[ROM][12L][UNOFFICIAL] ArrowOS 12.1 for LG G8 (alphaplus / alphalm)

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Sep 14, 2019
Only the dt2w issue has been sorted for me with the latest build. I still have issues with magisk and hearing audio through my Bluetooth device.


Jan 16, 2022
Hi, here! I'm a user with LG G8 LM-G820N alphaplus. When I use bluetooth earphones, I can't hear anything. I wonder if there is any compatibility problem with the system and the bluetooth earphones. If so, how can I do to use my earphone?


Mar 22, 2016
LG V50 ThinQ
I mean previous version of the rom
Enter Arrow os recovery, did factory reset and switch from current slot. Then it will boot stock rom, skip everything and i did factory reset from setting and it boot into twrp. I press vol down + power button (twrp boot can't touch) until it restart and release it. Boot into twrp again, i factory reset and adb sideload selected rom. After that follow instruction from OP's as usual.


New member
Jan 24, 2022
thanks! the rom is good for daily use, but idk why i cant flash magisk, i enter recovery - apply update and flash the magisk zip, but it says signature verification failed. someone can help me😭


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Apr 12, 2021
Hi! Could someone possibly give me a detailed step-by-step guide in unlocking and flashing this rom?

Thank you😁


Sep 14, 2019
You can flash magisk by getting the boot imgs using QFIL. Move the images to your phone then patch them both with magisk. After that's you will need to flash the patched images using fastboot. I just did that and it worked for me.


Senior Member
Jan 1, 2018
For now I have detected an error in which the audio does not come out through Bluetooth if it is linked to the device but nothing is heard. another problem i noticed is that sometimes it connects and disconnects from WI-FI, it is sprint lg g8 converted to canadian version and android 11

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    I have the bootloader unlocked and not rooted. I wanted to install the custom rom, but I don't have Twrp on my smartphone, does anyone have a step by step on how to install TWRP

    I used to use TWRP to install roms but i gave in and started using Arrow Recovery. Used to use Magisk to install TWRP. There are instructions on how to install it on the bootloader unlock guide.
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    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, We will laugh at you.
    * It is your fault because you chose to do all the modifications on your device.
    * Remember projects like these and the work done on them is a hobby to the
    * contributors and the team members, no one is working for you nor is getting paid for it
    * have some respect for the work done by them since it is done purely on interest or a hobby

    is an Android Open Source Project based Android mobile operating system started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat.

    Website: https://arrowos.net
    Telegram: Channel | TG Portal/Links
    Github: https://github.com/ArrowOS
    Code Review: review.arrowos.net
    E-mail: arrowos.contact
    PayPal: Donate to us
    Blog: blog.arrowos.net

    Checkout more documentation at (maintainership/contributing): Check this out

    • Almost everything

    • You tell me
    Be sure to include a log : check how to


    Guide for flash ROM:
    1. Boot TWRP
    2. Make backups
    3. Tap Install -> Select Rom zip
    4. Go to reboot menu -> Select opposite inactive Slot
    5. Reboot recovery
    6. Now in Arrow Recovery
    7. Factory reset
    8. Apply Update -> Flash Magisk if any
    9. Reboot system now

    Read our blog article/post about:
    * HOW-TO report a bug
    * GAPPS and VANILLA variants
    * Checking build integrity

    GPL compliance:
    ROM Source
    - https://github.com/ArrowOS
    Kernel Source- https://github.com/anht3889/android_kernel_lge_sm8150
    Hi all - first, about the download link, it is AndroidFileHost issue and I have no way to make it work. I just create MegaDrive account for new upcoming builds. The alphaplus test build is already uploaded into it.
    Second, perhaps my kernel is causing the issues. This weekend I will try to use kernel source from Markus (v50 dev) to see if these issues still happen or not.

    If you guys still want to use my ROM, please be patient. I still have my own life and this rom was created for my personal use initially. Because there are no devs for G8, I decided to share it here and didn't expect any donation. I'm really new to Android rom development and ArrowOS is my very first rom which I have ever built.
    Happy new year all! New builds are uploaded into Megadrive: https://mega.nz/folder/iQFXCSAa#N_SqYZA1TptEJVyPVg5iXw

    Michael Smirnov helps me to test alphaplus build and he says its battery is better now.
    Two new builds are uploaded. Don't expect battery draing is fixed. I'm still need to investigate it.
    I found the developer in the telegram channel https://t.me/v50thinq and asked him to update the latest firmware version. Here is the link, lets download, install and test))) https://mega.nz/folder/XEEVDCIR#QtlnMaX2mq9juB8GGyoUHw

    Bluetooth music now works for me, DAC works too. The battery drain i began to be tested.
    The speaker with phoinecall is not working properly. The interlocutor hears himself during a telephone conversation. Ie noise reduction does not work. Check out how you are with that.

    Otherwise, everything is perfect!