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[ROM][11][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for Razer Phone 2

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Jun 18, 2018
Short video playback wasn't fixed. Install YouTube and watch and go to the 2nd tab on the bottom called 'Shorts', your device will freeze after playing several shorts.
That doesn't freeze my phone you must be using arters or another kernal. I am using lineage without twrp or arters and it works just fine for me. I remember getting that with arters also the random shutdowns when battery falls under 30% that's why I stopped using it.


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Sep 29, 2021
Is this logcats I see people talk about an add on that I need to side load like gnaps was? I'd like to help post them if it helps fix some of the issues if I can.

On the subject of issues, I've only had to hard reset my phone once when playing YouTube videos. For the most part it doesn't seem to cause issues.

Flashlight doesn't work and there's also no camera flash at all so it seems like the phone doesn't even realize there's a light there.

Other than that this build is solid. Android auto didn't work at first but all I did was delete the android auto app on my phone and re-update it and now it's fine. Occasionally it'll act up and play audio through my phone while connected to android auto? But I also feel like I had that issue on the razer rom so... Lol.

But yeah if anyone can clue me in on how to pull logs and where I should drop them for the devs I'd be happy to.


Jun 22, 2012
Razer Phone 2
The logcats related to the video playback crashes should be submitted in the comments here:

As for the Camera/Flash issue, there are three separate issues reported for the same bug for some reason, so maybe try one of these:

I captured my logs through ADB. You don't need root to do so. I just followed a tutorial similar to this:

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Sep 21, 2021
Can someone please help me get the stock razer camera back and is there anyway i can get the 4k back too quality on it back too? The gcam camera is garbage compared to the stock cam

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