[ROM] [11] Pixel Experience Plus Android R [unofficial]

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  • Mar 28, 2012
    Magisk Root use This steps
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  • May 4, 2021
    Magisk Root use This steps
    I tried 1 h ago but phh’s-superuser-ab.zip return me error 7. Now i send log. If you search you will found error 7

    Log file
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  • May 4, 2021
    A51 use dinamic partition 💩💩 the super img is unique partition system and vendor.
    Could not mount system
    Test too mount super img If script no solve your root
    How can i mount super img?

    Here the result


    • Screenshot_2021-05-06-10-03-51.png
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    • Screenshot_2021-05-06-10-03-45.png
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      Welcome to [ROM] Pixel Experience Plus Android 11
      [ROM] [ROM] Pixel Experience Plus Android 11
      Developer Braialindo all credits Braialindo

      Warning : Me nor XDA Are responsible for any damage that might be caused
      after flashing any file provided here. Please take caution and be
      aware of what you are doing. And Always backup !

      Compatible Only Kernel Android 11 Treble
      Use Magisk 22.1: updated link below !
      Technically the rom is for any device with treble support
      - Credits to UnOfficial Project Braialindo
      Oficial SF page https://sourceforge.net/projects/braiagsi/files/

      What Working ???
      All sensor

      What NOT Working ???
      - Fingerprint
      Camera app use Footej camera in Google play
      - You Tell Me

      What Bug's?
      - You Tell Me

      dOWNLOAD your ROM ARM64 AB
      To download in android click in chrome 3 points and select desktop
      uNPACK Your ROM using RAR apk from Google Play
      How to install :
      Update first your a51 to Android 11
      Select unlock OEM and USB debugg
      Unlock your bootloader
      iNSTALL twrp and Root
      rEBOOT to Recovery
      Wipe cache data and system
      Rename your image img to system.img
      Copy system.img to your SD card with Chondoe flasher
      Copy this two files to same folder in SD
      Flash Chondoe zip
      iNSTALL Pixel Experience Plus - system.img (Arm64 AB)
      iNSTALL Kernel Custom Android 11 (Treble)
      iNSTALL Magisk : Install -> Magisk and Reboot
      rEBOOT and wait start your ROM

      Magisk Canary for Phhusson's or Magisk Official 22

      Chondoe flasher
      Download and Copy in your SD Card

      Encryption Disabler
      Download and flash with TWRP

      ROM Android Treble Only unpack to install Android 11 R
      Pixel Experience Plus Android R 11.0 For Galaxy A51

      Kernel Custom
      Use Any Kernel Android 11 Treble
      Bluefly, Ndatax, PrishKernel

      NikGapps minimal and Optimized for Android 11 R
      Or Pico or Nano
      Open Google Apps Compatilhe two options
      https://opengapps.org/ Nano Or Pico

      Thank You special for
      [MENTION=8811815] Pixel Team
      Project Treble XDA Team
      Braialindo developer of this project

      ROM OS Version: 11.x Android R Arm64 AB
      ROM Kernel: Linux 4.14x
      ROM Firmware Required: R bootloader Unlocked
      Kernel Required: Kernel Treble 11
      Based On: Treble Project and Android PHH
      The surprising reason for my success is Jesus.
      Version Information
      Status: Stable
      Current Version: Android R 11.0
      Stable Release Date: 2021-04-15
      Created 2021-04-15
      Last Updated 2021-04-15​
      Bugs found:
      camera app crashing
      proximity sensor not working (at least in calls)
      Nice work man!!!
      reserverd to images
      Does proximity sensor work for auto brightness?
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