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Dec 2, 2020
Xiaomi Poco F3
Xiaomi 13
After seeing some excellent battery life, I am willing to customize my P7P. Before doing that, just noticed the installation instruction seems way simpler when I compare it with other custom ROM installation guide. Did I miss anything?View attachment 5854781
To clarify, you're saying you experienced excellent battery life on stock?

To others: How is battery life on this ROM compared to stock? I'd heard that stock recently had a dramatic improvement vs launch.


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Mar 15, 2012
Google Pixel 7
Google Pixel 7 Pro
To clarify, you're saying you experienced excellent battery life on stock?

To others: How is battery life on this ROM compared to stock? I'd heard that stock recently had a dramatic improvement vs launch.
Ha, better battery life on stock was not what I meant. I meant I saw some impressive report of battery life with this custom ROM. I am willing to switch to this.
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Oct 8, 2015
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Google Pixel 7 Pro
My battery life on stock was never good, got to 3-4 hours SOT max.
On this ROM it's actually amazing. Been using it with the radioactive kernel and regularly get 6 hours plus now.
If I use the phone a lot, more than 8 hours are possible.
So for me this ROM actually made my phone useful.
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Apr 11, 2012
I really like this ROM and want to use this as my daily driver. However, there seem to be some UI stutters and micro stutters, while scrolling and app exit animation.

I would appreciate if you could fix that. Thank you.


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Dec 7, 2010
I would very much welcome an update to March due to the Exynos vulnerability
Sure, why don't you go ahead and rebase the ROM to QPR2? Couple this with the upcoming changes Evolution X are doing and that they are in the process of making a new build server. We all know historically Google doesn't make many changes in the December and March feature drops or introduce issues.... /sarcasm

Everybody is aware of the issues with VoLTE/WiFi calling on Exynos/Tensor on February 2023 and earlier security patch and if it's important to you and you can't live without VoLTE/WiFi calling then go back to stock :cowboy:
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Nov 5, 2010
I installed this ROM and wanted to give quick update on few things I had issue and hope it is taken into consideration.
I liked this ROM a lot. It is super smooth and runs super cool with default kernel.
few custom ROMs for 7 pro we have, almost all of them builds Kiri as default but this ROM doesnt do that and it is good thing.
(In no means, Kiri is not good but for people like me that prefers to run ROMs unrooted (work apps), Kiri is not the right choice as it needs powerhint module to run in full potential. ROM i ran that had Kiri as default without rooted, they ran hotter or get hotter easily.)
Not this ROM, while restoring my 101 apps from google restore, it didnt get that much hotter, amybe warm at the best. which was very surprising and the first thing I noticed. Thank you for not including Kiri.
This ROM has right amount of features and thats what i liked a lot.
Issues I would like to bring up:
-My Pixel buds were not connecting. (biggest issue for me)
usually, i would open my bud pro then it would notify me that my saved device is available and i would tap it and it would go through usual steps of connecting and setting up but in this ROM, it would error out and reboot didnt help. eventually it connected but like after literally 10 tries.
-default home is nice but wish it came with nexus launcher (I can only hope). search bar below the dock is not sized properly and tapping on weather doesn't open the weather.
-hiding app in launcher is bugged. once you select apps to hide, it needs restart but while opening developers option in launcher setting causes it to crash. this crash does restart launcher so, it works lol.
-Clear Calling is not present and hopefully, in next release it can be added.
-tapping Wireless Emergency alert setting crashes.
-don't understand the need for battery app, rcs app and stag wallpaper app. can you please at least let users disable them if not uninstall.
-finally, the last issue that made be flash another ROM.
search in settings were crashing when searching and tapping to open that setting and I though it might be because of new settings UI I was using. (I really like the new settings UI.) so, i thought i would revert back to default setting and try again. when i revert back, it said it needs to do systemUI restart and boom, I was in recovery screen and said my data might have been corrupted and i needed to format. i didnt want to risk getting this again so, i flashed another ROM for now.
hope to come back to this after this is fixed.
Thank you for this awesome rom.
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    There's a May update on Telegram
    But it says that July has been delayed...
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    Hey another day another rom, that's what you might be thinking. but we at stag aim towards elegance. We are learners just like everyone out there, This is small project we have started which helps us learn every single day. Why Stag, you might question, my answer would be why not. After all Harry's patronus was a stag(pun intended). After having a couple of iterations, we still intend to stick to our roots, and keep refining what we have. With Android 13, Stag would still be aiming at an elegantly beautiful close to stock experience, that satisfies just the features and customisations you'd crave for (nothing more, nothing less), at the same time being blazing fast and silky smooth. You'll have to try it to believe it .

    ~Sic Parvis Magna~

    PS: for people wondering what sic parvis magna is, it translates to great endings from small beginnings, Something i picked up while playing a game.

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    This is a very initial stage build, bugs are to be expected. Although so far in testing we did not find anything major and you will be flashing the build of your own accord.
    I am planning to have super frequent releases of A13 beta, and soon it will be the stag you know and love (it's super stable already)


    Pristine Incremental: [NA]
    Gapps Incrementa: [NA]

    Full Zips
    Pristine Build - Non Gapps: Download Here
    Gapps Build: Download Here


    Please follow the instructions properly.
    (If you face issues with installation, restore using fast boot. These are initial builds and anything can happen)
    **Make sure your boot loader is unlocked, and that you are on April firmware**

    Reboot to bootloader
    Use the following command to flash boot.img to both slots
    Format Data (Not needed if updating from January Build)
    fastboot -w
    Run the following command
    fastboot update

    What's Working
    1. Camera, FP, BT, NFC, Calls, Data all the major stuff working pretty well​
    1. You tell me :).​
    All extra info will be slowly updated over time and will be readily available by the time of official release.
    All this said, the build has been pretty great so far so I hope all you you have a blast trying it out.




    Device Tree

    I work on this project as a hobby, and the money for the servers completely go out from my pocket.
    If you like my work it'd be great if you could:
    I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks and hope you enjoy the build

    ROM OS Version: Android 13.0
    ROM Kernel: Linux 5.10.107
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Current Build Version: 13.1
    Build Release Date: 2023-04-25
    Changelog - 24042023

    Bonjour, A long time due update is finally out. The march update by google was a huge pain, I had to completely re work the source and had a lot of personal issues. Hence I had to skip march release, and are soo late into april as well. I'll really try my best to provide all further updates on time (or much ahead). With all the rambling aside, this update will not look much, but trust me someone once said: "it's not what's on the outside that matters, it's what's on the inside that does". And inside the source there have been a tremendous amount of changes and people who tested the build are in love with it, so what exactly does it bring to plate ? Read on:

    Device Specific
    1. Updated to April Firmware
    2. Some Unsupported regions (India) should have 5g working now.
    3. Enabled CLO boost framework, makes the device much smoother.
    4. Now Playing works just like on pixel (even on lockscreen)

    1. Feb -> April patch. We are on the latest patch by google, CTS passes OOTB!
    2. One downgrade is the removal of battery styles, they will be right with you by may release.
    3. We revamped the Recents UI slightly, looks more like OOS now.
    4. A very small touch is the addition of clear all sound, I personally find it very satisfying. The swoosh that OOS clear all makes, now Stag does too, you'll absolutely love it.
    5. Added a feature called re-ticker. For anyone who's used a samsung phone might be able to relate. It's a OneUI style pill shaped notification.
    6. Added notification clear all button styles
    7. Finally App Lock and hide apps from launcher, super helpful features!!
    8. Revamped resolution selector
    9. A new settings UI (can be enabled with a toggle)

    That's about all I have on the feature front, but you'll be lost scrolling and using the latest and greatest of Stag.
    Until next time.

    Changelog - 28022023
    Hola people, Hope you have been loving the previous stag release, I have heard feedback, and there's some serious changes in this build! Keep reading to find out. LTO
    Build is based on February Security patch by the way and passes CTS out of the box :).

    1. In continuation to last build, we have done major launcher re work, I could write a complete changelog just stating the launcher changes itself, but I'll leave it to you guys to figure it out.
    2. A few notable changes, revamped recents menu, added memory info to recents. Shhh.. No more spoiling.
    3. We now build using Global ThinLTO. Keeping it simple, it means that performance will go vrooom.
    4. Now you have chance to use the updated security menu in settings straight from pixel (only on GAPPS builds)
    5. This is a hot cake, now you can choose which side you want your volume panel in landscape as well. I understand some people find it comfortable on the right on landscape, this one's for you.
    6. Like QPR2? Me too, hence now we have the QS panel from QPR2, nothing major, just a very smooth and soothing clock expand animation.
    7. Not everyone is a fan of two column layout of QS Tiles, we now have added row and column count customisation, along with being able to hide labels!!!
    8. Now you can also hide if you don't want to see your daily data usage, hide that guilt XD.
    9. Added music pulse. NavBar/lockscreen/ambient music visualiser.
    10. Also added edge light for notification.
    11. Added support for toggling status bar icons.
    12. As a consequence of above, a dynamic VoLTE, and a VoWiFi icon implementation which can be turned off!
    13. Added a fix to IMS, which avoids showing carrier name under internet tile twice, for example, "JIO - Jio".
    14. A lot of under the hood performance and visual improvements, to make sure that stag flies hehe!!

    This is a decent sized feature update, and I'm positive you guys will more than love it.
    Looking forward to your responses
    Until next time!

    Changelog - 12022023
    Hey guys, February's here and as owners of Pixels it would suck not being able to have February patch already don't you agree? So this here is a very quick update with a small but very useful changes and of course with February patch

    1. Safety Net/CTS/Integrity passes directly without having to root or flash any module (only for gapps build), enjoy as good as stock experience with this too.
    2. Now you can sucessfully update play updates from security settings (which used to fail till previous build)
    3. Fixed some rare cases where screenshot crashes

    1. February security patch
    2. Added Fingerprint icon and animation customisations (it's super fun)
    3. Moved to aosp launcher in gapps build as well, no more hassle of pixel launcher. You feel a feature is missing, just ping me and you'll find it in the next release :).
    4. Added a toggle to enable unlimited photos storage (use at your own risk)
    5. Added a toggle to spoof games allowing higher refresh rates (yes we rock!)
    6. Updated blobs from pixel february update

    There's a lot more features in line and you are going to love them!!
    We'll have another release soon and in the meantime you would love all the goodness this build brings!!

    Cheers and Regards

    Changelog - 19012023
    Hey guys, this is a quick update build. We were already on January patch, but with this release we update to January FW as well. I am working on feature list and it will be updated in a day or two. In the meanwhile here you go:

    1. Fixed the rare case where FP didn't work.

    1. Updated to Jan FW
    2. Added support for FaceUnlock (thanks to @Hurt Copain for helping and Anay Wadhera for impl)
    3. Moved to Via Browser for Pristine Builds.
    4. Added support for 32 bit app installation.

    This is a small changelog but with some important changes. Hope you have an amazing time using the build

    I would very much welcome an update to March due to the Exynos vulnerability
    The march update (QPR2) has been quite a pain, on top of that I had some personal issues due to which I couldn't really work on Stag. I am trying my best to push out a good build soon!
    Build with February patch released, it's smoother than you remember it and better than before.
    Changelog in 2nd post. OP updated with download links
    Hope you enjoy the build!!

    ~Sic Parvis Magna~
    A new release is out, changelog is updated, and download links can be found in OP.
    Major thing to note, now playing works like a charm now,
    Even bluetooth calling should have been fixed :)
    Clean flash is required.

    Hope you enjoy the build