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[ROM][12][fajita] PixelExperience [AOSP]

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Nov 5, 2011
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The camera app Is Google camera and I don't know when the fingerprint will arrive
There´s a general rule of XDA; don´t ask for time of update. These are voluntary developers, doing all of their work at their spare time. Maybe they have time to spare this week... Maybe next. Or in a couple of months.
Be patient.


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Sep 28, 2010
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Working rather well for such an early rom!

Face Unlock is not available for me- doesn't appear in the menu. Shame, this feature is quite imporant for my day to day work.

Nice work, OP Can't wait to see future updates.


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Oct 7, 2020
PixelExperience 12 News:

Fingerprint still broken, but now encryption available for EXT 4 too! That means that you will have encrypted phone with installong new build. Also, I small increased microphone volume. Now it normal (not like on stock) (now you can hear something) but in some apps like Google Recorder it is very loudy.


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Jul 18, 2018
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Super excited to flash this, just waiting for the fingerprint to get fixed
It's worth it to do it without the fingerprint sensor. They'll get it fixed, it's an issue on all OnePlus 6 / 6t Android 12 ROMs. As much as I hate having to manually unlock my phone, trust me it is well worth it and I'm not even on Pixel experience I'm on the lineage build.
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Jan 27, 2010
Thank you very much for the developers. Have been using the ROM for several days and it is working very well for me. Gracias!!


Jan 19, 2016
So far, seems very good as a daily driver. The animations are smooth and I'm loving the A12 theming option. I flashed the latest version but it seems like i cannot find any face unlock option.


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Sep 11, 2012
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Dec 30, 2014
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Just a warning for those coming from OOS or any other ROM that uses prebuilt vendor (pretty much every A11 ROM): It may ask for a unlock pattern (even if you didn't have one) or a Google account, but even if you enter your account it won't work (it says you have to use the owner's account). It probably happens because the new OSS vendor has FRP enabled, but OOS vendor doesn't (or at least OnePlus' FRP is different).

To fix it go to TWRP and clear the FRP partition by running this on adb shell:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/frp bs=512 count=1024

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    No disrespect but I think xda rules state English only
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    Thanks Dev for building such a awesome ROM for 6T!!
    Installed the "PixelExperience_fajita-12.0-20220108-1503-UNOFFICIAL" using pixel recovery on 23 jan 2022 on my oneplus 6T. Very happy now that I am experiencing Android 12 and that too pixel version in my Oneplus device.
    This one is my daily driver and using it day and night from past 3 days so providing my feedback as below,
    1. FOD working fine similar to stock
    2. AOD working fine
    3. At a glance and default launcher working fine
    4. Sensors working fine
    5. Whole system UI is smooth and great
    6. Double tap to wake working fine
    7. All other apps (Bank apps and netflix prime etc) working fine
    8. Battery backup increased for 3 to 4 hours for me (maybe coz of less apps) and clean rom
    9. Charging works fine
    10. Alert slider works fine
    11. calling is ok and bluetooth/wifi works fine.
    Cons (Which I observed in my device):
    1. Whatsapp camera/photo upload lags - When I try to share any image by capturing photo via whatsapp camera then it take 3-4 seconds then image is captured and then when I crop it then screen goes black with Cancel and Done options available. When try to click on Done button nothing happens and need to return back. So I am clicking photo via device camera first and then sharing the photo in whatsapp, but here to while sharing it loads for 4-5 seconds which I never seen in any device or if try to crop it just loads for 10-12 seconds and then photo is send. I am highlighting this as my daily work done is from whatsapp and need to send many photos in groups. Is anyone else facing this? (Note: Installed whatsapp from Playstore only) - PFA screenshot for issue
    2. Unable to install "Chrome" from Playstore as when click on Install it just loads and stop everytime so I installed chrome beta from playstore and thats worked fine.
    3. Missing network speed option and seconds display in Time under notification.
    4. Missing face unlock a little bit.
    5. Icon color is only adapting for some system apps (maybe need to check for some extra config or apps).
    6. Missing Apps hide option in default launcher (Will figure out alternative for this).
    Still its 3 days only and I am happy to use it for 1 more year. Will keep a tab if any new builds comes up with face unlock addition.
    This custom ROM works surprisingly well, I have to say.
    Apps and launcher seem to be ready right away after boot, unlike with OxygenOS 11.
    Got Magisk set up on it with SafetyNet reporting everything as being good.
    Google Play is reporting the device as certified (although to be fair, it's appearing as a Pixel 6 Pro to the point where I got a 'welcome' Pixel 6 Pro email and a promo in Photos).
    Widevine L3 is in use, as expected.
    Camera is not so great, as I come to expect when it comes to custom ROMs. (Maybe there is a solution to taking full [or most] advantage of the camera again? Modified GCam even with the device specific config XML files still looks not so great compared to how it was before.)
    Charging speed seems to be good (with the OEM charger and cable), as usual.

    There are several things I had noticed in regards to issues:

    1. It does look like the UDFPS is functional. Although I did notice that after booting up and unlocking the device, the sensor can still be unavailable until after a bit or entering the pin code again. After that, it works perfectly fine. So if anything, it's a slight minor inconvenience.
    • Not sure if relevant, but the logcat does show ANR and crashes of com.android.se (Secure Element Service) at first
    • There is a lot of "Invalid acquired message: 6, 0" and "Invalid acquired message: 6, 1" from "FingerprintManager"
    At this point, it could be left as-is. Smoothing that out a little more is always welcome, of course.

    2. When cutting or copying text, a toast shows up stating that "NfcService" had pasted from the clipboard. It can also happen without doing so.

    3. When in landscape and then laying the phone flat (i.e. on a table or desk), the orientation suddenly changes to portrait.

    4. I noticed that under developer options, the following options have everything in their radio list disabled except from "Use System Selection (Default)":
    • Bluetooth audio codec
    • Bluetooth audio sample rate
    • Bluetooth audio bits per sample
    • Bluetooth audio channel mode
    This might kind of explain why Bluetooth audio is not functional.

    5. When charging using the OEM charger and cable, for a moment it can show 'slow charging'. It would when quickly go to just 'charging'. Still charges fast, so not that big of a deal.

    6. "Graphics driver preferences" under developer options appears to only have "default" as the listed option after accessing the listed "enable for all apps" option. Might be normal, but IIRC, OOS 11 at least had one more option.

    7. Brightness goes to 0% by default when using adaptive brightness. This could just be that one thing that's not optimised out-of-the-box that will be sorted once you make the manual adjustments (so that it is 'taught'). So far after doing so, I had not experienced the issue again yet.

    8. Sometimes when the brightness auto-adjusts by using adaptive brightness, the brightness change is sudden rather than fading to the new brightness.

    9. Not sure if it is just me getting very used to 120Hz and 165Hz, but I noticed that scrolling doesn't appear to be that smooth in most cases. Compared to if transitions were to happen (which appear far smoother). Might be a bit noticeable while scrolling the settings main page or launcher app list.

    10. This might be an Android 12 issue itself (as there have been issues with appearance on AOSP builds for many years that even made it to OEM builds [i.e. settings search layout -- issue appears to be resolved as of Android 12]). But if WiFi is on & connected to a network, the alert slider is set to silent (ensuring a crossed out bell icon shows up in the status bar), you are connected to a VPN and there is no SIM card inserted: when expanding the toggle part of the notification shade, the "No service" text would show way too close to the VPN (key) icon.

    Some of the issues listed here are more crucial than others (some of which are more of notes).

    The phone's no longer my daily driver. So I cannot test functionality involving RIL (mobile radio, calls, sms/mms, mobile data).
    It looks I forgot about posting update here.

    New build is out!
    What's new?
    * Synced latest source code
    * Fixed FOD & FOD on AOD & FOD Flicker
    * Fixed DT2W (Double tap to Wake up)
    * Switched to own kernel with better battery life and performance
    * Completely nuked uClamp Scheduler
    * Redesigned Doze app
    Download: Click me!
    I'm much more concerned with the low mic problem making daily calls almost impossible without headphones
    Yep still not working, but probably be fixed on next update.
    yea, i just dirty flashed it from pe11 plus using pe's own recovery.
    not sure if its due to dirty flash or this pe12 is non plus, i found out that there's a lot of missing features.
    for example,
    can't hide nav gesture pill. can't use face unlock. auto rotate using face does not work reliably. network meter, battery and some status bar icons can't be disabled or changed. some apps can't use the whole screen. double tap to wake not working. can't double tap on status bar to sleep. ambient display can't tap to show notifications, only the pick up option. music is lagging very hard, including ringtones and notification sounds. can't add games to game settings. experienced once when i put a widget, phone froze and enter qualcomm crash dump. also, there is some minor stuttering in games.
    btw, still can't use volte and vowifi on malaysian networks (this is not really important, but would like to see it work since my country here is closing down 3G. previously i need to use PDC to change to oem_lab profile on OOS just for volte to work). if anyone can teach me how to make PDC work in PE, i would be glad.
    no root no modules, just plain simple pe12. so please tell me if those problems are caused by dirty flash or this version of pe is lacking those or has some problem.
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    PixelExperience for OnePlus 6T [fajita]

    What is this?
    PixelExperience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 12

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    FM radio
    Face unlock

    Known issues
    Fingerprint reader

    Download latest December 2021 release from here!

    Contact me in TG!

    Help with project translation

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram channel
    Our blog
    Device chat

    New build is up!
    What's new?
    - Enabled encryption for EXT4 File System
    - Small increased microphone volume

    Download: Click me!
    The camera app Is Google camera and I don't know when the fingerprint will arrive
    There´s a general rule of XDA; don´t ask for time of update. These are voluntary developers, doing all of their work at their spare time. Maybe they have time to spare this week... Maybe next. Or in a couple of months.
    Be patient.
    PixelExperience 12 News:

    Fingerprint still broken, but now encryption available for EXT 4 too! That means that you will have encrypted phone with installong new build. Also, I small increased microphone volume. Now it normal (not like on stock) (now you can hear something) but in some apps like Google Recorder it is very loudy.
    do I have to follow the same guide of PE11 ( https://wiki.pixelexperience.org/devices/fajita/install/ ) for this version?
    Now I'm one OOS 10.3.12 and I have only unlocked the bootloader.
    Flash and Boot to TWRP recovery
    -flash OOS 11.x.x.x
    -flash PE12
    -flash Finalize.zip
    -flash twrp
    Format data and boot