[ROM][11][UNOFFICIAL] Styx-OS 1.3 Athena for Redmi 5 Plus global (vince)

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May 9, 2021

The Styx Project is a custom Android based distribution that aims to subtly enhance the beauty of stock Android while still keeping the smoothness, stability, neatness and performance of pure AOSP.

* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


Download the ROM, Magisk (Optional).
» Boot to recovery
» Wipe system, data, vendor, dalvik and cache
» Flash ROM zip, and #magisk (for root)
» Reboot to system

We would like to thank the following ROMs, because if they weren't here, we couldn't be there too <3


The people working towards bringing you this release are:
Our whole team comprising of maintainers. source developers and designers can be found at https://styxproject.tk/team.html.


ROM: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11z-eih0bljDmDQDEtZzDSI4GNtBRLAdq/view?usp=drivesdk
Recovery: https://twrp.me
Gapps: Already included
Telegram Support Group:
Telegram Announcements Channel: https://t.me/styxos
Kernel : https://github.com/deathstroke0903/kernel_dark_ages_vince.git

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  • May 9, 2021
    just flashed it, nice looking rom but sadly GPS isnt working

    which BTW is a recurring issue in android 11 roms for vince, not sure if just my device or other ppl too...

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