[ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL] HYCONOS V4.5 [Plate2]

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* Your warranty is... still valid?
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

Hycon OS is AOSP Based ROM with many pixel features & Customizations. We always try to improve it's stability and performance for better & smooth, lagfree experience.


[*]Accent picker
[*]Theme backup
[*]Theme styles
[*]Heads up options

[*]Three Finger Swipe
[*]DT2 Sleep
[*]Signature Spoofing
[*]Sensor block per app package
[*]Dashboard conditions
[*]Dashboard suggestions
[*]Disable device identifier restrictions

[*]Lockscreen charging info
[*]Lockscreen album art
[*]Lockscreen style
[*]Hide lock icon
[*]Media Artwork

[B]Status Bar[/B]
[*]Battery Icon Style
[*]Battery Percentage
[*]Battery stats

[B]Carrier Label[/B]
[*]Custom Carrier Label
[*]Carrier Label Fonts, Size, Colors

[B]Clock Customization[/B]
[*]Auto-hide Clock
[*]Clock Style
[*]Icon Manager
[*]Statusbar Icons
[*]Signal Icon Switch
[*]Toast app icon
[*]Bluetooth battery status

[B]Quick Settings[/B]
[*]Vibrate on Touch
[*]Settings icon toggle
[*]Edit icon toggle
[*]QS Blur
[*]Background opacity
[*]QS Layout Customization
[*]Brightness Slider Positions and customization

[B]Traffic Indicators[/B]
[*]Traffic Indicator Placement
[*]Activity Layout
[*]Net Type Activity
[*]Net font size customization
[*]Show/Hide arrows toggle
[*]Net activity auto-hide threshold

[*]Kill app button
[*]Screen off power button torch
[*]Music Control
[*]Volume rocker wake

[*]On-Screen nav bar
[*]System Navigation
[*]Full Screen gestures
[*]Left/Right Swipe Action

[B]Power Menu[/B]
[*]Restart toggle
[*]Advanced Restart Toggle
[*]Screenshot toggle

[*]Ambient Display
[*]Always on
[*]Custom Options
[*]Batter level on bottom
[*]New notifications toggle
[*]Ambient music ticker
[*]Night Light
[*]Adaptive Brightness
[*]Styles and wallpapers
[*]Display Colors
[*]Screen Savers
[*]Screen rotations
[*]Wake on plug


1. First Important Step is to Backup (though depends on you if you wanna be safe or no :p)


1)BOOT TO TWRP (talking backup or not its you choice)
2) wipe all (except SD CARD)
3) boot to download mode & again boot twrp
4) flash rom (copy rom zip pendrive/sdcard/internal storge you choice)
5) change slot
6) reboot
note if you get flashing error edit the meta data file if using official twrp the make keep PL2 on last line if you are using unoffical TWRP then keep PL2_sprout




1. Hycon OS is based on?
Ans. Its based on AOSP
2. Do we need to flash Gapps?
Ans. Depends on your device variant. If your official device support has Vanilla version then you have to flash Gapps according to your choice.
3. When will be the next update! Any ETAs?
Ans. There will be regular updates as and when the team is ready to push a new update. Kindly do not ask for ETAs.
4. I need this feature/ I found some bugs!
Ans. Firstly if u find any bug then please check with your add-ons like magisk module, zips, etc u flashed and whether its related or no. Though if your sure that its from rom side then kindly grab a [URL="https://telegra.ph/Logcats-are-important-03-01"]Logcat[/URL] and report us [URL="https://t.me/HyconOSCommunity"]Here[/URL]
Secondly for feature request yes u can request them on the above link.


Introdructor - Lead Developer/Maintainer
Madmax - Lead Developer/Maintainer


Pixel Experience
MSM Xtended
Evolution X
And all the other devs/ROMs

You can find our all sources down here:-
Kernel Source
Telegram Group
Your Device Support Group

Hycon OS, NOKIA 6.1 (2018)

ROM OS Version: Android 11
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.4
ROM Firmware Required: STOCK 10

Version Information
Current Beta Version: V1.5
Beta Release Date: 21-FEB-2021

Created[ /B] Thread Creation Date 21-FEB-2021
Last Updated Enter Last Thread Updated Date Here
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I've been rocking this for about 3 days now, and it's amazing! This is the first custom ROM I've used since my first phone died a few years ago. The Hycon hub settings are pretty cool. It lets you change a bunch of settings like theming, status bar stuff, buttons, lock screen, and it even lets you set a custom header image.

The only issues I've run into are as follows:
5ghz home wifi rarely shows up, but all other 5ghz Wi-fi's I've tested show up and work.
System UI can often become unresponsive. Attached is a screenshot of the stack trace. I'm not sure what's up with that, its probably just something I messed up.

but thank you for this great ROM.

edit: I think the wifi issue can be blamed on the kernel I'm using (fenix hmp)

edit2: I checked, and in fact I was using the stock kernel, so I flashed popcorn kernel and wifi is fixed, but the lag issues are still the same, and sometimes even worse. i did wipe dalvik and clear cache after I flashed the kernel. I've been running on popcorn for about a week now and the lag can be very painful. I've tried: odexing system apps, zip aligning and optimising databases, setting scheduler to deadline, performance governer on all cores. the last one seems to help mitigate the issue, but its a big drain on battery life.


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Bảo Dora

Senior Member
Sep 20, 2017
Trà Vinh
I have used this rom before (during 1 week), and i'm so excited about it. UI is clean, beautiful and very like Pixel. Almost all worked well. However, performance and ram management are big problems. My phone was so so laggy. I couldn't listen to music while i was playing game (not heavy game). I couldn't use gcam or any other camera apps with hdr mode. Other kernels didn't help me anything. I hope you will fix it soon. Sorry for my bad english.


Jan 28, 2019
These days it's showing android 12 update. I m pretty sure it's gonna brick the phone. Am I right?

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