[ROM][11.0][RMX1921][OFFICIAL] Corvus-OS ROM for the Realme XT

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Nov 26, 2016

* Your warranty is... still valid?
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

Corvus OS a ROM with many useful & required Customizations. Corvus OS is based on Android Opensource Project (AOSP). Our objectives are a stable and feature ROM that can be enjoyed by many devices. We won't say that Corvus is better ROM than others, but we always try to give you the best.


[*]Accent picker
[*]Theme backup
[*]Theme styles
[*]Heads up options
[*]Charging animation
[*]Edge Lighting
[*]Blink Flashlight on Call

[*]Rounded Corners
[*]System Animations
[*]Scrolling Cache
[*]Expanded screenshot
[*]Gaming Mode
[*]Three Finger Swipe
[*]DT2 Sleep
[*]Signature Spoofing
[*]Sensor block per app package
[*]Screen off animation
[*]Dashboard conditions
[*]Dashboard suggestions
[*]Disable device identifier restrictions

[B]Fingerprint Prefs:[/B][LIST]
[*]Fingerprint error vibration
[*]Fingerprint authentication Vibration

[*]Show status bar on lockscreen
[*]Disable QS when locked
[*]Lockscreen charging info
[*]Lockscreen album art filter
[*]Media artwork blur level
[*]Charging animation
[*]Lockscreen style
[*]Fod Icon picker
[*]FOD recognising animations
[*]FOD pressed state
[*]Hide lock icon
[*]Lockscreen visualizer
[*]Media Artwork

[B]Status Bar[/B]
[*]Battery Customization
[*]Charging LED
[*]Battery Estimates Toggle
[*]Battery Icon Style
[*]Battery Percentage
[*]Aggressive Battery
[*]Battery Bar Customization

[B]Carrier Label[/B]
[*]Custom Carrier Label
[*]Carrier Label Fonts, Size, Colors

[B]Clock Customization[/B]
[*]Show clock and date toggle
[*]Auto-hide Clock
[*]Clock Style
[*]AM/PM Style
[*]Show seconds toggle
[*]Date, its position, style, format, size, font color & style
[*]Icon Manager
[*]Statusbar Icons
[*]Custom Logo
[*]Signal Icon Switch
[*]Toast app icon
[*]Bluetooth battery status

[B]Quick Settings[/B]
[*]Quick QS Pulldown
[*]Smart Pulldown
[*]Vibrate on Touch
[*]QS footer text
[*]Customize footer text
[*]Settings icon toggle
[*]Running services icon
[*]User switch icon
[*]Edit icon toggle
[*]QS Tint toggle
[*]Header Images & toggle
[*]QS Blur
[*]Background opacity
[*]QS Layout Customization
[*]QS tile Animations
[*]Brightness Slider Positions and customization

[B]Traffic Indicators[/B]
[*]Traffic Indicator Placement
[*]Activity Layout
[*]Net Type Activity
[*]Net font size customization
[*]Show/Hide arrows toggle
[*]Net activity auto-hide threshold

[*]Ticker toggle
[*]Ticker Animation
[*]Ticker Duration

[*]Kill app button
[*]Screen off power button torch
[*]Volume Panel Customization
[*]Music Control
[*]Volume rocker wake
[*]Volume rocker wake
[*]Volume key cursor control

[*]On-Screen nav bar
[*]System Navigation
[*]Full Screen gestures
[*]Extended swipe action
[*]Left/Right Swipe Action

[B]Power Menu[/B]
[*]Power menu animation
[*]Restart toggle
[*]Advanced Restart Toggle
[*]Lockdown toggle
[*]Screenshot toggle
[*]Lockscreen visibility

[*]Ambient Display
[*]Always on
[*]Custom Options
[*]Batter level on bottom
[*]Always on when charging
[*]New notifications toggle
[*]Lift to check phone
[*]Hand wave pulse
[*]Pocket notifications on removal
[*]Brightness options on Ambient
[*]Ambient wake gestures
[*]Ambient music ticker
[*]Night Light
[*]Adaptive Brightness
[*]Styles and wallpapers
[*]Screen Attention
[*]Display Colors
[*]Screen Savers
[*]Screen rotations
[*]Wake on plug
[*]Game driver preferences


First Time Install / Clean Flash
- Make Sure you are Flashing it over Realme UI Firmware/ Don't flash it over color os Firmware!!
- Make sure you're running the latest TWRP/OrangeFox
- Boot into recovery
- Wipe System, vendor, data, cache and dalvik cache
- Flash ROM zip
- Format data by typing yes in wipe section.
- Reboot to recovery (optional)
- Flash Magisk.zip (optional)
- Reboot to system & Enjoy!

Update / Dirty Flash
- Boot into recovery
- Wipe cache and dalvik cache
- Flash ROM zip
- Reboot to recovery (optional)
- Flash Magisk.zip (optional)
- Reboot to system & Enjoy!


Corvus OS 17.0
Note:- If you do not find the latest builds in the above link kindly find it by searching for "Corvus Telegram Channel" on Google and search for your device in the channel.


1. Corvus OS is based on?
Ans. Its based on AOSP
2. Do we need to flash Gapps?
Ans. Depends on your device variant. If your official device support has Vanilla version then you have to flash Gapps according to your choice.
3. When will be the next update! Any ETAs?
Ans. There will be regular updates as and when the team is ready to push a new update. Kindly do not ask for ETAs.
4. I need this feature/ I found some bugs!
Ans. Firstly if u find any bug then please check with your add-ons like magisk module, zips, etc u flashed and whether its related or no. Though if your sure that its from rom side then kindly grab a [URL="https://telegra.ph/Logcats-are-important-03-01"]Logcat[/URL] and report us [URL="https://t.me/corvussupport"]Here[/URL]
Secondly for feature request yes u can request them on the above link.


We the team behind Corvus OS put our valuable time and energy to bring you an OS of great caliber with regular updates and security patches. Please share some love and support to the Team by making a contribution so we can continue to improve the software experience of your device.

Maintainer: PayPal or UPI ID: [email protected]


Ritzz - Lead Developer/Maintainer
Zeeshan - Core Developer/Maintainer
Deadmanxxd - UI/UX Designer/Maintainer
Trishiraj - Core Developer/Maintainer
Victor - Core Developer/Maintainer
Aashil - Core Developer/Maintainer
Jughead - Project Manager/Contributor


Dirty Unicorns
MSM Xtended
Havoc OS
Evolution X
Pixel Experience
And all the other devs/ROMs

You can find our all sources down here:-
Kernel Source
Telegram Group
Realme XT Support Group

XDA:DevDB Information
Corvus-OS ROM for Realme XT[RMX1921]

Maintainer: kaderbava
Contributors: riteshm321, prince trishi
Source Code: https://github.com/kaderbava/android_kernel_realme_RMX1921

ROM OS Version: Android 11
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.9
ROM Firmware Required: Realme UI C05
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Beta Release Date: 20-06-2021
Current Beta Version: 17.0

Created: 20-06-2021
Last Updated: 03-11-2021


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Nov 26, 2016

Initial official build Up!

🆑 Rom Changelog:

Corvus OS v16.5-Alpha Centauri Changelogs

- Merged Android-11.0.0_r38 June Patch
- Updated FingerPrint to Redfin June
- Added Optimization to Bionic/Art/Libcore
- Integrated Glass blur (Thanks to ProtonAOSP)
- Fixed FOD Animations
- Newer font engine with font preview that affects fonts even In-App
- Removed time limit from Screenrecorder
- Reduced Bitrate and Increased max file size limit to Screenrecorder, Default to 60FPS recording
- Added Notification Reticker
- Revamped Settings UI based on MD2 context
- Redo Corvus Version design
- Added a new Corvus Customisation Panel in Settings Dashboard
- Bring in RavenDesk (Made from scratch to provide realtime info on changelogs and notifications on any latest updates with download links for your device)
- Added Force Stop option to app notification
- Changed Stock QS Tile style to stroke
- Added QS Header Brightness Slider
- Linked Screenshot sound with Sound Profile
- Fixed Lockscreen wallpaper bug
- Attempt to fix Bubble SysUI crash
- Bring back Delete button to Screenshot notifications
- Added back missing icons in Settings
- Realigned toggles to maintain aesthetics
- Fresh new set of Simplistic Material Wallpapers
- Added Per-app network isolation settings
- Fixed misguided click listener on "Hidden app eye icon" in Launcher settings
- Addressed themes getting reset on reboot issue
- Fixed Brightness Slider Seekbar thumb color
- Fixed Rounded Corner GVM overlay not affecting few QS Styles
- Updated GApps Package
- Build Official devices on Proton Clang by default

1. We are stopping our versioning as all the next updates will be numerical and not according to the release months.

2. We are pushing User Builds from this release to assure maximum security to your devices. All the Official devices will be shipped with User and Enforcing. Permissive builds will be shipped with BETA tag until the maintainer fixes it.

3. All the Official devices will be having the RavenDesk (The OTA Notifier) only.

📝 Notes:

* If you are using previous build, DIRTY FLASH enough. But CLEAN FLASH always recommended for avoiding some weird bugs.
* Gapps, Vanilla Builds available
* Use any A11 gapps package
* Use latest magisk stable
* Use latest orangefox or twrp recovery(A11 decryption working)
* Some options need SystemUI restart after changes (like network traffic indicators)
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Nov 26, 2016

New Corvus Update is Up!

Corvus OS v16.7-Obsidian Changelogs

• Merged android-11.0.0_r39 SP
• Added New QS Header dateview
• Added QS custom Header images (OmniStyles)
• Added new Corvus header pack
• Added QS Panel weather
• Added Secure lockscreen QS
• Added Faceunlock animation
• Added HW keys customisation support
• Added support for HW home button wakeup
• Re-Implemented the whole FOD with the latest los changes
• Massive improvements in FOD
• Added new FOD animations
• Added new FOD Pressed layer (light yellow)
• Added new FOD Icons for OnePlus 8 series
• Added support to allow user to disable FOD night light when active
• Added FOD system overlays
• Added FOD Icon Animations (thanks to SSOS and Zaid)
• Added Corvus FOD Icon
• Re-Added Reticker (Fixed QS Panel glitch, might still cause sysui restart)
• Added Settings to hide notch
• Reimplemented force full screen apps settings
• Fixed vibration feedback on Fingerprint error/success
• Added toggle to enable media art background in QS media player
• Added toggle for colored statusbar icons
• Nuked smart charging
• Added full width to Battery graph view
• Added toggle for Notification/Ring vibration in Audio settings
• Improvements to System Blur
• Added new set of Fonts
• Added Pixel Offline charging animation
• Added Lockscreen Blur
• Added partial screenshot toggle
• Added power button press fingerprint toggle
• Added Optional screenshot QS Tile
• Added new Clockstyles (Fluid, SSOS, Cronos, Clockertino, IDE etc)
• Updated webview providers
• Added new FaceUnlock from Pixel Experience
• Extended FaceUnlock to AppLock
• Fixed wrong QS reboot to recovery tile message
• Added new Navbar styles
• Nuked Equaliser (unstable in most of the devices)
• Added More sassy wallpapers
• Fixed avatar click action on settings searchbar
• Bug fixes and overall performance improvements

Device Changelog:

  • Updated Redfin’s july fp
  • User & Enforcing build for more safety
  • Shipped with latest BloodMoon Kernel changes
  • Kernel Upstream to 4.9.276
  • SafteyNet Pass without root as usual
  • Added unlimited photos haxx
  • Dropped smart Charging
  • More improvements & bug fixes


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Nov 26, 2016

New Corvus Update is Up!

Corvus OS v16.8 - Avalon Changelogs

• Merged android-11.0.0_r40 SP
• Added 2 new Settings Dashboard Styles (Ravenlair -> Miscellaneous)
• Re-colored Settings dashboard icons
• Added Custom Spring/Elastic animation to Settings Dashboard
• Added new animation on Corvus Settings Panel in Settings
• Added QS Panel Opacity (RavenLair -> QuickSettings)
• Added Notifications Opacity (RavenLair -> Notifications)
• Added new QS status icons background toggle (RavenLair -> QuickSettings)
• Redesigned default Volume Panel
• Added Volume Panel Plugins (RavenLair -> hardware -> Buttons)
• Added Support for setting App volume in Volume Panels
• Reworked Traffic Indicators (Includes Upload, Download and Dynamic modes)
• Updated QS Header date style to be more compact
• Added new QS Header Date&Clock Style toggle (More notch friendly Clock style)
• Added Ability to Adjust Clock Sizes in QS Header and Statusbar Individually
• Added new A12 offline charging style in source
• Added Screen off FOD
• Added drawables for "History" and "Clear all" action in Notification panel
• Added Shadow to the Battery meter percent in settings to make it more visible
• Nuke non working share button from recents
• Fix Kill App button in recents to make it actually kill apps
• Fixed ReTicker random UI restart
• Fixed stutters in QS Panel pull down
• Fixed SystemUI force close on Landscape mode with QS Media on
• Fixed Active QS Tile color
• Fixed Broken Lockscreen charging animation
• Fixed crash on Applock due to FOD
• Fixed toggling Full Screen apps

Device Changelog: Check Here


* Gapps & Vanilla builds available.
* If you are using previous build, dirty flash enough. But CLEAN FLASH always RECOMMENDED for avoiding some weird bugs.
* SystemUI will restart after every reboot once for refreshing all overlays.
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Nov 26, 2016

New Corvus Update is Up!

Corvus OS v17.0 - Vanguard Changelogs

- Updated security patch to Android-11.0.0_r48
- Rebased AV for devices with Audio/Video issues and extensive support
-Rebased ART and Bionic for improved optimisation and benchmark performance
- Added Full native ZygoteJustInTime Support (Perf)
- Added EROFS support
- Added extensive F2FS support
- Updated Iorap and LMKD
- Enabled Global ThinLTO (Perf)
- Updated SQLite
- Updated arm-optimized-routines
- Switched to improved Jemalloc memory allocation
- Disabled Setup Wizard by default (Caused Non stop FC for some users)
and many more tweaks and optimisation

- Added ability to adjust app drawer opacity
- Added App drawer background blur
- Added ability to adjust app icon size
- Added ability to set bottom Google SearchBar
- Added toggle to show Free RAM in Recents
- Added ability to toggle Homescreen app dock background
- Removed homescreen app dock bottom space
- Redesigned Recent view action buttons
- Nuked Reticker (Caused SystemUI restart)
- New Brightness Slider Style Implementation
- Added A12 style and Custom brightness slider style along with the default style
- Added Color Coded battery level indication (Does not work with Portrait style)
- Added QS Tile to trigger Corvus ZenMode
- Fixed Long Press QS tile force close for CPU Info and FPS Info tile
- Added intent to start Doze Settings on AOD Tile long click
- Added ability to record longer videos (Screen Recorder)
- Added ability to set low quality in screen recording
- Added Blinking Dot overlay to stop recording
- Added 5 variety of QS Tile tint style
- Added ability to randomly choose System Accent color from Raven Themes
- Added Ability to control QS Panel and Notification transparency
- Made Improvements to the QS Panel Media player

- Re-Implemented Settings list bounce animation
- Added New Gaming Mode in RavenLair->Miscellaneous->Gaming Mode
- Removed overly used Lottie animations settings wide
- Mini re-design of RavenLair
- Nuked Full screen cutout (wasn't working)
- Implemented Notch Killer overlay in Display Settings to extend apps beyond the notch
- Added ability to toggle off Keyboard bottom space from Settings->System->Gestures->System navigation->IME button space
- Added toggle for high touch sensitivity in Display settings
- Added seekbar for Notification and QS Panel Transparency

- Made UI improvements to Gaming Mode QS Tiles style
- Added Ability to see RAM usage within the Gaming mode overlay
- Redesigned Date and clock style and battery level in Gaming mode overlay
- Slight changes to the Performance Seekbar

There's been a huge delay in bringing you guys with the update, while we are busy with our lives at the moment, we are still thriving to keep this going and anyone who chose to remain patient has our highest gratitude. You've already seen the teasers in the Updates channel,

NOTE: This may or may not be the last update for A11, If we find that A12 is still isn't stable enough then we might as well keep polishing A11 as long as its required!
Due to Technical issues, Unfortunately we are having to move the all new RavenDesk to Android 12 and the present A11 Raven Desk is Currently deprecated!

Happy Flashing!!

Device Changelog: Check Here


* Gapps & Vanilla builds available.
* If you are using previous build, dirty flash enough. But CLEAN FLASH always RECOMMENDED for avoiding some weird bugs.