[ROM][11][tissot][OFFICIAL] Evolution X [09/28/2021]

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Dec 24, 2013
swtich rom to pixel 12 rom. bcos of network issue, laggy, i am using this rom from 6 months, stable rom, using everyday. thanks evoution team

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    Evolution X 5.9.2 for the Xiaomi Mi A1 [tissot]
    * Your warranty is void. Or vaild, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Keep Evolving
    Pixel UI, customization and more, we are Evolution X!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @peaktogoo (Now RealAkito)

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    Just flash and check "The Evolver". We have tons of features combined together from different ROMs.


    Status bar network traffic may be buggy (restart SystemUI to fix it)



    First Time Install / Clean Flash
    1. Reboot to Recovery and wipe data
    2. Download the proper ZIP for your device
    3. Flash the ROM then flash the TWRP installer after
    4. Reboot to recovery then flash Magisk to root
    5. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    Update / Dirty Flash
    1. Reboot to Recovery
    2. Download the proper ZIP for your device
    3. Flash the ROM and TWRP installer
    4. Reboot to recovery then flash Magisk to root
    5. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    Light Screenshots / Dark Screenshots / Download
    Donate to me! / Official Chat / Device Support


    XDA: DevDB Information
    Evolution X, ROM for the Mi A1

    joeyhuab, abhinavgupta371
    Source Code: https://github.com/Evolution-X

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.9.282
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 5.9.2
    Stable Release Date: 2021-04-08

    Created 2021-04-08
    Last Updated 2021-09-28
    Changelog for latest (09/28/2021) Update

    Device changes:
    • Disable all blur-related props
    • Enable freeform windows
    • Update Mapper & Allocator from LA.UM.9.6.3.r1-03400-89xx.0
    ROM changes:
    • Evolver: Add seekbar for Left/Right statusbar Paddings
    • LockPatternView: Fix a11y+BiometricPrompt related OOB exception
    Weekly update is out. Battery drain issues should be resolved. A lot of under the hoot stuff has been improved and added, both device and ROM side.

    Changelog for latest (05/18/2021) Update

    Device changes:
    • Add goodix fingerprint keylayout
    • Build custom fingerprint HIDL
    • Build custom lights AIDL
    • Commonize sepolicy
    • Kill QTI gatekeeper HIDL
    • Refactor rootdir
    • Set vendor.post_boot.parsed=1
    • Stop excluding overlays from RRO
    • Update blobs from V10.0.24.0.PDHMIXM
    • biometrics: Add custom fingerprint HAL loading logic
    • init: post_boot: Update nodes of read_ahead_kb configs
    • media: copy c2 google codecs to vendor/etc
    • post_boot: Fix rate_limit_us setting
    • sepolicy: Add vendor prefix to ctl_vendor_imsrcsservice_prop
    • sepolicy: Add vendor prefix to qcom_ims_prop
    ROM changes:
    • Add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi timeout features
    • Add national roaming for o2 & E-Plus in germany
    • BT: Don't allow isBleScanAlwaysAvailable API call for non foreground users
    • Core: tweak some QQS dimens
    • Evolver: make app volume rows optional
    • Handle landscape and portrait display for PIP rotation
    • IMS: Fix issue with answering call for some 3rd party apps
    • LiveDisplaySettings: Unlock Reading Mode whenever is possible
    • ReadingModeTile: Drop dependency on wellbeing app
    • Screenrecord: Add an option to record for longer
    • Settings: remove Bluetooth related text from DNS-dialog
    • Snap: api2: add QR scanner mode
    • Snap: api2: reduce unneeded animations
    • Snap: api2: update promode icons
    • Snap: api2: use nicer icons in settings
    • SystemUI: Add VPN tile
    • SystemUI: Add reading mode tile
    • SystemUI: Import VoLTE & VoWiFi icons from Vivo X60 Pro
    • SystemUI: add app volume row to volume dialog (stock panel only)
    • VolumePluginManager: More fixes toggling panel
    • apns-conf: Add TPG Singapore configs
    • apns: Add AT&T 310-280 ids
    • apns: Remove T-Mobile UK
    • base: add option to scale default wallpaper to screen size
    • base: shrink hi-res files of headers or ambient image than the device size
    • device_config: Enable recents text selection for Pixel Launcher users
    • overlays: Add Inter font style
    • overlays: Add leaf icon shape
    • overlays: Update Accent colors
    • pixelstyle: config: Move gestural overlay to vendor
    • pixelstyle: config: Remove redundant props
    • pixelstyle: config: Turn off storage manager
    • pixelstyle: fonts: Update Inter to v3.18
    Another bugfix update. Just a hint. This might be the final build for Android 11 as the team will be preparing for Android 12's stable release by next month.

    Notification Media Player view has been redesigned, gesture settings default values have been fixed as well. Other fixes and changes found below. Enjoy!

    Changelog for latest (09/17/2021) Update

    Device changes:
    • Bring back Renderscript HAL
    • Build power stats HAL and label it
    • Correct GBoard spacing for immersive navigation
    • Drop libsdm-disp-apis.so
    • Import Xiaomi Parts v3.0
    • Import libthermalfeature.so
    • Patch fingerprint blobs for fakelogprint shims
    • Remove obsolete vulkan.pastel blobs
    • Update Graphics Blobs from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-04100-89xx.0
    • extract-files: Fix wrong lib path
    • init.qcom.rc: remove unused /data access
    • init.qcom.rc: remove unused property
    • overlay: Add Battery Health
    • rootdir: Boost I/O performance during bootup
    ROM changes:
    • AndroidSClocks: Beautify it
    • Disallow click to partial screenshot right after screenshot is taken
    • GestureNavigationSettings: Fix default values
    • SMP: Reject pairing if public_key.x match
    • SystemUI: Change Media Player margin to Android S style
    • SystemUI: Don't show charging animation if battery is charged
    • SystemUI: Enable three icon switching within QS DND tile
    • SystemUI: Unblock gestural navigation on clearScreenshot()
    • SystemUI: rework status bar burn-in protection controller
    • TaskSnapshotController: avoid NPE
    • base: use a double click effect for charging if there is no amplitude control support
    • vendor: add OTA script to delete package cache
    A quick update before October security patch. Finalized a lot of fixes for our device specifically along with fixes in the ROM itself.

    Changelog for latest (09/27/2021) Update

    Device changes:
    • Add offline charging LED indicator
    • Add vendor.qti.hardware.data.latency manifest entry
    • Address power stats hal denials
    • Bring back Renderscript HAL
    • Build wcnss_service from source
    • Change density to 420
    • Cleanup DRM HIDL fqnames
    • Downrev soundtrigger to 2.1
    • Enable Adaptive charging
    • Enable blur by default
    • Enable zram-writeback job
    • Get rid of legacy audio policy conf
    • Migrate to android.hardware.bluetooth.audio
    • Switch to GABUTERS clang
    • Switch to shrimp kernel
    • Update Graphics Blobs from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-04100-89xx.0
    • Use only full qualified name for manifest entries
    • Use vintf fragment for Widevine HIDL
    • dirac: Address denials
    • rootdir: Boost I/O performance during bootup
    ROM changes:
    • EdgeBackGestureHandler: use tick instead of heavy tick for back gesture
    • Evolver: Add left and right virtual buttons while typing (for old navbar layout)
    • Evolver: Add toggle for floating notification dismiss button
    • Evolver: GamingMode: Add option to disable menu overlay
    • Evolver: Launch EasterEgg activity when logo is clicked in about section
    • Evolver: Move rounded corners back to Themes category
    • Evolver: Remove toggle to disable charging animation
    • Evolver: Reorganize and add dividers
    • Fix some haptic issues with gestural navigation
    • GamingMode: Fix danmaku container layoutParam on config changed
    • GamingMode: Fix views obscuring other window that needs interaction
    • GamingMode: Mark date/time format strings as non-translatable
    • KeyguardSlice: Fix ticker appearing for a split second on lockscreen
    • PixelPropsUtils: Remove some packages
    • PixelPropsUtils: bring samsung accessory service to the list
    • SamsungHighlightclock: fix updating wallpaper color when wallpaper changes
    • Settings: Add our Easter Egg into our ROM version preference
    • Settings: Combine Double Tap settings into a single fragment
    • Settings: Improve A12-styled Search bar layout
    • Settings: Make IME button space optional
    • Settings: Make navbar visibility tweaks more distinct
    • Settings: Refactor firmware version window
    • SystemUI: Bring back AOSP Cellular tile icon
    • SystemUI: Fix stuttering/jank related to media player control buttons
    • SystemUI: LyricTicker: Follow status bar padding
    • SystemUI: Reorder default QS Tiles
    • SystemUI: Ticker: Follow status bar padding
    • SystemUI: Update battery info every second when device is charging