[ROM][11.0_r55]JAGUAR ONEPLUS 8 PRO OFFICIAL V20.1 Updated May 11, 2022

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So....not sure why this ROM has safety net issues. All A11 Roms and even A12 Roms I have tried work fine just installing magisk 23 pike normal. No bootloader lock, no closed or zygisk(not sure if I spelled it correctly) nor a canary version needed


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As always, thanks for your continuing contribution, Comrade. :)
Well you said A12 will not allow magisk safety net to work, you also said magisk 23 wouldn't work on a12. You also said nothing is wrong with your ROM, yet the only people NOT having issues are paying you. Funny how you need to PAY for a feature that works except in YOUR rom


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Jan 18, 2013
OnePlus 8
Well you said A12 will not allow magisk safety net to work, you also said magisk 23 wouldn't work on a12. You also said nothing is wrong with your ROM, yet the only people NOT having issues are paying you. Funny how you need to PAY for a feature that works except in YOUR rom
Nope, Comrade, people who are paying me have the same Safety net issue. They either don't install Gapps, or don't care about CTS fail. But thanks again for continuous contributions. :)


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Jan 18, 2013
OnePlus 8
Tho I am always willing to help those less fortunate that don't have the financial lifestyle to pay for a free feature. Thank you once again for an amazing ROM 😜
You should state that to the cash register clerk at your local Convenience store. Thanks again. You are a PRO here. :)

P.S. And by the way, if it is a free feature, name one custom rom on XDA that offers locked bootloader with root...


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I've experienced the safetynet issue with other ROMs and on various OnePlus devices as well, and in the end, that was exactly the reason I switched to Jaguar and am happy to stay there.
It's fast, runs super stable and the battery life is awesome.
In addition, the reaction to bugs is really great and fast and usually a fix is provided within a short time.
Try to get that from a manufacturer ...

The fact that SN doesn't work is no longer relevant to me and I see a regular donation more as a contribution to sustainable ROM development.
Too many users expect updates and bug fixing without ever donating a cent.
We can be glad that there are such dedicated developers who extend the lifetime of our devices far beyond the level of manufacturer updates.

#SupportYourLocalDev ;)


Apr 21, 2021
No. Safetynet is not working atm.
If you need gpay and other services that rely on working SN, you should use other roms like CRDroid.for example.
I Have it for a test wit BitGapps currently and it works fine with root and magisk v.23

I'm using Dot Os 5.2 and there is no issue too , but i feel like my battery isn't that good at it should , when I'm using my phone I'm getting like 4-5h sot , if my phone is just sitting bcs i play pc i'm getting like 3h sot (120hz mode) , what's your sot guys?


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I'm using Dot Os 5.2 and there is no issue too , but i feel like my battery isn't that good at it should , when I'm using my phone I'm getting like 4-5h sot , if my phone is just sitting bcs i play pc i'm getting like 3h sot (120hz mode) , what's your sot guys?
Normal use (no gaming) @60Hz is around 8-10 hours screen on time. Standby up to 5 days.

I am running with microg, no gapps, no bloatware, bare minimum apps like messenger, mail, most other apps as webapps only.
I skipped everything that needs Internet access and is also available as webapp and doesn't need realtime push notification like mastodon, pixelfed, etc.

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    Thanks for your cooperation
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    This is one last reminder, further such instances if found there will be actions against offenders account.
    Treat everyone in respectful manner!

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    May 2. New release

    1. Wakelock blockers in kernel
    2. Jaguar version is now displayed in About phone
    3. Choice for temperature units F/C for lockscreen battery info
    4. A bunch of other under the hood improvements

    Download in post #3.
    I use the 19.1 from April. Do I have to download the full version or vanilla for a dirty flash?
    What does vanilla mean?
    Vanilla has no Google apps..
    why is all the google schit forced on me? every time the screen shuts off it won't remain at the brightness i choose unless i hit a quick tile.
    Well, you are going to express yourself better. First of all, I have no idea what Google 'schit' you are tlaking about. There are 2 versions of the rom one without Google (vanilla), the other is full, with your favorite Google.

    As far as brightness, if you want brightness to remain the same, disable automatic brightness.
    I see airplane mode turning on dimming the display as I reported many days ago. And no, that isn't my post. With automatic turned on it returns to max level when the screen comes on. With it off it goes to half brightness then randomly will drop to commanded level on it's own. And the default oneplus style fingerprint icon has not made the sensor work much better. Still takes 20 or 30 tries of dirty sensor then it works. Brightness has no effect on that failure.
    You too may submit a logcat, friend: do all your listed manipulations while running it. Save the output in a file and attach here. As you know: no logcat, no real bug. :)
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    You can actually use alarm when the phone is shut down. It would boot 2 minutes prior to scheduled time and trigger the alarm on time

    This is official Jaguar Rom.

    I have been building Android roms since 2012 for various devices including multiple Sonys, Lenovo Zuk, Oneplus 3, Oneplus 5 and Oneplus 6. You can check my Oneplus 6 or
    Oneplus 6T threads and browse my profile.

    Jaguar rom is focused on hardening of AndroidOS and kernel. As such, the rom has hardened bionic, art, framework and tightened security.

    1 Rom control with custom Power options, Statusbar, Buttons, Navbar, Quicksettings, Lockscreen, Notifications, Gestures, Themes etc...

    2. Heavily modified Art, Bionic System/Vold and System/Security

    3. Telephony response to Type Zero sms ('silently acknowledged') disabled

    4. Toggle to disable Captive Portal logging.

    5. Speakerphone proximity sensor toggle - could be set to automatically switch to speaker when not at the ear

    6. IMEI and phone numbers hidden in About menu

    7. Built-in encrypted DNS providers, such as: Cloudflare (US); LibreDns (Germany); AdguardDns (Cyprus); and PowerDns (Netherlands)

    8. Wakelock and Alarmblocker

    9. Fully working Call recording with the button visible in Dialer

    10. A choice between the latest Bromite and Vanadium webview

    11. Deskclock app modified to work with PowerOn alarm. The app will boot the phone 2 minutes before scheduled time to trigger the alarm on time

    12. Default Dark mode

    13. All regular customizations plus. You tell me which feature is missing.

    Install instructions

    If this is your first time coming from stock, you need to have stock Android 11 in both slots. So, either update stock OTA to populate the second slot or flash stock rom with TWRP. Do not use Lineage's 'transfer' script, as this might corrupt your persist partition. In addition, that script transfers outdated files.

    1. Install Jaguar recovery from (from post #3) via fastboot: reboot in fastboot and execute the following commands on your connected PC terminal:

    fastboot flash recovery_a recovery.img
    fastboot flash recovery_b recovery.img

    Or use TWRP

    2. Download the rom to your PC. Boot the phone into recovery, set recovery for sideloading, then type on your PC terminal (which should be opened in the same directory where you had downloaded the rom):

    adb sideload 'name of the rom'

    3. Factory reset and reboot. You are done. If you want root, just install Magisk manager (apk) from here as a normal app. Don't flash it.

    PICO Gapps has been tested successfully with this rom

    Download rom from post #3

    All subsequent release will be in post #3.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    JAGUAR R, ROM for the OnePlus 8 Pro



    Kernel Source Code: HERE

    ROM OS Version:
    11.x R
    ROM Kernel:
    Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required:
    no lower than Android 11
    Based On: AOSP/Lineage/DirtyUnicorn/Crdroid

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: See post #3
    Stable Release Date:

    Created: 2021-09-29
    Updated: 2022-05-11

    Credit: AOSP, Lineage, DU, Crdroid, GrapheneOS, CalyxOS Bromite webview
    The rom could be used on locked bootloader (donate feature) with or without Gapps.

    The benefits of LOCKED BOOTLOADER combined with WORKING AVB-2 protection are:

    You get your DRM L1 back. Your banking applications (tested several) will work even if Magisk is not hidden: you simply get a warning, your device is rooted, but can click 'don't show again' and proceed to login.

    Nobody and nothing can modify Kernel, Recovery and Virtual Partitions without triggering a red screen of death with the message 'your device is corrupted and cannot boot'.

    At that point, the only option is to unlock bootloader. But, if a user had previously disabled OEM unlock in Developer settings, then unlocking becomes unavailable, and so does flashing via fastboot. In other words, if your phone gets into the hands of an adversary, their only option is to use MSM tool to make the phone work again, but no access to your data or any other partition.

    See some screenshorts:
    If downloading from XDA, always use your browser in private mode

    May 11. New release V-20.1

    1. Redone adaptive brightness
    2. Call recording (bug introduced in V-20) fixed
    3. Captive portal: added 3 options Standard (Google), Alternative and Disabled; and moved to Settings/Network
    4. Fingerprint icons and colors made more transparent, so, now fingerprint works flawlessly.

    Dirty flashing is fine on previous releases.

    Download rom V-20.1-FULL: Here

    Download rom V-20.1-VANILLA: Here

    May 6. New release, V-20

    1. May security patches
    2. Google r55
    3. Recovery fixed to have 'yes/no' prompt on signatures mismatch (for Magisk)

    Download rom Version 20 Vanilla: Here

    Download rom Version 20 Full: Here

    Download recovery: Here

    May 2. New release

    1. Wakelock blockers in kernel
    2. Jaguar version is now displayed in About phone
    3. Choice for temperature units F/C for lockscreen battery info
    4. A bunch of other under the hood improvements

    Download rom Full Version
    : Here

    Download rom Vanilla Version: Here

    April 15. New release V-19.1

    1. AOD is fully working (see screenshot Here)

    2. Experimental feature: toggle to spoof Pixel to get unlimited storage for Google Photos (in Settings/Accessibility)

    Dirty flashing on a previous release is fine.

    Download V-19.1-VANILLA: Here

    Download V-19.1-FULL: Here

    Recovery: Here

    April 11 New release V-19, previous one removed. Should fix graphic glitch related to recovery.

    Actually, you can use any recovery you want: TWRP/Lineage or whatever. Just keep in mind that if you don't have OOS-11 firmware in both slots, you will always get problems. MSM flash takes care of one slot only. So, you need OOS-11 in the other slot either by flashing via recovery (after initial reboot) or updating OTA.

    Also, you don't need MSM, if you can't boot into recovery. You simply boot in fastboot and flash whatever recovery you want.

    This release fixes Safetynet issues. Confirmed by a Oneplus 8 user: here

    1. April security patches
    2. Google r54
    3. Switched to AOSP webview 100.x
    4. Should work with Zgisk
    5. Pre-root removed (users can flash Magisk even with locked bootloader)
    6. Seedvault is back

    Download rom V-19 Full: Here

    Download rom V-19 Vanilla: Here

    Recovery: Here

    March 30. New release

    Graphic glitch should be fixed

    Dirty flashing is fine on a previous release

    Download rom V-18-FULL-March 30: Here
    Download rom V-18-VANILLA-March 30: Here
    Download recovery: Here

    March 13. New release: FULL VERSION (as opposed to Vanilla)

    Dirty flashing is fine.

    Download rom Full Version: HERE
    Recovery:Use TWRP

    March 8, New release, V-18

    1. March security patches
    2. Android r53
    3. User build
    4. Updated kernel
    5. Options to choose between Bromite and Vanadium webivew
    6. Optional torch flashing on incoming calls
    7. Night display renamed into Display calibration

    Dirty flashing on top of a previous release is fine.

    Download rom V-18 Vanilla: HERE

    February 8. New release, V-17

    1. February security patches
    2. Android r52
    3. Regular webview, as opposed to bromite
    4. Toggle to hide statusbar clock when launcher is active
    5. New recovery that fixes 'not enough space' issues with some Gapps

    Dirty flashing on a previous release is fine

    Download rom V-17: HERE
    Download recovery: HERE

    January 16, New release:

    1. Adds Android S Safetynet spoofing
    2. Icon customization for Mobile and Wifi signals

    Dirty flashing is fine.

    Download Rom: HERE

    January 5, 2022. New release V-16

    1. January security patches
    2. Android r51
    3. NightDisplay crash fixed
    4. OpenCamera HDR etc. crashes fixed
    5. Updated vendor blobs

    Dirty flashing is fine on a previous release

    Download rom V-16: HERE

    December 21. New Release:

    1. Should fix SafetyNet
    2. Night light adjustment returned to sane values

    Dirty flash is fine on a previous release

    Download rom: HERE

    December 13. New Release V-15.1

    1. Another attempt to fix Safetynet
    2. Also fixes fingerprint enrollment on fresh install

    Dirty flash is fine on a previous release

    Download rom V-15.1: HERE

    December 7: New Release V-15

    1. December security patches
    2. Android r50
    3. FOD features are back
    4. Nightlight and NightDisplay with picture adjustment and antiflicker are back
    5. Double tap to wake is visible
    6. Safetynet should pass (need to confirm)

    Dirty flash on top of a previous release is fine

    Download rom V15 - prerooted version reposted: HERE

    November 3, New release V-14

    1. November security patches
    2. Android r49
    3. Updated vendor blobs
    4. Ambient display sensor fixed
    5. Snap camera replaced with Open Camera

    Dirty flash is fine on top of a previous release.

    Download rom V-14: HERE

    October 21. Update release

    Now, that we have past a little storm (LOL), here is an updated release:

    This one is built from scratch in a separate environment from other devices, which means everything should be working, i.e., no conflicts with other devices, which accounted for some features disappearing

    Could be flashed dirty on top of the previous release.

    Download rom: HERE


    October 16. Updated release

    1. Removes remnants of LiveDisplay that was suppressing AOSP implementation of NightDisplay
    2. Working face unlock
    3. Removes problems with sideloading

    Could be flashed dirty on a previous release. You could use any recovery your want, unless you are on a locked bootloader

    Download rom: HERE

    October 14. New release, V-13.1

    1. AOD fixed for Oneplus 8 series
    2. Tilt, Pulse, Pocket, Edge Light with color options, Wake on Notivications all work
    3. AOD on charge only option
    4. Screen unlock delay is gone
    5. Statusbar brightness gesture redone
    6. Padding added to statusbar left clock (away from front camera hole)
    7. Nightlight tile visible now
    8. Clear all recents gesture (working for gestural navigation too) in Launcher/Settings/Misc
    9. Enlarged system partition to allow installation of bigger Gapps

    Could be flashed dirty on top of a previous release

    Download Rom V13.1
    : HERE

    October 5. New release, V-13.

    1. Google r48
    2. October security patches
    3. Internal firewall fully working
    4. Redone doze
    5. Updated kernel

    Could be flashed dirty on top of a previous release. Otherwise, clean flash

    Download rom V-13: HERE
    Download new recovery: HERE
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    A very good morning to you all! Some posts have dissipated left and right but I hope we didn't cause too much (collateral) damage. I hope y'all got it out of your system and feel better. Now, let's move on and stick to a more civil way of communicating. With mutual respect and all that.

    About donation features: YES, IT'S ALLOWED! Sometimes. Shocker, I know. The moderation team may be tasked with – among many many many other things 😬 – shutting down projects that have only the goal of making money but this does not mean that donation features are forbidden. We expect that core features and most important functionality of any release remains free. We also understand that developing software is hard work which should be rewarded. Our goal is to find a balance and we do this together, as a community. To achieve this we often work with developers to find the best outcome for everyone.
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    Kind regards and stay safe!
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    Dev should really consider dropping support for 8 pro. Clearly just because his device doesn't have the issue he thinks everyone's device should be the same 😂.
    Two people have mentioned the same issues and instead of fixing it he's showing screenshots. DFKM.
    I'M DONE
    Lol take it easy man, he's just sharing a ROM, theres no obligation here.

    As frustrating as it can be to not have working features it's still an "as is" ROM, no need for hostilities.

    I haven't personally installed this ROM so no i can't comment on features missing or not but i can on how to address them, there are ways and means to get a point across without sounding deserving of something you aren't.

    If you've clean installed and there are missing features then just mention that, if it gets fixed then great if not then that's just the way it is, no ones under any obligation here, speaking down to dev's who've put the hours / days / weeks in to share something for FREE is what makes people leave and not share their work, XDA wouldn't be a very good place to be if dev's didn't do what they do and even worse if they didn't have the support of people who flash their work, please bare that in mind.