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Aicp has been working on slim recents and hasnt made it public to github yet but i found the commits on gerrit and worked them in.

so this is a test preview of SlimRecents

note the battery styles has been fixed

i also added the wifi sniffer package from the developers images for a14 for anyone that uses kali or just wants to test thier own network.

remember to follow the law and mind the rights of others including privacy. i am in no way responsible for any mis-use

commits for slim recents can be found on gerrit and my github


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sorry its been taking so long between updates. things are starting to slow down while developers gear up for android 14. i will be continuing this project to a14. just be warned the first couple of months will be dry on customisations.

any way heres a link to july security patch with slim recents and pixel parts included

pixel parts is a set of utilities that directly replaces high brightness mode and has some extra goodies. i hope you like it

heres a link to ab's repo for more info on pixel parts



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Jul 26, 2010
Just got my Pixel 7 last week and tried a few ROMs. This one is the best for me! A couple of issues though:
  1. The "Link ring & notification volumes" toggle doesn't seem to work. Ring and Notification are always linked
  2. I have "Wake screen for notifications" and "Show all notification content" enabled. I have also set "Screen Lock to "None". Now, SMS and Gmail notifications show on the Lock screen for a few seconds and then disappear, as expected. However, Viber notifications actually wake up the entire phone and show on the main desktop, the one with the icons. I checked through Viber's settings and couldn't find anything that could cause this
And finally - an ask: @Duhjoker can you please update the first post when new version is uploaded to Mega? I almost dismissed this ROM as unsupported initially, seeing that the Downloads section of the first post contains a link with description "January 5th security patch"

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    Android Ice Cold Project

    Pixel 7/Pixel 7pro Cheetah/Panther

    Minimal Gapps included

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications and if
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you. Hard & a lot.


    Feature list (rough overview)


    In the beginning, we would like to thank:

    GZOSP team
    LineageOS & CM (R.I.P.) team
    @maxwen and the rest of the OmniRom team
    DU team
    Resurrection Remix team
    AOSiP team


    @LorD ClockaN
    plus the rest of the crazy bunch that we call "team"


    January 5th security patch

    Download link:


    Full Changelog link:
    (Just click the changelog button next to the download link in the list of builds available for your device)

    Google Apps:


    You tell... :p

    Before using the ROM:
    Q. Can I have an ETA for the next build?
    A. Please dont ask for ETA's. release shedule will be monthly after source update and sometimes bi weekly if bug fixes or features are added

    Q. Does this ROM support custom kernels?
    A. Yes feel free to flash any kernel you desire. remember vbmeta needs to have verity and verification disabled

    Q. Does this ROM include GApps or do I have to flash them separately?
    A. Yes minimal gapps from mind the gapps. just whats needed for playstore google assistant and android auto

    Q. Does this ROM use the camera or gallery app from stock?
    A. No but can be installed from playstore

    Q. Does this ROM have Extended/Scrolling screenshot?
    A. No, extended screenshot was implemented using an app extracted and modified from manufacturer firmware/system images and is proprietary as well. It led to the closing of many ROM's sources on GitHub.

    Q. Does this ROM have FaceUnlock?
    A. No, FaceUnlock was also an app extracted and modified from some manufacturers. Even Google removed the Trusted Face (FaceUnlock) feature for security reasons on Android 9.0/10.x. Adding the modified feature did the same to ROM sources as described above.

    Q. Can you add (insert favorite weather provider)?
    A. No, we cannot add more weather providers as the implementations change and we (the ROM) now have to pay for most services, and that is not cheap, so we decided to use the best free service that we could find, the only way to add your own is for users to apply for their own API key to use their preferred service.

    Q. Does this ROM have private official builds with the above proprietary libs included?
    A. No, we believe in open source software, this way users know what's in the build and can replicate it themselves, all official builds are built on our build servers using the public sources from GitHub, and no one can (or would) add their own private sources to the build.

    Flashing the ROM:
    Q. What do I need to know before flashing?
    A. Check the flashing instructions...

    Q. How do I flash kernel builds?
    A1. If it's a .img file, boot into TWRP and go to the install page in TWRP, in the bottom right corner select "install image", select the desired kernel, then select "boot" as the destination, then swipe to flash, then go back to the install screen and install your root method again, if you don't want to lose root and reboot.
    A2. If it's a flashable ZIP, you can flash it together with a ROM update or separately. Go to the install page in TWRP, choose the kernel zip (or add it to the flash queue right after the ROM zip). Then add your root method to the queue if you don't want to lose root. Now swipe to flash and reboot afterward.

    Using the ROM:

    Q. Do I need to provide a logcat if I'm reporting a bug?
    A. If you want it to be fixed faster (or at all) then yes, you should definitely provide a logcat AND the model name. (Note: Please just link the logcat from your GDrive, Dropbox, etc. Do not post the content here. Thanks.)

    Q. How do I get a logcat, what type should I get, and more questions that can conveniently be answered by my pre-determined answer?
    A1. Read this thoroughly. Also, here's a good app for getting logs: (Root needed).
    A2. If you are already rooted, you can use the built-in feature to make a logcat and provide that. Just look into the others section on the AICP Extras main page.


    The ROM should contain everything you need to enjoy Android tm. You don't need to install any Add-ons, simply download the latest ROM then follow the flashing instructions and go!
    If you want the device to run the ROM "rooted", you can flash a root solution of your choice after the ROM zip file.

    It is STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing and please avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup (or with any backup/restore app) as this can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug, restoring regular apps is fine though.
    If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience any strange behavior.

    How to flash for the first time
    (Again: Don't do it if you don't know!)

    1. Download the ROM and transfer it to your PC.

    2. Connect device to pc using proper cable

    3. reboot device to fastboot

    4. Open a terminal and type

    fastboot -w update

    5. Reboot and set up your device.

    6. You can then reboot to bootloader and flash your own magisk patched init_boot.img for root and then boot back to the system.

    Kernel source:
    Device tree source:
    Vendor source:

    join us telegram for full support

    thanks to

    @Hurt Copain
    I went ahead and decided to hook you guys up. i added new builds to a folder for 32-bit-app-support with cheetah and panther builds.

    change log: made this commit to allow to 32 bit app installation

    All future builds will have 32-bit app support
    April security patch is out now.

    if you havent updated to march or april radio and bootloader, now would be a good time to do so. this will insure that you are safe from the wifi security bug found in february.


       * external/hosts
    77fc3d57 Release 3.12.20
    dd6bee0f Updates from URLHaus and KADhosts.
       * frameworks/base
    a80b41dc4316 fixup! Separate double tap to sleep on lockscreen [1/2]
    6c5dbb79c3fa Implement firewall status bar indicator
    41287cfb656c fixup! SystemUI: Make clock & battery clickable again^2
    8f35d171e603 SystemUI: Make clock & battery clickable again^2
    6594545acbe7 SystemUI: Avoid unnecessary keyguard indication controller recreation
    5d61dcd95a5d JobScheduler: Respect allow-in-power-save perm
    f79c7fb823ed fixup! SystemUI: screenshot: open long screenshot activity for partial screenshots
    10d6bbb6a293 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into t13.0
       * frameworks/base
    86f685d4bee5 SettingsProvider: Fix for google backup and restore
       * system/core
    5e989dc75d init: Make an error message more informative
       * device/qcom/sepolicy_vndr-legacy-um
    e52af6e4 bengal: Correct sysfs_wakeup paths
       * system/core
    c782e91dae init: Use `IsRecoveryMode()` for normal boot checks
    308303e2be init: Spoof more props
    422e786928 init: Check for fastbootd before spoofing safetynet props
    4c06a04022 core: Add more props for snet spoofing
    c975920af3 init: Only set safetynet props if not eng build
    511a74302b init: Weaken property override security only when spoofing safetynet
    3e6706e2d0 init: add vendor.*  keys to spoof safetynet
    c59fe4bf42 init: workaround SafetyNet check
    0c6f4d6124 init: Weaken property override security for the init extension
       * vendor/aicp
    a0dbe2b overlay: Move default status bar height to no-rro
       * external/hosts
    21252675 Merge pull request #2286 from namtsui/wota
       * vendor/aicp
    966324f overlay: Relocate config_displayLightSensorType to no-rro
    928e575 vendor_aicp: config: Inherit
    8257bdb overlay: Disable immersive mode confirmation
    5b700fe soong: Bring bootloader_message_offset back
       * external/hosts
    749ef97d add
    fc543806 Merge pull request #2285 from StevenBlack/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/vm2-3.9.16
    c6419ff4 Bump vm2 from 3.9.15 to 3.9.16
       * bootable/recovery
    6d486b1f recovery: Allow custom bootloader msg offset in block misc
    da0906a2 recovery: wipe bootloader message from index 0 when using custom offsets
       * build/make
    0e55e642b Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into t13.0
       * external/hosts
    75c8366e Release 3.12.19
    263fba63 Updates from sinfonietta, URLHaus,, KADhosts, hostsVN, and Adguard.
       * frameworks/av
    1b9c0c72e5 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into t13.0
       * frameworks/native
    d3254b2b82 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into t13.0
       * packages/apps/Launcher3
    dfc0bea66e Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into t13.0
       * packages/apps/Settings
    28b024e1db Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into t13.0
       * packages/apps/ThemePicker
    b2d9a496 ThemePicker: Remove beta tag for themed icons
       * packages/modules/Bluetooth
    be1f4b5f67 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into t13.0
    3925144061 fixup! bluetooth: abandon app local certificate
       * packages/services/Telecomm
    90ca15425 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into t13.0
       * platform_manifest
    b3d9d43 manifest: April 2023 Security update
    835111e manifest: March 2023 Quarterly Platform Release and Security update
       * system/core
    86144011a2 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r35' of into HEAD
       * system/sepolicy
    3b0774013 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into t13.0
       * vendor/aicp
    ba8a43d device_config: Enable smart actions in the clipboard overlay
       * hardware/google/pixel
    5b75a7d Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into staging/lineage-20.0_merge-android-13.0.0_r41
       * hardware/qcom-caf/wlan
    79ccbda wcnss-service: Remove setup_wlan_driver_ath_prop()
    ccf7898 Reading the serialno property is forbidden
    405fcce wcnss_service: Deal with mdm-detect too
    0f9526e wcnss: Build and dlopen wcnss_qmi_client as a shared library
       * packages/modules/Wifi
    b7ca9669be Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into staging/lineage-20.0_merge-android-13.0.0_r41
       * packages/providers/MediaProvider
    1cde08432 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r41' into staging/lineage-20.0_merge-android-13.0.0_r41
       * device/qcom/sepolicy_vndr-legacy-um
    b7dd1e17 sepolicy: Allow qti_init_shell to set proc_watermark_scale_factor.
    42c32852 Sepolicy:Add rules for init-qti-dcvs-sh
    f98c9bae sepolicy_vndr: Allow getprop for persist.debug.trace property
    04b5abe0 legacy/qva: label extcon files
    fee38be8 generic: Label more discard_max_bytes sysfs
       * packages/apps/Aperture
    a5741ab Aperture: Add toggle for FFC horizontal flip
       * frameworks/base
    4a1619436e7b PIHooks: Make CTS/Play Integrity pass again
       * platform_manifest
    7396876 manifest: track prebuilts/kernel-build-tools repo
       * external/hosts
    3dc0b5f9 Merge pull request #2281 from XhmikosR/patch-2
    587ccf9c Merge pull request #2282 from XhmikosR/patch-3
    9954343e Merge pull request #2280 from XhmikosR/patch-1
    d3d4124e Remove unneeded trailing whitespaces
    5de92647 Update .editorconfig
    54c1fdba Update npm deps and regenerate lockfile
    82e63588 CI: limit pushes to master
    42ec6b05 Add new domains.
    Thanks just installed. No face unlock in the rom unfortunayely.
    sorry about that i updated the fastboot command.

    As far as faceunlock, if you read the op's FAQ section it has an explanation of why its not included.
    February builds are now ready for install see change log below for details

    Change log:::

       * external/hosts
    543acefa Release 3.12.6
    23d53485 Updates from BigDargon, URLHaus,, KADhosts, and hostsVN.
       * external/hosts
    80695021 Remove
       * packages/apps/Aperture
    636f225 Aperture: Do not store photos captured via other apps
    be96723 Aperture: Insta hide secondaryTopBarLayout on camera mode change
    bb105d0 Aperture: Make SecondaryTopBarButton square
    42bc070 Aperture: Set SecondaryTopBarButton height to wrap_content
    dd63b4a Aperture: Remove OIS handling
       * packages/apps/DeskClock
    2d773b994 DeskClock: Fix timer notification
       * frameworks/av
    885db4d941 fixup! audioflinger: Fix audio for WifiDisplay
       * packages/apps/Aperture
    006c733 Automatic translation import
       * packages/apps/DeskClock
    943a2dcdc Automatic translation import
       * packages/apps/DocumentsUI
    67a7b0154 Automatic translation import
       * packages/apps/Etar
    35931d5f Automatic translation import
       * packages/apps/Jelly
    7f72e28 Automatic translation import
       * packages/inputmethods/LatinIME
    a0efe97b6 Automatic translation import
       * packages/modules/Bluetooth
    11e50b7c30 [RE-PICK] controller: Optionally disable LE_READ_BUFFER_SIZE_V2 and  LE_SET_HOST_FEATURE
    f00b75d1fe gd: hci: Ignore unexpected status events
    81cf91d8cb Additionally check le_set_event_mask command resturn status with UNSUPPORTED_LMP_OR_LL_PARAMETER
       * platform_manifest
    5fe7a69 Merge "manifest: February 2023 Security update" into t13.0
       * vendor/aicp
    bb06ebd Merge "vendor: soong: Optionally disable Bluetooth LE" into t13.0
       * vendor/qcom/opensource/fm-commonsys
    dcca002 Automatic translation import
       * packages/apps/Aperture
    eadaf72 Aperture: Add Google Lens icon
       * packages/apps/DeskClock
    1094c2815 DeskClock: Remove FAB from ExpiredTimersActivity
       * external/tinycompress
    d155968 tinycompress: plugin: Set codec params in SETUP state
       * frameworks/libs/systemui
    0a82dae ClockDrawableWrapper: Set DISABLE_SECONDS to false
       * platform_manifest
    4c8e4db manifest: track local frameworks/libs/systemui repo
       * vendor/aicp
    94df8dd qcom: set TARGET_USES_QCOM_AUDIO_AR for the UM 5.10 family
    b0a2667 qcom: Include vendor/qcom/opensource/display namespace only for <5.10 platforms
    d1ef01e qcom: Add taro platform
    37debbf vendor: soong: Optionally disable Bluetooth LE
    7b1c1aa overlay: Set calendar component name
    869b6b6 overlay: Set clock component name
       * packages/apps/DeskClock
    aec45ba3f DeskClock: Dynamic icon
       * vendor/qcom/opensource/interfaces
    e0f8d46 interfaces: Add perf 2.3 interface
       * build/make
    1edf70636 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r30' into t13.0
       * frameworks/av
    d7a840abd4 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r30' into t13.0
       * frameworks/native
    7307cc2b4e Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r30' into t13.0
       * packages/apps/Aperture
    5003810 Aperture: Redo settings appbar using M3 guidelines
    a290b23 Aperture: Reformat code
    c02cafd Aperture: Add support for Assistant actions
    d5ed0c1 Aperture: Use ?attr/isLightTheme for light status bar
       * packages/apps/Settings
    44d3754117 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r30' into t13.0
       * packages/modules/Bluetooth
    b33cf533c1 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r30' into t13.0
       * packages/modules/Permission
    d48b23468 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r30' into t13.0
       * packages/services/Telecomm
    f69c30c69 Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r30' into t13.0