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[ROM][11][WHYRED][OFFICIAL] Evolution-X 5.5 | Tremor | [03/10/21]

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New member
Jun 10, 2021
Hello. I've tried installing EvX 5.6, 5.7 using OrangeFox r11, twrp 3.4, 3.5, Infertify. The firmware has always been successful, but after a reboot, the installation does not go beyond the EvX logo animation, 30-40 minutes. During these couple of days I have successfully flashed Masikx 8.5, miroom 11, miui 11, 12, xiaomi.eu, crdroid 9-11, havok 9-11, EvX 4.7. And they worked. What could be wrong?


New member
Jun 2, 2018
The Serbian (Cyrillic) language has some weird font applied, is there way to fix this?


New member
Sep 15, 2021
hi! I know why the firmware does not receive updates, but I, like everyone, want to know whether it is worth waiting further or not???? the branch in the telegram channel is blocked, there is no information at all. please answer!


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Jun 25, 2010
In the mountain
Google Nexus 5
Xiaomi Poco F1
hi! I know why the firmware does not receive updates, but I, like everyone, want to know whether it is worth waiting further or not???? the branch in the telegram channel is blocked, there is no information at all. please answer!
find this on telegram https://www.pling.com/p/1420225/ EvolutionX-5.9.1-WALKERZ-EDITION | GAPPS

EvolutionX 5.9.2 | Unofficial | Android 11
Build Date: 20.09.21
changelog https://raw.githubusercontent.com/E...ota-rq3a.210905.001-09191239-unsigned.zip.txt


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    Evolution X 5.4 for Redmi Note 5 Pro [Whyred]

    * Your warranty is void. Or valid, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving.

    Evolution X is a flashable custom ROM to bring a true Pixel-feel to your Android Device at first glance, with many additional configurations at your disposal. We aim to provide frequent builds with monthly security patches from the latest AOSP sources!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @joeyhuab (Founder & Lead Developer)
    @peaktogoo (Project Manager)
    @AnierinB (Project Specialist)

    - Design -
    @ecnivtwelve (Lead Designer)
    @MartonDev (Website Designer)

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    Flash And Check Evolver


    Wifi Display, Native Video Calling



    First Time Install / Clean Flash
    1. Download the proper flashable ZIP for your device
    2. Reboot to Recovery(Use Latest Orange Fox Recovery)
    3. Wipe Data/Cache/System
    4. Format Data (Optional)
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Reboot to System
    7. Reboot to Recovery (Optional)
    8. Flash Magisk (Optional)
    9. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    Update / Dirty Flash
    1. Reboot to Recovery
    2. Download the proper flashable ZIP for your device
    3. Reboot to Recovery (Optional)
    4. Flash Magisk (Optional)
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    Light Screenshots / Dark Screenshots / Download
    Donate me! / Official Chat / Device Support


    XDA:DevDB Information
    EVOLUTION-R, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

    Being_Zeeshan, attack11
    Source Code: https://github.com/evolution-x

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Pie
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Current Beta Version: 5.1
    Beta Release Date: 2020-11-18

    Created 2020-11-17
    Last Updated 2020-11-20

    ChangeLogs for Evolution-X | Tremor [03/10/21] Update:-

    Read Before Flashing

    *Use OrangeFox Recovery 10.1_3 or Pitchblack/Twrp Latest Ones
    *Clean Flash Must as you are switching from Q to R build
    *Use Xiaomi Offical Firmware(I use china beta 20.3.26 personally)
    *Use Magisk 21.4
    *Cts Passes by default out of the box..After Flashing Magisk Need To Hide Magisk Manager

    Source Side Changelogs:-

    AuthBiometricFingerprintView: Fix indicator text color on dark theme
    Evolver: Update default font style
    LS charging info: Add support for Fahrenheit
    SystemUI: check if the cutout views array is null before using it
    SystemUI: Redraw display cutout on overlay changes
    Updater: Refactor
    fixup! SystemUI: Introduce dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    overlays: Set Body font for manrope
    pixelstyle: config: Build Manrope family fonts
    pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Don't version on config overlays
    pixelstyle: rro_overlays: EvolutionXConfigOverlay: Change headline font
    Allow using face as auth method for apps
    FaceService: Nuke useless call to getAuthenticatorId
    Settings: Expand abbreviation in average memory usage string
    SystemUI: BiometricPrompt: Adjust layout if FOD is present
    PictureAdjustmentController: Fix NPE when using getPictureAdjustmentRanges()
    Sharesheet: Set max ranked items to 8
    systemui: make media widget respect notif app name style
    Add isFaceAuthEnabledForUser checks in KeyguardLiftController
    AuthContainerView: fix rare SystemUI crash
    FaceUnlock: Drop lockouts completely
    LockIcon: Don't cache icon when scanning face
    NotificationPanelViewController: reduce right pull down region
    Settings: Fix NPE in NetworkModePreferenceController
    SystemUI: Allow listening for face only on pin/pass view
    SystemUI: Block face authentication when device is in pocket mode
    SystemUI: Face Unlock animation
    SystemUI: custom lockscreen shortcut fixes
    base: do not use new lockscreen layout for bypass
    fwb: Guard some functions against face unlock
    vendor: Add back FaceUnlock support
    BuiltInPrintService: Fix icon accent color
    Fix inconsistent system app icon colors
    Switch to using AOSP DocumentsUI (Files app)
    config: Enable IORap app launch prefetching
    device_config: Enable cached app freezer on supported devices
    overlay: Add changes from PixelDocumentsUIGoogleOverlay
    DisplayModeDirector: Make sure we apply refresh rate on startup
    Evolver: FOD icon: Replace Scratch (Red/Blue) with Spiral (White)
    InputMethodService: Disable fullscreen keyboard
    PowerUsageSummary: Remove obsolete call to update the battery header
    PixelPropsUtils: Remove gms spoof
    SystemUI: prevent crash in MediaOuptutReceiver
    Update prebuilt StitchImage for R
    VolumeDialogImpl: Launch bluetooth settings on media output icon
    device_config: Enable cached app freezer on supported devices
    fixup! Add PairNewBluetoothReceiver to launch Bluetooth pairing page
    libmedia: Add MediaPlayer() function for backward compatibility
    AOD: Sleep when proximity is covered for 3 sec
    BatteryManager: Mark battery moto mods constants as hidden
    BatteryService: Add support for battery Moto Mods
    BatteryService: Mod: Check against all conditions
    cryptfs: Fix legacy QCOM HW FDE encryption
    gms: Add TurboAdapter without Google Battery
    pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Update from RQ2A.210305.006
    Evolver: Allow scheduling always on display
    Merge March 2021 Security patches
    SystemUI: Fix issues with VoWiFi icon
    SystemUI: Introduce dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    apex: Update from RQ2A.210305.006
    fwb: Fix navigation bar button hit testing
    Settings: Improve OverlayCategoryPreferenceController for icon packs
    Settings: Show full default name in customization preferences
    AbsSeekBar: Fix growRect computation
    AbsSeekBarTest: Fix dpToPixel computation
    IDEClock: Fix preview not displaying
    Install seccomp filter even if selinux is permissive
    NetworkTrafficSB: Better workaround for RequestLayout() spam
    SystemUI: HeadsUpStatusBarView: ensure cutout start if cutout bounds are not null
    Enable IPV4V6 for APN Yesss
    AMS: Disallow requestSystemServerHeapDump on non-eng builds
    Include SBC Dual Channel (SBC HD Audio) support additions from LOS
    SystemServer: Only enable fd leak tracker on eng
    SystemUI: Add side paddings for brightness slider
    core: jni: Switch to -O3
    BiometricPrompt: Force portrait orientation if we have FOD
    pixelstyle: overlay: Remove Adaptive connectivity toggle
    KeyguardClockSwitch: IS_DEBUGGABLE -> IS_ENG
    Refrain from using Mobile Data panel for QS long press
    init: Allow the possibility to use prebuilt ramdisk init
    pixelstyle: rro_overlays: Remove GooglePermissionControllerOverlay
    prebuilt/common: add APN config for rakuten.jp
    Settings: Maintainer preference: Also show for unofficial builds
    SystemUI: HeadphonesBuddy: Fix crash on long press
    ViewConfiguration: Set scroll friction to 0.012
    backuptool: Correct supported partitions for addon.d v3
    Evolver: Improvements and updates
    kernel: Support pixel style vendor_boot modules
    pixelstyle: audio: Add more Pixel Sounds
    Clocks: Disable status area for specific styles
    Evolver: Add Gvisual mod feature
    Evolver: Replace warning for Navbar visibility
    QuickStatusBarHeader: Long-press header date to access calendar
    QSFooterImpl: Add vibration effect to Settings button Long-press
    Settings: Display menu: move lockscreen/ambient preference to top
    Settings: set the correct position on the navbar size seekbar by default
    SystemUI: Allow overlaying max system icons
    SystemUI: Fix shutter sound
    SystemUI: Handle cases that we can't address within FODCircleView
    SystemUI: Open Sound settings on long click at the panel button
    SystemUI: Screenshots: Refactor shutter sound logic
    VolumeDialog: Improve long press code
    gms: Don't build GooglePackageInstaller
    prebuilt/common: add IMS entry for Airtel mcc="404,405" configs
    SystemUI: Make the kill app qs tile icon prettier
    Evolver: Add Smart Pixels warning
    Evolver: Move Screen off FOD feature into FOD category
    Evolver: Re-enable Gaming Mode footer
    Introduce 404 IDE Clock
    NavBar: Don't crash when we can't find navigation overlays
    config: decrease gboard ime height
    Evolver: Remove SystemUI restart dialog for Notification headers
    Pulse: fix NPE when navbar is hidden
    Stop manually mixing /dev/hw_random
    Update translations
    base: Improve notification header toggle
    Camera: Ignore torch status update for aux or composite camera
    ClientModeManager: Set mRole to avoid starting multiple instances
    Evolver: Bring back configurable sensor block per-package list
    Evolver: Fingerprint error vibration
    Fix long click intent for Smart Pixels tile
    Move get Aware Capability to boot phase
    Multi SIM Ringtone: Don't change public API
    PocketLock: Make using light sensor optional
    Settings: Add option for Gesture bar Radius
    interfaces: Add reversed perf HAL interfaces
    AmbientPulse: Code clean up
    NavigationBarView: Fixup IME arrows after r19 merge
    Apply bilinear filter for Ninepatch
    Bring back "Post a silent notification if screenshot is dismissed"
    Fix initialization of USER_ROTATION setting
    Fix to prevent usagestats file corruption when writing
    GoogleConfigOverlay: Add standalone UnifiedNlp location provider
    PixelConfigOverlayCommon: Don't downscale high-res task snapshots
    Pulse: Don't show when we have no navbar
    ScreenRecord: Improve low quality screen record
    SystemUI: Move quick QS brightness slider to the original position
    fixup! Add long screenshot chip
    fixup! fix font size scale validator after r29 merge
    vendor: Transform apex overlays into RRO overlays
    vendor: Make GAPPS mandatory for all

    Device Side Changelogs:-

    • Update Build FIngerprint from Redfin March Release.
    • Update GPU Blobs to V454
    • Address Few Denials
    • BringBack Live Blur Toggle(Find under Display Settings)
    • Xiaomi Parts :-
    • Rework on Usb Fast Charge Toggle
    • Introduce Fast Charge Toggle
    • Maybe More....

    Kernel Side Changelogs:-

    • Extended Eas Kernel
    • Updated to Latest Source..


    • Wifi Display(Cast)
    • Native Video Calling(Vilte)

    Kernel Side ChangeLogs:-

    • Extended Eas Kernel
    • Upstreamed to Latest Sources

    And More.....

    *Extended Kernel EAS(No need of flashing easperf module)

    I have updated my redmi note 5 to evolution 5.1, and when i try to put my PIN password nothing happen I'm stuck at screen lock.
    Stuck at boot screen