[ROM][13.0][ROLLING] DerpFest T for Oneplus 8 [COMMUNITY][INSTANTNOODLE][Dec 19, 2022]

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OH MY GOD! How come I have not use this ROM YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!! @killcmd thank you for the rom man! but can you also please make one without gapps so i can flash like your own personal gapps? just a suggestion. AWESOMESAUCE
Would love to make it a vanilla build but the camera uses the google frameworks API, it saves you guys aggravation if the package you choose doesn't install.

I just enjoy the fact that this build doesn't give me a massive headache because all the customization options. Less Oppo and more AOSP.

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I installed my first custom rom yesterday on my oneplus 8 and while its ok I really wanted to install derpfest. I dont have a windows OS. I have Linux. I tried everything to run that batch file but to no avail. I have zero problems sideloading of course, so is there a way to modify this to make it sideloadable?
Nevermind. Msm'd back to stock.
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Jul 27, 2022
yo i just installed the 13 alpha, at the moment the rom boots on the verizon model (in2019) from oos11 but there is no mobile data. Otherwise it has been fine to use, thanks for working on this device


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yo i just installed the 13 alpha, at the moment the rom boots on the verizon model (in2019) from oos11 but there is no mobile data. Otherwise it has been fine to use, thanks for working on this device
Yeah, this is for the Global in2013, in2015 models. If you flash the modem.img from in2019 oos12, it should work. I'm not sure if verizon released it though. Verizon keeping the man down.

Then again the old modem.img from in2019 might work too.


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Jul 26, 2014
OnePlus 8
@killcmd Thanks alor for your work, installed yesterday very stable and smooth. Just one thing one of my payment app is still detecting root even after hiding it zygisk. Any work around ? I am using Magisk 25.2 latest version.


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Jul 27, 2022
Yeah, this is for the Global in2013, in2015 models. If you flash the modem.img from in2019 oos12, it should work. I'm not sure if verizon released it though. Verizon keeping the man down.

Then again the old modem.img from in2019 might work too.
yeah.. verizon hasn't released it yet if i recall correctly, I'm gonna see if it works with the oos11 modem.img right now but there's low odds


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Aug 24, 2017
OnePlus 8
Hi @sundaexo I have tried everything for the Verizon OnePlus 8 and have had the same outcome. I noticed Verizon's security updates are also far out of date. They have June security patch but it's September lol. The best I could do was EvolutionX 6.5, also June security patch but is Android 12. I don't think we can do much until garbage Verizon releases Android 12 or 13 for OnePlus 8. But I doubt Verizon will.
I'm selling this Verizon garbage and getting the OnePlus 8 pro global or OnePlus 9. They have great prices used on ebay. Best of luck.
Edit: forgot to mention, AICP has august security patch on Android 12 and works on Verizon OnePlus 8.
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@killcmd Sir, i saw that you uploaded a new build, can you share changelog please 🙂
Derpfest's Changelog hasn't been shared with device maintainers. Honestly it's pretty stock right now.
Things I noticed:
Enabled Device Audio Output selection.
Statusbar icon packs
Album Filters for Lockscreen
DerpSpace is being implemented
Basic Customizations like Advanced Restart Menu and the like.

Anything else I'm not aware of but it looks like this is going to be fully fleshed out very soon.
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    This is a small project based on AOSP. We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to inspiration of AOSiP, Thank you! #StayDerped

    /* Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Changelog (According to Telegram)
    • Merge October 2022 Security patch (android-13.0.0_r11)
    • Add QS tiles layout customizations
    • Add status bar lyric ticker (needs app support)
    • Add notch bar killer
    • Fix play integrity and unlimited photos thingy
    • Allow toggling floating rotation button
    • Add support for window ignore secure
    • Enable Combined Statusbar Signal icons by default
    • Fix phantom spaces with center clock
    • Make volume toggle in statusbar tuner affect vibrate and mute icons on statusbar
    • Animate cutout padding for QS clock
    • Follow Monet and light/dark theme in user 1 icon
    • QSCustomizer: Fix QS tile reset text color
    • Require unlocking to use USB Tether QS tile
    • Add hotspot toggle in QS internet dialog
    • InternetDialog: Require unlocking to turn on hotspot
    • InternetDialog: Launch mobile network settings on long press
    • GlobalActionsDialog: Dismiss the dialog when restarting SystemUI
    • Reduce horizontal spacing around location icon
    • Fix footer actions faint background
    • Fix Xperia hotspot icon
    • Fix Theme picker color selection
    • Fix Screen off Udfps switch not sticking
    • Fix Glove mode switch
    • Fix incall vib options not showing up on new vib screen
    • Add back DerpFest Updater
    • Update GrapheneOS Camera
    • Update German translations
    • Add black theme switch for dark mode options
    • Add back all Icon Packs, Fonts, etc
    • Add back our GameSpace
    • Add PixelPropsUtils for unlimited photos
    • Add Smartspace port
    • Add Advanced reboot
    • Add Live-Display support
    • Add Swipe to screenshot
    • Enable Quick unlock by default
    • Enable Color picker in ThemePicker
    • Make the volume dialog expandable
    • Add per-app volume
    • Allow to always show settings in volume dialog
    • Add reTicker options
    • Add Google Sound Search tile
    • Add dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icons
    • Allow using 4G icon instead LTE
    • Add Option to Display Data Disabled Indicator Icon
    • Add old style mobile data indicators switch
    • Allow disabling qs on secure lockscreen
    • Add Hide power menu on secure lockscreen switch
    • Allow user configurable fingerprint wake-and-unlock
    • Add Screen off animations options
    • Implement burn-in protection for status/navbar
    • Allow to hide arrow for back gesture
    • Add Status network traffic options
    • Add toggle for Lockscreen Media Art
    • Add clock position options
    • Add clock AM/PM style options
    • Add clock seconds switch
    • Add battery icon options
    • Add brightness slider options
    • Add Live Volume Steps preference
    • Add Statusbar brightness control
    • Add Volume key cursor control
    • Add Flashlight blink on incoming calls options
    • Add Incall vibration options
    • Add Adaptive Playback aka Smart Pause
    • Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking
    • Add Toast icon switch
    • Add Less boring heads up option
    • Add Option to add kill button to notification guts
    • Allow scheduling always on display
    • Add option to enable AOD on charging only
    • Add Volume Rocker Wake switch
    • Add Volume Long Press Skip Tracks switch
    • Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is ON
    • Add notification counters switch
    • Allow customizing footer text
    • Allow to disable qs footer warnings
    • Add Haptic Feedback to tiles switch
    • Add options for animations to quick settings tiles
    • Allow changing vibration duration
    • Show user's Google avatar on the settings homepage
    • DerpLauncher: Add DT2S toggle
    • DerpLauncher: Add Google Feed
    • DerpLauncher: Add optional Hotseat searchbar
    • DerpLauncher: Allow changing app suggestion settings
    • DerpLauncher: Allow disabling workspace edit
    • DerpLauncher: Add toggle for desktop and drawer labels
    • DerpLauncher: Add optional Google Lens scan button to recents
    • DerpLauncher: Add kill action to app shortcuts popup
    • DerpLauncher: Add uninstall button to system shortcuts
    • DerpLauncher: Ability to toggle themed icons for all apps
    • DerpLauncher: Implement LocalColorExtractor using monet theme engine
    • DerpLauncher: Enable local colors for popup menu items
    • DerpLauncher: Fix header protection height calculation
    • DerpLauncher: Fix all apps view not dismissing
    • DerpLauncher: Don't vibrate while scrolling

    OnePlus Extras and EvolutionX Kernel.

    Device-specific features
    • Cameras
    • Bluetooth
    • Fingerprint Sensor
    • Tri-Key Switch
    • 90Hz Refresh Rate and Smoothing
    • Color Mode selection
    • Warp Charging
    • Tap to Wake and Pocket Detection
    • Calls and Network
    • Touch Gesture Customization

    Device Maintainer News
    • Fixed Sepolicy.
    • Updated Kernel to Latest Community Commit.
    • Having fun.
    • Updated GUI Installer for ease of use.
    • Updated to OOS 13 blobs.
    • Fixed 12-20-2022 issues. Use new upload.

    What's broken?
    Oneplus as a company.


    ROM: Download instantnoodle ROM [BUILD: 2022/12/21]
    Magisk: Magisk Git Releases

    Reboot to Bootloader
    Install USB-Driver
    Run AltInstaller
    Optional: Clean to wipe data.
    Choose Install.

    Upgrading to a Newer Build
    Reboot to Bootloader
    Install USB-Driver
    Run AltInstaller
    Optional: Clean to wipe data.
    Choose Install.


    ADB sideload depending on update.


    Google for Android and AOSP









    Cory Collins


    Any others we may have forgotten to credit

    And last but not the least, all our testers, who have helped us to squash many bugs so that we can try to release builds that as are flawless as possible

    Special Thanks:
    AnierinBliss and Evolution X contributors. Without your consistent and meticulous progress on Github I wouldn't learn a damn thing.

    XDA:DevDB Information

    DerpFest, ROM for the Oneplus 8

    Contributors @killcmd

    ROM source: Secret Sauce
    Device sources: InstantNoodle
    Kernel source: SM8250 Kernel

    ROM OS Version: 13.x

    ROM Kernel: 4.19.x

    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information

    Status: Rolling

    Created 2021-08-25

    Last Updated 2022-12-19
    Sorry for not being actively on the thread, I'm working a project at work. I was having issues with the Source Code compiling for a few weeks and I was in Texas which is basically void of any good free internet connections. I reworked the source from the recent Evolution X updates, this should be cleaner than before and using the Radioactive Kernel. I'll see about getting this Official status.
    Awesome stuff thank you!
    Still playing with the source code to bring it closer to official standards. It's been fun so far.
    Can you give me the link for that?
    Sorry for the late reply bud, I'm uploading a new build of the ROM and uploading the Recovery from it. I use Magisk 23 stable.

    The upload is going to be in the Sourceforge link from the original post. Please Format you userdata partition during the update to avoid a dirty flash issue, this update is essentially a rework of my original source using Derpfest assests.
    I've been in the rom game for several years now & have yet to find a rom that works better than this... Battery, reception, system speed - it's solid af & the Dev is an awesome guy. I wish we could donate to him I'd do it for monthly updates