Development [ROM][12.0][UNOFFICIAL] FLUID OS v2.0 BETA (mojito/sunny).

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Mar 15, 2013
Redmi Note 10
> Enable Zygisk, reboot & add Google Play Services to DenyList
> Flash PropsHide Magisk module & reboot
> Get any terminal & do
1. Edit device fingerprint
f (Pick a certified fingerprint)
7 (Google)
23 (Pixel 4 XL)
3 (for Android 12)
Yes to confirm
Reboot to apply the changes.
I was afraid that this might cause problems since it's not enforcing


CTS still can't pass


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Mar 7, 2020
magisk module to enable some other stuff. flashed using canary magisk. works fine.


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Sep 15, 2015
Redmi Note 10
If anyone is wondering, i can confirm that signature spoofing is present and working, at least in the latest build. I got magisk canary and MicroG working fine with this rom.

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    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Read the entire OP! Be respectful to each other and don't ask for ETAs, it's considered as being rude!


    Fluid is an aftermarket Android custom ROM distribution based on AOSP, focused on bringing a better UI/UX to Android with a fluid experience coupled with themes and customisations.


    Fluid doesn't aim at providing all the customisation available on the planet. We are focused on a cleaner, more Material design approach, with a few twists [NOPARSE];)[/NOPARSE] that assured, we do have a dedicated theme engine with cool stuff getting added every new update. So sit back and enjoy Fluid on your device!


    Download Fluid Redmi Note 10

    Redmi Note 10


    Wanna experience Fluid on your phone? Go ahead fam!

    [b]- Download the ROM
    - Backup everything
    - Make a full wipe (system, data, cache, dalvik)
    - Flash the FluidOS via OTA script / OrangeFox
    - Reboot and let it boot (NOTE:- The Rom takes much longer time to boot be patient  (Splash screen may appear for much longer time))
    - Boot into twrp
    - Flash Gapps (Flamegapps Basic recommended)
    - And at last Reboot!
    [First boot will take a few minutes! Have patience]
    Clean Flash is always recommended![/b]


    A clean flash is always recommended. Bug reports are not appreciated if not clean flashed.
    Remove any kind of security PINs/Password and Fingerprints before flashing this build.



    Wanna report bugs and want them begone? Give Logcats, mention your device name, mention if any mods and kernels, if used and please be specific about it. By helping us, you are helping yourself too.
    -> How to take Logcats? and


    Visit our Website. Subscribe to our Telegram Announcements Channel. Also join our Telegram Community support Chat!

    Want to contribute to the development of this ROM?
    Checkout our Github



    Kernel :- Kernel
    Common_DT:- xiaomi-sdm678 / android_device_xiaomi_sm6150-common
    DT :- xiaomi-sdm678 / android_device_xiaomi_mojito

    People behind this amazing ROM!

    - Ender1324
    - AndroBuddy
    - SebaUbuntu
    - Dyrex2004
    - Ovenoboyo
    Screenshots :- SS


    ALPHA 1

    OCT 14 , 2021


    + Initial Alpha Build

    ALPHA 2

    OCT 20, 2021


    + Updated WCS Kernel included
    + Improved System Stability
    + Increased Reseved Partition Size ( Fixes issues of flashing bit more heavier gapps packages ).
    + Now Build can be Flashed via OrangeFox (Thanx to Ayaxat for testing the build).
    + Fixed Screen Recording Lags

    ALPHA 3

    NOV 8 , 2021

    + Updated WCS Kernel included
    + Tweaked Reserve Partition sizes ( Might fix some flashing issues for some users).
    + Fixed sepolicy denials
    + Selinux is now Enforcing
    + Rom is also force encrypted
    + Improved Booting time
    + sm6150-common: Provide [email protected] on vendor
    + sm6150-common: props: Enable skia reduceOpsTaskSplitting
    + sm6150-common: props: Don't write binary XML files

    BETA 1

    NOV 10 , 2021

    + New Rebased WCS Kernel included
    + sm6150-common: Set NUM_FRAMEBUFFER_SURFACE_BUFFERS to 3
    + sm6150-common: Build atrace 1.0 service hals
    + sm6150-common: rootdir: Remove enable-low-power trigger from recovery
    + sm6150-common: rootdir: Allow all filesystems for USB-OTG
    + sm6150-common: prop: Disable sf EGL image tracking
    + sm6150-common: Kill kernel cmdline console parameters
    + sm6150-common: wifi: Disable wifi packet logging
    + sm6150-common: configs: power: Remove pixel audio hints
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Disable global mode and CDMA choices
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Allow seamless Doze state transitions
    + sm6150-common: rootdir: Chown drv8846_dev & akm09970 camera nodes
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Snap: Enable camera API v2
    + sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address virtual AB OTA denies
    + sm6150-common: prop: Switch to Codec2 by default
    + sm6150-common:Kang HWUI props from stock mojito qssi-user 11 RKQ1.201022.002 V12.5.3.0.RKGMIXM release-keys
    + sm6150-common:Add 300Mhz scaling_min_freq for CPUBigClusterMinFreq and CPULittleClusterMinFreq
    + Improved System Stability
    + Improved overall responsiveness and fluidity

    BETA 2

    NOV 16 , 2021


    + Updated WCSF Kernel
    + sm6150-common: add missing hals to FCM
    + sm6150-common: Define [email protected] into FCM
    + sm6150-common: BoardConfig: Drop graphics layer memory buffer
    + sm6150-common: Add HDR & WCG Flags
    + sm6150-common: Do not use phase offsets as duration
    + sm6150-common: overlay: Advertise fingerprint on power button
    + Improved Stability
    + 1080p Youtube playback issue addressed (FWIP)

    BETA 3

    NOV 29 , 2021


    + Updated WCSF Kernel
    + sm6150-common: Decomonize some camera blobs
    + sm6150-common:Add a missing media blob
    + mojito:Add Few missing camera blobs
    + mojito:Add as prebuilt from stock
    + sm6150-common:sepolicy: fix Widevine DRM
    + sm6150-common:Add missing DRM blobs from stock
    + Fixed Widevine L1

    BETA 4

    DEC 02 , 2021

    + sm6150-common:Build some media and camera packages
    + msm: camera: Use boot clock for recording start time
    + Fixed Camera video recording issues (Checked with Camera2 and Gcam both)
    + Improved System Stability
    + Improved overall responsiveness and fluidity

    BETA 5

    DEC 07 , 2021


    + arm64: lib: Checkout strncmp back to msm-4.14 version
    + Fixed Random reboot & system crashes on viewing DRM Widevine L1 contents on OTT apps.
    + Improved System Stability

    NOTES :- CTS is failed by default use appropriate magisk modules for CTS pass
    Use Included LOS recovery for flashing gapps etc.

    *NOTE:- There may be bugs in this build
    New build is out :) . Changelogs and links are updated in thread
    New Build is out
    New Build is up Changelogs and Links are updated above