[ROM][13.0][OnePlus 5/5T] AOSP for OnePlus 5 [15 MARCH 2023]

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Sep 18, 2007
Arzignano, Italy
AOSP for OnePlus 5/5T - Android 13
* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it!

Most of the information from here can be applied for this ROM.


This projects aims to create an upgradable AOSP build system for the Oneplus 5 (Cheeseburger).
No repository from AOSP is changed: no commit over AOSP is at the moment present on the sources for this ROM.

All the changes are provided in separate repositories (HALs, kernel): this allows to upgrade Android with minimal effort, potentially also for future major versions.

Most of the added repositories is provided by LineageOS or CAF, so thanks to them for those repos.

Screenshots are attached.

This ROM is based on the work on Android 12 from here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-12-1-oneplus-5-5t-aosp-for-oneplus-5-07-july-2022.4343441/

As usual, only builds with enforcing SELinux, no root access and 'user Android build flavor' will be posted here.

Known issues

None that I'm aware.


See second post.


Releases can be found on SourceForge:
OnePlus 5 (Cheeseburger): : https://sourceforge.net/projects/aosponeplus/files/Cheeseburger_OTA_A13/
OnePlus 5T (Dumpling): :

Old: releases can be found on AndroidFileHost.
OnePlus 5 (Cheeseburger): https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=335703
OnePlus 5T (Dumpling): https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=335704


Backup everything.
The provided zip can be installed using the TWRP recovery: clear data while doing that.

The ROM expects the firmware from OOS 10.0.1: different firmwares are not tested.

GApps are not available for Android 13 yet (for what I know).

The provided recovery allows only flashing signed images: use TWRP if you need to flash GApps or different packages.


Kernel on github: https://github.com/robertoglandroid/kernel_oneplus_msm8998
ROM sources: https://github.com/roberto-sartori-gl/local_manifests/tree/a13/gl

Telegram discussion group here!

XDA:DevDB Information
AOSP for OnePlus 5/5T, ROM for the OnePlus 5/5T


Thank you to @T1mb3

ROM OS Version: Android 13
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

Version Information

Created 2022-08-16
Last Updated 2023-03-15


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Sep 18, 2007
Arzignano, Italy

cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20230315.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20230315.zip

  • Fix automatic brightness not working
  • Fix alert slider not working correctly

cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20230314.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20230314.zip

  • March 2023 security patches (synced with AOSP android-13.0.0_r35)
cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20230207.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20230207.zip

  • February 2023 security patches (synced with AOSP android-13.0.0_r30)
  • Synced with latest Lineage changes

New releases:
cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20230104.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20230104.zip

New releases:
cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20221226.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20221226.zip

  • Switch back to Camera2 (from Aperture) - Aperture still has some issues (e.g. zoom on photos/videos in 16:9)
  • SettingsExtra: add option to enable rounded icons
  • SettingsExtra: add option to enable DC dimming (flicker free display)
New releases:
cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20221217.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20221217.zip

  • Fix volume slider not working correctly
  • Remove date/downgrade check during OTA updates
  • Fix issues with Volte/Vowifi icons
New releases:
cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20221207b.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20221207b.zip

  • Fix wifi not turning on
cheeseburger: 214cde000d89ab0f30c2ecf4b5290598
dumpling: ffd267cc7f74c4ae65403e8e60a1d694
cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20221207.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20221207.zip

  • December 2022 security patches (synced with AOSP android-13.0.0_r16)
  • Synced with latest Lineage changes
  • Fixed issues with the VoLTE/VoWifi status bar icons
cheeseburger: ee76d2b8e3c60b03bc7a4860990e1380
dumpling: 17cb064209aff9166b9ba9bf6ae7bf88

cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20221126.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20221126.zip

On MEGA because AFH doesn't really work.
  • Synced with AOSP android-13.0.0_r13)
  • Synced with latest Lineage changes
cheeseburger: 3067bbd12e62418fa783128fd748f571
dumpling: 021e8bdfee97a14941f11f1fa8ddd77a

cheesburger: aosp13_cheeseburger-ota-user-20221107.zip
dumpling: aosp13_dumpling-ota-user-20221107.zip

  • November 2022 security patches (synced with AOSP android-13.0.0_r12)
  • Switch from AOSP Camera to Lineage Aperture
cheeseburger: a9f9d69e39f092b08e9442617f9b1862
dumpling: abc4dd82e7593bcf54e00b7b7cc4561e
[22/10/2022] aosp13_cheeseburger/dumpling-ota-user-20221022.zip
  • Synced with latest changes from Lineage
[04/10/2022] aosp13_cheeseburger/dumpling-ota-user-20221004.zip
  • Fix issues with SettingsExtra app
[03/10/2022] aosp13_cheeseburger/dumpling-ota-user-20221003.zip
  • October 2022 security patches (synced with AOSP android-13.0.0_r7)
  • Fix Phone app crashing when opening Settings -> Display options
  • Sync with latest Lineage 20 sources
  • Add back Wireguard kernel support
  • Fix animation during offline charging
[06/09/2022] aosp13_cheeseburger/dumpling-ota-user-20220911.zip
  • Fix permission issue importing vcf file from the Contacts application
  • Fix artifacts when using Night Light mode
  • Fix an issue causing certain applications to start in landscape mode when the display size was set to 'small' in the Settings app
  • Add support for theming under Settings -> Wallpaper & style
[06/09/2022] aosp13_cheeseburger/dumpling-ota-user-20220906.zip
  • September 2022 security patches (synced with AOSP android-13.0.0_r4)
  • Synced with latest Lineage changes (fix low volume during video recording)
  • Fix some issues with VoLTE/VoWifi status bar icons
  • Remove support for wireless display/cast - it is not supported on AOSP by Google
  • SettingsExtra: add option to keep the capacitive buttons backlight always on (with screen on)
  • SettingsExtra: add option to select the timeout to turn off the capacitive buttons backlight (when the backlight is turned on after pressing a button)
  • Restore AOSP vibration/alarm status bar icons: vibration icon can be enabled from Settings -> Sounds & vibration -> Always show icon when in vibrate mode
[17/08/2022] aosp13_cheeseburger/dumpling-ota-user-202208017b.zip
  • Fix issue with Bluetooth Audio. It may be necessary to pair again the headsets after the update (in case of OTA update)
[17/08/2022] aosp13_cheeseburger/dumpling-ota-user-202208017.zip
  • Fix volume slider
  • Remove DC mode (flicker free) - fix black/white screen issue
[16/08/2022] aosp13_cheeseburger/dumpling-ota-user-20220816.zip
  • First Android 13 release (August 2022 security patches) (synced with AOSP android-13.0.0_r2)
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Apr 20, 2020
OnePlus 5T
Could you gimme the flashing preocedure? I'm on sparkos?
I moved from crdroid 8.8 using the below steps

- used latest twrp recovery for 12.1
- removed lockscreen pin
- reboot to recovery
- wipe all partition except internal storage
- flash a13 rom
- flash litegapps for android 13(recovery package)
- reboot

No issues seen so far. Works quite well.


Feb 6, 2016
I did a clean install. But when the boot will complete, it reboots again. I followed all the instructions. What's the problem


Feb 6, 2016
Try flashing with a clean install and without any zip.
Encryption is enabled by default.
Thanks for your suggestion. I'm wondering if my device will not be able to be encrypted when I boot without installing the zip file I mentioned, right? I don't want my device to be encrypted. Sorry for my little knowledge.
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