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Mar 27, 2021
Does wifi calling work???

I am running the latest v.2301 build, i can confirm that the banking apps are working as before, i made a VoLTE call and that is also working,

many thanks again to @manuelbianco (y)

and a happy new year to all🍻

Screenshot_20220101-112843_True Phone.png
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Dec 10, 2008
Great rom, the only let down is youtube, facebook possibly more have playback issues with jitter.
or am i doing somthing wrong?


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Mar 27, 2021
Great rom, the only let down is youtube, facebook possibly more have playback issues with jitter.
or am i doing somthing wrong?
I have just tried youtube and have no issues with flickering, i am not a social media person, so i haven`t tried facebook.

Just to confirm you did follow the install instruction on page 1, i would recommend starting from a fresh copy of a A12 .EU rom or official
Xiaomi rom and select, CLEAN ALL,

I have not had any issues with this great rom,

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Mar 27, 2021
Hi manuelbianco,
Thank you again for a great rom and all your hard work(y), i hate to ask, but would there be a chance to have, Smart Charging and Smart Cut Off as a option in a future build, i like to keep my phone battery's in tip top condition,


i have just installed Advanced Charging Controller (ACCA) and it works perfectly.

many thanks again.
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Apr 1, 2017
Thank you for this great rom, running very smooth so far while looking great, the UI adjustments really are nice. Kind of missing a gesture or key mapping to toggle flashlight, but I guess I can live with that.


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Sep 30, 2013
Descendant January build is out
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May 7, 2013
Xiaomi Mi 9
Descendant January build is out
Thanks dev. Awesome rom 👍


Mar 19, 2015
Thanks Dev for the ROM. Battery backup and overall performance is good. But I think "Adaptive Brightness" is not working. Screen is too dim for me and I have to keep slider to 100%. If anybody is experiencing the same?


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Mar 27, 2021
Descendant January build is out
Just updated to v.1921,

Adaptive charging has now been added (y),

my ATUT score has drop a little by 478 points, it is now 709183.

manuelbianco Your amazing:cool:,

Many thanks(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
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    May build was release.
    Hi @johnr64, can you give review on Descendant default camera? is it ok compared to POCO default camera? (no lag, no crash, suitable for daily use?) Thanks!
    I only had the official miui rom for a week or so, while i was waiting for my bootloader to be unlocked.

    I use One s10 camera on a daily bases, as I like the gallery feature found on Samsung phones,

    I vaguely remember a force close on one of my Custom roms caused by a camera app, that was a long time ago.

    I am now on the forth update of the great rom and not really had any issues with my camera, apart from One s10 camera can sometimes not display the camera image when opening the app, i overcome this by selecting another lenses aspect, then all is working as i should.

    I`m not a fan of Miui rom due to the fact that i use my Samsung watch as a trusted device and that miui roms will only except Xiaomi devices as a trusted device,

    I also use ACCA to manage my battery charge cycles and this requires Root access, i've had my F3 for 6 months and the battery is still at 96% capacity:).

    Sorry i`m not much help regarding the camera, as i updated to build 2019 over my previous 2218 build, i didn`t clean up my camera apps and i have three camera apps installed, i have tried them all and none of them cause a force close and they are all working OK,

    I hope you enjoy this GREAT rom as much as i do(y)(y)(y)
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    Descendant is a customised Android ROM that focuses on enhancing UX and UI
    over stock Android along useful features.


    Head to the download page.




    Do the format data
    firmware , min fw
    Reboot to recovery
    Flash Descendant
    No wipes are needed between updates from Descendant itself, unless specified.
    Official twrp can be used to flash it.


    Listing all the additions would be a huge wall of text, that you wouldn't even read.
    So, head over the Telegram group and feel free to lurk.

    Preloaded applications
    Google Apps are included.


    Having a bug or not booting for whatever reason?
    Look for "How to report bugs" on this post.
    Bug reports without logs will be ignored.


    @phhusson | @Letzen | @krule031 | @ezio84 | @linuxct

    Android OS version: 12.0.0_r20
    Not available for Poco F1 as of now.. I will be waiting..
    why should it concern me? Ask support into your community.
    New build released!

    - Restrict and align padding into status bar
    - Fixed recycler view that won't show last two element of the thermal app list
    - Fixed dup color options, and remove extra options
    I would like to say a big thank you to

    manuelbianco (y) and the Descendant team for this great rom,​

    after trying many other roms, yours stands head and shoulders above the rest.

    Like most users, i was searching for a fast, stable and refined rom with the latest security patches,

    the Descendant rom nailed it (y) .

    I have not found any bugs, but then i don`t use all the bells and whistles that my phone has to offer.

    After many dirty flashes of different roms over the A12 rom, i decided to start from a clean install.

    Pre-install notes,

    With my Bootloader already unlocked,
    I copied all the files below, (except V12 rom & TWRP fastboot toolkit) onto a USB memory stick and installed them via a OTG adaptor.

    To enter Fastboot mode, hold down the Volume down & power buttons together.

    How i installed the rom

    1. I started with a clean install of the V12, via Fastboot,
    Choosing: windows fastboot first install with data format.Bat,

    1a. I installed V12 rom by putting my F3 into Fastboot mode
    and running the .bat file above using my PC

    2. Reboot the F3 into Fastboot mode and using a PC, install TWRP fastboot toolkit (FIXED)

    3. install this Great Rom

    4. install OrangeFox recovery,

    5. After OFox rebooted into recovery, i installed Magisk-v23.0

    Safety net passes without Magisk, if you don`t require Root.

    6. in Orangefox, i formatted data, by typing YES and re-booted.

    7. after the initial start up and installing all my apps,
    i then installed the brilliant Advanced Charging Controller (ACCA) ,

    This rom is now my daily driver and for anyone wanting to know how fast this rom is, my AnTuTu score is 709661

    Other AnTuTu scores were,
    Arrow O/S A12, 679090, V12-12, 661033,

    My Poco F3 is the 8gb/256gb EU version,

    many thanks again (y) (y) (y) (y),

    @manuelbianco Bro just ignore these people 😂