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    Proton AOSP Mod | Project Zephyrus for OnePlus 9 Pro

    What is this?
    An fork of OG ProtonAOSP with some extra goodies that we thought is worth Adding.
    ie. Whole package of Proton AOSP combined with necessary Customisations.

    Whats working?

    Some features

    Some Visual Improvements over AOSP 12 sources
    Latest Security Patches
    Some Perfomance Improvements and Ricing .
    Some useful Customisations.
    Under Display Fingerprint Scanner Support
    much more!

    GApps Only

    Download here!
    Base FW should be the latest OOS11 of your region, just like other ROMs!
    As for the Recovery,the one i provide or Nameless One will suffice.
    NamelessAOSP boot
    Device Support Group
    Join Here for Screenies, Support and Changelogs
    Consult me regarding bugs and issues Only with logs.

    Own this space, thank you for the upload
    Currently boosting Nameless. Gonna try Proton when I get to my PC. Have you had a crash dump? Or overheating when gaming, if you play that is?

    View attachment 5626657
    Which ROM is running cool while maintaining performance while gaming?

    The source of the heat is not the ROM, but the SOC itself. No matter what ROM you use, SD888 will produce tons of heat while gaming heavily, or playing some demanding games.
    Rly n1ce Rom of the best ...I hope it will be updated often ....thanks ....4 this Rom

    update ...
    . still awesome rom ... the update is really cool but I don't have a fingerprint .... but I had problems with my cell phone it can also be that it's because of my one plus 9 pro
    I'm away from my PC. You mind sharing some pictures?
    The system interface is the same as on the rest of the A12/L, but feels much smoother and more stable than the others. also got excellent autonomy with the help of the r20b1 kernel from arter97