[ROM][12.1_r5][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 6.3.1 [05/11/2022]

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Apr 16, 2021
OnePlus 6
As many paople said evolution Rom releasing on Xmas days, but up to yet didn't see any news or anything regarding Evolution Rom for Enchilada


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Nov 5, 2013
As many paople said evolution Rom releasing on Xmas days, but up to yet didn't see any news or anything regarding Evolution Rom for Enchilada
The update is still planned but some extra time is needed to finalize some things.
This is what AB had to say about it:


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Dec 12, 2015
OnePlus 6

Installed the rom last night it looks and works beautifully.
But touch is not working in top left corner. I'm unable to use back/menu in few apps.
Can anyone suggest solution ?

bhargav patil

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Jul 26, 2016

Installed the rom last night it looks and works beautifully.
But touch is not working in top left corner. I'm unable to use back/menu in few apps.
Can anyone suggest solution ?
You can use swipe up to recents and swipe from right or left to check swipe back(this issue occurs in landscape mode or longer running apks.)


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Oct 2, 2016
Is this ROM able to pass CTS and Basic Integrity etc? Thanks! Im planning to use magisk with the very least having Viper4Android installed.

Edit: An Earlier comment told me that it works so I'm marking this off!
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Jan 21, 2015
Everything works fine in the rom. Awesome performance but just one issue found till now. I cant use snapchat with filter. when i turn the filter on the app crashes always on my oneplus 6.

OSS version is A11
Evolution version is 5.9.3


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Aug 9, 2008
I know active development for A11 has stopped with A12 being the main focus but would there ever be a possibility of an A11 update just with latest security patches in the interim?

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    hey man, a few questions
    1. what issue we might have if we don't get oos 11 on both slots?
    2. how can I boot into TWRP from PC via TWRP image? Instead of doing that, can I just switch to the other slot and reboot to fastboot and then flash twrp?
    3. or can I use this package from lineage to copy both recovery and rom to the inactive slot (not sure if it's serving the same purpose as your post?)

    1. You'll either be working on a broken UI (lots of crashes and such) if you're device even boots to system. Otherwise it'll likely just bootloop and possibly bring you back to recovery. OOS 11 is needed as a core system for this custom ROM to function correctly.

    2. Open command prompt or terminal (depending on your desktop os). cd into your Android sdk platform tools folder. Download and place your TWRP image file in this folder. Connect your phone, and make sure it gets detected, assuming you already enabled USB debugging prior to doing all of this. Put your device into recovery mode. On your PC make sure the device is detected "adb devices." Once device is detected, you can boot into TWRP img that you placed into your platform tools folder earlier "adb boot TWRP(or whatever you named it).img"
    This should boot your phone into TWRP. You can also try from fastboot mode (from either slot if it's a clean install), if this doesn't work from recovery mode. Once you're in TWRP, you can push all your necessary files directly to your phone and flash them directly from TWRP, including official Oxygen OS image files. Don't forget to flash TWRP image every time you flash a ROM and/or OOS, if you want to keep TWRP on device without tethering to a PC, otherwise it'll be replaced by the ROM or OOS default recovery. TWRP can be flashed from either slot, you'll be able to boot into it from either slot once flashed.

    3. Not sure these files are applicable for this ROM. If you brick your OnePlus phone, you can use the MSM download tool to recover and repartition it to it's original factory OnePlus settings, works even when hard bricked.
    Hey everyone,
    could someone tell me which slot is used when using adb sideload.
    when using Twrp install the rom is installed on the inactive slot.
    for example, if you are on slot_a and install a Rom it goes to slot_b.
    what about adb sideload ?
    if I reboot to the newly flashed recovery in post #2 and sideload ROM.zip what slot is going to be used active or inactive?
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    Evolution X 6.3.1 for the OnePlus 6 & 6T [Enchilada][Fajita]



    Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving.
    Pixel UI, customization and more, we are Evolution X!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @joeyhuab (Founder/Lead Developer)
    @peaktogoo (Project Manager/Co-Founder)
    AnierinB (Project Specialist/Co-Founder)

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM

    Check out our website!

    What are our features?




    First Time Install / Clean Flash
    1. Be on the latest OOS 11!!
    2. Download ROM.zip (link in post #2) & Recovery.img (link in post #2)
    3. fastboot flash boot RECOVERY.img
    4. fastboot reboot recovery
    5. adb sideload BUILD.zip
    6. Format data
    7. Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving

    Update / Dirty Flash

    1. Reboot to built in recovery
    2. adb sideload BUILD.zip
    3. Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving


    Anything labeled rq3a = 11
    Anything labeled sq1d = 12
    Anything labeled sp2a = 12.1


    Time to evolve!!


    Merge March security patches
    Build: sign_target_apks: Add networkstack to default key_map
    Cleanbuild: Remove build/.bootstrap directory when using installclean
    Cleanbuild: Remove kernel paths and a few other files
    Do not remove RRO resources
    Evolution: Rebrand Ambient Light to Horizon Light settings
    Fix an issue wrong network operator name is displayed on MSIM devices
    Fix carrier config option not hidden on a CDMA phone
    Fix crash loop due to broken packages.xml around updated-package
    Fix non-protected broadcasts sent from phone process
    Handle ParcelableException instead of crashing system server
    Keyguard: Fix failed unlock attempt dialog button
    Pad ime_switcher same as navbar buttons
    Re-implement In-call vibration haptics options
    Settings: Match IME space for back gesture toggle with other switches
    Settings: Respect default vibration strength
    Settings: dont block IME space for back gesture
    SettingsProvider: Disable Bluetooth by default
    SettingsProvider: add time format default value settings
    Start BiometricService even if no hardware is present
    SystemUI: AODTile: Use MD2 Icon
    SystemUI: Add OP Ripple animations
    SystemUI: Show charging status in addition to trust granted/transient status
    SystemUI: Update OP FOD animations
    Telecomm: Use EFFECT_CLICK for vibrate on call connect
    Telephony: Use build date to check for system update
    Telephony: add permission to change wifi hotspot settings
    Telephony: add some org.codeaurora.* to protected broadcasts
    Telephony: remove developer mode dep for showing euicc pref
    TextureView rebind GL texture, if AHB content has changed
    Tuner: Fix preference category not matching system theme
    Use sub specific telephony for emergency supl
    apn: Update Canadian carriers
    base: Disable LiveDisplay low power consumption by default
    base: SystemUI: fix debug drawing lines for icon containers
    base: Tiny fixes to Longshot
    base: Use CustomTunerSettings in place of ExTunerSettings
    base: add 3 button nav editor back to tuner
    dtbo: Sort the files we found
    fs_mgr: autodetect filesystem type
    gallery_app: Allow binder call with gpuservice
    sepolicy: Add rules required for TARGET_HAS_LEGACY_CAMERA_HAL1
    sepolicy: Nuke sdfat from genfs
    tasks: dtbo: Add support for custom dtbo generation rules
    vendor: Add fwk-detect namespace

    Device side:

    Update build FP from Coral's March 2020 security patch

    Enchilada (TWRP INCLUDED):

    Fajita (TWRP INCLUDED):

    Anierin Bliss
    Time to evolve!


    - AndroidManifest: add a permission group for signature spoofing
    - Dark theme twilight mode backend and tile
    - Fix nav bar leak in SystemUI
    - Keyguard: ReInflate views when density or font scale change
    - Settings: Add settings for scheduling dark theme
    - Settings: Bug:preferredNetworkModePreferenceController.java not being refreshed
    - Settings: DarkUIPreferenceController null exception
    - Settings: Fix QRCamera crash
    - Add BlueFirework recognizing FP animation
    - Add upgrade step to fix system sounds issue
    - SystemUI: Add MIUI 11 VoLTE icon

    - RingtoneManager: Don't crash if the ringtone doesn't have a numerical ID

    - Battery percentage: Fix cut off issue in the keyguard
    - Camera: Check consumer interface before disconnecting
    - Change layout of ToggleAction for GlobalActionsDialog
    - libcameraservice: Don't pass NULL args on setCallbacks call
    - libstagefright: Fix memory leak due to lock timeout
    - ProgressBar: Media volume bar indicates a wrong value
    - Re-implement Context-aware Bluetooth airplane mode
    - Re-implement Disable/Enable screenshot sound toggle
    - Remove QS tint changes
    - sepolicy: Address denials for legacy last_kmsg file
    - Sepolicy: snap_app: Allow binder call with gpuservice
    - Sepolicy: Allow init to write to /proc/cpu/alignment
    - sf: Check memory allocations at interval of 300 frames
    - sf: Restart model sync on fps change
    - SurfaceFlinger: Use default initializer for layer stats
    - SystemUI/AndroidManifest.xml: Override authorities for providers
    - Update SurfaceFlingerProperties scope
    - vendor: Define isStatic argument on setupwizard overlay
    - SystemUI: Recognizing FP animation effects (MIUI, OP, PureView)

    - Fix new battery styles not being able to use percents options
    - SystemUI: Add scratch style FOD icons



    Hope my fajita users love FOD Recognizing animations as much as we do!!

    Keep Evolving,
    Anierin Bliss