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    PixelExperience for OnePlus8Pro[instantnoodlep]

    What is this?
    PixelExperience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 11

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    FM radio
    Fingerprint reader
    Face unlock

    Known issues
    Nothing yet
    You tell me

    Download from PixelExperience website

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    Help with project translation

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram channel
    Device Specified Telegram Group
    Our blog

    New Build up


    - December security patch
    - Added Alert slider customization
    - Added OOS White fod icon
    - Updated Gcam
    - Fixed slow charge message on lock screen
    - Fixed Screen off ok google
    - Fixed screen color issues
    - Added DC Dim
    Much Appreciated Marko.

    So really quick, I just want to go over backing up your persist partition.
    It's in charge of fingerprint reader functionality and once it gets corrupt, you better be ready to clear your schedule for the day.
    You'll spend most of it repairing, re-flashing and recalibrating it, which, at the time or writing this, has a 70% success rate.
    And MSM Tool and Fastbootd will not be able to save you from this fate.

    Assuming your fingerprint reader is currently working, lets take some simple preemptive measures and make future life easy for you.

    First you're going to need an ADB shell with root privileges or terminal app.
    The quick and easiest one is Termux which is free in the Play Store.

    Next, once you open Termux type su to gain root privileges.

    after that type in this backup command here:

    dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/persist of=/sdcard/persist.img

    That sends a backup copy of the persist partition to the root of your storage (you can also close out of Termux now).

    You can now move it (persist.img) from the root of your storage to your PC for safe keeping or with any cloud file manager, back it up to a cloud of your choosing.

    Now if you flash a rom, your persist partition corrupts and you lose fingerprint reader functionality, you just need to type this command in fastboot:

    fastboot flash persist persist.img

    With persist.img being the backup you previously created.

    Now you have peace of mind knowing that the literal single most important thing on your phone is backed up somewhere safe.

    Happy Flashing!

    Note: If your fingerprint reader has already failed, follow this link here to repair the persist partition and good luck.
    Ok guys, I see that few of you have a problems with the installation. So here are instructions how to flash this rom. For noobs like me, every step . Good luck. Only for op8pro and PE
    1. You need unlocked bootloader.
    2. On OOS 11 (stable prefered) flash latest stable OOS from system updater. (local upgrade) Reboot. Again from system updater flash latest OOS. In this way you are sure that OOS is on both slots (a &b)
    3. Download PixelExperience Fastboot ROMinstaller.zip from here.
    4. Extract it.
    5. Go to folder : payload_dumper-win64 and open folder payload_input
    6. Download PE ROM and extract it in one folder.
    7. Move the "payload.bin" file from the extracted PE ROM file to payload dumper/payload_input
    8. Run payload_dumper.exe and wait
    9. All successfully extracted img files are in "payload_output" folder (from step 5.)
    10.Move all files from "payload_output" folder (from step 8) to extracted folder from step 4 (where
    ROMinstaller.bat file is)
    11. Make sure you have installed adb and fastboot drivers:- link is here : https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools
    12. Extract the adb and fastboot drivers zip and place them in adb folder (create one) in your local disk on your PC
    13. Make sure that your phone is visible in adb and fastboot.
    14.Connect phone to the PC.
    15. Go on your phone to "developer options" and enable "USB debugging"
    16. Go in the folder extracted in step 12. Open terminal from that folder ( CTRL+Shift+right click on the mouse)
    17. Type in terminal : adb devices and you need to see your phone
    18. Type again : adb reboot bootloader
    19. Your phone will boot in bootloader.
    20. To make sure everything is ok, type : fastboot devices and you need to see your phone in output.
    21. Go on your PC in folder from step 4. and run ROMinstaller.bat
    Just wait and follow instructions from terminal. Be patient.
    23. When everything is finished, from PE recovery go to factory reset and click yes.
    24. Reboot to system.
    25. Done! Enjoy Pixel experience ROM

    All credits goes to : @FizzyAps and @chandra1.jd
    February update recap
    * Added on screen gestures customization for supported devices
    * February security patch
    * Under the hood improvements

    Sideload working : both rom and magisk