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Sep 23, 2008
Hi there!

Thank you for your work! The rom works great!
I don't know if it is a bug, but the search bar both in app drawer and on the main screen does not search for installed apps on my device.


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Jul 3, 2010
OnePlus 7T Pro
Hi there!

Thank you for your work! The rom works great!
I don't know if it is a bug, but the search bar both in app drawer and on the main screen does not search for installed apps on my device.
same thing happened to me till i fiddled around with some setting in the launcher settings.
Now i can see apps which are installed when i search in app drawer.
Evrything in "search your phone" is enabled.
I've disabled suggestions.


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Sep 23, 2008
Actually, app searching started to work for me as well today morning. Yesterday when I flashed the rom it didn't. I'm quite sure I did not not do anything in settings to make it work 😅 Maybe it needed some time to index or something.




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Jul 5, 2011
So what can I expect in terms of updates and maintainability from the dev?
Can we expect updates for at least 6 months?
Also I remember in the past there were a few updates which required the user to do a full wipe of the system.

I'd like to flash this, but if it's going to be abandoned in few months, or the next update mentions "full data wipe required"...
Sep 24, 2022
So will this rom work with the 7T Pro McLaren, I have that device, and I see that this is specifically for the 7T Pro which is fairly the same phone. I would like to flash this rom on my 7T Pro McLaren, will it brick from flashing it though


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Dec 24, 2012
Yes, I've installed it on my 7T Pro McLaren. would you mind sharing a modem file with me, or sending me a pm with a link to it, rooted already as well
Sorry, never had it rooted, in this Rom all the banking apps and corporate apps work, so I didn't see any reason to root the phone. Restore the phone to original OOS, update to the latest version to have the firmware updated for you and then install the Rom. More hassle, I know, but bulletproof.


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May 23, 2019
Hey guys. Just installed pixel experience 13 on my 7t pro and am loving the experience. I have just one question:

On the home page, the top portion of the screen has a weird effect where it shows the semi transparent accent colour of the theme as shown in the image

Does anyone know why this happens?

Also is there any way to remove the time day on the top left? I removed at a glance but that still shows

Thanks a lot :)


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Jun 4, 2010
Wicked Rom guys I really enjoy it. My only thing is the quality of the mix when recording videos or voice notes, it's very tinny and quiet. I don't know if I can fix that myself or if its a Rom thing.



Aug 18, 2016
Hello everyone! Can someone show me how the notification/quick settings area looks while in landscape mode?


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Jun 15, 2021
Say how to completely remove the GAPPS from the shell before the installation (i.e., make a vanilla version)?
Is there any manual?
Thank you!


Nov 17, 2013
I want to sell the OnePlus is it possible to download stock rom from OnePlus website and install this via recovery?


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Oct 1, 2022
Do you guys get a notification preview with the phone locked? I only get audio and can't figure out how to change that behavior

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    So, I've flashed the november 29 release of 13 Plus on my 7T Pro.

    I was on the official A12 firmware before so it was a clean install.
    Some quick observations:
    - It hides root very well! All of my banking apps and even Google Pay are working!
    I didn't need to flash Magisk + Universal SafetyNet Fix for this :)
    Very well done!
    - Fingerprint reader works just as good as the original A12 rom
    - It has all the bells and whistles of a original Pixel phone
    - There is no nagging screen about the bootloader being unlocked when I turn on my phone
    - Bluetooth carkit stuff seems to work just fine
    - All of my company's Microsoft apps (Teams, Outlook, Authenticator etc) are still working

    The only small nitpick I found is that Widevine CDM seems to switch to L3.
    I've verified it was L1 when I was still on the original OOS A12.
    But I don't really care as L3 still gives you 720p/1080p on Netflix, which is more than enough for me.

    Hats off !
    I'd be very grateful if someone could inform me on how this ROM handles two specific notifications cases. That's because it appears that both cases aren't only annoying on stock OOS 12 on the Oneplus 7 series, but also on at least series 8 and 9. Therefore it might be by Oneplus design. If the dev of PE uses Oneplus' ROM as a basis (I don't know), it might be in here too.

    Case 1: notifications on the lockscreen are absent or incomplete at best. So notifications in the AOD and in the notification shade when unlocked are totally missing from the lockscreen. Is this also the case in PE?

    Case 2: grouped notifications behavior. Tapping on the upper red part (image below) of a grouped notification should open the associated app directly. Tapping on the lower blue part should expand the notification. Oneplus has since OOS 12 chosen the behavior to expand the notification no matter where you tap, removing the option to open the app directly. Which behavior is in PE?
    View attachment 5773779

    Thank you so much for answering my questions!!

    Case 1: Lockscreen shows full notifications (configurable for privacy), AOD/inactivity display only shows icons except the moment the notification comes in, then it will briefly show the full notification.

    Case 2: tapping anywhere (blue or red) opens the app, tapping the little number and arrow on the right or pulling down on the notification expands the stack.
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    Hello everyone, the November update is here

    OOS12 Firmware is required. This is the first build based on OOS12. So you might find some bugs or minor issues as well. Feel free to report them with the logs.

    Installation Guide 1 (preferred method)
    1. Install OOS 11 via fastboot and keep boot loader unlocked​
    2. Update to OOS12 on both slots​
    3. Flash PE Recovery​
    4. ADB sideload the ROM​
    5. Wipe the data​
    6. Reboot​
    Installation Guide 2
    1. Make sure you’re on any PE version​
    2. Flash PE Recovery​
    3. Reboot to recovery​
    4. ADB sideload the ROM​
    5. Wipe the data​
    6. Reboot​

    This update already includes the OOS 12 firmware. But if you still want to be sure then extract the firmware from latest OOS12 and flash all the images. Flashing firmware guide can be easily obtained from online or telegram group channel


    * Initial Android 13 Stable release
    * Initial Android 13 Plus Edition builds
    * Official devices applications are reopened
    * Face Unlock is back
    * Updated translations
    @avb_ & @MaggiWuerze

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    4. Use the English language.

    We understand that with all the different nationalities, not everyone speaks English well, but please try. If you're really unable to post in English, use an online translator. You're free to include your original message in your own language, below the English translation. (This rule covers your posts, profile entries and signature). You could try :- https://translate.google.com/ or https://www.babelfish.com/ or use one of your choice.

    Thank you.

    -Regards: Badger50
    Thank you for all the work! Great rom. Can I dirty flash Plus Edition over the regular version or do I have to wipe?
    I did install plus over previous build without wiping data. Everything seems to be working fine.
    Can anyone who did wipe the phone after update report how it behaves? Is it laggy or smooth and works as expected (like the previous build or better)? Or maybe @parth7667 can help in the matter, can you?

    The Pixel launcher is the culprit as of now, just do following things:

    Clear android system intelligence data,
    Force stop pixel launcher,
    Reboot the phone.

    Make sure you have wiped data while upgrading from the previous version.

    Also you can get the latest kernel updates from here:

    To install the new kernel update

    Reboot to recovery,
    ADB sideload zipfile,
    for 2. you can try using wavelet in legacy mode and use the limiter and set post-gain to max.
    I think including Dolby Atmos would make it way better
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    PixelExperience for OnePlus 7T Pro[hotdog]

    What is this?

    Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 13

    What's working?
    Mobile data
    Fingerprint reader

    Known issues
    Nothing yet
    You tell me

    Download PixelExperience ROM

    Liked my work? Give me a beer

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram channel
    Device Specified Telegram Group

    Hello Everyone,

    Here’s the Pixel Experience Android 13 for you.

    Please note that this is still in BETA, so there will be some minor UI/ Glitches and bugs will be there.

    However this is an unofficial CI Release, but after some days I will push it as an official builds on PE Website.

    Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/rajan-pe/files/

    • Android 13
    • OOS FW
    • EROFS + F2FS filesystems with Project Quota
    • SELinux Enforcing
    Known issues:
    • Currently Smooth display is not working, so default refresh rate will be 60hz, You can force it in developer settings to 90hz
    • In APP FOD UI is glitched
    • Clean flash is required
    Hello Everyone,

    New builds for android 13 are up on official website

    Please note that this is still in BETA, so there will be some minor UI/ Glitches and bugs will be there.

    • Updated to October security patch
    • Updated gapps
    • Fixed crash when enabling Live Captions
    • Performance and minor bug fixes
    • Fixed device model detection (which should fix issues with L1 for some people)
    • Fixed some carrier settings were crashing
    * Note: Dirty flashing is fine from previous 13 builds, no need to clean flash if you're already on PE 13
    Hello everyone!

    New update is out!


    * July security patch
    * Fixed storage usage issue on OTA app
    * Updated translations
    * Other minor issues have been fixed
    * Removed Snap camera & Added OOS Camera
    * Synced vibration from OOS 11
    * Kernel improvements
    * Rebased kernel with LOS base
    * Updated to latest CLO tag in kernel
    * Minor bug fixes
    Hello everyone!

    New update is out!


    * May security patch
    * Updated translations and gapps
    * Fixed battery widget not working properly
    * Fixed rotation button not showing in 2-button navbar mode
    * Improved statusbar brightness control (on plus version)
    * Introduced more granular settings for hotspot (on plus version)
    * Reverted QS background on white theme to old style (on plus version)
    * Other minor issues have been fixed
    * LiveDisplay related issues have been resolved
    * Pocket mode has been added under ambient display
    * Overall performance and stability of the build
    * Fixed android auto