Development [ROM][12.1][OFFICIAL] PixelOS [AOSP][ALIOTH/ALIOTHIN][09/05/2022]

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Feb 8, 2010
What extra features does it have? Can I make the power button push to register fingerprint rather than just touch?


Oct 11, 2015
The latest unofficial build does seems to be working and has lot of features too...... but unfortunately sound is not working. Maybe it's because of newly added Dolby? I guess then by unofficial you mean like beta version right?
So can it be dirty flashed/updated or do you need to wipe and clean install it?

Adam Hui

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May 30, 2012
Xiaomi Poco F3
The latest unofficial build does seems to be working and has lot of features too...... but unfortunately sound is not working. Maybe it's because of newly added Dolby? I guess then by unofficial you mean like beta version right?
The firmware needed id EU, maybe u havrle the other one that cause your sound isnt working.
This unofficial build was the same source but with different device tree from official one which announced on official page
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Jul 30, 2016
Realme X2 Pro
Xiaomi Poco F3
I guess this was always a potential risk. @cristianvaz is clearly a very able person but if he was a team of one and has lost interest in his Poco F3 fork then there not a lot we can do.

Does beg the question, if I need to revert to MIUI, can someone point me to a good How To?



Apr 11, 2022
If u start from the official one by @cristianvaz then dirty flash will cause system instability since the device tree was from different of each devs device tree theirself.

Damn that's a shame then. Might have to give it a try on the weekend then especially if there might not be a new developer coming on anytime soon. When I first got this phone I was deciding between this and the other notoriously named H*OS since I was just after something clean and simple and don't really need the extra customisation or tinkering of crdroid/arrow and pixelexperience was also missing a developer at the time I think?


Mar 25, 2014
So what happens now folks?

Do we wait, or have to move on to another ROM (if yes, then which 'Pixel' will you guys go fo

So what happens now folks?

Do we wait, or have to move on to another ROM (if yes, then which 'Pixel' will you guys go for)?
No one has applied yet to be a new maintainer and once they do the process takes a few weeks.

For now, either use the unofficial build or wait for an official maintainer - hopefully within a month or two.

For me, nothing is broken on the latest official build so I'm sticking on that and hope someone takes over soon.

Adam Hui

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May 30, 2012
Xiaomi Poco F3
I'm assuming if you jumped onto the unofficial one in the meantime you're gonna need to wipe and start over again to get back onto the official one once it eventually comes out?
Yep full data wipe across different device tree over.
But maybe if we all can joint to recommend the unofficial dev for keep using official dev's device tree, it'll shouldnt be happened.


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Aug 9, 2022
I installed it, but I don't know, maybe I went somewhere wrong
The sound output from the phone sometimes lags, no sound comes from the phone
Sometimes the phone dialer freezes, or when the call rings, it cannot be hung up, or the phone freezes when it hears a sound
Does anyone have any comments?


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Jul 30, 2016
Realme X2 Pro
Xiaomi Poco F3
Anyone has the problem of screen not able to wake up? encountered in the latest rom, can't wake up the screen by any means, can only reboot to solve it.
Q. Are you using a third-party launcher? I use Nova 7 and generally, I really love the control and customisation it brings on top of Pixel OS. However, I do sometimes notice that it will not load the folders and icons and I have to switch the screen off and on once or twice to reinstate everything.

I'm wondering if the screen not coming on is possibly related to not using the default pixel launcher?


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    I can now confirm that if you use the most current official MiUI 13.0.7 you will end up with a phone that doesn't work properly.

    As @Hey_Papito says, if you use 13.0.3 you will be fine.
    Yes I think that 13.0.7 firmware gave me issues with audio and video not playing and device freezing every 5 mins which required a hard reset
    Many customization features in this rom? I presume not, starting by his name...
    Yes just the right amount needed. Still more customisation than ArrowOS. If you need extreme customisation use evolution X or Crdroid
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    PixelOS is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, themed icons, google sans fonts, Monet color based system wide theming, boot animation), a fork of OG Pixel Experience with improvements on the top of it. Huge respect to Pixel Experience team for their work, thanks to them for making this ROM possible.
    In short a fully functional Pixel Experience with just the right amount of essentials.

    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Improvements over PixelExperience
    Performance improvements from ProtonAOSP
    Adopted screenshot sounds to ringer mode
    3-finger swipe to capture screenshots
    Double tap to sleep on lockscreen and status bar
    Added Screen Recording Customizations
    Added Advanced Reboot
    Allow disabling Screenshot Sounds
    Added Bluetooth headset battery indicator
    Spoofed as Pixel XL for Google Photos for unlimited backup in original quality
    Added themed icons for a lot of third party icons in stock Pixel launcher
    Added monet in power menu
    Exposed legacy WiFi and Cellular data QS tiles
    Added bluetooth battery level indicator on status bar
    Added NFC tile in QS for supported devices
    Added double tap/long press power button to toggle torch
    Reduced log spam verbosity
    A lot of under the hood UI fixes and improvements

    Device Specific Issues:
    Tell me

    • Latest Global Stable Android 11 firmware for alioth.

    Get the latest PixelOS Build for alioth Download
    Magisk (optional)

    Recovery OrangeFox
    PixelOS Recovery

    Note: GApps are included, don't flash separately.

    • Encryption is enabled by default
    • SELinux is enforcing
    • Safetynet passed by default

    PixelOS Recovery is recommended if you want to stay encrypted, no custom recovery supports encryption on Android12, i.e. you won't be able to decrypt your data.
    Flashing Instructions
    Clean flash (coming from a different ROM):

    • Download ROM from the link above
    • Download Magisk v23.0 or newer (optionally)
    • Reboot to recovery
    • Format data (if encrypted)
    • Flash ROM zip
    • Reboot and voila!
    • To get root access, reboot to recovery after ROM setup and flash magisk.

    Updating to a newer build (dirty flash):
    • Flash ROM zip and magisk (optional)
    • Reboot and voila!

    Join our Telegram Group
    Alioth support group: cristianvazsupport
    Buy me a Coffee

    Source Code
    Device Tree
    Kernel Tree

    ROM OS Version: Android 12.1
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    Stable Release Date: 09 May 2022
    Latest Release Date: 09 May 2022

    # 27-Apr-2022
    - Update PowerProfiles to Android 12.1
    - Update to last N0kernel Beta
    - Update corner radius from stock
    - Align side fps ripple animation
    - Fix Video Calling
    - Some QTI Bluetooth fixes and improvements
    - Fix Mifare nfc
    - Fix AOD animation with Deep sleep
    - New High Polling Rate implementation (source side)
    - Implemented LiveDisplay and HBM
    - Ram improvements

    # 09-Apr-2022
    - Rebased LOS 19.1 trees
    - Change to n0kernel
    - Updated vendor to MIUI 13.0.2
    - Audio configurations from MIUI 13
    - AOD auto brightness
    - Improved thermal profiles and refresh rate per app listview
    - QTI Bluetooth
    - Deep sleep on AOD
    - Implemented Smooth Display

    # 14-Mar-2022
    - Change to new trees (base LOS)
    - Change to Arrow Kernel
    - Doze settings
    - HOS Display calibration and HDR props
    - Thermal profiles and QS Tile
    - Clear speaker
    - Refresh rate QS Tile
    - More optimizations

    # 11-Feb-2022
    - Improved night display temperature
    - Implement quicktap
    - Fix statusbar burn in protection
    - Improved ui smoothness
    - Some audio changes
    - Implement IORap
    - ART optimization
    - Imported rounded corners overlays from gourami
    - And more fixes and improvements under the hood

    # 16-Jan-2022
    - Updated Optimus kernel to v11.32
    - Show refresh rate controls
    - Fixed error alioth,aliothin using prebuilt recovery
    - Align fp indicator with power button
    - Display correct charging speed
    - Allow all filesystems for USB-OTG
    - WiFi improvements
    - Audio improvements
    - Imported some blobs and config from MIUI 13
    PixelOS 12.1 update ready and post edited with changelogs!!

    So, though I do not like MIUI... at all... I thought I had nothing to lose trying to use the batch script to load the ROM. It's a 4GB file but it didn't take too long and I extracted it, booted the phone to fastboot and ran the windows batch script. It seems to have worked, so I have a functional OS again. So I'm kind of back at the start. Can someone point me to an IDIOT proof installation How To for Pixel OS?
    1. download PixelOS ->
    2. download PixelOS Recovery ->
    3. download Android SDK Platform-Tools ->
    4. unzip platform-tools_r?? and copy PixelOS_alioth-12.0-2022???-????.zip and boot-alioth-2022????.img inside the unzipped folder (in the same folder where adb.exe and fastboot.exe are)
    5. power off phone and power on with power + volume down (going to fastboot)
    6. plug the phone to your computer and check if the phone is recognized: run from terminal (from the platform-tools folder) "fastboot devices" (you should see a device listed)
    7. run "fastboot flash boot boot-alioth-2022????.img" and after some seconds you should get a finished message, then unplug the phone from the computer
    8. reboot the phone in recovery mode ( power + volume up )
    9. do a "Factory reset" -> "Format data/factory reset" (you will loose all data, so do a backup before)
    10. go to main screen of recovery mode and select "Apply update" -> "Apply from ADB". Plug the cable to the computer
    11. run from the terminal "adb sideload PixelOS_alioth-12.0-2022???-????.zip" and wait the process to finish (reaching 100% from terminal - and Step 1/2 / Step 2/2 on the phone). Unplug the phone from the computer
    12. go to main screen of recovery mode and select "Reboot system now"
    You will lose TWRP (but at this time TWRP is not working with Android 12 encryption, so better use PixelOS Recovery. It'll support also OTA update).
    You need to have also the bootloader unlocked.

    Edited: fixed the command "fastboot flash boot boot-alioth-2022????.img" adding the missing the "boot" option.
    Rom and changelogs updated!! enjoy