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Jan 2, 2015
Updated from A11 to A12 Evo version. Clean flashed. The fingerprint sensor isnt as reliable as in the A11 version, but other then that everything seems to working fine. Thx Joey, great A12 rom.
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Aug 13, 2011
Hello, latest rom download link not working.


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Aug 13, 2011
If I rollback to MIUI 12.5.6 and restore Widevine L1 it's a chance for not downradged to L3 after clean install Evolution rom? Before installing this custom room I had a stock MIUI 12.5.1 with Widevine L3.


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Feb 1, 2013
hi..all the last updates of this rom i have followed the bellow procedure to flash and retain magisk and safteynet pass..

i used to flash rom+fcrypt disabler ..
then boot os ..go to magisk patch new boot.img from the ota zip and flash it through boot loader..

somehow the same method followed on todays update is giving me safteynet failed for magisk.
any help to retain root and safteynet pass? this was done on a clean flash.
thanks in advance..


Jul 9, 2018
Hi again! This is probably the final update for January. No promises, though. UDFPS (FOD) icon chooser and animations are back from Android 11. The fragment wherein you will choose which icon/animation you want is relatively new and I think everyone will like it. Issues such as Monet theme engine breaking after choosing the OxygenOS icon pack are fixed. Game space now replaces the previous Gaming macro implementation. Quick tap is now enabled in Gesture settings. Display and Graphics blobs have been updated. QS tiles can now be disabled on a secure lock screen. We can now force the small lock screen clock even without notifications on the screen. Screen off animations also makes their return for those who miss the CRT animation. Long pressing the Heads Up QS tile now brings you straight to the Heads Up settings fragment within Evolver while long-pressing the AoD QS tile brings you to the lock screen display settings. Other changes and fixes can be found below. GamesProps have been added to PixelPropsUtils for games that would allow setting higher FPS.

Also, off-topic. I'm almost fully recovered from covid except for the occasional coughs. Hope you guys stay safe, enjoy the latest update and donate if you liked my work!

Changelog for latest (01/21/2022) Update

Device changes:
  • Adapt for updated UDFPS support
  • Add missing Perf configs
  • Add missing libs
  • Add permission for Xiaomiparts
  • Drop sensorscalibrate
  • Enable quick-tap
  • Remove proto configs
  • Update Graphics blobs to LA.UM.9.1.r1-11400.02
  • Update display blobs to LA.UM.9.1.r1-11400.02
  • init: Cleanup early_boot script
  • init: Cleanup post_boot script
  • parts: Drop Simplified Chinese translations
  • privapp-permissions-qti.xml: Add newly required permissions
ROM changes:
  • Add new Game space from exthmui
  • AuthRippleController: only update sensor location when necessary
  • BatteryMeterView: Move null check to the beginning of the method
  • EnhancedEstimates: Get estimates from Device Health Services
  • EnhancedEstimates: Rewrite estimates in kotlin
  • Evolver: Add Game Space shortcut pref
  • Evolver: Add volume panel on left toggle
  • Evolver: Allow disabling qs on secure lock screen
  • Evolver: Allow forcing small keyguard clock
  • Evolver: Allow toggling camera/mic privacy indicator
  • Evolver: Bring back Screen off animations
  • Evolver: Bring back UDFPS (FOD) icons and animations
  • Evolver: Improve location privacy indicator toggle
  • Evolver: Use a different CustomSeekBarPreference adaptation
  • GpsNetInitiatedHandler: Disable more debugging
  • Make DownloadManager.enqueue() a no-op when INTERNET permission is revoked
  • Make Gaming Mode QS tile use Game space features instead
  • NavigationModeController: Silence log spam
  • PixelPropsUtils: Add GamesProps
  • QuickStatusBarHeader: Only disable battery click when needed
  • Reduce padding use by privacy indicator resources
  • Settings: Add footer explanation to Adaptive Playback
  • Settings: ColorBucketPreference: Nuke SettingsObserver
  • Settings: Display: Observe auto-brightness mode changes
  • Settings: DoubleTapGesture: Make it use a preference controller
  • Settings: Expose Heads Up settings page
  • Settings: Hardcode moduleProvider to com.google.android.modulemetadata
  • Settings: Make PIN scramble user-specific
  • Settings: Replace settings:defaultText with settings:defaultValueText
  • Settings: Use font configs instead of fonts directly
  • Show infinity for large notification counts
  • StatusBarIconController: Don't cast NetworkTrafficSB to StatusBarIconView
  • Stop Microsoft apps from crashing without INTERNET permission
  • SystemUI: AODTile: Use LockScreenSettingsActivity instead on long click
  • SystemUI: Add HIGH_SAMPLING_RATE_SENSORS permission
  • SystemUI: AuthController: Fix NPE due to isPowerbuttonFps()
  • SystemUI: HeadsUpTile: Open Heads Up fragment on long click
  • SystemUI: refactor notification counter
  • SystemUIGoogle: Fix CalledFromWrongThread exceptions
  • SystemUIGoogle: Import Reverse Charging and Battery Saver tiles
  • TextView: Allow preventing requestLayout() calls
  • ThemeOverlayApplier: Apply wifi and signal icon styles last
  • Update translations
  • appop: Keep up to 7 days of permission usage history
  • appop: Save discrete app op history for more permissions
  • base: Fix location privacy indicator getting stuck
  • core: Switch to Pasty for copying crash logs
  • overlay: Extend 'Target pixel launcher/pixel themes' to OOS icon pack
  • privapp-permissions: Grant missing TelephonyProvider perm
  • ripple: Replace with Fluent Design-inspired ripple animation
  • services: LightsService: Mute an annoying error message
  • vendor: Add drawable XMLs for themed icons
  • vendor: Update overlays from January release
  • vendor: overlay: Adjust Settings search bar roundness to be like stock
  • vendor: overlay: Re-enable volume control for remote sessions
Thanks a lot for the hard work @joeyhuab . I wish for you to recover from covid completely, really soon. Take care :)
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Nov 5, 2012
Xiaomi Mi A1
Redmi K20 Pro
hi..all the last updates of this rom i have followed the bellow procedure to flash and retain magisk and safteynet pass..

i used to flash rom+fcrypt disabler ..
then boot os ..go to magisk patch new boot.img from the ota zip and flash it through boot loader..

somehow the same method followed on todays update is giving me safteynet failed for magisk.
any help to retain root and safteynet pass? this was done on a clean flash.
thanks in advance..
Enable MagiskHide, hide the Magisk package.


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Nov 10, 2009
The ROM is neraly perfect!

I`m just having slow and imprecise reading from the fingerprint sensor....
Maybe it's just me, but even with the "new" white backlight I have to try several times to unlock the phone...

Some advice? Anyone?
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Mar 14, 2012
To anyone on raphael global that lost L1 after flashing Evo, check in Security > Google Play system update for an update.

I lost my L1 after clean flashing Evo (Jan 15 build I believe) coming from Pixel Experience A11. Flashed stock MIUI ROM to recover L1, clean flashed Evo, only to lose L1 again so I kept using it with L3 cause I didn't want to reflash. After the Google Play System update and reboot, it was L1 and survived the dirty flash to the Jan 22 build.

I don't know if that will work for everyone that lost it or if the update is connected to the certification, that was my experience.
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Recognized Developer
Nov 5, 2012
Xiaomi Mi A1
Redmi K20 Pro
The ROM is neraly perfect!

I`m just having slow and imprecise reading from the fingerprint sensor....
Maybe it's just me, but even with the "new" white backlight I have to try several times to unlock the phone...

Some advice? Anyone?
Use the default (Cyan) or White (not new) as the other colors are for other devices. Cyan or White works best for ours.
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Jul 30, 2014
clean flashed the latest version ... phone boots only to recovery

coming from stable MIUI Global_V12.5.2.0
tried many times...can't figure out whats wrong, tried with both TWRP and OrangeFox


Jan 11, 2011
Hey Joey, thanks a lot for the great rom. Really appreciate it!

For the last 3 updates, I am often having issues with call speaker and mic. They work only with speaker on or headset. Even after wiping data, it works for a day or 2 and the issue starts again. Today after the recent update the problem started. Could you please help me sort it?

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    I'm back. My mouth feels better now but there's still a bulge near my neck and right cheek due to swelling. Totally improved the ROM for everyone. Check the changelog for important changes. Hope you guys like the update. Keep donating to support the project and help with my medical expenses after the wisdom teeth extraction. Enjoy!

    Changelog for the latest (05/13/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Add missing wfdservice64
    • Build mtdservice interface lib from source
    • Move to Pixel thermal HAL
    • Switch to source-built mlipay interface
    • audio: Don't advertise vorbis offloading support
    • powerhint: Add Adaptive Battery hints tuned for Efficent freq
    • powerhint: Add Flipendo hints
    ROM changes:
    • Add various system packages to indicator exemptions
    • Clean up whitelisted packages in privacy indicator controller
    • Evolver: Force black qs background in dark theme
    • Fix Google One backups
    • PixelPropsUtils: Refactor & clean up
    • PixelPropsUtils: Spoof some Google apps to raven
    • Provide required permissions for cellbroadcastreceiver
    • QSFooter: Set tuner icon to always be invisible
    • RIL: Fix manual network selection with old modem
    • Settings: Add toggle for screenshot timestamp EXIF metadata
    • Settings: Check wifi direct feature for showing preferences
    • Settings: Extended Swipe Gestures: Add show recents option
    • Settings: Remove conflicting color modes array
    • SystemUI: Add dual-tone light and dark themes for QS
    • SystemUI: Always refresh power menu on UI mode change
    • SystemUI: Don't allow the end user to disable SystemUI Tuner
    • SystemUI: Fix power menu light/dark theme switching
    • SystemUI: Follow light/dark theme in quick settings
    • SystemUI: Initialize QS tiles in inactive state
    • SystemUI: Remove colorSurfaceHeader dependency from framework
    • SystemUI: Strict lock screen rotation
    • Telecomm: Provide required permissions for Telephony
    • ThemedIcons: Update and add Repainter
    • frameworks: Exempt location packages from location indicators
    • fs_mgr: Allow remounts with Magisk installed
    • init: Skip interface duplicates if service is an override
    • libsparse: Add simg2img_static target for host
    • libsysutils: Hide NetlinkListener error in recovery
    • overlay: SystemUI: Follow light/dark theme in power menu
    • overlay: SystemUI: Use default surface colors for power menu buttons
    • overlay: core: Add chroma to light surface highlight color
    • prebuilt: apns-conf: Checkout to LOS
    • telephony: Bring back "Fix loading SIM phonebook redundantly"
    • telephony: Handle that an operator numeric can be null
    • vendor: Add back livedisplay permissions
    This new build reverts the switch to Pixel thermals to mi thermald for now to better handle ambient temps. Reset battery stats is now added to Settings app. Light theme QS panel has been been permanently removed. Status bar toggles for mute and vibrate are now separated. Fullscreen gestures toggle has been replaced with a different implementation. Compact layout toggle is now available for 3 button navbar users. And clicking Evolution X version in about phone has been changed. This also includes the latest version of Soviet kernel (v4.14.278).

    Changelog for the latest (05/16/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Switch back to mi thermald
    • Upstream to latest Soviet kernel (v4.14.278)
    ROM changes:
    • Add "ro.hardware.egl_legacy" for ANGLE system driver
    • BatteryService: Fix battery led not turning off when unplugged at 100%
    • Call setBrightness when user stops swiping on statusbar
    • Evolver: Allow enabling compact layout of 3 button navigation bar
    • Fix bluetooth percentage not showing on battery widget
    • NavigationBarInflaterView: fix concurrent unsafe variable leads to nohint overlay reload forever
    • NavigationBarView: Show floating rotation if 2-button nav mode enabled
    • Nuke Light theme for QS panel
    • PackageManagerService: Protect forced enabled components at runtime
    • PermissionManager: fix NPE in getIndicatorExemptedPackages
    • Replace fullscreen gestures with hide gestural navigation hint bar implementation
    • Settings: Add Reset battery stats button
    • Settings: Change Evolution X version preference behavior
    • Settings: Remove Google Cell Broadcast Receiver package config
    • SystemUI: Add missing call to init isDeviceProvisioned in PhoneStatusBarPolicy
    • SystemUI: Make isTablet() use correct API for getting window metrics
    • SystemUI: Split status bar icon controls for vibrate and mute
    • SystemUI: migrate status bar manual brightness to float
    • SystemUI: unify statusbar manual & auto brightness code
    • Update SysUI to be compatible with latest Jetpack libraries
    • Update translations
    • apn: Grameenphone uses APN 'gpinternet'
    • core: Disable LiveDisplay display mode by default
    • fix ProcessCpuTracker.java file sLoadComparator issue
    • keystore: Rate limit attestation for Google Play Services
    • overlays: Acherus: Use correct path for some icons
    • use more loadDrawableAsUser in MediaDataManager
    • version: Uprev to 6.4 (Snow-Relapse)
    The new update is out! This build switches to AOSP apex (for performance improvements) and disables (buggy) Google Play system updates. Make sure to uninstall 'Main components' and 'Support components' apps after updating. If you don't have them, that's fine. To fix mobile data issues, Reset your APN settings on all SIMs. This adds several new features such as new additional features for WiFi Hotspot, adjusting blur on QS Panel, and Color-coded battery indication (replaces old battery bar feature) among other additions. Battery life should still be similar to the previous build, if not better. Also, modifications to the system partition is now allowed again.

    Make sure to stick to stock kernel or kernels that support libperfmgr or else you'll be getting crashes.

    Changelog for the latest (05/01/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Declare WiFi Aware support to WiFi HAL
    • Enable asynchronous library events in WPA supplicant
    • Enable blur (Disable blurs during app launch)
    • Enable mainline artifact path enforcement
    • Enforce native interfaces of product partition as VNDK
    • Re-configure CPU variant according to GS101
    • Remove gc_urgent from powerhint (causes log spam)
    • Suppress sysfs wakeup denials spam
    • Switch to using AOSP apex (disable Google Play system updates)
    • Use azure clang for kernel compile
    • Use latest Soviet kernel
    • overlay: Increase no. of visible max notifications icons
    • overlay: Update max visible system icons
    • sepolicy: Address some denials for libperfmgr
    • use s2idle
    ROM changes:
    • Evolver: Color-coded battery indication
    • Evolver: Introduce QS transparency level
    • Fix Dark Theme "TURN ON UNTIL SUNRISE" issue
    • PMS and WMS deadlock when uninstalling APP
    • Settings: Add AdGuard and Cloudflare DNS as private DNS providers
    • Settings: Add hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
    • Settings: Remove string array resource sim_color_light in translations
    • Settings: Update package details to match S style
    • SoftAp: add Hidden SSID preference
    • SoftAp: add back AP Band preference into tether settings
    • SoftAp: add client manager
    • SoftAp: add more bands to band preference
    • SoftAp: add support for setting shutdown timeout
    • SystemUI: Allow overlaying max system icons
    • SystemUI: Bring back dual-tone light and dark themes for QS
    • SystemUI: Fix PIN scramble setting discrepancy
    • SystemUI: fix MediaProjection cast crash
    • UsbDeviceManager: Delay MSG_UPDATE_SCREEN_LOCK message
    • audio: Verify that hal implements get_audio_port before calling
    • base: Battery style improvements
    • base: add zen mode off hook to prevent problems with ringer mode
    • development: disable DSULoader
    • device_config: Save discrete app op history for more permissions
    • linker: Add support for opening zip files by fd paths
    • prebuilt: apns-conf: update to LA.QSSI.12.0.r1-05100-qssi.0
    Hi guys. Just a quick announcement from me.

    I won't be able to make an update within a week due to me having 2 wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. I hope you guys continue to support me as it's pretty expensive too. I'll need to rest about a week to have that side of my mouth heal.
    Latest update taken down to remove broken implementation of QS transparency/blur and for removal of QS Panel Light theme. Will upload a new build later.
    Here's the proper update. Phone Services location indicator shouldn't show up anymore. PixelProps spoofing has been improved. Other changes can be found below! Thanks to those who have donated and will still continue to do so after applying this update!

    Changelog for the latest (05/03/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Build some f2fs tools
    • Disable QCOM system daemon
    • Move to common Xiaomi light AIDL
    • Move to source built IfaaService
    • Update USB HAL to V1.3 implementation
    • Update to latest Soviet kernel
    • enable Multi-gen LRU
    • wifi: Extend gInterfaceChangeWait to 2 seconds for avoid crash when "adb reboot"
    • wifi: set inactivity time
    ROM changes:
    • Add Phone Services to location indicator whitelist
    • Merge May 2022 security patches
    • PixelPropsUtils: Refactor implementation
    • PixelPropsUtils: Update fingerprints to May 2022 release
    • SystemUI: Let screenshot window ignore screen decorations
    • add com.android.bluetooth to indicator exemptions
    • add com.android.phone to indicator exemptions
    • fixup! Camera: Skip stream size check for whitelisted apps
    • overlay: core: Suppress System UI ANRs
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    Evolution X 6.4 for the Xiaomi K20 Pro / Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro [raphael]
    * Your warranty is void. Or valid, probably?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X,
    * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following
    * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point your finger at me for messing up your device, I will LMAO at you.


    Keep Evolving
    Pixel UI, customization, and more, we are Evolution X!

    - Team Evolution X -

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    Just flash and check "The Evolver". We have tons of features combined together from different ROMs.


    * Native carrier video calls can be wonky
    * Lag after reboots. Just lock and unlock after a few seconds (must not be on AoD)



    First Time Install / Clean Flash from MIUI

    1. Reboot to Fastboot
    2. Download your desired recovery for your device
    3. Flash whichever recovery you desire and make sure you're on latest A11 firmware.
    If not, flash
    A11 firmware.
    4. FORMAT data. (Requires full backup of internal storage)
    5. Flash the ROM
    6. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving
    7. Don't restore DEVICE SETTINGS during Setup Wizard.

    Update / Dirty Flash
    1. Reboot to Recovery
    2. Download the update for your device
    3. Flash the ROM
    4. Reboot to System and #KeepEvolving

    Donate to me! / Official Chat / Device Support

    XDA: DevDB Information
    Evolution X, ROM for the Redmi K20 Pro

    Source Code: https://github.com/Evolution-X

    ROM OS Version: Android 12.1
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.14.280
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 6.4
    Stable Release Date: 2021-11-04

    Created 2021-11-04
    Last Updated 2022-05-25
    Changelog for the latest (05/25/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Switch back to mi thermals
    ROM changes:
    • Battery Styles: Fix percentage view on landscape battery
    • Check for null callerPackage in getStorageEncryptionStatus
    • Evolver: Add back big dotted and big circle battery indicator
    • Evolver: Add temperature warning toggle
    • Settings: Bring back pocket lock toggle
    • SystemUI: Integrate Google Lens into Screenshot UI
    • SystemUI: Remove unnecessary showVoLTEIcon config
    • SystemUI: Reset QS on UI mode change
    • UdfpsResources: Add McLaren and Mi icons
    • Update translations
    • pocket lock: Increase pocket lock screen to 15 seconds
    New update is out. Other concerns are not my priority.

    Changelog for the latest (04/14/2022) update

    Device changes:
    • Add the customized max cached processes number
    • Don't pin launcher app in memory
    • Enable iorapd tracing with perfetto
    • Improve boot time and pull in bootanim display time
    • Remove redundant build property for reduceOpsTaskSplitting
    • Update graphics blobs from from LA.UM.9.14.r1-18900-LAHAINA.QSSI12.0
    • Unpin updatable-media from memory
    • Upstream to latest Soviet
    • fix deprecated power profile items
    • init.qcom.rc: Tuning UFS clkgate and ah8 during boot time
    • remove IO read_ahead_kb tune
    • set readahead_size_kb=128 to system, vendor and data
    ROM changes:
    • AOD: Sleep when proximity is covered for 3 secs
    • ActivityThread: Prevent surface hang up when screen on and screen off
    • Add more notification channels to be blockable
    • AlarmManager: Handle all gms exact alarm denials
    • AlarmManagerService: null check the alarm operation
    • Catch IllegalArgumentException for invalid phone id
    • Catch SQLiteFullException in AccountManagerService
    • Close the FileStream to avoid resource leak
    • DisplayPowerController: Fix incall proximity not turning off display
    • Don't update OverScroller fling state if improper time passed
    • Evolver: Allow hiding apps from launcher
    • Evolver: Bring back volume panel on left toggle
    • Evolver: Hide Status bar on Lock screen
    • Evolver: Move screen off animation to Misc category
    • Evolver: Remove charging animation toggle
    • Evolver: Remove color picker for custom Logo
    • Evolver: Use correct key for Status bar clock auto hide launcher
    • Evolver: applock: intercept activity in a better way
    • Fix Wakelock issue
    • Fix chip visibility in split shade header
    • Fix the issue of transition animation splash screen in split screen mode
    • Fix wakelock under-locked issue
    • Keystore 2.0: Add CREATION_DATETIME only for Keymint V1 and higher
    • Notifications: Make USB-Debugging notification less important
    • PixelPropsUtils: Avoid spoofing for Pixel Buds
    • PixelPropsUtils: Use Mi 11 Ultra for games prop
    • QSPanel: Fix NPE in updateViewPositions()
    • SQLite: Do integrity_check only once
    • Settings: Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
    • Settings: Battery charge warning
    • Settings: Make IME button space optional
    • ShortcutPackage: do not spam logcat
    • StatusBar: Kill old privacy indicator icons completely
    • StatusBar: dismiss qs when screen is going off if showing
    • SystemServer: Only enable fd leak tracker on eng
    • SystemUI: Add VPN tile
    • SystemUI: Animate cutout padding for QS clock
    • SystemUI: Enable status bar burn-in protection by default
    • SystemUI: Face Unlock animation
    • SystemUI: Make the volume dialog expandable
    • SystemUI: QuickStatusBarHeaderController: Remove ColorExtractor listener
    • SystemUI: Show daily data usage in QS footer
    • SystemUI: Update BT battery level from OOS
    • SystemUI: restart timeout causes black screen
    • UIModeTile: Collapse after change UI mode
    • base: Add system app whitelist for applock
    • base: Grant Gapps permissions on boot
    • base: Grant storage permissions for Papers app
    • base: Set ic_avatar_user and ic_avatar_guest_user to follow system accent
    • base: add missing device config permissions for settings
    • base: log spill when dragging
    • config: Disable GMS OTA popup
    • config: Disable remote keyguard animation until it's fixed
    • config: Move keylayout to /product
    • config: Move permissions & sysconfig to /product
    • fix google widget timing issue
    • fonts: Use variable font for Roboto Regular
    • os: Process: Fix wrong code in isThreadInProcess
    • sepolicy: Allow apps to read auxiliary camera properties
    • unregister FileCleanupReceiver when disableHistory
    After around 20 test builds, I and other users can assure you better battery life on this new update. Deep sleep issues have been confirmed to be squashed so no need to do anything regarding that. A lot of device-side changes to further update/improve our current situation on Android 12.

    Bluetooth aptX Adaptive and aptX TWS(+) are now supported as we've switched to the QTI Bluetooth stack. Skia Vulkan is now the default for UI rendering. Several improvements to audio has also been done to improve calls and music streaming. A lot of sepolicy denials have been addressed to ensure less logging during system uptime.

    Extended swipe/advanced nav gestures have been removed in favor of a more stable gesture nav experience. It was causing some gesture issues, especially in apps during landscape mode. NFC icons for the status bar and QS tile have been updated (for Global and CN users) while esepowermanager and secure_element have been totally disabled for raphaelin users as they relate to NFC as well. Gboard spoof has been switched to redfin to avoid some force close issues while Play store will no longer be spoofed as app developers can apparently now block certain device fingerprints from downloading their apps.

    I've been having almost 2 weeks of sleepless nights, testing and making sure everything is stable and won't cause any more battery drains. There have been reports of improved active and idle drains in the tele group already after testing. I hope you guys enjoy and continue supporting Evo X by donating. Thanks!

    Changelog for latest (02/06/2022) Update

    Device changes:
    • Adjust camera aux list (Removed LOS snap from list because access to aux cause the app to bug)
    • Bluetooth: Switch to QTI Bluetooth stack (Enables aptX Adaptive and aptX TWS+ support. If having issues, toggle off "Disable BT A2DP Hardware Offload" in Dev options)
    • BoardConfig: Reconfigure Display flags
    • Build DRM vendor HIDL
    • Build audio.primary.default
    • Build custom audio amplifier
    • Build necessary camera libs
    • Clear persist.vendor.usb.config on boot
    • Configure vibrator kernel nodes for QTI vibrator HAL (resolves very weak haptics during notifications & calls)
    • Configure zram from separate fstab
    • Disable serial console notification
    • Don't apply persist.vendor.usb.config
    • Enable QCRIL radio power saving
    • Graphics: Use Vulkan for UI rendering (fixes quick scrolling in apps)
    • Increase audio HAL buffer size to 240
    • Match QVA static overlay configs for BT
    • Remove wait_for_keymaster and all references
    • Set aaudio.mmap_policy into 1 (Fixes audio in Chrome with Soundcloud)
    • Set status bar top padding to 0 for landscape
    • Some minor NFC changes (completely disabled for raphaelin now)
    • Split component-overrides to support pure AOSP/QTI BT stack
    • audio: Don't advertise vorbis offloading support
    • audio: Drop instances from record_24
    • audio: add offload gapless support flag
    • audio: fixup audio io policy voip_rx flags
    • audio: upgrade audio.usb.default from v1 to v2
    • fstab: Correct zram parameter names
    • fstab: Switch zram swap to /data/per_boot
    • ims: update lib-imsvideocodec.so from alioth S dump (fixes the missing symbol error in ims_media_jni)
    • overlay: Exempt cne from location indicators
    • overlay: Snap: Enable camera API v2
    • overlay: Update config_ims_rcs_package to use new ImsService
    • parts: Add bass booster preset for MiSound
    • parts: Dirac fixes
    • parts: Handle more error for dirac
    • parts: Completely remove raise to wake feature (caused the battery drains)
    • parts: Set android:exported to true in manifest
    • permissions: Apply latest supported deqp levels for Vulkan & OpenGL
    • props: Don't write binary XML files
    • props: Update RIL props
    • props: Update the transcoding operating rate
    • props: add ro.gfx.driver.1 (for proper msmnile gpu drivers support)
    • rootdir: Add chown for audio folder
    • rootdir: Don't configure zram in init.qcom.post_boot.sh
    • rootdir: Enforce S new launch debugfs restrictions
    • rootdir: Properly label qvr_external_sensor fd
    • rootdir: tune audio-app and set to 0-3 cores
    • sepolicy: Add F2FS sysfs permission
    • sepolicy: Add missing labels
    • sepolicy: Add sepolicy for kernel to access /data/per_boot/zram_swap
    • sepolicy: Address gmscore_app denials
    • sepolicy: Address new denials
    • sepolicy: Address vendor_qti_init_shell denials
    • sepolicy: Allow ioctl to zram_swap for performance
    • sepolicy: Allow power stats HAL to access IIO sysfs nodes
    • sepolicy: Allow recovery to access /sys/fs/pstore/*
    • sepolicy: Allow vendor_init to set init_service_status_prop
    • sepolicy: Fix hardware denial
    • sepolicy: Label [email protected]
    • sepolicy: Suppress harmless denials
    • sepolicy: Suppress sysfs wakeup denials spam
    • sepolicy: Update boot time error
    • wifi: Enable DFS channel scanning in P2P search (Fixes P2P when connected to 5GHz access point)
    • wifi: Switch gEnablePowerSaveOffload to 5 (should improve VoIP calls performance)
    • wifi: wpa_supplicant(overlay): Increase max bss count
    ROM changes:
    • Evolver: Bring back Optional screenshot type toggle
    • Evolver: Improve Secure QS tile behavior toggle
    • Evolver: Refactor Notification settings fragment
    • Evolver: Refactor Status bar icons preference category
    • Evolver: Refactor Themes fragment
    • Fixes ubsan shift-out-of-bounds SIGABRT
    • PixelPropsUtils: Remove Play Store spoof
    • PixelPropsUtils: Spoof redfin for GBoard
    • Remove Advanced nav/Extended swipe gestures
    • Return Back Gesture height settings
    • ScreenshotTile: Make default state inactive
    • ScreenshotTile: Use secondary label to indicate mode
    • Settings: BluetoothDeviceDetailsFragment: fix edit menu icon tint
    • Settings: Disable Storage Manager
    • Settings: Improve code for time spent in-app
    • Settings: add the missing title for Beam main switch
    • Settings: fingerprint: hide link icon when there's no link
    • SystemUI: Update NFC tile drawable
    • SystemUI: Use the same NFC icon like that in the QS tile
    • SystemUI: add public setting keys for monet tunables
    • VolumeDialog: Display default row when the active row is notification
    • VolumeDialog: Don't hide the default stream when adjusting the music stream
    • Zygote: Fix an issue when emptying the usap pool
    • libgui: Dispatch vsync when receiving vsync timeout
    Major update. I really don't care about battery drain reports. Get a power bank. I will just focus on adding/fixing ROM stuff and not any device-side changes.

    Tons of stuff added/brought back. Most if not all have been tested. Would be nice if people donated to support all the work I've done to bring back all of your beloved features. Thanks and enjoy.

    Changelog for latest (03/26/2022) Update

    Device changes:
    • Upstream to latest Soviet kernel changes (v4.14.272)
    ROM changes:
    • Add dalvik-heap device configs for 8/12/16 GiB devices
    • AutofillManager: Turn off logging by default
    • BugFix: HWASAN: Fix stack-buffer-overflow
    • CarrierConfigManager: Enable payphone call blocking option
    • Change the order of Notification writeToParcel
    • ColorUtils: Prevent crash if the alpha component is translucent
    • Don't throw an exception if the admin is null
    • EvolutionUtils: Add check if the device supports compass
    • Evolver: Add bug report shortcut to Power menu
    • Evolver: Add reTicker feature
    • Evolver: Add support for clock auto-hiding
    • Evolver: Allow to disable qs footer warnings
    • Evolver: Allow toggling camera/mic privacy indicator
    • Evolver: Bring back Flashlight blink on incoming calls
    • Evolver: Bring back Monet settings
    • Evolver: Bring back Pulse
    • Evolver: Bring back QS brightness slider options
    • Evolver: Bring back Status bar logos
    • Evolver: Bring back UDFPS icons and animations
    • Evolver: Bring back hiding notification headers toggle
    • Evolver: Bring back lock screen album art filters
    • Evolver: Bring back minimal Ambient Edge Lighting
    • Evolver: Bring back scheduling of Always on Display
    • Evolver: QS Column count and QS hide label settings
    • Evolver: QS footer icon visibilities
    • Evolver: allow disabling qs on secure lock screen
    • FaceService: Downgrade strength to STRENGTH_WEAK
    • FingerprintEnrollEnrolling: Set proper dialog message when the user touches fp icon
    • Fix EventLog string class problem in ViewRootImpl#enqueueInputEvent()
    • Fix autogroupsummary bug
    • Fix potential race condition problem
    • Fix up hiding camera/location indicators for known packages
    • Fix: if anrApp is null, Null pointer exception occurred, Anr trace capture failed
    • Fixed a crash in settings in tts engine selection screen
    • Framelayout: Fix NPE when view is missing
    • GestureTweaksSettings: fix after removing assistant from extended swipe options
    • Make center clock follow paddingTop
    • Make sure we close system dialogs on the thread which it's created
    • MediaArtworkProcessor: Use less blur, zoom & alpha on keyguard
    • Merge Pixel 6 Pro March security patches
    • Parcel: remove use of getOpenAshmemSize
    • PixelPropsUtils: Add NHS App props spoofing
    • PixelPropsUtils: Add game props for mobile legends
    • PixelPropsUtils: Update to SP2A.220305.013.A3
    • PixelPropsUtils: Whitelist YouTube apps
    • PixelPropsUtils: only spoof raven to gms
    • Port ambient Now Playing container from Pixel
    • PowerProfile: allow overriding default power profile
    • Properly apply dark theming to the clock
    • QS: Add CPUInfo toggle tile
    • QS: Add and use Bluetooth Panel instead of full Settings
    • QS: Add and use Mobile Data panel
    • QuickStatusBarHeader: Update for new mClockDateView
    • Reduce padding use by privacy indicator resources
    • Refactor Ringtone.playFallbackRingtone
    • Restore cache clean up code in PackageManagerService
    • Screenshot: Remove text from expanded screenshot chip
    • Settings: Add more trigger actions/app/activities
    • Settings: Add preference for one-shot auto-brightness
    • Settings: Apply SUW button theming to WiFi page
    • Settings: Bring back Bluetooth/WiFi timeout features
    • Settings: Bring back haptic feedback on back gesture
    • Settings: Disable face enroll on Setup Wizard
    • Settings: Don't change nouns in summaries to lower case for German
    • Settings: Enable Quick Wallet settings for all devices with NFC
    • Settings: Implement RoutinesActionBroadcastReceiver
    • Settings: Network setup UI changes for SUW
    • Settings: Remove divider from Battery Manager
    • Settings: Update phone numbers when IMS registered
    • Settings: Update settings animations
    • Settings: Update some lottie animations
    • Settings: add sim status listener in about phone
    • Settings: move Extra Dim feature to display
    • Settings: update PowerUsageFeatureProviderGoogle to 12L
    • Settings: use PowerUsageFeatureGoogle
    • SettingsLib: Don't show system overlays on apps list
    • Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
    • SoundPool: Update queue only if streamID matches
    • Status bar: Update notification count icons
    • SystemUI: Add Compass tile and disable long click
    • SystemUI: Add switch data saver icon
    • SystemUI: Better QS detail clip animation
    • SystemUI: EvolutionKeyguardSliceProvider: cleanup
    • SystemUI: Fix SystemUI Crash
    • SystemUI: Flags: Properly enable Smartspace transition
    • SystemUI: Grant additional permissions for Google Smartspace
    • SystemUI: Invoke keyguard exit animation
    • SystemUI: Make media view less-gore when artwork bg is enabled
    • SystemUI: Nuke oriented navbar handle
    • SystemUI: Open WifiPanel on LongClick
    • SystemUI: Prevent loop with display timeout
    • SystemUI: Show mobile data indicator when VoLTE icon enabled
    • SystemUI: Unblock alarm and vibrate status bar icons
    • SystemUI: Update Smartspace assets to 12L
    • SystemUI: Use geometric 6 and 9 glyphs in PIN entry keypad
    • SystemUI: add missing initial call to updateResources in brightness mirror
    • SystemUI: add resource dimen for all screenshot UI radiuses
    • SystemUI: catch up to 12L SystemUIDefaultModule
    • SystemUI: inject WiredChargingRippleController
    • SystemUI: integrate smartspace and backgesture provider
    • SystemUI: match brightness slider track height with the progress drawable
    • SystemUI: res array for status bar blocked icons
    • SystemUI: res array for status bar blocked iconsAdd Sound Search tile
    • SystemUI: unify screenshot and record corner dimens
    • SystemUI: use properly themed divider in notification channel editor dialog
    • ThemeUtils: Make it compatible for all targets
    • Toast: fix layer leak
    • Use alphaoptimized layout for icons on left
    • ViewGroup: Remove child parent when a new view is added
    • ViewRootImpl: Fixed memory leak caused by viewrootImpl objects
    • audio: add support for extended formats
    • base: Fix location privacy indicator getting stuck
    • base: Grant SafetyHub some core permissions on the first boot
    • base: Update API for disabling gestural navigation
    • base: Use vector drawable for tab_selected_holo
    • base: add CPU info overlay
    • base: fix list style alert dialog to use system font
    • core: PinSet: Cache pin algorithms
    • fonts: add OneUISans
    • fs_mgr: Don't run clean_scratch_files on non-dynamic devices
    • fwb: Guard some functions against face unlock
    • graphics: Override system fonts with user-selected overlays
    • libmedia_jni: Changing MediaPlayer RefBase object creation as per RefBase recommendation
    • libs: PipTaskOrganizer: do not start to fade out animation for pip if surfacecontrol leash is null
    • media: Define MPEG-H Encoder Format
    • services: WindowOrientationListener: bail out if rotation resolver service instance is null
    • services: fonts: use a simple sha512 hash-based file verification system
    • styles: Use user fonts for Material UI themes
    • version: Uprev to 6.2.2