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[ROM][12][begonia][begoniain] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

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Jan 21, 2018
Anyone experiencing a random boot loop issue? My phone had this issue on stock rom and now with PE. Was fine on PE for about 2 weeks and now is boot looping like stock rom. Any thoughts?


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Aug 14, 2010
As far as I know the unbrick method will format your data, and there's no way around it.

ok, then i don't wanna unbricking my device, i just want to decrypt data partition, as i thing, updating ROM didn't touch user data part, so in theory all data are in place, but i don't know how to decrypt it....

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Apr 24, 2011
ok, then i don't wanna unbricking my device, i just want to decrypt data partition, as i thing, updating ROM didn't touch user data part, so in theory all data are in place, but i don't know how to decrypt it....
I'm guessing you mean encrypted in recovery.

Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZo54LoUIdw

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Oct 26, 2021
Nice Rom so far. But can you remove the x sign in signal bar in next update. There is signal but there a x sign in Signal bar. Thank you.


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Mar 26, 2013
Someone have the rom Pixel Experience + May version? I need because the new releases have the battery drain problem :/ please send me a link or something


Jan 10, 2016
Redmi Note 8 Pro
This custom rom is based on global version of MIUI which has Google Dialer and does not support automatic call recorder. Is there anyway to make it based on Indian MIUI version so that it has built in call recorder from MIUI stock rom or is there any way to replace Google Dialer with MIUI stock dialer application to achieve the same?


Mar 8, 2011
HI all,how to update old version pixel experience rom to latest version?need to follow from zero step again?or can we directly update without wipe anything???
btw how to confirm using which rom to use? pro build/ pro plus build?
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Apr 6, 2019
I can't flash magisk after the rom, TWRP can't decrypt data, even if i have no lockscreen or pin enabled. Anyone know how to fix this? i tried many recovery...

EDIT: ok, wonderful, after i flashed another recovery (ThemedTWRP3.5.0-2.0Unified.img) i got the phone bricked. Damn it. I can't do nothing, i can't turn on the phone, no response at all... bricked
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    For the ones on A11 and want to fully stop forced system update and huge battery drain:

    1. Root your device using Magisk
    2. Use an explorer with root access to find Hosts Archive (System/ect/Hosts), in my case i've used FX file explorer to mount/read the files in system folders
    3. Edit adding those lines to blacklist those 2 google domains who check if updates are on ota.googlezip.net ota-cache1.googlezip.net

    4. Save Hosts, lock system files and reset.

    Battery drain and data usage should be normal now.
    Hi all,
    I'm on version 11 plus from to month, but from the last week I see a significant decrease in battery life, before I could easly arrive at 2 day with one charge but now I barely arrive to the end of the day.
    I red on the forum about some battery issue, but I wonder why these issues appears after a while and not immidiately. I tried to resinstall the latest 11 plus build (the same I had by the way) but nothing change (I thought after a clean reinstall I had the old battery life). Is this about the build or about the phone. What's seems strange to me (in case of battery degradation) is that I get less then half of the battery life in the span of 2 days and not a slow degradation.
    Any suggestions?
    Greetings, I hope you are all in good spirits.
    First of all, thanks for the fork for the Android 12 version.

    Visually, A12 is insanely beautiful and Pixel Experience Edition to boot, so no third-party crap (like I loathe Xiaomi's MIUI - way too loaded and visually an insult).

    All in all, you've done a great job.

    I still have a few complications, but I see them more as teething troubles.

    • Bluetooth connection (headphones) very unstable + too short range (max. 15cm, otherwise connection loss) - is actually due to the Pixel Experience Rom, both A11 and A12. The connection is stable for several meters via Miui.
    • Mobile data has a slightly weaker signal.
    • USB tethering (both sharing wifi and via mobile data works rather changeably, sometimes not at all, wifi is a bit more stable).
    • When scrolling, there is often screentearing / visible screen tearing or even stuttering, especially in the Google Play Store or on larger vertical lists.

    I have to mention the following positively:

    - Installation was very easy, if you follow the recommendations.
    - Visually a blast
    - Rooting / Magisk installation very simple
    - Play Store certification
    - Fingerprint & screenshot function usable out of the box without workarounds

    And lastly, really love you guys for still breathing some life into the old Begonia!

    Stay healthy & have a nice evening.
    So going from PE11+ to PE12 via MIUI 12.5.3 will be ok? Using the correct TWRP recovery download from the guide
    If MIUI 12.5.3 is the latest MIUI for your phone's region you should be OK.

    You can check here for the latest MIUI: https://xiaomifirmwareupdater.com/miui/begonia/
    More detailed installation guide: https://wiki.pixelexperience.org/devices/begonia/install/

    The screenshot and screen recording is not working....When I tried to take screenshot it says " Couldn't save screenshot" also the screen recording shows an error message.Hope you will fix this...
    I used an app from play store and it did the job perfectly. It's called Screen Master.
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    PixelExperience for Redmi Note 8 Pro [begonia]

    What is this?
    Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 12.0

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    Fingerprint reader
    Sound / vibration

    Known issues



    Liked my work? Give me a beer

    Help with project translation

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram channel

    Source Changelog:
    • March security patch
    • Implemented new Face Unlock, with support for 3rd apps
    • Added ability to select custom ringtone for 2nd sim card
    • Added support for NTFS/EXFAT on USB Disks and sdcard
    • Improved animations when unlocking
    • Add support for Bluetooth SBC Dual Channel
    • Others improvements

    Device Changelog:
    • Region-aware firmware flashing
    • Dropped Secure Element Hals
    • Added Missing Entries In Manifest
    • Fixed MI Thermald
    • Switched To Enforce Sepolicy
    • Fixed Front Camera For New Sensors
    • Cleaned Unused Vendor Blobs
    • Dropped All Aee Ramdisk Calls
    • Updated Prebuild Modules
    • Under the hood improvements

    • MiUi FW Is Inbuild So No Need To Flash FW.
    • New Front Camera Sensor Should Work Now.
    • Fixed Kernel DTB Build
    • Some Minor Changes

    • MiUi FW Is Inbuild So No Need To Flash FW.
    Source Changelog:
    • April security patch
    • Updated translations
    • Improved face unlock
    • Performance and stability improvements

    Device Changelog:
    • Synced some blobs with begonia RP1A.200720.011
    • Updated FW from begonia V12.0.7.0.QGGMIXM
    • Updated blobs from begonia V12.0.7.0.QGGMIXM
    • Synced media files with MIUI V12.0.7.0.QGGMIXM
    • Synced NFC files with MIUI V12.0.7.0.QGGMIXM
    • Switched to arch variant to ARMv8.2-A
    • Cleaned up some unused props
    • Cleaned up rootdir init rc
    • Dropped unused flags
    • Removed aosp rils completely
    • Moved rro overlays to vendor

    • For twrp encryption fix use new TWRP (https://sourceforge.net/projects/be...3.5.1_10-begonia_UNOFFICIAL_1604.img/download)
    Woow finally!
    Thank you very much for this!
    I can confirm, that the selfie cam is working.