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ROM][12] DerpFest for OnePlus 8t/9r [01-04-22]

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Aug 13, 2013


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Oct 11, 2011
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Google Pixel 6
Can you pm me on tg so I can try to help figure it out cause only a few select have reported it to me but none of my testers had that issue with the new builds so figured it was just fixed.
Woah woah woah. I wasn't trying to seem ungrateful or anything. Out of all the OnePlus 8 roms, I like this one the most. I absolutely appreciate all the effort your putting in to figure out our issues. I apologize if it came off in any other way.

I will absolutely hit you up when I get out of work and we can work together to figure it out.

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    Just uploaded new build with bt fixed.
    Thread updated with latest build
    Hi from OnePlus 8T 256GB model!

    This is the best A12 ROM. It is very close to a daily driver. Here is my setup for anyone who may be interested.

    1. Google pay did not work out of the box for me, so get rooted! Use latest Magisk (stable or alpha is fine). Use modules to pass safety net.
    2. There is no Oxygen OS Camera. However, GCam is working pretty well. I'm using GCam8.1 from BSG (snap APK) with golden_experience_v3 config. Wide angle and portrait mode works. Picture quality is better than stock camera in my opinion. Use face smoothing if you prefer. I like the middle option (medium).
    3. I think this is the only A12 ROM for OnePlus 8T with a working theme engine. Please correct me if I'm wrong here. I use Smart Launcher 6 which also uses wallpaper accent colors for automatic theming. Since the android ROM and smart Launcher can dynamically change themes, you might as well use a dynamic wallpaper app like Muzei. I use r/Amoledwallpaper to autochange wallpapers, which automatically also changes the entire phones theme!!! Enjoy some pictures :)
    Hi all, I'd like to know this as well. Yesterday flashed this ROM and decided to encrypt it but it just reebooted to Derp logo and didn't reboot until I did factory reset. I had a clean flash and root when tried this.

    Is there any way to encrypt this ROM?
    Encryption is disabled by default, I planned on getting it to work next release
    Question does mobile data work
    Of course... and now Bluetooth Audio is fixed... new build SOON
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    This is a small project based on AOSP. We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to inspiration of AOSiP, Thank you! #StayDerped


    GApps included!
    What we got ROM side so far:
    - November sec patch merge
    - Dynamic wallpaper-based Material You themes with modern color science from ProtonAOS
    - Monet settings from AOSP-Krypton (also includes option to use own hex color code
    - PixelPropsUtils to get safety net passing and more apps Monet theme
    - Set googlesans as body and headline fon
    - Reduced gap below spacebar in GBoar
    - Added avatar to search bar and aligned it with homepage titl
    - New DerpFest Walls made for Material Yo
    - Increasing ring featur
    - Unlinked ringtone and notification volume
    - Incall vibration option
    - Global Actions with Advanced Reboo
    - Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is O
    - Less boring heads up optio
    - Three-fingers-swipe to screensho
    - Allow to disable battery ligh
    - Volume Long Press Skip Track
    - Wake on plug switc
    - Allow disable of screenshot shutter soun
    - Reset battery stat
    - Double tap to sleep on lockscree
    - Double tap to sleep on statusba
    - Enable DT2S on lockscreen based on DT2
    - Use DT2W setting also to wake from AO
    - Button to AppErrorDialog to upload crash information to Memoch
    - Show a link to Google Play in installed app inf
    - Open app when clicking on icon in App Inf
    - Fixed listing dual SIMs with provider mode
    - Added missing illustration for camera gestur
    - Allow devices to configure sensor location for fingerprin
    - Add back SELinux inf
    - Allow showing battery percentage preferenc
    - Show battery estimate in Q
    - Enabled lockscreen media artwork even if qs media is enable
    - Support for displaying Volte ico
    - Enabled NFC QS til
    - Dedicated Wi-Fi and cellular data tiles in quick setting
    - Added delete action chip intent for screensho
    - Added back the delete action for the screen recorder notificatio
    - Support to show bluetooth battery level when availabl
    - Name Cellular Tile based on carrie
    - Save recordings in ScreenRecords folde
    - Removed default aspect ratio limit for old app
    - Removed restrictions for system audio recor
    - Allow adjusting screen density to smaller size
    - Added time spent in app from Wellbein
    - Added refresh rate preference
    - Added sliders for color balance adjustment via ColorDisplayManage
    - Protect sensitive info on About devic
    - Adaptive dual-tone light and dark themes for quick settings and power men
    - Custom ripple animation tuned for responsivenes
    - Seamless font weight animation
    - Subpixel text positioning for better kernin
    - Fewer distractions throughout the syste
    - High-quality color blending and surface color generatio
    - Higher-quality Night Light and Ambient EQ using modern color scienc
    - Gradual, less jarring transitions when turning Night Light on/of
    - Improved memory managemen
    - Secure quick setting
    - Modern privacy indicators for location, camera, and microphon
    - Camera and microphone privacy toggle
    - Minor hardening from GrapheneO
    - AI-powered back gestur
    - Memory usage in Setting

    - Adapted home settings UI to Android 12 styl
    - Transformed quickspace to Android 12's styl
    - Added Now Playing status feature to quickspac
    - Support for themed icons (including third party icons
    - Widget and popup menu item colors based on underlying wallpaper are
    - Moved clear all button to actions vie
    - Made recents view transparent agai
    - Toggle for DT2

    What's broken?

    <-- Downloads-->​


    <--Telegram group-->

    Device Chat
    Rom Update Channel

    Flashing Instructions

    Recovery Img

    1. Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    2. Reboot to recovery

    3. Format data/factory reset

    4. adb sideload ROM.zip

    5. Reboot to bootloader

    6. Repeat step 1

    7. Reboot to system

    Or flashing through twrp works as well

    Thanks section
    Here's my thanks to people who made this possible:
    10X OS
    Evolution X
    Pixeldust Project
    Spark Os
    Syberia Project

    Any others we may have forgotten to credit

    And last but not the least, all our testers, who have helped us to squash many bugs so that we can try to release builds that as are flawless as possible

    Kernel Source
    Device Source
    Just got approved for official status so will be uploading a new build soon with official status and ota's/changelogs.
    This really was @theincognito project. I just picked it up to tinker with it. I certainly dont want to take away from what hes done/doing. Incredbly nice as well.
    Just uploaded a new build, changelog is there in this section. Enjoy everyone!!
    Yep, but the thread was posted by apophis9283. I think apophis used incognito's trees for building. Not sure though.
    Yes and no. I did start with his trees. He's in my small chat on telegram. So yes collaboration was part of it. I made changes outside of his. I had source that had a ton more changes like more options in TWRP etc... But I lost that image and source when Linux entered an unrecoverable state. When I get it all back you can check periodically on my AFH in a few days. Ill have more fixes I'll be adding. Incognito was absolutely fundamental in what I did. I do not want to take away from his amazing work. Once I get everything going again, I'll be sharing my source with him.