[ROM][12L] [OTA Updates] crDroid v8.4 for Samsung Galaxy S7

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May 10, 2016
This ROM has some bugs like, you disable the option to have access to controls like WiFi, Network, among other things on the lock screen and it just keeps giving this access on the lock screen, except when you are charging the phone and moving In it, when it automatically blocks the cell phone it goes and restarts, that's because the options to block access to controls on the lock screen are activated, sometimes when activating WiFi or mobile data the system simply hangs, then you have to restart manually.


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Feb 2, 2022
Samsung Galaxy S7
Oppo A37
Through popular demand crDroid 8.4 is here and now features a functional OTA updater for migrating across to new builds much easier than before.

Link is available in the OP (Original post) for the download but here is the changelog
There is a file called recovery.img in the zip
Will this replace twrp? Asking cause i can't reflash twrp as my usb port is defective and I can't give my phone for repairs anytime soon either.


Apr 10, 2019
sadly bootloop after flashing 8.4 ontop of the 8.1 anyone might know a fix?
nevermind guys i'm just a noob XD
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