Development [ROM][12.1][VENUS] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2022/08/28]

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Nov 27, 2018
I'm having trouble with the camera... Doesnt seem to focus past about a metre... Anything further than a metre away is out of focus. This happens in every app...

Anyone else?

Yes, actually it appears over different ROMs as well. The 0.6 lens works better for me.

The camera module seems to have a hardware defect that causes itself to randomly lose the ability to focus. I have seen many user reports from the Chinese community, mostly using MIUI. It is one of the most common RMA reasons of Mi 11.


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Oct 6, 2006
If i install pixel experience do i lose any features if i go from miui 13 ? Like display color settings game mode for example?

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    is there any news about the a13,
    I think this is discontinued.. pity it was the best!
    what a pity ,it's the best rom for Mi11,

    maybe they need a bit longer for some development this screenshot isnt a promise that it will be in the end of this month but he is still working on this rom and sooner or later there will be an update
    hmm did some googling and i think i found the git for it :)

    Looks like @jjpprrrr has been doing some work on venus the last few days! there is hope! 🙃

    hmm did some googling and i think i found the git for it :)

    Looks like @jjpprrrr has been doing some work on venus the last few days! there is hope! 🙃

    There were twelve and twelve_plus builds for Venus yesterday on PE CI as well 😺
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    PixelExperience for Mi 11 [venus]

    What is this?
    Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 12.1

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    Fingerprint reader
    Sound / vibration

    Known issues
    Refer to the changelog for known issues.

    Download from Pixel Experience website

    Help with project translation

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram channel
    Our blog
    Donate me
    Device support group

    Android OS version: 12.1.0_r21
    Security patch level: August, 2022
    Build author/Device Maintainer: jjpprrrr
    Device and Kernel Source code:
    Source code:
    ROM Developer: jhenrique09
    Please follow the wiki for detailed install instructions. I will not provide support if you fail to follow the required steps.

    If you are on my previous PE 12 / 12 Plus builds, you can directly OTA or dirty flash in recovery. A concise version of clean flash guide for the experienced users:
    - Download the vendor_boot.img (
    - Download PE recovery from the official PE website
    - Boot your phone into bootloader mode. You can either
    * hold power + volume down button
    * or `adb reboot bootloader`
    - Connect your phone to a computer
    - Run `fastboot flash vendor_boot vendor_boot.img` in your cmd/powershell/terminal
    - Run `fastboot flash boot pe_recovery_file_name.img` in your cmd/powershell/terminal
    - Hold power + volume up to boot into recovery, or `fastboot reboot recovery`
    - In PE recovery, select `Factory reset" --> "Format data/factory reset`
    - Go back to main menu and select "Apply update" --> "Apply from ADB"
    - Run `adb sideload` in your cmd/powershell/terminal and wait until it finishes
    Dear jjpprrr, thank you for the best Mi11 experience !
    After reading that there are many fixes already available und the security fixes for june are also released I want to ask kindly when you plan to release the next version of your wonderful ROM. (no pressure, it´s already my all time favorite for the Mi11!)
    I understand that you didn't mean to offend, but I genuinely have no idea how to answer questions like this. I feel like asking for an ETA is quite pointless: you would only get an estimate; whether the release will come as I promised or not is still undetermined.
    • If I find some regressions and need to take time to fix them, all you get is more disappointment.
    • Say everything is ready, and I deliberately hold on the update to mess with you guys. Why would I do it? What do I gain from it? Of course I release as soon as it's ready, so no need to ask about it. I don't freaking know when it will be ready. I only know after I finish testing everything.
    On the other hand, official PE's release window is not always open. We work on the ROM source at our own pace. Sometimes the CI is locked so we can start merging new patches or bringing in fixes. For example, right now due to some build server issue, all releases are halted. We cannot release anything even if the device is ready.

    Therefore, please relax and enjoy the current build. This would be the last time I answer questions regarding ETA.