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[ROM][12.0] AOSP 12.0 for Poco X3 [BETA][UNIFIED][OSS]

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May 27, 2020
Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
still have the same problem, after flashed everything (clean install), reboot system and the setup wizard screen shows up, my phone reboot automatically, then after the setup wizard screen shows up again, it's reboot back to recovery, says party trigger. Don't understand, I've done clean install with format data and even factory reset, it's still gave the same result, it's reboot automatically on setup wizard screen.

Latest Firmware?


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May 2, 2018
Flashed the newest update, ran into a boot loop issue. Had to format data and it came back to life, do we need to fomat data every time we run a update?? Or do i have to do something beforehand?


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Oct 11, 2015
Decryption doesn't work for me as well after latest update. Followed the steps, but still decrypted.

How is the fingerprint sensor working for you guys in latest version? In the first release it worked better in my opinion


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Nov 8, 2015
Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
The decryption fix also doesn't work for me.
The fingerprint sensor is fine for me in the latest update, not having any issues with that.

The issue I've found here tho is that some games that I'm playing are automatically force-closing, most of the time it closes without any error popups that the app stopped working. I'm wondering if this is somehow related to the newly added "Game Dashboard" but even if I disabled it, those games still suddenly close.
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Mar 16, 2011
I install the last version of this rom but mi favorute sitckers fo whatsapp disappeared, i try to install different versios of WA and roms but they still missed, Anyone ever happened something similar?


Mar 16, 2011
Nope, I usually test different roms like derp, evox, cr, spark,, havoc (all in A11) and always keep my favorite stickers, every day make a backup in drive but the problem appear when I test this A12


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Jan 21, 2015
still have the same problem, after flashed everything (clean install), reboot system and the setup wizard screen shows up, my phone reboot automatically, then after the setup wizard screen shows up again, it's reboot back to recovery, says party trigger. Don't understand, I've done clean install with format data and even factory reset, it's still gave the same result, it's reboot automatically on setup wizard screen.

U might need to flash stock firmware again bro through miflash tool


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Apr 19, 2013
Hi, I flashed this rom last week and it works really well but I found a big issue that concerns me.
I am diabetic and I use some NFC sensors (Abbott Freestyle 2) to read my glucose data with my smartphone. In A11 it used to work but after updating to A12 now the app says it cannot read them properly.

NFC as it is works, because it can read NFC tags properly. But is not working with the glucose sensors. (Abbott Freestyle 2)

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    Hey I'm inlove with this custom rom, just flashed today. Because pixel experience android 12 is buggy as hell.
    Yes, if you are right, I have this one and I like it too much
    Hey, using pixel experience 12, flashed last night. What bugs did you fin

    Hey, using pixel experience 12, flashed last night. What bugs did you find?
    System ui keeps stopping when connecting Bluetooth devices. But if u don't need or use Bluetooth it's not a big deal. I don't know if there's other bug. But I'll tell u go switch on this rom. Much better ui and have better battery optimization
    From what i heard from people in the trelegram group, the dev doesn t own a poco X3 anymore, so this Rom is probably EOL and wont receive updates anymore.

    Update is planned.

    The dev also said he would nuke the gruop if he stopped development on surya, so everything is good.
    Hey man, do me a favor, if you test it, give feedback about it.
    I have tried arrow 12, pixel experience and aosp. So far aosp is the best one and pixel experience is worst one, smooth and bug free but as like you. I want to stay with a rom that's updating with time and all. Please share feedback once you try it! I'm sending you a text / add req too.
    If you want updates, stick with official ArrowOS or Lineage. These ROMs get updated even if a developer leaves. Someone to else simply takes over
    I'm hoping for an update. This ROM is great.
    Only ROM where you can Install and Use ANX CAMERA with Pro Mode and Front camera without Force closing.
    Arrow ROM doesn't even have the dynamic colors integrated
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    Android 12 for Poco X3/X3 NFC

    Based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP 12.0.0_r13), with inbuilt gapps, pixel goodies and my custom feature additions & tweaks. Everything is working well to be used as a daily driver. Keep in mind that this is still a beta build, there might be unexpected bugs. These builds are based on OSS vendor, similar to WaveOS. QuicksilveR kernel is included.

    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Features (on top of AOSP)
    GMS (gapps) and pixel goodies included
    Google Play mainline system updates
    Monet theming engine with Wallpaper Colors
    Monet in all supported gapps & gboard
    New at a glance in lockscreen & launcher
    Grid size and themed icons support
    New AOSP default wallpaper
    Pixel Launcher included
    Google Sans as default font
    Game Dashboard, Google Assistant 2.0
    Refresh rate settings (min/max/preferred)
    Safetynet passes out of the box
    One-handed mode
    Quick Tap gesture
    Extreme Battery Saver
    Auto rotate with face detection
    3 fingers swipe to screenshot
    Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
    Bluetooth battery level on statusbar
    App name in screenshots filename
    Delete button in screenshot menu
    Screenshot sound based on current ringer mode
    Quick settings quick pulldown
    One click to add/remove QS tiles
    New battery usage data in Settings
    Low battery LED light toggle
    Advanced reboot options
    Statusbar icons manager
    Proximity check on wake
    Long press volume buttons to skip track
    Long press power button for flashlight
    Unlimited Google Photos backup
    Unrestricted audio for screen recorder
    OEM (33w) fast charging detection
    Per-app cutout force fullscreen
    USB tethering, caffeine, NFC QS tiles
    Wifi/mobile data usage in QS footer
    Bring back separate wifi/data QS tiles
    RGB color balance controls
    Immersive gesture navigation
    2 or 3 button navigation
    Nav bar layout inversion
    Exfat SD card support
    LTE+/4G+ icon on statusbar
    DT2W on ambient display
    Percentage font size controls
    Misc UI tweaks and fixes
    Optimize everything on dexpreopt
    Optimizations from CAF and ProtonAOSP

    XiaomiParts included
    Ambient display
    Mi Sound Enhancer
    Clear speaker
    LCD features (HBM/CABC)
    Thermal profiles
    Game mode

    What's working?
    Almost everything

    Known issues?
    You tell me!

    Based on OSS vendor
    Ships with QuicksilveR kernel
    User build & SELinux is enforcing
    Safetynet passes out of the box
    Do not flash GAPPS, its included

    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe data, cache, dalvik cache
    Flash latest Android 11 firmware
    Flash Android 12 ROM zip
    (optional) Flash magisk for root accesss
    (optional) Reboot to recovery and flash DFE to disable encryption
    Format data (if you're encrypted)
    Reboot to system
    Enjoy Android 12 ;-)

    DFE (encryption disabler)

    Screenshots in post #2
    Join my Telegram support group here
    Kernel source here
    Update available!

    aosp_surya-12-20211129-2131.zip | Mirror

    - Merged November 2021 security patch (12.0.0_r13)
    - Switched to user builds instead of userdebug
    - Added support for Google Play system updates
    - Updated kernel to latest CAF tag and new optimizations
    - Updated MIUI blobs from V12.5.4.0.RJGMIXM
    - Fixed wifi and bluetooth MAC address
    - Fixed SIM option disappearing after turning off SIM
    - Prevent auto brightness from going too low
    - Fixed content-based refresh rate (60Hz in netflix etc)
    - Fixed Live Captions and recents text selection
    - Added Quick Tap gesture from pixels
    - Added option for proximity check on wake
    - Enabled back Android 12 settings provider model
    - Align lockscreen statusbar with normal statusbar
    - Switched to stock notch cutout configuration
    - Optimized dexpreopt to improve apps performance
    - Switched to FUSE passthrough for faster /storage
    - Improved thermal and touch profiles in xiaomi parts
    - Added new Pixel 6 wallpapers (static and live)
    - Added Extreme Battery Saver from pixels
    - Added new Security Hub from Pixel 6
    - Added nexus and pixel feature configs (sysconfigs)
    - Fixed navigation bar sometimes stuck on wrong side
    - Updated 4G+ icon to Android 12 (silk) design
    - Added long press volume buttons to skip track
    - Added long press power button to toggle flashlight
    - Added gesture option to cycle through ringer modes
    - Switched to Google Files app instead of DocumentsUI
    - Increased range of night light intensity
    - Allow to resume/pause downloads
    - Allow disabling mute icon in statusbar tuner
    - Removed pixel props spoofing for most gcam mods
    - Added percentage steps in font size settings
    - Misc optimizations, fixes and improvements.

    Updating over previous build
    - All users can dirty flash (make sure to wipe cache & dalvik cache)
    - Recommended to flash V12.5.4.0 or newer firmware from here
    - Follow update instructions mentioned in main post.

    - Device randomly not waking up after sleep (aka SOD) should be fixed. It was diagnosed as UFS not waking from suspend and has been adequately patched in kernel drivers.
    - BT and wifi MAC address now shows correctly instead of random one. You may need to clean flash to refresh it, as wifi mac address is stored in first boot.
    - Selinux is enforcing, safetynet passes out of the box. User builds mean that most/all banking apps should work fine.
    - Google Photos should have unlimited photos backup now, thanks to nexus sysconfig.

    Thanks to Kuba Wojciechowski (for pixel systemui and settings port), PixelExperience, ProtonAOSP and others.
    Update available!

    aosp_surya-12-20211028-1220.zip | Mirror

    - Enforcing selinux, safetynet passes
    - FBE wrapped key (encrypted users will need to format data)
    - Updated gapps to October (12_202110)
    - Updated MIUI blobs to V12.5.3.0.RJGMIXM
    - Updated kernel, merged latest CAF tag
    - Enabled and switched to AOSP wifi display
    - New at a glance in lockscreen & launcher
    - Monet in all supported gapps & gboard
    - New battery usage data in Settings
    - Game Dashboard, Google Assistant 2.0
    - Unlocked new widgets in Google app
    - Unlocked pixel-exclusive wallpapers
    - Fixed Mifare Classic detection on NFC
    - Reduced UI jank/stutters a bit
    - Enabled iorap and zygote preforking
    - Fixed pip mode in netflix and other widevine apps
    - Added RGB color balance controls
    - Added double tap to sleep on statusbar
    - Added 3-button nav bar layout inversion
    - Fixed issues with wifi/data separate QS tiles
    - Fixed fingerprint unlock ripple animation
    - Enabled DT2W on ambient display
    - Misc improvements & fixes

    Updating over previous build
    Encrypted users will need to clean flash (format data)
    Decrypted users can dirty flash, but make sure to wipe cache & dalvik cache
    Recommended to remove any pixel modules (such as ExtraPixel) before updating
    Recommended to flash V12.5.3.0 or newer firmware

    Thanks to PixelExperience, ProtonAOSP and others.

    Latest build screenshots and changelog

    - All my testers for testing my builds, reporting issues & logs
    - Roxirp for server
    I've been using this rom for a few days now, its working very well its smooth, have good battery life and decent amount of features. although i encountered some minor bugs like settings app crashing when i access,
    settings > notifications > conversations, also there's some missing features (mentioned below) hopefully we get in future updates 🙂.

    1.Face unlock
    2.App lock
    3.Approximate location for apps
    4.Smart Charging Or Adaptive Charging
    5.Network Speed Indicator