[ROM][11.0] PalladiumOS V1.1 for POCO X3 NFC [UNOFFICIAL][SURYA/KARNA]

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Rizak kamal

Dec 26, 2017

#include <std_disclaimer.h>
* Your warranty is... still valid/probably? ( Subject to OEM's)
* We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards
* unpleasant experiences. Custom ROM's are Custom for a reason and
* as developers, we try our best to give you the most complete experience
* When you choose our ROM, its a choice which you make but it doesnt make us
* liable to any unfortunate events. But we will be happy to help for the greater good.


Palladium OS is not yet another ubiquitous os but a trendsetter of its own level. The Prime focus here
are on speed, stability and above all, its a community driven os where everyone can experience their ideas
without any limitations. All these is complemented by the Meteor Fall programme which are a series of OTA updates
which adds in new features and suggestions. So, now you know why its christened The Palladium OS.


Pranav Ajay


Support Us if you like our work

Got an issue or suggestion? Reach us at
Telegram: https://telegram.me/palladiumos_chat


New Settings homepage
New About phone UI
Network Traffic Indicator
New qs tint style
Accent color picker
Gaming mode
Lock Screen Charging Info
Swipe to ScreenShot
Gesture bar customization
Adaptive playback
Volte Icon support
Lock Screen Clock Styles


Palladium: Palladium-OS
Palladium Device Sources: PalladiumOS-Devices


- Backup your personal data (Important)
- Download the ROM and GApps and transfer them to your device.
- Boot to recovery (TWRP/OrangeFox recommended).
- Flash the ROM + Gapps Zip file.
- Format Data.
- Reboot your device.

The ROM has GApps persistence in between dirty flashes, so you only have to flash them once!


ROM :: NikGapps


- Google for AOSP
- LineageOS
- Project Fluid
- Pixel experience
- Project Streak
- Dot OS
- Octavi OS
- Bliss ROM
- AICP & POSP & Pixys Team for thread template idea
- Also many pro devlopers who all help us to bring this rom to you..
- Please let us know if we forgot to mention your name in credits..

Build Author/Maintainer - Rizak Kamal (i-Jack)
Device Name - POCO X3 NFC
Device Codename - Surya/Karna
Kernel Source - https://github.com/GZR-Kernels/Optimus_Drunk_Surya
ROM Status - Unofficial
Android Version - v11.0
ROM Version - v1.1

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