Development [ROM][12][OOS CAM][OnePlus9R] Project-Zephyrus [12.7.0_r11]

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Aug 13, 2011
Loving this Rom so far on my OnePlus 8T. Great job!
One problem I have is getting VoLTE and also VoWiFi to work. Is there anyone having thise problems as well? I need especially VoWiFi to work, because I have very little reception where I live. Both options are enabled, but icons do not show up.

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    Project-Zephyrus for OnePlus 9R

    What is this?

    Project-Zephyrus(ProtonKnockOFF) - Minimal Android Fork Focused on Design and Performance!

    Fast and Smooth: Project-Zephyrus is more smooth (i.e. less jank) and responds faster than stock.

    Clean UI design: We Pay Attention to details in the User Interface.

    Privacy: Project-Zephyrus helps keep your Data Private with Camera & Microphone Indicators, Internet & Sensor Permissions.

    Based on Android 12

    Whats working?
    Why to list if everything is working fine.

    Known issues

    Nothing yet
    You tell me

    As only Essential Features will be added so this list will be updated whenever there is a new feature


    Download from SF

    Donate, send with a note (Zephyrus) or (Sameer)

    Liked my work? Give me a beer (Paypal Click here)
    Bkash or Rocket : +8801521325457
    UPI: [email protected]

    Stay tuned

    Our Telegram Group

    You should also mention that if someone flashes this rom on top of Stable Oxygen OS 12 you will brick the phone.

    That being said, my question to the dev is; when is this rom made compatible to be flashed on top of Oxygen OS 12?

    Right now im on stable Oxygen OS 12, if i want to flash Zephyrus i have to downgrade to Oxygen OS 11 otherwise i wont be able to.
    You should fix this right here right now, now the base should be of Oxygen OS 12 and not the 11 anymore because OOS12 is already out, people can't stay on OOS11 for any longer now the phone has to be in OOS12.

    I addressed what i felt like the most important thing, hope the dev works on this and fixes this right here right now.


    Wow. I was hoping this was a joke when I first started reading it, but then I realized you're serious and you're just that ungrateful and "privileged" that you feel the dev needs to drop what he's doing to make things the way you feel they should be. Especially when he does this on his own time, for free (unless you donate him money regularly??).

    He doesn't owe you or anyone else here anything. You're lucky he doesn't just stop releasing builds to the public after addressing him that way. Total disrespect.

    And FYI, all of the custom 8T/9R roms at this point need to be flashed over OOS11.

    MSMtool back to OOS11, or maybe just don't take the OTA for oos12 when it's offered? It's not forcing you to do so, and there's plenty of ways to revert back to OOS11 if needed. And oos12 does not "have to be" on the device.

    You should work on how you talk to people. Wow...

    Will Smith should slap the s*** out of you next time.
    great rom, would recommend 10/10 ign
    Best rum. If you searching for a rom with fluidness and snapiness, along with customizations, try this one.
    Rom Updated with New fixes and Features and r32 Security patch
    Link in OP