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    - FOD is now working - highlight feature
    Boom! LineageOS 18.1 update for toco drops


    Unofficial fork of LineageOS with additional features such as FaceUnlock, extended screenshot etc. and maintained by the HyperTeam

    Features over LineageOS:

    Face Unlock
    Asus Stitch Image(Long SS)
    Dynamic VoLTE / VoWifi Icons
    Sound Tile
    Power off/Reboot/Recovery Tile
    Screenshot Tile
    Data Switch Tile
    Improved Haptic Feedback
    Swipe for Screenshot
    Dash Charging / VOOC Charging support
    Signature Spoofing Support
    MicroG Support
    PA App lock
    Safety net working without Magisk
    Screen Recorder improvements
    Animation on connecting charger
    Added battery health and temp info
    More fonts (One plus slate, Samsung one etc)
    More clock styles (Lock screen)
    Adaptive playback
    Pulse and edge notifications
    Option to Reset Battery stats
    Trebuchet Improvements (All clear+share button in recents, Improved UI)
    Added style switches
    Modify QS rows columns
    QS title hide option
    Media art hide when song isn't playing
    Immersive navigation
    Option to enable media art blur on lock screen
    Dead zone in gesture settings
    Smart charging
    OOS style all clear button
    Add/edit/remove QS tile with one click


    You tell me
    (Submit proper bug reports if any encountered)

    Installation Guides

    Clean flash for Gapps variant

    Boot into Recovery
    Flash ROM
    Format DATA

    Clean flash for Vanilla variant

    Download both the ROM & GApps (FlameGApps FULL recommended)
    Boot into Recovery
    Flash ROM
    Reboot Recovery
    Flash GApps
    Format DATA


    Vanilla Build: lineage-18.1-FORK-vanilla-20210810-1823-toco
    GApps Build: lineage-18.1-FORK-GAPPS-20210810-1857-toco

    Do you want to get updated on new releases, report bugs, or thank me? Connect with us on Telegram


    HyperTeam - for the source
    ROM Source: https://github.com/ForkLineageOS

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Fork LineageOS 18.1, ROM for the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

    AndroidHQ254, @NeoArian
    Kernel: VantomKernel

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest Stable MiUI

    Version Information

    Created 2020-11-19
    Last Updated 2021-08-10
    I tested the rom since yesterday, apart from the errors mentioned above (no contacts from gmail, gps etc. are displayed). Another error I found is that when a fingerprint is placed the screen brightness is 100%, I did not find any solution, on the other hand Magisk works with beta version 21.1 and I was able to pass safynet with a module, I hope that the mentioned errors are resolved .. Thank you very much for the good work. :cowboy:
    The FOD is yet to be refined so it is still WIP. The good thing is that it is now working
    Updated! - 04/03/21


    - Enforcing
    - March security patch
    - No Gapps included
    - Inherit crDroid tree changes
    - And more...

    This might be my last build for LineageOS unless otherwise. Let me know in case of bugs arising