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[ROM] [11.0] [UNOFFICIAL] [Vanilla] [Gapps] Spark OS v8.0 Ignite [Oneplus-5/T]

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Feb 18, 2018
Do you know what issue i'm talking about? nearly all A11 roms i've tried have this issue. And it's so unpredictable that anything can stop getting internet at any time. If you know what Issue i'm referring to then it's a relief. If it's just that you haven't experienced an internet interruption yet, then i'll wait for more responses.
I havent faced any such issue and i havent faced the same in any of the A11 roms that i've tried, maybe you have some hardware issues ig


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Aug 6, 2011
Do you know what issue i'm talking about? nearly all A11 roms i've tried have this issue. And it's so unpredictable that anything can stop getting internet at any time. If you know what Issue i'm referring to then it's a relief. If it's just that you haven't experienced an internet interruption yet, then i'll wait for more responses.
I have personally tested almost every ROM available for the OP5 and I've never experienced this issue. 🤷🏽‍♂️


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Oct 22, 2006
There is something wrong with rounded corners on the status bar. My icon offset for the status bar keeps on resetting to a weird value where the battery icon is cut in half and date is also cut.
It get's back to normal on its own and then randomly jumps back to cutting values.

Other then that, the rom is butter :). I do wish for a better camera app like extended Rom has.

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    No It's set to Never. I'll turn it on in sleep again. Maybe I turned it off accidentally when pulling down statusbar.
    It's working, My apologies to all. It must have been my skinny fingers when pulling down the status bar:cool:
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    Changelog for v8.0 Update (Ignite) based on September security patch

    Bug Fixes:

    • Clear all button will get hided when qs is force expanded
    • Double tap to sleep on sb and lockscreen toggles are fixed
    • Fixed an issue with power on button being inconsistent
    • Fixed an issue with gesture bar switch values being wrong
    • Fixed overlays reverting on default on reboot on some devices

    Feature Additions:
    • Implemented a new Accent picker design
    • Added back and reworked font service with the ability to select your own fonts
    • Added an Improved version of gaming mode
    • Bumped Bolte story chapter
    • Added back prebuilt accent colors
    • Added a new network Traffic monitor implementation
    • Added Lyric ticker
    • Synced NFC and sounds with oos
    • Disabled all caps at smart reply text
    • Slight rework at media panel
    • Improvements to media player
    • Added support for new runtime permissions
    • Updated pixel props
    • Added cloudflare and Adguard dns providers
    • Updated Default brightness slider thumb drawable
    • Added a non overlay dynamic Volte icon picker
    • Added redwave Fod animation
    • Added lockscreen bouncer from a12
    • reworked sb burn in controller
    • added sb padding options
    • Added sensor off Q's tile by default
    • Added landscape battery style
    • Added a12 fp icon by default
    • Updated Gapps packages
    • Use same Package Installer on both vanilla and gapps build
    • Fixed Themepicker crashing after setting a live wallpaper
    • Reworked sb burn in controller
    • Other things I don't remember

    Device side:
    • Updated Redfin fp and desc to September
    • Upstreamed Kernel to 4.4.281 (Lineage x)
    • Fixed rounded corners
    Changelog for v7.0 Update (Mist) based on August security patch

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed some crashes at Settings
    • Fixed some fcs while connecting to a wifi network
    • Massively improved qs panel code.
    • Fixed icons being black at lockscreen
    • Made package cache always being wiped at upgrade
    • Granted Pulse some missing permissions
    • Improved Rounded Corners
    • Made Q's customizer bg black
    • Improved app lock
    • Stopped using yellow as default color
    • Fixed Some typos at Fireworks
    • Nuked gestures string from settings
    • Added missing accessibility section on oos10 dashboard icons
    • Removed deprecated toggle for volume panel on left
    • Fixed status icon activity crash
    • Fixed on the go crashing when being long pressed
    • Nuked some useless debugging

    Feature Additions:

    • Improved Ssos panel and Nez panel
    • Added edge music controls
    • Made Fonts Affect third party apps (Requires a reboot after applying the font)
    • Updated Vibration icon
    • Added Time refresh capabilities to Android s clock
    • Redesigned Battery meter view (Huge thanks to Fluid)
    • Added Mac Address Firewall
    • Implemented Monetwannabe (Huge thanks to dot)
    • Switched to dynamic Volte and Vowifi icons
    • Implemented Dynamic
    Volte and Vowifi icon picker
    • Added Oos small data type icons
    • Improved Network traffic monitor
    • Improved Fps Info
    • Nuked smart space and switched to omnijaws
    • Speeded some Animations
    • Added ability to permanently hide apps from recents
    • Added Switch to last app long swipe option
    • Improved incall vibration options + flashlight on call
    • Added battery saver profiles as well as sleep mode (thnx to havoc). And aggressive battery saver
    • Added Ssos 12 clock
    • Improved Ls notification padding
    • Implement a tile to open fireworks
    • Implement optional collapsed toolbar on settings.homepage
    • introduced optional media artwork bg
    • Made night light transition more gradual
    • Nuked Colored sb icons
    • Added wake on Plug toggle
    • Implemented optional wallpaper color for s clocks
    • improved android S clock
    • Added navigation bar visibility option
    • Added Live previews for Fod animations
    • Implemented Live previews for Fod Icon Animations
    • Added Previews for Icon packs
    • Updated Default wallpaper and boot animation
    • Some more things im forgetting

    Device side:
    • Switched back to Los kernel (Upstreamed 4.4.276+)
    • Nuked Gcam (was causing lib patcher issues as it was inlined)
    • Dotfix is still inlined
    • Switched to marlin props to enable unlimited google photos backup in original quality
    • Fix-Google location history should be working fine now

    Enjoy! (Clean flash is mandatory btw)
    Spark OS v8.0 Ignite


    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Spark is an AOSP based rom with customization focused on stability and most of all smoothness.

    What works?

    Almost everything
    (Gcam 8.1 v1.3 and dotfix v6.0 are already included)
    (Screenshots and changelogs can be found in the comments below)

    What's broken?
    You tell me! (Ping me on telegram @mr_ethilkandy)


    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe everything except internal
    Flash Firmware (10.0.1 for dumpling)
    Flash ROM zip
    (optional) Flash Magisk (root)
    Flash noverity zip (if needed for ext4 users)
    Reboot and voila!
    (Always best to clean flash for a new update :) )





    Spark OS Source

    Trees source: Trees
    Devices: Dumpling & Cheeseburger
    Maintainer: SREERANG E
    Build Type: Unofficial

    ROM OS Version: 11.0
    ROM Kernel: Lineage x 4.4.281 (Kernel)

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 8.0
    SELinux Status: Enforcing
    Security Patch: September
    Build date: 2021-September-28
    Changelog for v6.9 Hotfix Update (Hotfix = Mostly bug fixes and some more stuff)

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Some choppiness and Lag that shouldn't be there.
    • Improved Android S clocks
    • Fixed That Yellow accent Being everywhere
    • Removed Font service and replaced it with old good fonts
    • Fixed Some issues With Vowifi icons
    • Nuked Monet (for now)
    • Fixed Qs clock overlapping stuff
    • Added Missing Square icon pack
    • Removed Custom sb padding options
    • Fixed some Dialer Issues
    • Fixed Weird padding with Dnd on
    • Fixed some issues with Battery Estimates

    Feature Additions:

    • Added Re ticker
    • Slimmed Down qs date
    • Added Spanish translations
    • Introduced our own A12 Brightness Slider Style thnx to @kingoffmirzapur
    • Added Pulse 💦💦 (Super duper extreme visualizer)
    • Redesigned main settings header and spacer
    • Bolte Chapter 3 🥵🥵🥵

    Device side:
    • Added Gcam 8.1 v1.3
    • Added Dotfix 6.0 (No need of manually flashing dotfix module or twrp one)

    Clean flash is mandatory!!!
    Spark OS 6.9 was released today. Can we expect that anytime soon?
    Yus within 1-2 days.