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[ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 5.9.2 - Sanctuary [09/10/2021]

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Senior Member
Aug 24, 2010
Huawei Watch 2
OnePlus 8
Is there any known or potential issue with fastboot flash?

Not that I know of, I haven't personally done it on this phone but there is a thread dedicated to this in the guides section on the 8 pro, it's not hard, but the outcome it essentially the same as MSM which is why I'd recommend MSM over it.

I've fastboot flashed on other phones, just takes longer.
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Senior Member
May 4, 2016
OnePlus 8T
hello, i want to try install this rom (first time install this way, so sorry for stupid questions), so gonna install from oneplus 8 OOS, and my question first what to download "EvolutionX_5.9_instantnoodle-11-20210708-0231-OFFICIAL.zip" or "evolution_instantnoodle-ota-rq3a.210705.001-07291613-unsigned.zip"? i would guess non ota?
second question should i follow installation procedure from #1 or #3?
sorry for my bad english, and thanks in advance.


Senior Member
May 28, 2015
after today's ota update phone gets stuck on PIN sign in screen upon reboot to system (UI unresponsive/sticky and can't get beyond the screen), anyone with similar problem?

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