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[ROM][11.0][WEEKLY] crDroid 7.0 TISSOT 23-11-2020

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Feb 5, 2013
Redmi Note 10
Update Rom
- Add Button backlight control.
- Enable Smart Charging.
- Add CpuInfo tile.
- Add option for remap short and long press buttons.
- Updated kernel to 4.9.245-perf+ (thanks to [email protected] MASTERGUY)

Known bugs:
- Encryption.
- Radio FM.
- Dirac sound.

Link in first post

Hi @jomadeto,
first of all, thanks for your work !
There is another way to get it ? maybe even with md5 or other checksum
sourceforge get me trouble to download...
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Dec 19, 2011
sourceforge had several issues recently
so do verify md5 of files before flashing (md5 is available in sourceforge to compare)

thanks to josema i am going to handle this rom from now onwards :)
this is such a nice rom :)
You are the official maintainer for CrDroid 7 from now on? Congrats!

I hope any noticeable bugs in 7.x will be fixed in the future. The persistent bugs in 6.x held me back from installing that ROM.
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