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Jan 6, 2017
Santa Terezinha-PE
The camera is crashing in the last update. Both the Go, which comes in the ROM, and the gcam that I have installed. I already reinstalled the ROM and it worked for 2 days, but the problem returned.


May 9, 2022
Has anyone tried dual booting roms in A/B partitions before. This whole anx camera issue has got me thinking - if i could make PixelOS my main ROM and dual boot to MIUI just for the sake of camera then i would never have to worry about anx camera in general.
I have done some research about dual booting and I'm willing to give it a try but if anyone has done it before then it would be a great help.
The bugs on MIUI 13 are just so unfathomable and yet i can't abandon it because of the damn camera !!


May 9, 2022
So, this time it worked. Slow motion video works but only in 720p. Portrait mode doesn't work (can't connect to camera error message). 4K30 video mode is missing and setting save location to sdcard doesn't work. That's what I noticed so far.
Ok i just noticed you said slow motion video works in 720p. MIUI camera also goes only upto 720p. Do all other modes work , 120 fps , 240 fps and 960 fps ?


May 9, 2022
Yes, all 3 modes work in ANX Camera and both 4x and 8x in Gcam.
Ok that's great , does the main lens take 12 mp pictures or 8.1 mp ? In my testing, the first time I installed it, it took 12mp but the second time I installed the camera ,the main lens took 8.1 mp.
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    New version is up! Official changelog from Telegram:
    PixelOS June ASB is buildable now!
    Release Date: 09 June 2022

    • Rebased source over PixelExperience
    • Added Network Traffic Indicator
    • Added App Lock (beta)
    • Added support for one shot auto-brightness
    • Added button to restart SystemUI in advanced reboot
    • Added option to disable screenshot shutter
    • Added user interface for Alert Sliders
    • Added double tap to trigger doze
    • Added a button to upload crash log to memocho
    • Added a toggle for combined signal icon
    • Added a toggle for haptic feedback on back gesture
    • Added custom vibration patterns from OxygenOS
    • Added vibration intensity control
    • Fixed issues with the quick settings page
    • Fixed issues with the navigation bar while in landscape
    For anyone who'd like to use the built-in Gcam Go camera app and finds its preview very laggy:
    If you download the latest version of Gcam Go by Greatness you can update it and it fixes the issue.
    ...but twrp and ADB method is same, right?
    Well, It's clearly not, is it. How do you expect this work if you disregard the advice from someone, who knows better?

    Your phone doesn't work because you are not installing this ROM correctly. If you want it to work follow the official steps.
    Well this is a AOSP based rom right? So then what's problem if i install this rom with twrp
    The fact that the ROM is AOSP doesn't mean that it will work with TWRP. The developers made the rom to work with its own recovery not anything else. Otherwise they wouldn't need to specify to use a specific recovery.
    With that being said if you do need a custom recovery, try installing the ROM with PixelOS recovery first ( as instructed by the Devs), then install whatever recovery you want. I won't guarantee that it would work , but you can give it a try.
    Perhaps it could. I have a server running Pi-Hole with 900k + domains on adlist + upstream server as Cisco's OpenDNS with further filtering (for various reasons). By default it doesn't block ads inside of apps so I tend to use Lucky patcher (only if i need to).
    I have in "Private DNS" on my phone and it does block in-app ads.
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    PixelOS is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, themed icons, google sans fonts, Monet color based system wide theming, boot animation), a fork of OG Pixel Experience with improvements on the top of it. Huge respect to Pixel Experience team for their work, thanks to them for making this ROM possible.
    In short a fully functional Pixel Experience with just the right amount of essentials.

    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Improvements over PixelExperience
    Performance improvements from ProtonAOSP
    3-finger swipe to capture screenshots
    Double tap to sleep on lockscreen and status bar
    Added Screen Recording Customizations
    Added Advanced Reboot
    Allow disabling Screenshot Sounds
    Added Bluetooth headset battery indicator
    Added in-call vibration options
    First class implementation of Repainter app
    Added Adaptive playback
    Added themed icons for a lot of third party icons in stock Pixel launcher
    Added monet to Settings app icon color
    Added monet in power menu
    Exposed legacy WiFi and Cellular data QS tiles
    Added an option to disable unlock ripple animation
    Added bluetooth battery level indicator on status bar
    Added NFC tile in QS for supported devices
    Added double tap/long press power button to toggle torch
    Reduced log spam verbosity
    A lot of under the hood UI fixes and improvements

    Device Specific Issues:
    * Always-on display

    * Latest EEA Firmware

    Get the latest PixelOS Build for Mojito/Sunny Download
    Magisk (optional)
    PixelOS Recovery

    Note: GApps are included, don't flash separately.

    • Encryption is enabled by default
    • SELinux is enforcing
    • GCamGo V2 inbuilt
    • NetErnels Kernel

    PixelOS Recovery is recommended if you want to stay encrypted, no custom recovery supports encryption on Android12, i.e. you won't be able to decrypt your data.

    Flashing Instructions
    Clean flash (coming from a different ROM):

    • Download ROM from the link above
    • Download Magisk v23.0 or newer (optionally)
    • Reboot to recovery
    • Format data
    • Flash latest android 11 EEA stable firmware (link above)
    • Flash ROM zip
    • Reboot and voila!
    • To get root access, reboot to recovery after ROM setup and flash magisk.

    Updating to a newer build (dirty flash):
    • Flash ROM zip and magisk (optional)
    • Reboot and voila!

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    Source Code
    Kernel Tree

    ROM OS Version: Android 12.
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.14.x
    Stable Release Date: 01 January 2022
    Latest Release Date: 14 February 2022
    190R.BountifulDistantHapuka -
    ANXCameraProvider -
    Miui core -

    I try older Miui core by original post ANX Camera for Redmi note 10 ( but the newest core should work too
    i'm using Global 13.0.5 Firmware... no issues at all