[ROM][12.1][OFFICIAL][LAVENDER] crDroid v8.6 [25.06.2022]

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Apr 3, 2021
Crdroid 8.7
Battery consumption percentages are not accurate.


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Aug 20, 2022
Hey, I have a weird issue (not sure if it's a bug or just me being dumb). When I connect the phone to my PC, it defaults to charging. I'd prefer the default to be file transfer, so I went into the settings to change that. Normally this setting is on the developer options, but I've searched there and nothing. So I have no idea where it is, and I've also tried simply searching the settings for "USB" and didn't find the option. Anyone know where it is?

NVM found it.


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Nov 17, 2012
After trying several Android 12 roms I switched back to Android 11 because the phone was very slow.
I flashed LineageOS then wanted to go back to crDroid so I just flashed*

I formatted data before flashing the latest global firmware and the ROM.
The device is stuck at the bootanimation... Do you know why?

* I did everything:
  • Wipe Dalvik, cache, system, vendor
  • Flash latest global fw
  • Flash Rom
  • Flash Gapps if required
  • Format Data & reboot to system

EDIT: no problem if I flash crDroid 12
EDIT2: I'm on crDroid 12. Which password should I enter in OrangeFox recovery to decrypt the data? My PIN code doesn't work...
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May 25, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Ace II
Moto G
I'm on crDroid 12. Which password should I enter in OrangeFox recovery to decrypt the data? My PIN code doesn't work...
Try to use latest A12 betas of ofox.
Stable release dont support a12 decryption.



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Oct 13, 2014
Great Rom (8.8) so far. But deep sleep bug is still present. Running on predator x4.10-qti but nothing changed. Disabling Bluetooth is not working either.
I see crDroidAndroid-12.1-20220912-lavender-v8.9 is now offered for download.
For 8.8 six file versions from 20220813 to 20220909 are available for download.
I looked what might have changed since Aug 14, 2022
==== 12 September, 2022 (8.9) ====
* Updated to latest crDroid sources

==== 19 August, 2022 (8.8) ===
* Cts pass by default
* lavender: overlay: Enable wallpaper zooming
* lavender: Update sensor blobs from nokia plate2
* Revert "lavender : overlay: ignore RSSNR signal level"

==== 14 August, 2022 (8.8) ====
* lavender: overlay: Fix hyper orange night light
* Revert "lavender: Flatten APEXs for performance"
* lavender: rro_overlays: WhenDark -> OnLock
* lavender: Powerhint: Drop PM QoS boosting
* lavender: overlay: Enable subtle tick vibration when revealing shelf
* lavender: Makefile: Inherit several Android Go configurations
* lavender: Re-Configure cpusets for dex2oat
* lavender: Switch to full dexpreopt
* lavender: Enable quick tap & facelock
* lavender: tune phase offsets duration
So nothing regarding deep sleep and BT it seems?

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