[ROM][12.1][LAVENDER]Awaken OS[OFFICIAL][July13th, 2022]

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Oct 9, 2015
So, I red of a lot of issues on the last 2.9 version... I installed the vanilla with micro g. What do you suggest? Update or not?
does earphone remote control work for anybody? for me the volume up/down buttons act as some kind of enter key and the play/pause button mostly does nothing, sometimes it stops the playing track (stops and not pauses, to when resuming playback manually it plays from the beginning)
I am getting a camera error like this when opening the camera. the same issue happened regularky on ElixirOS, however Awake ROM was working fine for some weeks until today.

Also, the ROM is storing photos in the Photos folder instead of DCIM.


Jul 17, 2017
suspend everything!!!.. Android 13 FINAL has just been released, starting with the pixels!!.. Android 12 ROMS are already old!!!.. Now Android 13 for the Redmi Note 7!!!


Dec 3, 2017
I noticed battery drain with latest version. I like this Rom, so any ideas how to optimize battery usage?


Oct 22, 2012
Also noticed a battery drain, started happening a few days ago, losing like 20% of battery overnight doing nothing. Here's the graph:

I'm using the latest version, flashed around 2 weeks ago


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May 2, 2020
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Oct 11, 2015
Moved to Awaken from MIUI. Did clean install via OrangeFox. Running for more than 2Weeks. Device is not rooted so far. Here is the detailed review:

What Works:
- Almost everything, including Google Sync
- GCam ports
- Mi Remote

Doesn't work/Bug [Re-producible]:
Wired headset volume controls. Both volume+ and volume- triggers some kind of touch action on the screen. Play/pause, forward backward simulated by the play/pause are working for me.
- If double press power button to activate torch is enabled, single press of power button while deep sleeping doesn't turn on the screen. On that state, the device will be still waiting to detect another power button press even after 5 sec; i.e. if I press the power button again after 5 sec, the torch turns on.

Somewhat works:
Outgoing call progress beep including ringing sound is hit or miss.
- Once I have observed random reboot while the device was idle (screen turned off). To track the random reboot, I made a Tasker profile. But from that point onwards, no reboot was logged (uptime attached).
- In call wired headset sound levels are really choppy. Last two sound levels are same. The next is a big jump. I am not able to adjust in call headset sound properly.

Feature request - What I miss from MIUI:
While the screen is dimmed and about to turn off, if I touch the fingerprint sensor, on MIUI it prevented the screen turn off.

General feedback:
- The ROM is responsive. But I am a heavy user and I can slow it down easily. After installing the ROM was really fast. After fully loading it, I am observing frame drops.
- Battery life is excellent. I am getting more than 5hours SOT even after heavy usage.
- Last but not the least, great work by the entire ROM team - just for their passion we are getting this amazing work for free!


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Feb 9, 2019
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
Since I clean flashed 2.9 with the recommended unofficial recovery, i had some major performance issues. Sometimes even scrolling had terrible lag.
But since yesterday everything seems to be performing fine.
I just flashed the latest official beta recovery from darthjabba. Encryption also works. But for flashing I removed the lock code. Just to be on the safe side.
Anybody else got performance issues like i had?


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May 2, 2020
Since I clean flashed 2.9 with the recommended unofficial recovery, i had some major performance issues. Sometimes even scrolling had terrible lag.
But since yesterday everything seems to be performing fine.
I just flashed the latest official beta recovery from darthjabba. Encryption also works. But for flashing I removed the lock code. Just to be on the safe side.
Anybody else got performance issues like i had?
I have performance issues too... Some framedrops when scrolling, after waking up the device, the phone 2-3s doesn´t respond.

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    This rom is super. started. I tryed many ROM , Most satisfied! thank you!
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    Awaken OS for Redmi Note 7 [Lavender]
    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is void. Or...Valid? Probably?
    * Project Awaken and its maintainers are not responsible for bricked devices,
    * dead SD cards, data loss, thermonuclear war, or economic crisis caused by
    * Awaken OS. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you
    * point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    Born different, now awaken.
    Awaken OS
    brings consistent, fluent and smooth experience with all your must-have customizations, for you, for the community, for everyone.

    - Project Awaken -
    Ninad Patil [REIGNZ]
    Mukul [undead]

    - Designers -

    Find us on Telegram! @AwakenOSNews

    What's Working?

    RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
    Video Playback
    Selinux enforcing
    Safetynet (without magisk too)


    Tell me! ;)


    First Time Install / Clean Flash
    1. Download the rom zip, firmware included not need flash again
    2. Reboot to Recovery
    3. Wipe Dalvik, Cache, System, Vendor, Data
    4. Flash ROM
    5. Format Data
    6. Reboot to System and #beAwakened

    Update / Dirty Flash
    1. Download the rom zip
    2. Reboot to Recovery
    3. Flash ROM
    4. Wipe Dalvik and Cache
    5. Reboot to System and #beAwakened

    Changelog [March 29th, 2022]


    Download Here / Official Announcement / Official Community
    Kernel Source / Source Code

    Source Changelog:

    ||- New features

    • Adapt Bluetooth device picker to S style
    • Add support for showing battery level for AirPods
    • Allow user configurable fingerprint wake-and-unlock
    • Allow users to ignore secure feature
    • Allow users to skip confirmation in biometric auth dialog
    • Bring back statusbar brightness control
    • Introduced some more fonts
    • Update themed icons

    ||- Fixed issues

    • Fixed some NPE
    • Misc fixes and improvements

    Device Changelog:

    • Fix adoptable storage problem
    • gps: Update GPS config for S
    • overlay: Unpin updatable-media from memory
    • overlay: Drop deprecated overlay
    • Copy Modified libprocessgroup configs to vendor * Schedtune
    • Makefile: Inherit several Android Go configurations
    • Bring back vendor RenderScript implementation
    • props: Move IORapd configs to product
    • Pull QTI Thermal from LineageOS and adpat to lavender
    • DeviceSettings: Drop Thermal and Kcal configs
    • Import apn configs from lineage
    • Drop selective overlay's
    • rootdir: Allow telephony access to proc/cmdline
    • codecs: Finetune fps for hevc encoder
    • powerhint: Drop PM QoS boosting
    • Disable client composition cache
    • init: Enable config_avoidGfxAccel for 3GB variants
    • overlay: Switch to AVC 3.1 for screen recording
    • wifi: Reduce battery drain
    • gps: Switch GPS xtra servers to xtrapath{4, 5, 6}
    • gps: Tweak gps.conf a bit more


    • Use recommended recovery (Last official orangefox update)
    • This is User/Enforcing release build
    • Included Nexus EAS-CAF QTI kernel
    • Found any bug? Report it with a proper logcat

    Source Changelog:

    ||- New features

    • Add left padding for keyguard slices
    • Add more themed icons for both gapps/vanilla builds
    • Add more core Google apps to system app whitelist for applock
    • Do not hardcode system round corners with Icon Shape
    • Exempt TeleService, Bluetooth, Cneapp & ImsService from location indicators
    • Gmscompat upstream
    • Introduced color section from Pixel stock for vanilla build
    • Introduced hotspot client manager
    • Introduced icon pack for launcher3
    • Switch to los fork of chromium webview
    • Whitelist YouTube apps & recorder from PixelProp

    ||- Fixed issues

    • Fixed an issue where floating rotation doesnt show if 2-button nav mode enabled
    • Fixed bluetooth percentage not showing on battery widget
    • Fixed emergency info crash on vanilla build
    • Fixed QS Panel glitch when changing dark/light mode from QS
    • Fixed some NPE

    Device Changelog:

    • Pick up USB configurations from QCOM
    • Bring IFAA back in tree
    • Add OpenGL ES and Vulkan dEQP feature flags
    • Modify Vulkan and OpenGL version to 2020-03-01
    • Init: Drop no longer necessary libbase include dir
    • Speed profile services and wifi-service to reduce RAM and storage
    • Always preopt extracted APKs
    • Strip off some debug packages
    • Disable dexpreopt minidebuginfo
    • Use speed tuning for performance critical applications
    • Sepolicy: address surfaceflinger denials
    • Add vndservicemanager explicitly
    • Enable dex2oat64 to do dexopt
    • Build all extra VNDK versions
    • Sepolicy: Allow system server to getpgid zygote
    • Overlay: Use CarrierConfig CSP boolean
    • Disable debug.sf.recomputecrop
    • Delete /data/system/package_cache after updates
    • Sepolicy: Address iorap denials
    • Don't warn user about FC in Google TTS
    • Limit screen recorder's framerate to 60fps
    • Import sf offsets from Coral android-vts-12.1_r2
    • Set the maximum WFD resolution to [email protected]
    • Compact cached app heaps in the background
    • Allow more cached apps in the background
    • Disable remote Keygaurd animation
    • Disable Chimera.GmsIntentOperationService
    • Fix wi-fi permissions
    • Add AOSP RCS packages
    • Import brightness overlays from MIUI
    • Disable SDM Scalar
    • Revert some uneeded changes
    • Improve boot time and pull in bootanim display time
    • Delete class_main init shell script
    • Optimize package manager dexopt properties
    • Optimise dex flags
    • Update surfaceflinger props
    • Enable UI touch haptic feedback by default
    • Set the automatic brightness mode off by default
    • Disable bluetooth by default
    • Disable UI touch sounds by default
    • Disable ART debug
    • Libperfmgr: Drop not supported feature


    • Use recommended recovery (Orangefox R11.1)
    • This is User/Enforcing release build
    • Included Nexus EAS-CAF QTI kernel
    • Found any bug? Report it with a proper logcat
    Release (February 8th, 2022) :
    Android 12 release - Awaken 2.4

    // Device side stuff

    • Added Quick Tap Support.
    • AOD is available for user choice.
    • Xiaomi Parts added.
    • Switch audio HAL to V7.
    • Some other changes

    // Rom Side stuff

    // New features

    • Added option to invert navbar layout
    • Added support for repainter integration service
    • Allow maintainers to configure audio panel location
    • Allow users to toggle haptic feedback on qs tiles
    • Allow users to toggle privacy indicator
    • Bring back icon shape customization
    • Introduced Adaptive Playback
    • Introduced Game Dashboard
    • Introduced hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
    • Introduced one shot auto brightness
    • Introduced pixel sounds & remove aosp sounds
    • Introduced statusbar brightness control
    • Make Quick Unlock compatible with long PIN/Password

    - Fixed issues -

    • Avoid spoofing props for gcam and mods
    • Fixed Kai icon pack overlay for carriers using 5 bars of signal
    • Fixed some layout for ambient music ticker
    • Fixed glitchy charging info on ambient display

    - Improvements -

    • Improved QS Dataswitch, Sound & Screenshot tiles
    Release (May 11th, 2022) :
    Android 12.1 Release - Awaken 2.7 Glacier

    Source Changelog:

    ||- New features

    • Add call strength, vibrate & mute icon to statusbar tuner
    • Add API for runtime taskbar config on phones
    • Allow users to lock and hide system apps
    • Allow users to toggle camera/mic privacy indicator
    • Allow users to configure 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation
    • Bring back battery health
    • Do not show camera indicator for Face Unlock service
    • Fetch bluetooth battery level from any device
    • Introduced volume key cursor control
    • Introduced CM Screen Lockscreen Pattern Security settings
    • Update caffeine qs tile icon
    • Update themed icons

    ||- Fixed issues

    • Fixed issue with alarm icon
    • Fixed pixel launcher dark search bar in light theme
    • Fixed rounded corners for icon shapes
    • Fixed volume panel arrow in Victor and Sam icon packs

    Device Changelog:

    • gps: New configs for better stability & accuracy
    • usb: Add basic USB HAL that reports no status change
    • props: Don't write binary XML files
    • Flatten APEXs for performance
    • Create CneApp symlinks
    • init: Apply aggressive write caching.
    • enable media performance class 12
    • overlay: add A12 native gaming mode support
    • Set VENDOR_SECURITY_PATCH to platform
    • Enable real time lockscreen charging current values
    • boot: shorten wait time to optimize shutdown time
    • Enable IORap prefetching
    • overlay: Make the UI smoother
    • Update config_ims_rcs_package to use new ImsService
    • Override config for platform number verification
    • init: Setup all the sub-system as related.
    • Set vendor.post_boot.parsed=1
    • rootdir: Boost performance during bootup
    • init: Reset default schedtune boost value on boot
    • fstab: Enable discard option to retain speed.
    • Prepare to move to in-tree HALs
    • qcom-caf: display: Revert "hwc: Set ioprio for vsync thread"
    • qcom-caf: display: Exclude libqservice from binder interface
    • dsds: restart qcrild on data switch
    • Add vndservicemanager explicitly
    • Set up USB Properties
    • Add ro.hw_timeout_multiplier
    • init: restart qcrild on decryption
    • Fix screen recorder lag
    • overlay: Enable Smart Charging
    • Consolidate smart charging under 'Adaptive Charging'
    • rootdir: Add offline charging LED indicator
    • fstab: Enable 64-bit inode version support for ext4
    • props: enable persist.rcs.supported
    • Build additional Pixel stuffs - Time to let Google handle CarrierSettings
    • Allow boot color propagation
    • sepolicy: Fix userspace_reboot prop denials
    • sepolicy: Address denials regarding to access sysfs_kgsl
    • sepolicy: Address bootanim denial
    • rootdir: Enable sys.use_fifo_ui prop if EAS is present
    • prop: Use HintManager for HWU
    • init: workaround SafetyNet check
    • init: Update Magisk Hide props from Magisk v23.0
    • init: Spoof build tags to release-keys
    • props: Fix display animation while AOD on/off screen
    • Import fm blobs from jasmine V11.0.28.0.QDIMIXM
    • DeviceSettings: Add dynamic thermal profile implementation
    • AOD: Decouple suspend from screen state
    • overlay: Enable haptic text cursor
    • overlay: Enable Carrier ViLTE
    • sepolicy: Allow every app to read camera props
    • overlay: Enable display burn-in-protection in Ambient Display

    • Use recommended recovery (Orangefox R11.1)
    • This is User/Enforcing release build
    • Included Nexus EAS-CAF QTI kernel
    • Found any bug? Report it with a proper logcat