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Jan 24, 2012
Re: [ROM][13/01][XXELLC] ·· ▀▄ · ♑. HydRx-D v2.3.0 · AOSP+Stock · JB-4.1.2-XXELLC·

Me too, same problem! But maybe since i installed LBE (xda version).


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Aug 12, 2010
Which versión, which uv's? Try new versión with lower uvs.

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Just now installed latest kernal [v5r2] with HydRxtremE , predefined voltage, -100c

is it ok ?

I am new in this...

And how to know mobile supports extreme UV or not ?


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Nov 3, 2012
Re: [ROM][13/01][XXELLC] ·· ▀▄ · ♑. HydRx-D v2.3.0 · AOSP+Stock · JB-4.1.2-XXELLC·

Just now installed latest kernal [v5r2] with HydRxtremE , predefined voltage, -100c

is it ok ?

I am new in this...

And how to know mobile supports extreme UV or not ?

All devices react differently, so i can not tell you that what's working for me will also work for you. So try this setup, if your phone does not support it just go down until you find the good one for you. It will also depend on your phone usage, ie, don't uv too much if gaming, this will result in phone heating and freezing.
Xtrme -100 c is my personal setup and no single issues in one month.

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Nov 3, 2012
Gracias Neo

Hello Neo,

Many thanks for this new pack:good:, New kernel, New Rom, Christmas in February:p
Kernel is running well as usual, I stick with my previous setup, thanks for bootanimation support :cool:
Rom: I will report back after some day usage, but I particularly love the theme and i have one question, I'd like to flash jkay (or similar framework) and then be able to reflash the theme on it, is it possible? I would really appreciate it;)

Excellent job mate:good:

Un saludo / Cheers


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Dec 22, 2008
I flashed the v2.4.0, but as in the previous version, when you try to set the alarm with the "Briefing", I get a FC. What should I install apk Samsung to make it work?


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Dec 12, 2009
Ynt: [ROM][13/01][XXELLC] ·· ▀▄ · ♑. HydRx-D v2.3.0 · AOSP+Stock · JB-4.1.2-XXELLC·

I flashed the v2.4.0, but as in the previous version, when you try to set the alarm with the "Briefing", I get a FC. What should I install apk Samsung to make it work?

Do i see wrong? V2.4.0 is avaliable ? If so where it is? Or is it just for test users?

Could you please reply me Neo? i am seriously waiting for your new rom.

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Nov 20, 2012
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    [ROM][13/01][XXELLC] ·· ▀▄ · ♑. HydRx-D v2.3.0 · AOSP+Stock · JB-4.1.2-XXELLC· ▄▀

    HydRx-D v2.3.0 - Stock-JB-4.1.2

    .- Based on Stock XXELLC
    ( SGS3-i9300 - JZO54K l STABLE l MULTILANGUAGE | AOSP+STOCK Style || Controlable Voltages with SetCPU/VoltageControl)

    Rom takes at least 15-20 min to install and be stable





    If you put this rom in another forum, put the link too: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2052926

    • Based on Stock SGS3 XXELLC JB 4.1.2
    • Kernel 3.0.57-HydRx [email protected] .Based on Yank555+Siyah+some patches, modifications, and optimizations. (thanks to yank555 and gokhanmoral)
    • Reduced CPU freqs for more speed and stability.
    • CWM Touch Recovery 6.0.12 included
    • Rooted
    • AOSP theme style. (thanks to vertumus)
    • 23 toggles included (thanks to vertumus, lidroid & raubkatze)
    • Extended power menu included.
    • AOSP Lockscreen+Torch (thanks to Tamerlan2009) and landscape fixed by me
    • Themed holo gradient
    • Optimized animations.
    • Fancy Sense included (thanks to Sevastopol)
    • Optimized (tweaks) for good performance/battery.
    • Tweaks scheduler, I/O, VirtualMemory y others to save power.
    • SuperSU included (thanks to Chainfire)
    • Modded ApexLauncher included
    • Gapps included (Gmail, GooglePlay, Maps, Gtalk, GoogleSearch, VoiceSearch)
    • Adobe FlashPlayer included.
    • OpenVPN support
    • bash support.
    • Tweaks 3G & networking
    • Tweaks for multitasking (build.prop)
    • HX mod camera (thanks to hyperX)
    • 1080p better quality recording/photo tweaks
    • Updated hosts block & APN.lists
    • Fix virtual operators (thanks djreno & company)
    • Hardware acceleration enabled by default.
    • Gradient fix added.
    • Play Music added
    • AROMA installer.
    • LITE rom (all bloatware removed).
    • Other translations and modifications added.
    • Optimized apks to get more free ram.
    • Zipaligned
      [*]more I forget.
    • Idiomas Incluidos: Afrikaans, Amharic, Bahasa Indonesia, Català, Cestina, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Latviesu, Lietuviu, Magyar, Malay, Nederlands, Norsk bokmal, Polski, Português, Româna, Slovencina, Slovenscina, Suomi, Svenska, Swahili, Tagalog, Tiêng Viêt, Türkçe, Zulu, Greek, Russian, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc [ALL LOCALE]. (algunos idiomas pueden no estar totalmente completos)

    -Enter to recovery powering on with [volumen +, Home + power], make Wipe Factory /data, & Wipe Cache.
    -Flash the rom ROM .
    -Reboot and configure rom. (First time could take 10min to boot..).
    -Reboot once you have all configured.

    ChangeLog HydRx-D
    • __

    ChangeLog older releases
    [b][i]2.2.1 & r1:[/i][/b]
    [*]New kernel 3.0.57-HydRx-v4r58
    [*]Improved scaling in lower freqs (+stable)
    [*]Added entropy Seeder rngd I/O mod (thanks to lambgx02 & Ryuinferno) and modified a little (should be less system lag)
    [*]Made script of Dynamic LowMemoryKiller to avoid lags when the free ram memory is low (+performance)
    [*]Modified a little VM values for + AWAKE performance
    [*]Added Music player and fm priority on Sleep to avoid shuttering in sleep mode.
    [*]Edited and cleaned a little wifi off script .
    [*]Increased +1dBm in AWAKE wifi power (should improve a little wifi link)
    [*]Modified sleep up threshold values to get better DeepSleep
    [*]Added more Advanced AROMA installer
    [*]Added Samsung Stock+toggles theme to Aroma
    [*]Added kernels choose in Aroma (fix reboots and freezings installing -25 or -50)
    [*]Added apps mod or genuine apps choose in Aroma
    [*]Added the possibility to add the Deleted APPS to install in aroma, dragging apps what u want to rom zip, into:  /extras/samsungremoved/app and enabling the install later in Aroma
    [*]Some more fix & tweak.
    [*]+ I forget
    [*]Optimized all apks to get more ramfree
    [*]Fix kernels Sudden Death (thx to Andreilux 4extract the patch from U7)  (v4r59's)
    [*]New experimental kernel SDS patch included (v4r61)
    [*]Changed default Iosched to V(R)
    [*]Changed three rcu to JRCU
    [*]Fix Music stock player themed
    [*]Updated Nexus 4 Clock
    [*]Added Lonas medium to Aroma. (thanks to lonas)
    [*]New Base XXELLA 4.1.2
    [*]New Kernel v4r42
    [*]Kernel improves to get more stability and performance
    [*]Internal MAX VMReadahead modified to 104kb
    [*]Readjusted theme to new base
    [*]Fix AOSP lockscreen SOD when you do vol+power in sleep
    [*]Deleted track with vol (due to lock problem)
    [*]Fix transaction from PC to sdext
    [*]More kernel tweaks
    [*]Improved a little disconnection wifi script
    [*]+ I forget
    [*]Optimized all apks to get more ramfree
    [*]Updated kernel 3.0.57-HydRx-4.2f  (fix freezes?)
    [*]Now 862mb RAM.
    [*]Added freqs 300-400-600mhz.
    [*]Retweaked hydrxq governor.
    [*]Added V(R) iosched to kernel.
    [*]Fix kernel bad audio eargasm quality with headphones.
    [*]Updated some binaries (iwconfig, bash, etc)
    [*]Fix to show whatsapp, google, in contactos.
    [*]Changed CSC.
    [*]Swapped Video and Call button on the dialer (to crean crean for the notice, wanam & vertumus) 
    [*]Replaced Video by Message button on the dialer (to crean crean for the notice, wanam & vertumus)
    [*]No SMS in Call log. (to crean crean for the notice, wanam & vertumus)
    [*]Gallery with "hide/unhide" album (to crean crean for the notice, wanam & vertumus)
    [*]Revised android.policy.jar to avoid errors with AOSP lockscreen 
    [*]Added complete cleaner to the rom installer (to avoid rests of kernels of configs (it doesn't wipe any of your data))
    [*]Made automatic script to check if you are connected to a wifi networks, and if you don't, wifi is disabled after 3 min (with screen off, script will recheck every 5 minutes, so if you go out of your house, you don't have to disable wifi)
    [*]Added Fragmentation threshold 2345 and RTS threshold 2346 to wifi to get better connection between ap and mobile
    [*]Cleaed and readjusted tweaks (more performance)
    [*]Added sense font for fancySense, temperature font sense style.
    [*]Reverted RCU Boost & optimizations mount.
    [*]+ I forget
    [*]Optimized all apks to get more ramfree
    [*]Updated Kernel 3.0.56-HydRx-3.2e (don't use 2.7a or lower kernels for the moment)
    [*]Added RCU-BOOST to kernel.
    [*]Added the posibility to enable zram (disabled by default)
    [*]Mounted all partitions with optimizations (faster)
    [*]Fixed Notification panel in Settings.
    [*]Fixed themes compatibility.
    [*]Added CRT OFF.
    [*]Added JB 4.2 Clock-Widget
    [*][strike]Disabled Screenstate in kernel (maybe there aren't VERYgood battery like 2.7a, but I have had to disable it,  lot of SODs, reboots, ramdom freezes (independent of UV)) - Revising it for some time to look what happen.[/strike]  Fixed.
    [*]Added New Script to clean caches+inodes for mor RAM memory when the free ram is below 6mb free  (thankt to shawe for helping me with the scripting)
    [*]Changed modem to XXDLID (Seems to be more battery friendly, if you have problems with some calls/microphone in calls, change it)
    [*]Default voodoo control boost from 63 to 55 to get better quality sound
    [*]New default wallpaper added.
    [*]Some things more fixed.
    [*]+ I forget
    [*]Optimized all apks to get more ramfree
    [*]New base XXELL5 4.1.2
    [*]Updated Kernel 3.0.56-HydRx-2.7a
    [*]Adapted theme-toggles-etc to new base
    [*]Added autobrightness fix (thanks to d8389)
    [*]Revised and readjusted aosp theme
    [*]Spanish translated QuickPanel 
    [*]Spanish translated Control multiwindow.
    [*]Tematizada galeria a AOSP. (thanks vertumus)
    [*]Optimized all apks to get more ramfree
    [*]Deleted Velvet.apk
    [*]Updated modem to BUELK1
    [*]+ I forget
    [*]Updated Kernel 3.0.56-HydRC0mpl3x-2.1c [email protected] 
    [*]Fix Lockscreen freezes in landscape
    [*]23toggles added and modified
    [*]Revised and readjusted aosp theme
    [*]Fixed min freq in screen off to 200mhz
    [*]Updated Maps
    [*]Deleted Twitter app
    [*]Deleted some more system bloatware.
    [*]Fixed AOSP keyboard fc
    [*]Updated Allshare
    [*]Camera 4.2 & gallery changed to HX MOD
    [*]Optimized all apks to get more ramfree
    [*]Revised tweaks for battery save
    [*]Updated modem to XXELKC
    [*]more things I forget
    [*]Updated Kernel 3.0.56-HydRC0mpl3x-2.0j
    [*]Updated base to XXELKC 4.1.2
    [*]Tweaks performance and stability
    [*]Adapted all mods to rom base
    [*]Added Camera android 4.2
    [*]Added Gallery 4.2
    [*]Added black transparency multiwindow by me and fix multiview
    [*]Some more tweaks to save battery.
    [*]Updated some apps more.
    [*]Added PlayMusic.
    [*]Optimized all apks to get more ramfree
    [*]Added aosp lockscreen
    [*]More modifications in theme
    [*]more things I forget
    [*]UpdatedKernel 3.0.51 - Complex-D_r49u +1MB Ram Hack.
    [*]Modified Scheduler Latency configs
    [*]Tweaks CFS Scheduler
    [*]Tweaks pegasusq governor.
    [*]Priorized system apps.
    [*]Fixed lockscreen weather
    [*]+12,5mV in 200mhz (no more reboots)
    [*]Added virtual operators patch (thanks djreno y compañia).
    [*]Added gallery and camera note2
    [*]Changed modem to XXDLH9 (problems with calls fixed).</*>
    [*]Reduced font size.</*>
    [*]Some more tweaks.</*>
    [*]Initial release.


    If I have forgot some credit for you (sorry it's impossible to remember everything!), you can send me a PM and I'll put your deserved credits!

    If you like my work you can buy me a beer! ... =) You can follow my work in Twitter. :D#NeoPhyTe_x360[/CENTER]
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