[ROM][12.1][crownlte][EOL][OFFICIAL] Evolution X [08/12/2022]

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May 13, 2014
Everything working fine so far except that I have a problem with bt calls with my Powerbeats 3:
The sound is coming from the speakers even though the phone app (or skype) shows bt as output. (no problem with media playback)

No problem on stock, Noble, Derpfest, latest ArrowOS or Lineage 19.1. (or other no-name bt headphones I tested)


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Everything working fine so far except that I have a problem with bt calls with my Powerbeats 3:
The sound is coming from the speakers even though the phone app (or skype) shows bt as output. (no problem with media playback)

No problem on stock, Noble, Derpfest, latest ArrowOS or Lineage 19.1. (or other no-name bt headphones I tested)
I've noted and will release a build soon.
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New Evolution X Update is now available!

- Fixed bluetooth calls properly again.
- Remove unused soundtrigger hal.
- Dropped renderscript blobs.
- Reduced interaction powerhint freq for lttle cluster to 832000 to save power.

- Upstreamed to 4.9.315.
- Ported R37P0 GPU Driver.
- Added adaptive power policy (R35P0).
- lowmemorykiller: reduce debug level.
- Silence log spam when a CPU is brought up.
- Silences WLAN, PCIe, and CPU suspend state kernel messages.
- Remove PM QoS latency latest.
- touchscreen: Require low latency.
- Make scheduling period more efficient.
- Start killing wakelocks after 120s of idle.
- Purged linux on dex.
- Allow userspace to set triple usermode.
- Optimized Console FrameBuffer for upto 70% increase in Performance.
- Overall Performance improved.


AudioDeviceBroker: handle back to back device change requests
Fix dialog exit animation
GameSpace: Do not hardcode font to sans-serif
Settings: Add back increasing ring feature
Settings: Fix misspelling on hotspot string
Telecomm: Fix few issues with Blink with call
base: Export bodyFontFamily and bodyFontFamilyMedium symbols

Evolver: Remove QQS brightness slider customization
SystemUI: Remove Evolver QS Tile
SystemUI: onLongClick Settings button for The Evolver
TriStateUi: Adapt new status bar height api
overlay: core: Add CNE indicator exemption role
rro_overlays: SystemUIGoogleOverlay: Remove Evolver as default QS tile
version: Rebrand 6.4 into Omega

DisplayPowerController: avoid updating settings when adjustment is NaN
Evolver: Pulse: Custom gravity and Center mirrored
Evolver: Pulse: Extend to QS Panel
Evolver: Pulse: Vertical mirror
Partially revert "Wake up to lock screen when bouncer is visible"
Pulse: correctly stop it on screen OFF events
Settings: Configurable Navbar Radius
Switch GamingMode to GameSpace
prebuilt: add APN for GT
prebuilt: add APN for We4G Israel

Evolver: Remove screen off animations
Settings: Add setup UI for minimum delay between an app's notification sounds
Settings: Desktop backup password: Tint buttons to match system theme
Settings: Fix Android Beam switch bar content
Settings: Fix WifiSettings FC when rotating screen
Settings: Improve battery stats reset strings
Settings: Only use FP enrollment for SUW
Settings: Port "Battery Usage Alerts" feature from factory images
Settings: PowerUsageSummary: open advanced usage on header click
Settings: Refactor hardcoded radius of ActionPrimaryButton to resource
Settings: Use correct icon to reset battery stats
Settings: Use font configs instead fonts directly
core: Wipe package cache on upgrade even on user build

SystemUI: Export RecordingService for External Usage
SystemUI: Show notification row only when unlinked from ringer volume
SystemUI: TaskHelper: Adapt theme changed for 12L
config: Fix backuptool path
overlay: Add com.android.printspooler to indicator exemptions

Add "ro.hardware.egl_legacy" for ANGLE system driver
BatteryService: Fix battery led not turning off when unplugged at 100%
DSU: Only try to install on sdcard if the filesystem in use is vfat
Evolver: Allow enabling compact layout of 3 button navigation bar
Keystore 2.0: Add CREATION_DATETIME only for Keymint V1 and higher.
NavigationBarInflaterView: fix concurrent unsafe variable leads to nohint overlay reload forever
Nuke Light theme for QS panel
Replace fullscreen gestures with hide gestural navigation hint bar from LOS
Settings: Add Reset battery stats button
Settings: Change Evolution X version preference behavior
Settings: Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
Settings: Relocate rotation angle settings to another fragment
SystemUI: Add missing call to init isDeviceProvisioned in PhoneStatusBarPolicy
SystemUI: Blurs: allow blur even when GFX acceleration is disabled
SystemUI: Catch IllegalArgumentException in updateHint()
SystemUI: Make isTablet() use correct API for getting window metrics
SystemUI: Split status bar icon controls for vibrate and mute
Update SysUI to be compatible with latest Jetpack libraries
Use Unix epoch time for build number
core: Disable Dalvik lock contention logging
keystore: Rate limit attestation for Google Play Services
use more loadDrawableAsUser in MediaDataManager
version: Uprev to 6.4 (Snow-Relapse)

Call setBrightness when user stops swiping on statusbar
Fix bluetooth percentage not showing on battery widget
NavigationBarView: Show floating rotation if 2-button nav mode enabled
PackageManagerService: Protect forced enabled components at runtime
PermissionManager: fix NPE in getIndicatorExemptedPackages
SystemUI: migrate status bar manual brightness to float
SystemUI: unify statusbar manual & auto brightness code
apn: Grameenphone uses APN 'gpinternet'
fix ProcessCpuTracker.java file sLoadComparator issue

Settings: Remove Google Cell Broadcast Receiver package config
core: Disable LiveDisplay display mode by default
overlays: Acherus: Use correct path for some icons
rro_overlays: Build NowPlayingOverlay for Pixels by default
rro_overlays: Create ApexSettingsOverlay

Add more core Google apps to system app whitelist for applock
Evolver: Remove broken click to partial screenshot feature
Update translations

Add various system packages to indicator exemptions
Clean up whitelisted packages in privacy indicator controller
PixelPropsUtils: Spoof some Google apps to raven
Settings: Check wifi direct feature for showing preferences
Settings: Remove conflicting color modes array
ThemedIcons: Update and add Repainter
frameworks: Exempt location packages from location indicators
fs_mgr: Allow remounts with Magisk installed
init: Skip interface duplicates if service is an override
libsparse: Add simg2img_static target for host
telephony: Bring back "Fix loading SIM phonebook redundantly"
telephony: Handle that an operator numeric can be null

QSFooter: Set tuner icon to always be invisible
SystemUI: Don't allow the end user to disable SystemUI Tuner
config: Copy bootanimation to system/media for pixel devices

Don't report existing menu key if it was remapped
Evolver: hw keys: Fix custom app selection dialog
HWKeys: Disable haptic on keyguard
HardkeyActionHandler: Adapt to Android 11
Navbar: Patch navigation bar to emulate hw keys
Settings: Extended Swipe Gestures: Add show recents option
fixup! Hardware key: Customization support
vendor: Add back livedisplay permissions
vendor: Don't enforce inclusion of common compatibility matrix

Add Google Search and Google Location History to location indicator whitelist
PixelPropsUtils: Refactor & clean up
Settings: Add toggle for screenshot timestamp EXIF metadata
Telecomm: Provide required permissions for Telephony
ThemedIconsOverlay: Import resources from https://t.me/modulesrepo/3166
libsysutils: Hide NetlinkListener error in recovery
prebuilt: apns-conf: Checkout to LOS
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Apr 27, 2022
thanks for this rom battery issue was solved now my phone can go 20 hours sot and i have one problem only the wifi evrytime i use this rom its kinda slow is there a fix for this


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Oct 30, 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Hey man, thanks for the great rom. 1 issue tho, I'm seeing gray static horizontal line every 2/3 times I use the recent menu with the gesture navigation bar, are you encountering this as well?

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    Evolution X 6.x for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 [crownlte]

    * Your warranty is void. Or vaild, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modificiations, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Keep Evolving
    Pixel UI, customization and more, we are Evolution X!
    - Team Evolution X -

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    What are our features?

    - Just flash and check "The Evolver". We have tons of features combined together from different ROMs."





    First Time Install / Clean Flash
    1. Download the proper flashable ZIP for your device
    2. Reboot to Recovery
    3. Wipe Dalvik/Cache. System, Data, Vendor
    4. Format Data (Optional)
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Reboot to System
    7. Reboot to Recovery (Optional)
    8. Flash Magisk (Optional)
    9. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    Update / Dirty Flash
    1. Reboot to Recovery
    2. Download the proper flashable ZIP for your device
    3. Reboot to Recovery (Optional)
    4. Flash Magisk (Optional)
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving



    Donate to me! / Official Chat / Device Support

    New Update is now available via OTA!
    - Switched to GCamGO as stock camera
    - Slightly modified night light slider
    - Switched to SkiaGL threaded
    - Fixed status bar glitch "again"
    - Switched to new gnss / OMX blobs from N770F
    - Used calibrated LUX sensor for autobrightness
    - Recognizing more APNs out of the box
    - Upstreamed to 4.9.319
    - Ported N770FXXU8GVE4 Changes

    Re-enable remote keyguard animation
    SystemUI: Fix double unlock sound issue
    gms: Disable obdm support on non-qcom pixels
    gms: Include P2021 walls as optional package

    Evolver: Bring back animations to quick settings tiles

    Evolver: Bring back Transparent QS customization
    Evolver: Import RenderingJitter test from FWB
    Evolver: Insert screen off fod toggle into UDFPS settings
    Evolver: Logo: Add amogus icon
    Evolver: Rework media artwork notification
    SystemUI: Fix daily data view in QS footer
    Update several APNs from SQ3A.220605.009.B1
    apns: Remove user_editable="false" for user visible APNs
    base: Do not reset keyguard going away state
    kernel: Avoid unnecessary savedefconfig
    kernel: Clean up kernel copy recipes
    kernel: Ensure dtb(o) always get rebuilt
    kernel: Remove unneeded MKDTIMG dependency

    AlarmManagerService: Reduce log level wtf -> w
    InputWrapper: Opt out early if session == null
    ServiceRegistry: Don't throw an exception if OEM_LOCK is missing
    SystemUI: Make popup menus more rounded
    neko/Cat: Mark FLAG_IMMUTABLE PendingIntent with FLAG_MUTABLE

    If you like my work, consider donate me at Paypal.
    Enjoy and #KeepEvolving!
    2022-05-07 Update is now available!
    NOTE: To use this build, clean flash is compulsory.

    - Switched to new OSS base, clean and adapted from LineageOS OSS trees.
    - Adapted Exynos LiveDisplay from LineageOS hardware_samsung.
    - Improved Dolby Atmos.
    - Uprev audio HAL to V7.
    - Fixed bluetooth calls properly.
    - Added stock APN config for better LTE experience.
    - Crownlte: Fixed Note9 S-Pen detecting wrong X-Y axis on landscape mode.

    - Upstreamed kernel to 4.9.312


    config: Allow Fullscreen Gesture overlay on phones only


    Evolver: Add "Enable taskbar" toggle
    Provide required permissions for cellbroadcastreceiver
    RIL: Fix manual network selection with old modem
    Settings: Hide settings that don't work when taskbar is enabled
    SystemUI: Strict lock screen rotation
    config: Switch to PixelLauncherIconsOverlay


    Battery: Color coded battery indication for Landscape icons
    Properly update view for reTicker
    base: fix deadlock between activity manager and power manager


    BatteryService: add Dash, Warp, VOOC, Turbo power, OEM fast charging support
    Display actual charge tech in battery settings
    Evolver: Battery Styles: Introduce Battery Landscape
    Increase Zygote command buffer size to 32k
    Introduce LiveDisplay from Lineage
    Move high touch sensitivity and hovering to InputService
    Settings: Add high touch sensitivity and touchscreen hovering toggles
    Settings: Display: Add High Touch Polling Rate Support
    SystemUI: Only apply tuning changes when the fragment is attached
    fwb: Import SwipeToScreenshot implementation from MIUI
    media: MediaCodec: add RGBA_1010102 and RGBA_F16 format support


    Add Phone Services to location indicator whitelist
    Merge May 2022 security patches
    PixelPropsUtils: Refactor implementation
    PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to May 2022 release
    add com.android.bluetooth to indicator exemptions
    add com.android.phone to indicator exemptions
    base: Change default udfps vendor code to 22
    overlay: core: Suppress System UI ANRs
    New Update is now available! Flash and #KeepEvolving!
    Consider donate me at
    Enjoy and #KeepEvolving!

    - Fixed auto rotation (also manual rotation)
    - Merged August Security Patch (12.1.0_r22)
    - Bump version into 6.7 | Eve