hw_random
    Update translations
    base: Improve notification header toggle

    Camera: Ignore torch status update for aux or composite camera
    ClientModeManager: Set mRole to avoid starting multiple instances
    Evolver: Bring back configurable sensor block per-package list
    Evolver: Fingerprint error vibration
    Fix long click intent for Smart Pixels tile
    Move get Aware Capability to boot phase
    Multi SIM Ringtone: Don't change public API
    PocketLock: Make using light sensor optional
    Settings: Add option for Gesture bar Radius
    interfaces: Add reversed perf HAL interfaces

    AmbientPulse: Code clean up
    NavigationBarView: Fixup IME arrows after r19 merge

    Apply bilinear filter for Ninepatch
    Bring back "Post a silent notification if screenshot is dismissed"
    Fix initialization of USER_ROTATION setting
    Fix to prevent usagestats file corruption when writing
    GoogleConfigOverlay: Add standalone UnifiedNlp location provider
    PixelConfigOverlayCommon: Don't downscale high-res task snapshots
    Pulse: Don't show when we have no navbar
    ScreenRecord: Improve low quality screen record
    SystemUI: Move quick QS brightness slider to the original position
    fixup! Add long screenshot chip
    fixup! fix font size scale validator after r29 merge
    vendor: Transform apex overlays into RRO overlays
    vendor: Make GAPPS mandatory for all

    GlobalScreenshot: Use default screenshot dismiss delay
    Settings: Implement cutout force full screen
    SettingsIntelligence: Give permission to read device config
    SystemUI: allow to limit the max framerate of built-in screen recorder
    base: ToastUI: Show app icon on system text toasts as well
    evolution: themes: Convert to rro_overlays
    pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Add missing 'theme' attribute
    prebuilt/common: fix incorrect APN configs of Vodafone AU
    vendor: Cleanup init files

    Evolver: Allow to Pulse edge light for all doze triggers
    Evolver: Update Smart Pixels menu
    FodAnimationResources: Update MIUI Light and MIUI Pulse
    QuickStatusBarHeader: Long-press header clock to access settings
    backuptool_ab: Make tmp actually tmpfs
    backuptool: Support seamless backup and restore to extra partitions
    base: InputManager: handle housed stylus event

    Check if advertiserId value matches valid advertiser
    Check permission before sending batch scan result
    Fix abnormal wake up caused by WifiConnectivityManager

    Settings: Whitelist WRITE_DEVICE_CONFIG permission
    SystemUI: DividedLinesClock: Fix NPE on setTextColor
    wifi: Add provision to create/remove dynamic interface(s)

    Bring back StitchImage (Scrolling screenshot feature)
    Evolver: Make sure that all of our preferences searchable
    Evolver: Refactor QS Brightness slider options
    Fix a bug in the USAP Pool refill logic
    No need to 'addChild' when start 'FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP' Activity
    Partially revert "Wake up to lock screen when bouncer is visible"
    SystemUI: Add flipendo to Battery Saver QSTile
    SystemUI: Move quick QS brightness slider to the bottom
    SystemUI: NavigationHandle: Don't show on keyguard or doze
    NavigationBarInflaterView: Apply custom layouts on boot
    NavigationBarInflaterView: Don't apply a custom layout when using gestural
    NavigationHandle: Adapt hide on keyguard to navbar pulse
    NavigationHandle: Only register callbacks when attached
    base: Add long screenshot chip
    base: Add missing long screenshot permission
    base: Fallback stitchimage's broken value to unknown
    base: Whitelist stitchimage
    fixup! Evolver: Add ambient pulse and aod notifications
    fw/av: Require service UID for LIST_AUDIO_SESSIONS

    Camera: Track native metadata allocations
    GoogleConfigOverlay: Use the correct config for config_defaultTextClassifierPackage
    Settings: Phone ringtone setting for Multi SIM device
    SmartCharging: Clean up redundant settings define
    SoundPool: Fix clang-tidy warning in StreamManager
    SystemUI: fix NPE on ExpandableNotificationRow

    Camera: Fix deadlock in ACameraCaptureSession destructor
    Merge February security patches
    PixelPropsUtils: Update build fingerprint
    Reapply per-app cellular data, vpn and wifi restrictions
    TrafficSB: fix the icon overlap on notched devices
    Upstream some core system fixes
    base: Expose system icon area weight
    system/netd: add missing override keyword

    Settings: Clipboard toast toggle
    Settings: Fix default brightness level display 0
    SystemUI: Misc fixes and reverts
    VibratorService: bypass AppOps check

    Accents: Fix LOCAL_PATH
    KeyStore: Report rate limited instead of not implemented
    QSTiles: Build in product and as RRO package

    AudioService: Remove Analog Dock from fixed-volume devices
    fixup! Screenshot: Append app name to filename after r20 merge

    Adding 'postinstall' root dir unconditionally
    Adjust the parameters of accelerometer and hinge angle sensor
    Evolver: Bring back navbar visibility for all devices
    Evolver: configure lock screen media artwork blur level
    Only store result of mount_all that mounted userdata
    Revert "fpc: keep fpc in system-background"
    Set default value for pressure sensor
    SettingsProvider: adaptive icon
    Store result of mount_all for mounted userdata by metadata encryption
    SystemUI: Add Custom Spectrum Analog Clock
    SystemUI: Add MNML based clock designs
    SystemUI: Add SFUNY clock
    SystemUI: Add Sammy highlight clock
    SystemUI: Add center style Typographic clock
    SystemUI: fix location icon margins
    ThemePicker: Make naming page look the same as the other ones
    config: Import SetupWizard/CarrierSetup props from RQ1A.210105.003

    Ambient music: Also shorten the Now Playing title after the song title
    Ambient music: Remove debug messages
    Evolver: Bring back lockdown button
    InputDispatcher: allow to intercept a specific event key
    Remove legal information from being indexable
    SystemUI: Make center clock follow paddingTop
    SystemUI: Optimize status bar center clock for punch hole devices
    SystemUI: fix dark fc

    ActivityManagerService: Use mContext directly
    CameraDeviceClient: fix recognition of Y16 format due to unmatching sizes
    Evolver: Add QS Header data usage info feature
    Fix NPE when AOSP ambient display preference is removed
    Fix to attach listener to transient session
    Make all activities resizable
    NetworkStatsHistory: Prevent IllegalArgumentException
    Settings: Display actual charge tech in battery settings
    SystemUI: Switch to Turbo impl for getting estimated battery time
    SystemUI: make screenshot action chip to have correct primary colors in dark mode
    VolumeDialogImpl: Reschedule the timeout on clicks on captions
    VolumeUI: Track dialogCornerRadius for CaptionsToggle and RingerToggle
    fixup! Fixed a race condition in StorageManagerService
    libcameraservice: Add support for miui camera mode

    core: Smoother Upload and Download Animation

    Ambient music: Add double tap on track title to skip track
    Avoid allocation on Java Binder fast path
    Avoid interface name copy in HwParcel
    Avoid potential fd leaks from jniCreateFileDescriptor
    Binder interface tokens: remove extra mallocs

    PixelPropsUtils: Set Pixel 3XL prop for gms
    SystemUI: PowerMenu: always add Power off
    fixup! NetworkTraffic: Remove screen on/off triggers

    Ambient music: Format the media title like Google does
    Ambient music: Show bottom ticker above fod circle if needed
    Ambient music v2: Allow for changing the music ticker position
    Port ambient Now Playing container from Pixel [stripped down version]
    SystemUI: Add Executors to Dependency

    config: Allow opening power menu when screen is off
    core: Defy usage of NGA in Google Assistant
    fixup! GamingMode: Option to disable notification feedback

    Evolver: Remove transparent notifications on lockscreen option
    Reboot sequence: Unmount active apexes before unmounting /data
    Use the non-debug apex for userdebug builds
    init: Add activation logs for flattened APEX folders with details
    init: Add more properties to spoof
    init: Sort the list of flattened APEX folders to avoid variations

    Allow additional padding on left side of heads up notifications
    BatteryService: add Turbo power charging support
    Evolver: powermenu: make screen record optional
    NetworkTraffic: Remove screen on/off triggers
    PixelPropsUtils: Add turboadapter to packages list
    SystemUI: Don't use side paddings if headsUpStartPadding > 0
    SystemUI: powermenu: add Screen Record toggle

    FOD devices ONLY
    FodAnimationResources: Fix OP Cosmos animation

    Check for focused window before raising 'no focused window' ANR
    Check window token when extending timeout
    Ensure mNoFocusedWindowTimeoutTime is null when new Focused Window come
    PixelPropsUtils: Set redfin build fingerprint
    Settings: Fix crash on "Connection preferences"
    Settings: Make selectable consistent with prefs on screen
    SystemUI: fix NPE on global actions dialog
    apex: Nuke permission in favor of modified PermissionController
    prebuilt/common: remove read_only for China Unicom

    Add media.hwcodec to native watchdog
    Audio: Update mApmConnectedDevice properly
    Keyguard: fix the mystery of disappearing battery percent
    Evolver: powermenu: make screenshot optional
    SystemUI: move brightness slider to top of footer
    SystemUI: Silence some major logspam introduced by custom features
    display: Don't animate screen brightness when turning the screen on
    fwb : Silence some AOSP logspam

    Evolver: Set default Volume Panel style to stock AOSP
    Fix black screen issue due to wallpaper decoding exceptions
    Restore preferred activity filter if it not inside
    Settings: Fix animation default values
    VolumePluginManager: Fix SystemUI FC on stock volume Dialog

    Evolver: QS status bar opacity
    SystemUI: Fix ambient pulse notification layout
    SystemUI: QS detail improvements
    SystemUI: Use AVCProfileMain for screen recorder
    wifi: Increase 5 GHz network signal tolerance

    Evolver: Add pref for qs brightness slider position
    Evolver: Add toggle to Disable Notifications vibration
    Evolver: GamingMode: Option to disable notification feedback
    Evolver: Option to disable all heads up notifications for Gaming mode
    Evolver: allow to switch back to pre P mobile type icon style
    SoundSettings: Add charging vibration settings

    FOD devices ONLY
    fixup! Move charging animation above FOD icon if FOD is active
    SystemUI: Update keyguard indication margin when FOD is in use

    Cache stream volumes to prevent ANR
    KeyStore: Block key attestation for Google Play Services
    PixelPropsUtils: Bring back removed packages

    AdaptivePlayback: Remove mVideoPaused from VideoPreference
    Do not allow disabling the default keyboard
    EvolutionXConfigOverlay: Remove Manrope as body font
    Settings: Add Ambient Display battery toggle
    Settings: Optional screenshot type
    base: Fix swipe to screenshot blocking multitouch

    Evolver: Add case to quick pull down status bar anywhere
    Evolver: QS panel opacity option
    PixelPropsUtils: Remove Maps, SafetyHub & Turbo
    SystemUI: Fix Lockscreen charging animation not changing instantly
    SystemUI: Fix NPE on Volume panel plugins
    SystemUI: Hide back icon when screen pinned and gestural mode enabled
    base: AuthBiometricFingerprintView: Disable FP dialog string

    Add more lockscreen charging styles
    Evolver: Add toggle to hide status bar on lockscreen

    FOD devices ONLY
    FODCircleView: detect touch outside and take action accordingly

    Evolver: Add toggle for Signature spoofing
    Settings: Allow editing all APNs and APN types
    Update translations
    iorap: Enable by default

    NfcA: Fix an NPE in constructor
    Nuke Adaptive navbar
    Upstream QTI bt security patches

    CarrierSettings: Update from RQ1A.210105.003
    Evolver: Disable navbar visibility toggle on non-hwkeys devices
    Evolver: Fix default values and summaries for Battery Bar colors
    Evolver: QS Panel: Add the ability to hide/show Edit icon
    SystemUI: add FloatingRotationButton for hw-key devices
    gms: Update gapps to RQ1A.210105.003
    prebuilt/common: update APNs for Chinese carriers

    BatteryService: Add support for oem fast charger detection
    Merge January 2021 security patches
    NotificationPanelViewController: Fix DT2S gesture handling
    fixup! camera: Support exposing aux camera to apps
    sepolicy: common: dynamic: Replace packageblacklist with packageexludelist

    [Bugfix] Fix the wrong lastBackgroundTime in UidRecord
    NavBar: Don't crash when we can't find navigation overlays
    SystemUI: AODTile: cycle through AOD state

    SystemUI: fix layout of qs header info

    Fix lockscreen wallpaper not being set if different from the Home one
    Lockscreen MediaArt: hide if media is not playing

    Bring back QS tile disco feature
    Bring back POSP Volume panel styles
    Bring back RGB Accent picker feature
    Bring back Screen recorder delete action from notification
    Move theme settings back into Evolver
    Settings: Move blur toggle to Display options

    Add Headphones Buddy QS tile
    Bring back QS header image feature
    Bring back QS tint toggle from A10
    MediaCodecInfo: do not alter performance points for 32-bit processes
    MediaCodecInfo: limit resolution to 4K for 32-bit processes
    SystemUI: SIM PIN1 lock screen abnormal
    apns: Update T-Mobile US to reflect latest carrier changes
    audio: Discard QTI only codecs when AOSP BT stack is in use
    base: Properly regenerate the share drawable

    Bring back QS tile style picker
    NotificationShadeDepthController: updateShadeBlur if keyguard is going away
    QuickStatusBarHeader: spawn blur if qs has been force expanded
    SystemUI: Fix size of icon of vibrate ringer mode for additional icon packs

    Extend Pulse to Ambient Screen
    Pulse: Clean up redundant audio session id
    Pulse: Consolidate functions and fix NPE
    Pulse: correctly stop it on screen OFF events
    SystemUIGoogle port: don't override aosp scrim controller
    vendor: Only build Google Apex with Gapps

    Add Manrope font overlay
    Hidden gestural bar: fix visual glitches when switching states
    Pulse: Fix another solid render FC
    Pulse: Solid render: fix FC when changing units value
    Settings: Implement hide gestural navigation hint bar
    pixelstyle: fonts: Import Manrope and set it as body font

    Advanced nav gestures: improve code and fix glitches
    Bring back proper Lockscreen and Navbar Pulse support
    EvolutionUtils: Allow to get theme accent color from context
    Fix other lights when backlight uses SurfaceController API

    UserRestrictionUtils: Return null Bundle if there are no restrictions

    Keyguard: Allow disabling fingerprint wake-and-unlock

    Evolver: Add VoWiFi icon toggle
    PixelPropsUtils: Update packages
    Settings: Enable Adaptive Sound for all

    SystemUI: Fix display cutout handling in expanding volume panel

    Ensure edge lightning is off when we are done with repeats
    Evolver: Only allow edge lights on AOD when AOD is enabled
    SystemUI: Implement live wallpapers changes from redfin 11

    GamingMode: Fix initial value of gaming mode
    NightDisplay Settings: Use List Preference for NightLight settings
    SystemUI: Enable permissions hub 2
    SystemUI: Fix bug with user_setup_complete setting
    SystemUI: Increase icon padding in QS privacy chip
    fixup! Gestures: allow to set back swipe deadzone
    libstagefright: Free buffers on observer died
    overlay: Enable privacy indicators
    rro_overlays: Re-enable AOSP sound picker

    SystemUI: set default of NAV_BAR_HANDLE_SHOW_OVER_LOCKSCREEN to false

    Keyguard: reduce bottom text size
    Navbar: Ensure 2/3 button layout options play nice with gesture navbar

    Add callback onA2dpCodecConfigChanged
    BLE: Fix NPE during start advertising
    EvolutionXConfigOverlay: Update default colors
    Import more accent colors
    Settings: Fix inconsistent USB preference screen title
    Settings: Fix invalid private DNS help text if URI is missing
    Settings: Fix stray divider in connected devices screen
    Settings: Ignore custom app space management activities
    Settings: QR Scanner pass proper frame Width and Height
    Settings: Remove app uninstall and disable confirmation dialogs
    Settings: Remove roaming warning dialog
    Settings: Tint data usage bar with activated control color
    Telephony: Support muting by RIL command
    opengl: Don't request render in GLSurfaceView.GLThread ctr

    Add Previous track action to LineageButtons
    Allow back swipe on bottom screen if launcher is showing
    Allow enabling/disabling Ezio's Android 11 powermenu
    Allow extended/"L" back swipe to trigger actions/app/activities
    Boost init priority before main loop
    Evolver: Force custom doze brightness and pulse brightness configs
    Extended swipe: show a double arrow when almost triggered
    Fix remaining BT issues
    Gestures: allow to set back swipe deadzone
    PermissionController: Implement getPermissionUsages API
    PermissionController: Remove warning from permission dashboard
    Refactor rro_overlays
    Settings: Improve battery stats reset strings
    Settings: Remove search button from subsettings
    SystemUI: Don't render snooze undo button in all-caps
    SystemUI: Improve volume panel expansion/contraction animation
    SystemUI: Skip screen-on animation in all scenarios
    ThemePicker: Define clocks stub package
    ThemePicker: Use title capitalization for style name field
    increase default max password length to 64
    input: Adjust priority
    overlay: Switch to Google's Wireless emergency alerts
    overlays: Extend fix background colouring for settings themed icons
    sepolicy: Address init denials regarding socket_device
    vndk: remove libbinder.so from ABI check target

    Add Button backlight brightness support
    Bring back Gaming mode
    Bring back HW Keys customization support
    Evolver: Expose radio info
    Screenshot: inline trigger with AOSP values

    Bring back click to take partial screenshot
    Fix 2tap2wake after Ambient Pulsing on some device
    Net monitor: Allow showing in status bar for notched devices
    Re-implement doubletap/longpress power to toggle torch feature
    apex: Switch to google's NetworkStack
    fixup! SystemUI: implement better partial screenshot after r20 merge
    fixup! core: Volume key cursor control

    Accents: Add Midnight Purple
    Bring back Smart Charging support
    Evolver: Allow choosing screenshot gesture delay
    pixelstyle: Update permissions
    Remove click to take partial screenshot
    Settings: Categorize battery settings
    Settings: Revert previous fuelgauge impl

    Merge December security patches
    netd: restrict DNS names
    Remove unused locale data for recovery
    sepolicy: Add googlebattery rules
    ThemePicker: show scrollbar on clock faces
    ThemePicker: Use more descriptive icon pack names
    Update translations

    Adapt session API for newly added AudioPolicyService code
    Only play sound effects if stream is not muted
    Request to reset effect buffer in clearInputBuffer
    Settings: Remove unused translations
    stagefright: add changes related to high-framerates in CameraSource

    base: add zen mode off hook to prevent problems with ringer mode
    Catch IllegalStateException when verify APK
    ColorBucket: Improve Transparent theme
    Evolver: Bring back option to launch default music player on headset connect
    Settings: Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
    Settings: expose auto night mode sunset and sunrise values on API
    Update swap volume keys on rotation

    apn: Ting: Adding missing flag to list of types
    Fix renaming file and moving file issue in MTP
    SystemUI: Always show LTE+/4G+ when applicable
    SystemUI: AssistDisclosure respect device corners

    FOD devices ONLY
    FODCircleView: Hide animation when auth fails

    11/30 - 12/5
    Add Google Sans Font overlay
    Add screenshot back to power menu
    base: Fix unnecessary truncation in Slice
    Battery percentage: Improve hidden style
    Clocks: User toggle to show/hide status area
    config: Disable forced camera audio by default
    Evolver: Nuke HeadsUp Snooze and Timeout
    Evolver: Separate battery estimate from percent for QS
    LockIcon: refresh icon on overlay changes
    Keyguard: add binary custom clock face
    KeyguardClockSwitch: Fix missing status view on custom clocks
    NetworkPolicyManagerService: Fix network isolation for secondary users
    Papers: Update credits and json link
    Properly theme ScreenshotUI buttons
    QS rows&columns: use fixed values if landscape and playing media
    Screenshot tile: improve code
    ScreenshotSelector: handle rotation issues
    Settings: Add support for per app network isolation
    Settings: Double tap to trigger doze
    SystemUI: Disable junky LS clock & slice transition animations
    SystemUI: ensure keyguardstatusbar is hidden if not on keyguard
    TypeClock: Add 24h format support