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[ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL] Stag-OS v11.0-R1 [UNIFIED][POCO X3][17.02.2021]

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Jan 18, 2021
Hey, could you fix toast notifications and give them a white background in dark mode (and vice versa)?


Jan 18, 2021

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    Hey another day another rom, that's what you might be thinking. but we at stag (I'll try not to use big words, because the idea is to be simple) aim at something towards elegance. We are learners just like everyone out there, This is small something we have started which helps us learn every single day. Why Stag, you might question, my answer would be why not. After all Harry's patronus was a stag(pun intended). Anyway, so the aim here is to provide a really good experience to everyone who uses, everyone on telegram channel can contact us and request, everything will be considered, because if you as users feel something missing, it obviously must be missing. So looking forward for people using our StagOS and giving us all your precious feedback.
    ~Sic Parvis Magna~
    PS: for people wondering what sic parvis magna is, it translates to great endings from small beginnings, Something i picked up while playing a game.
    Credits where they are Due:
    Google(No explanation needed n this regards)
    Lineage(For starting of the custom rom war)
    KCUF Rom(For acting as base)
    Omni Rom, Slim Rom, DirtyUnicorns, AospExtended and every other project whose contributions lead to many of the features present.


     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    1. StatusBar

    -Traffic Indicators
    -Battery Icon
    -Clock Settings
    -Carrier Label
    -Old Mobile Type Icons
    -Brightness Control
    -4G - LTE Toggle
    -Volit Icon Toggle

    2. Quick Settings

    -Header Images
    -QS panel Opacity
    -QS Tile Animations
    -Brightness Slider Position
    -Auto Brightness Icon Toggle
    -Status Bar Header Clock
    -QS Rows And Columns Customisation

    3. Volume Keys

    -Volume Keys Cursor
    -Playback Control
    -Volume Rocker Wake

    4. Animations

    -System Animations
    -Listview Animations
    -Screen Off Animations
    -Power Menu Animations
    -QS tiles Animations

    5. Navigation Bar

    -Full Screen Gesture Mode
    -Invert Layout

    6. Gestures

    -AOSP Gestures
    -Prevent Ringing
    -DT2S On Lockscreen Ans Statusbar
    -Three Finger Screenshot

    7. Lock Screen

    -Lock Screen Clock Styles
    -Music Visualiser
    -Charging info

    8. Power Menu

    -Advanced Restart

    9. Styles And Wallpapers

    -Lockscreen Clock Faces
    -Styles (Icon Shapes And All)

    10. Notifications

    -Notification Light
    -Battery Charging Light
    -Heads Up Notifications toggle
    -Edge Lighting

    11. Display

    -Ambient Display
    -Night Light
    -Icon Shapes
    -Color Bucket
    -RGB Accent Picker
    -Gradient Accents
    -Font Manager

    12. System

    -RGB Accent Picker
    -Dashboard Icons
    -Gaming Mode




    1) You need have a custom recovery installed (TWRP recommended)
    *For this please check in the device specific forums
    2) Download the latest StagOS Build & Your Favourite Gapps Package
    3) Boot into recovery
    4) Go to Wipe and wipe system,data,dalvik & cache
    5) Flash StagOS zip & Gapps package(Optional)
    6) Flash Magisk Root(Optional)


    Whatever Features you find in first build there's no guarantee that they will carry on to the subsequent builds.
    As 69+ features help only to boast, and this ROM over here is not only meant for that. We want you to boast but not by the features, We want you to fall in love with the touch. So here I'll be adding up the features that i intend on adding/removing. we are starting of with many features just to find out what you like/what you don't.


    There's a huge list here
    Very firstly there're two people who i'd like to extend my big thanks
    @darshan1205 The person who taught me everything i needed to start and @hridaySharma who always helped.
    nextly @the_Darkbeast who helped me through all the rom and device related stuff.
    @shekawat2 for letting us reference on his rom, which helped in making a great base for stag
    Then there are the precious testers without whom many things would still be broken, These change from device to device and will properly be given credits.
    In garlic Pritish Joshi, Saqid, Sandeep and myself tested the rom thoroughly to rid it of all the major bugs.
    Finally Me and @phenom87 We work on the source
    we also have vinothraja and Abhimanyu shekhawat, who always guide us in times of issues a big thanks to them
    the wallpaper and bootanimation yu experience all thanks to pritish joshi
    and the last member in group Rakesh rakhi samuel, who takes care of coding things and web management



    XDA:DevDB Information
    STAG-OS 11.0, ROM for the POCO X3
    P Sambit
    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.14.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Stable Version: 11.0
    Beta Release Date: 2021-01-25
    Wow!! Is it possible a dirty flash coming from the previous version?
    Thank you for this beautiful ROM!
    No this is Official one, so clean flash compulsory.
    Ok, thank you!
    Could you please suggest a guide to do that?
    Join the telegram group, https://t.me/WeedyBuilds
    Weedy Builds is the Support group for all the roms by me.
    Ok, then, I'm inside Weddy Builds telegram group