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Apr 15, 2007
It's a pixel launcher which is not made for our device. When you disable app suggestions on the home screen it's probably fixed... Or a different launcher... But then again the taskbar height still needs to be fixed.
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Mar 31, 2022
Flashed it to over the last build and everything seems to be working great.

Thanks so much for making this available its wonderful.


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Flashed! First boot is boot looping. Ideas? EDIT: data/cache wipe let it boot just fine, google speech services crashed on first boot but then it settled after I force closed it with the popup. Seems really smooth so far.

Sidenote, anybody flashed the US wifi baseband on an EU pixel c? EU version I just bought is missing 5ghz wifi channel 149
I am a dumb, wifi country code settings are in advanced settings under system. Woooo 5ghz is back!
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Just flashed 0414

No new issues noticed so far. Seems smooth. Overnight battery drain last night was nearly zero, and it even woke up without any drama! Granted, I have only a few apps installed so far.

  • Settings app includes the search bar now!
Mostly Fixed:
  • Screenshots take without throwing an error, but the share/edit/etc overlay does not appear and the sound is pretty delayed. I am not sure if the actual capture is delayed as well.
On-going Issues:
  • Status bar jank, camera, codecs, Chrome, etc: no need to elaborate. Everyone already knows.
  • Keyboard shortcuts remain broken.
  • The bundled Google Recorder app does not get the correct gain from available mics. The tablet mics are so low I can hardly record even very loud sounds and the gain from a headset is better but still very low. As an aside, Google, how is this still a portrait only app?!
  • Because the keyboard shortcuts are broken I keep accidentally invoking Assistant, which allows me to notice that it is slow to launch. I'm not sure if this is an issue or not. Maybe it's an old tablet, heavy app, problem.
  • Probably other little things?
  • EDIT1: the drag from taskbar gesture to initiate split screen works, but at least in landscape the UI highlights the top or bottom half instead of the left or right half. The apps do split left and right correctly but they look like they will try to go top and bottom during the gesture. Maybe this is just part of the taskbar is janky section.
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I get excited by trying silly things so I installed Genshin Impact.

And... it plays! Sort of! Actually, it's really (really) slow at first and consumes nearly the entire storage on my 32GB Pixel. If you want to be foolish like me I suggest you set the IO Scheduler to deadline, increase ZRAM to 1GB ish, and be very patient haha. Once you suffer through the beginning/trainer level you can access the graphics settings and get them low enough to actually play with okay ish frame rates.


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Nov 20, 2011
I just noticed below workaround in the lineage os thread on videos not playing properly in chromium based browsers. I checked it and does seem to work.

Our "old" Nivida codecs do have problems to play videos in Chrome-based browsers.
(Rename or remove /vendor/lib/libnvomx.so and reboot system to switch to
software video codecs.)
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Aug 12, 2013
Does this work with multiple users? I tried CRdroid Android 12 build and it goes completely mad if you add another user. Removing the 2nd user (not that easy in the state it gets in) resolves the problem but I need two users on it :(.


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Bro i need PixelExperience_Dragon 12.1-20220523-1812 UNOFFICIAL.zip for nokia 6.1 plus thats the only android 12 rom everyone is suggesting foe this phone but not even one link relates to this rile is working on google i tried to find it everywhere some people have this rom but they dont share so can pls find or share this file with me with some alternate method or app or web i shall be very thankful bro if you help me out with this🥺 ive spent a lot of time on it
Go to your device's forum. This is for the Pixel C tablet, not a Nokia.


May 22, 2013
I don't understand your question, this is android 11.

I've been trying to port latest Shield blobs but it's not an easy job. They are still on android 9. It would be more convenient when they upgrade to 11 but then again... the proprietary Nvidia stuff is difficult to work with due to the many dependancies.
Yep, and costly since you have to license their use. New to these Pixel C threads. Do I understand you have someone creating Vulkan drivers for TX1 on Android?

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    PixelExperience Plus for Pixel C [Dragon]

    What is this?

    Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies
    (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 13.0

    Known issues

    Webview based browsers won't play videos
    Use a browser like firefox as a workaround (SW Codecs)
    SELinux is permissive


    XDA evDB Information
    PixelExperience Plus 13.0, ROM for the Pixel C



    Source Code:

    ROM OS Version: Android 13.0
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.18
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Build with this months security patch will be delayed. I'm rebuilding the entire dragon device tree from scratch and implementing shield stuff.

    Upcoming build will be stable PE11.
    Android 12 build is up!
    I will upload a new build based on Android 12.1 (12L) this week. Spent a lot of time on this update :)


    - Built with Linaro toolchain
    - Ported PM Quality Of Service Interface
    - Ported Tegra (Shield) Cpufreq driver
    - Ported Tegra (Shield) Cpuquiet driver
    - Ported Tegra (Shield) Power driver
    - Ported Tegra (Shield) CF touch boost driver

    - Ported Shield Power HAL (Fixed CPU UI composition performance)
    - Ported Shield Light HAL (More features for LED Bar, Fixed auto brightness)
    - Ported Shield Power Hint Service
    - Switched to HWC2
    - Enabled Night-Light

    Camera is not fixed yet.

    Edit: Build will be delayed a bit. The new 12L taskbar is buggy...

    Edit 2: New build is up! Taskbar is still buggy but its not a device specific problem, will be fixed.
    It's a slow proces but ill make a build with the old tree anyway of their stable branch in the coming days

    Edit: New build is up