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[ROM][11.0][Unofficial] LineageOS 18.1 with microG [hotdogb][Updated 05/09]

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Mar 24, 2009
Phoenix, Az
OnePlus 7T
I wasn't implying one was better than the other. I didn't meant to anyway. I was just curious if he was going to continue building it. I've already downloaded it but I haven't flashed it yet because I haven't figured out how to add face unlock without Gapps or OOS framework. Sadly it's looking like it's impossible.
So is anyone supporting Jivy, its a great build, and I would not want to see it wither away?
I just threw in a few dollars. Waiting for the OTA version to replace stock Lineage. Really excited for the MicroG integration / spoofing because GAPPS will not touch my daily driver.

Was using AOSiP, the donate link was broken. Stopped getting updates and that project looks dead :(


May 31, 2008
Is it possible to do sideload of this image to the existing LineageOS 18.1. Can anyone share steps for converting from stock LineageOS to this one? Will it damage any existing data on the phone?


May 31, 2008
I've tried downgrading today from the latest nightly LineageOS 18.1 (0620) and it didn't work. The phone was getting stuck at boot animation loop. Unable to downgrade at all. I had to sideload the same latest nightly build in order to make it work.
are we expecting the latest build any time soon? I really need to get rid of Lineage that is not capable of doing MicroG and proper signature spoofing.


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Apr 3, 2014
New Albany, IN
OnePlus 7T

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    I didn't even know that there is an official LineageOS fork with MicroG. Seems like I will have to migrate to it instead. Especially when it feels like that this project is dead. The "developer" hasn't been online since June 20th.
    Official Los 18.1 microG has new July 02, 2021 build. Works well.
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    This is my daily driver that I have decided to share. With the increase of big tech and government overreach in our lives, I felt more of a desire to move away from Google and the similar. Hotdogb isn't supported by other similar OS' so built this from microG/LineageOS source and is fully functional.

    Based on Android 11
    Last Updated: May 5th
    Kernel Source:
    Donate if you enjoy!
    Changelogs: 05.09.2021 - Updated to LineageOS nightly 05.09.2021. Full changelog can be found at https://download.lineageos.org/hotdogb/changes. 05.05.2021 - Initial Release.

    What is this?

    This is LineageOS with all closed-source binary Google blobs removed and replaced with microG. I.E no Play services or GAPPS. UnifiedNLP is used as networking location provider vice Google's NLP. F-Droid is installed by default providing alternative app store. However, with Aurora store you can still install Google Play store apps with ease (requires additional installations).


    Since this is a fork of LineageOS you can follow the same installation guide they provide here. Just ensure you are on Lineage recovery and ready to sideload LineageOS, use our ROM for that step.


    None known. Post below if you have any.

    Post Installation

    - open the microG app --> Self-Check sections are successful.

    Location services
    - By default, MozillaNlpbackend, which uses Mozilla location service and NominatimNlpBackend, which uses Mapquest's Noninatim service; are disabled by default. Open microG app --> Location modules and enable whichever ones you prefer. Afterwards reboot device.

    Other information

    Google Play Store Alternative
    If you want full access to normal android Play Store apps do the following:
    Open F-Droid app. Search for Aurora Store and install. Once opened select the appropriate option, generally option #1 will be the most common used with this ROM as long as it has not been modified by the user. Once setup you will have access to all applications as normal.

    Some apps require play services and I cannot use them, please help!
    This will require both SU and Magisk installed, which is not provided in our base rom. Once you have achieved SU with Magisk you will need to read over and install NanoDroid which can be found here XDA| Website.


    ***Ensure boot.img date matches the date of the ROM you are installing. DO NOT use this boot.img with a different ROM.***
    ***This guide assumes you already have a working ADB/Fastboot.***
    1. Download boot.img below to your phones storage.
    2. Download latest Magisk apk from here to your device and install it.
    3. Open Magisk on your phone. Click the Magisk Install option within the app.
    4. For method "Select and Patch a File"
    5. Select the boot.img you downloaded in Step 1.
    6. Once the process is complete a Magisk patched boot.img will be in the Downloads folder on your phone. Drag it to a working folder on your Computer.
    7. Ensure your has ADB debugging enabled in Developer Options settings and that your PC is authorized.
    8. Open Command Prompt on your PC and run ADB Devices. Verify your phone is listed.
    9. In Command Prompt run "ADB reboot bootloader". You will notice the phone reboot.
    10. Once on Fastboot screen in Command Prompt run "Fastboot devices", ensure your phone is listed.
    11. In Command Prompt run "Fastboot flash boot bootname.img. Replacing bootname with the name of your Magisk boot.img.
    12. Once done start the device and load Magisk to confirm.


    Donate if you enjoy!

    ROM (5.9.21)
    BOOT.IMG (5.9.21)
    Updated to LineageOS 5/9 nightly.
    Thanks for posting, I was looking to switch over to microG now with LOS 18.1 for hotdogb

    Just wanna confirm, will these builds support OTA updater/dirty flashing for updates?
    You will be able to dirty flash future updates similiar to LOS. Just be aware if you have modded any system files i.e. NanoDroid system install vice using Magisk; then you will have to reapply after dirty flash.

    I'm working on OTA updates in the next release, just haven't set the hosting up at the moment.
    I didn't even know that there is an official LineageOS fork with MicroG. Seems like I will have to migrate to it instead. Especially when it feels like that this project is dead. The "developer" hasn't been online since June 20th.
    Thank you this step is completed
    Install Chinese twrp by typing "fastboot flash recovery twrp.img” (rename whole img file to twrp.img)