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Too bad you didn't continue the project! I used your distribution on my phone quite a long time ago and had implemented many features that I wanted and that should be present in all firmwares. Even if it didn't have a smart cutoff and fingerprint, it was a little harder to detect.
I tried to build from the sources you mentioned, but I am a beginner in such a thing and I given up after many failed attempts. I have a better PC, Intel I9-9900 KF with 64 GB RAM.


Oct 22, 2021
Thank goodness this ROM is frequently updated, and hasn't been abandoned like all the others that showed so much promise!

Oh wait yes it has.


New member
Jul 19, 2022
Thank goodness this ROM is frequently updated, and hasn't been abandoned like all the others that showed so much promise!

Oh wait yes it has.
Okay, but how do I install it? First I install TWRP and then from there the ROM, right?

In the past I tried to install a ROM but the phone got stuck in a hardbrick that I was able to fix without touching the TEST POINTS. I'm afraid the same thing will happen again. The bootloader is still unlocked.


Oct 7, 2017
I'm using this rom for 2 days. I don't know why, but SMS organizer app keeps crashing. It's my favorite SMS app. But Google messenger is not crashing. I tried disable Google messenger but no use. Do anyone know the fix?

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    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it!
    * YOU are the one choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device
    * I will laugh at you.


    Unofficial Fork of LineageOS with additional features such as faceunlock, extended screenshot etc. maintained by the HyperTeam

    Features over LineageOS:

    • FaceUnlock
    • Asus Stitch Image(Long Ss)
    • Dynamic Volte/VoWifi Icons
    • Sound Tile
    • Power off/Reboot/Recovery Tile
    • Screeenshot Tile
    • DataSwitch Tile
    • Improved Haptic Feedback
    • Swipe for Screenshot
    • Dash Charging/VOOC Charging support
    • Signature Spoofing Support
    • MicroG Support
    • pa Applock
    • Safety net working without Magisk
    • Screen Recorder improvements
    • Animation on connecting charger
    • Added battery health and temp info
    • More fonts (One plus slate, Samsung one etc)
    • More clock styles
    • Adaptive playback
    • Pulse and edge notifications
    • Option to Reset Battery stats
    • Launcher3 as default launcher
    • added style switches
    • added qs rows columns support
    • added qs title hide option
    • added media art hide when song isn't playing
    • added immersive navigation
    • added option to enable media art blur on lockscreen
    • added dead zone in gesture settings
    • Smart charging
    • Smart Cutoff
    • OOS style all clear button
    • Allow to edit/remove/add tile with one click
    • Add time spent in app in app settings from Wellbeing
    • Added option to touch power button when screen is off to unlock with fp (On supported devices)
    • Phone ringtone setting for sim2 added
    • Optional haptic feedback for back gesture
    • Live Volume Steps
    • Added option to disable screenshot sound
    • Pixelprops to spoof device fp for various apps
    • Per app volume control
    • Added more dark themes from arrow os
    • Qs tint with accent color
    • LTE+/4G+ icon
    • Option to display 4g icon instead of LTE
    • Option to disable data disabled icon
    • Bluetooth and wifi timeout
    • QS Header data usage info
    • Protect sensitive info in about device (like imei)
    • Optimizations from proton aosp and wave os
    • A12 style switches
    • Option to show free ram in recents
    • App info sheet in launcher
    • Matlog as system app with ability to take logs without root
    • Hostpot client manager
    • Fixed issue enterprise wifi
    • Disable notification headers by default and added option to switch
    • Added OOS Status bar icons by default
    • OctaviOS Clock
    • Show bolt while charging with Text battery style
    • Alarm and wakelock blocker
    • Toglling of qs media player
    • Toggle to show media notification background with artwork
    • Lockscreen charging info
    • LTE tile
    • Search bar avatar
    • Toggle to activate a12 searchbar style
    • Support for oem fast charger detection
    • Hide back arrow toggle
    • Added descendent seamless clock switch
    • Added fluid clock v2/Android S/ Android S DP3 clocks
    • Added new incall vibration controls(this works fine with google dialer)
    • OOS network indicator
    • Font engine
    • Gvisual mod
    • Option to adjust navigation bar length and radius

    • FPS and CPU info tiles

    You MUST have an unlocked bootloader and android 11 firmware on your phone

    1) Flash LineageOS recovery via fastboot
    fastboot flash boot <name of the file> .img
    2) Reboot to recovery
    3) Perform factory reset
    4) Navigate Apply update -> apply from ADB
    5) Sideload rom .zip
    adb sideload <rom zip name> .zip

    6) "Reboot system now"


    Vanilla and Gapps Builds
    LineageOs Recovery

    Do you want to get updated on new releases, report bugs or thank the dev? Connect with us on Telegram

    @Harukey - for Device trees and Kernel
    Hyperteam - for Rom Source
    Vanilla builds will be added from the next update
    Thx for your work but too bad you don't go the official way. Seem more "safe" to me than the rom where half the stuffs are hidden on telegram (all the other do that too). Call me old fashion but an official lineageos give peace of mind to install critical apps like bank.
    Don't want to disrespect your hard work, don't say your rom is shady, i'm just a custom rom lover but not at all cost. It's just my point of view and I'm sure a lot of other will enjoy your rom, thanks again for that.
    It is (mostly) a myth that unofficial roms are less safe than official ones. This is true only if the dev is not making the code public.
    But this dev is clearly stating his sources in the OP just like one would do in an official rom. So you really don't have to worry about it.

    Besides, once you unlocked your bootloader, you already said goodbye to "safety".
    Don't care too much about official and unofficial. It's not too much of a big deal. Cheers :)
    Hello ! You're saying this build supports microg. I guess it means that it comes with signature spoofing capabilities out of the box ?

    Thanks !
    Update time

    Device changlog:

    • Vanilla build is back
    • Toned down vibration intensity
    • Fixed occasional system ui crash
    • Fixed fod icon not showing up occasionally after exiting doze
    • Improved screen off FOD

    Source changelog with October security patch:

    • October Patch merged
    • Fixed volume dialog glitch with per app volume panel
    • Fixed network traffic indicator disappearing
    • Added activity indicators for wifi icon
    • Improved icon pack support in launcher(icon pack gets applied in recents also)
    • Added flashlight blink for incoming call
    • Added iOS like toast notification for clipboard access
    • Added simple fade filter to media artwork
    • Added option to hide lock icon on lockscreen
    • Lineage upstream

    Download: Vanilla - GAPPS Version