[ROM][11][UNOFFICIAL] crDroid 7.14 Unified for Redmi 9A/9C/9 Activ [garden][UPDATED][17-02-22]

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Jun 10, 2022
I found another bug, when I change the name to my SIM it doesn't apply in the status bar or in the quick settings, but in applications like in the phone when selecting the SIM if it changes the name, I know it's irrelevant but these little details make the difference

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It ended up absolutely GREAT! Loving crDroid on my Redmi 9c! Everything working beautifully! I'm even getting VoLTE that I wasn't getting on the stock ROM, not to mention that cdDroid being based on LineageOS, even though its an upgrade to Android 11, it runs TWICE as fast as the stock rom with Android 10! Great job people!

The only issues I ran into were trying to get the gapps working correctly and getting my contacts to finally sync up properly, but that was solved with some good old troubleshooting and everything is very nice. Great job with the settings, plenty of nice customization options...

Again, WONDERFUL job team crDroid!

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Jun 16, 2022
Is there any application or module to increase the sound of calls, both in headset and speaker? I've tried with applications and only get to increase the sound of the system, otherwise everything perfect, thank you very much Oweenzz for your answer on the Recovery.

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