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Jan 28, 2011
Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada
Really he is right, I modified it to include it in spanish too (not everything), so because this I thought there won't be problems to include it, so sorry for this, really.

I've removed links because now I don't have time to edit rom. (I'm not in my home this months).
So, if you all have tried my rom, and you like mikereidis app, I recommend for everyone to support his great work for the community purchasing and updating his app.

I'll continue develop next weeks I hope.

Thanks and sorry to mikereidis

Thank you.

I hope it's as easy as just removing the APK from the ZIP. I've been "tolerating" those who include the free app linked in post 1 of my Q&A thread, should you want to substitute that. But in most ROMs it ends up broken anyway, due to lack of library or directory, LOL.

In some ways it's not a big deal; April 13 release of Spirit is ancient. Much more recent pirate versions can be found via Google etc, including "untouched, pristine" copies.

I DO think there's a risk of a virus in that Friday 13 release. I know 2 of my phones got a strange email virus running a modified pirate version of Spirit.
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May 12, 2012
Welcome back Neo and we do all hope to receive new updates for this great rom as soon as possible! I want to modify a stock rom and I would appreciate if you could tell me how to make the volume keys to scroll during editing and typing messages. Thank you!
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Apr 14, 2012
Odp: [ROM][13/06][AOKP] · ▀▄ · ♑.Hydяa-H²o v1.4.1 - IMM76I · ICS-4.0.4 · ▄▀

@up.... No comment for that. Guys pls - starrt reading...

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Apr 14, 2012
Odp: [ROM][13/06][AOKP] · ▀▄ · ♑.Hydяa-H²o v1.4.1 - IMM76I · ICS-4.0.4 · ▄▀

F*** I found 1.4 1 :D

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Apr 14, 2012
Odp: [ROM][13/06][AOKP] · ▀▄ · ♑.Hydяa-H²o v1.4.1 - IMM76I · ICS-4.0.4 · ▄▀


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Apr 14, 2012
hell No!


Currently learning: C++ ; School year comin' hello High School :c

When I'll gonna grow up, I'll work in Samsung so the Source Code will be released.

They call me Prophet...
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    [ROM][13/06][AOKP] · ▀▄ · ♑.Hydяa-H²o v1.4.1 - IMM76I · ICS-4.0.4 · ▄▀

    . Hydra-H²o v1.4.1 - AOKP 4.0.4 Source Based -

    It takes at least 10-15 min to install and boot





    If you put this rom in another page, please put the link above: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1403044

    • Based on AOKP SGS2 ICS 4.0.4 - Totally built from source Thanks to: AOKP Team, and NetChip -
    • Kernel 3.0.29-Hydra [email protected]* .Based on Thoravukk kernel+siyah with some modifications/optimizations. CWM Touch Recovery and initramfs based on siyah (thanks to pinpong and gokhanmoral)
    • Rooted
    • New GooglePlay market included
    • Theme AOSP Style.
    • Optimized (tweaks) to get better performance/battery.
    • Tweaks scheduler, I/O, VirtualMemory y others to save battery.
    • Superuser 3.0.7 (thanks to ChainsDD)
    • ApexLauncher
    • Gapps Included (Gmail, GooglePlay, Maps, Gtalk, GoogleSearch, VoiceSearch...)
    • GoogleMusic
    • PolarisOffice included.
    • Adobe FlashPlayer included.
    • Twitter included.
    • OpenVPN Support
    • BLN Support
    • Voodoo Louder Support
    • Beats Audio Support.
    • Bash Support.
    • 1080p Videorecording in mp4, and improved quality in photos and videos.
    • BootAnimation Blu Plazma II (thanks to his creator).
    • RadioFM (optional), you can search it by mikereidis
    • Hosts block and APN updated lists.
    • Hardware acceleration enabled by default.
    • ROMControl (thanks to roman, thanks to Superteam for spanish translation, and nidroid for català translation)
    • CyanogenMod devicesettings (thanks to cm9 team, and teamhacksung)
    • MIUI FileExplorer (spanish translated by me) (thanks to MIUI team).
    • Gradient fix added. (thanks to arzbhatia)
    • Other translations & customizations added.
    • PinyinIME y OpenWnn.
    • Zipaligned
      [*]more I forget.
    • Included Languages: Afrikaans, Amharic, Bahasa Indonesia, Català, Cestina, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Latviesu, Lietuviu, Magyar, Malay, Nederlands, Norsk bokmal, Polski, Português, Româna, Slovencina, Slovenscina, Suomi, Svenska, Swahili, Tagalog, Tiêng Viêt, Türkçe, Zulu, Greek, Russian, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc [ALL LOCALE]. (some languages could not be totally translated)

    -Enter to recovery, power on by [volume+, Home + Power], do Wipe Factory /data, & Wipe Cache.
    -Flash ROM .
    -Reboot (First time it can takes some time to boot 10min..).
    -When you have configured all, reboot, to get more stability.

    ChangeLog Hydra-H²o
    • Updated kernel Hydra4-r26
    • Fix dual-boot & initramfs updated (thanks to gokhanmoral)
    • Fix bluetooth
    • Updated AdobeFlashPlayer.
    • Updated ApexLauncher.
    • Updated SuperVideo
    • Updated patched GooglePlay (thanks to raziel77).
    • Added xxTweaker & modified by me to work with my kernel (thanks to rodrigo_said for the info & thanks to fluxi for app).
    • Zipalign
    • Others

    ChangeLog older releases
    [*]Updated base to AOKP B38, built from sources (thanks rodries & AOKP team); changelog B38: [url]http://aokp.co/site/index.php?/topic/433-release-build-38/[/url]
    [*]New kernel 3.0.33-Hydra4-r24
    [*]Used other video drivers to delete banding
    [*]Fixed reboots when you choose CPUSpy support on aroma
    [*]Improved toggles by me.
    [*]Improved Settings&Contacts backgrounds .
    [*]Updated Maps
    [*]Updated patched GoogleServicesFramework.
    [*]Improved and Fixed SenseTheme.
    [*]Used linaro bionics in compilation (+performance)
    [*]Used -Ofast CFLAG to compile rom. (+performance)
    [*]Updated fixed and translated romcontrol to support widgets in navigation bar
    [*]New wallpapers in Hydra Wallpaper app
    [*]Changed default wallpaper.
    [*]Updated BeatsAudio files
    [*]Added SuperVideo Floating app
    [*]Fixed some minor bugs
    [*]Improves to optimize performance.
    [*]New kernel 3.0.32-Hydra4-r8, based on xxFluxi(75%)+thoravukk(15%)+siyah(10%)(patching)  (++performance)
    [*]Updated Recovery & dualboot tools
    [*]Updated lights with breathe feature, thanks to xxfluxi
    [*]Improved wifi signal.
    [*]Fix Sensors
    [*]Fix screen of when doing a call.
    [*]Revised build.prop tweaks (++performance)
    [*]Improved kernel tweaks (++performance)
    [*]Apollo Music by default (you can choose GoogleMusic in Aroma)
    [*]Fix reboots and unsaved settings.
    [*]Updated Mms.apk, should fix some problems.
    [*]Improved themes.
    [*]New toggles, thanks to legendk95 for some icons
    [*]Changed default wallpaper.
    [*]Improved theming, dark holo black, black menus, etc.
    [*]Changed dpi to 212.
    [*]Modified dalvik.vm.heapsize for more performance
    [*]Fix maps
    [*]Added Sense4 white clock, thanks to basst85
    [*]Updated Modem a XXLPX
    [*]New kernel 3.0.31-Hydra3-r64
    [*]Built from source 24-05 (thanks to aokp team, netchip, rodries...)
    [*]Fix Brightness timeout fail
    [*]New sensors, faster autobrightness response
    [*]Improves on Cámara, storage location improved (thanks to rodries and F1 owner)
    [*]Fix 2G/3G toogle, now automatic change, thanks to rodries
    [*]Improves in network toggle
    [*]Removed journaling in data & system (++performance)
    [*]Back to SIO default I/O scheduler
    [*]Added Themes chooser
    [*]Added some themes.
    [*]Deleted TabletUI in aroma
    [*]Back to Music default app, should fix some playing problems
    [*]dithering disabled by default.
    [*]Added libertytweaks tweaks support (some)
    [*]gps.conf edit for world gps support
    [*]Added zipalign, tune2fs, e2fsck, etc. binaries
    [*]Changed default wallpaper.
    [*]Updated ApexLauncher
    [*]Updated Twitter
    [*]Updated Modem to XXLPW
    [*]New kernel 3.0.31-Hydra3-r30
    [*]Deleted some CFLAGS optimizations
    [*]Fix Gps toggle
    [*]Fix brightness toggle
    [*]Fix non saved options problem.
    [*]Changed default I/O scheduler to V(r).
    [*]JRCU by default
    [*]Modified some tweaks
    [*]Fix UV of freq 200mhz
    [*]Added complete apn list
    [*]Added national roaming fix, for Simyo, etc.
    [*]Replaced LatinIME (problems with voice detection).
    [*]Fix GoogleMusic play music problem.
    [*]Modified heapsize.dalvik.vm, etc
    [*]Retouching build.prop tweaks
    [*]Updated cpuspy support, now from script, charging a module.
    [b][i]1.1.0 & 1.1.1:[/i][/b]
    [*]Updated and build from source AOKP, updated base.  
    [*]More options in AROMA.
    [*]New kernel 3.0.31 - Hydra3_r12
    [*]Improve touchscreensensitivity (one more time....haha)
    [*]New Contact Widgets added, (thanks shawe)
    [*]Added Camera with SDcard location (thanks to ashwaa)
    [*]Fixed mouting both storages on pc
    [*]Added Google Gallery instead built in gallery.
    [*]Modified theming, Mms app, and Google music
    [*]Added Sense recent apps to romcontrol options.
    [*]New Hydra Wallpapers app, with a lot of wallpapers.
    [*]Fix Email. -> white app.
    [*]Added to aroma modified RadioFM and a little translated to spanish.
    [*]New Governor 'Hydra'
    [*]Hotplug managing core from gingerbread by default.
    [*]Added some new steps to kernel (940, 1340mhz)
    [*]Revised performance tweaks.
    [*]Updated Facelock
    [*]Updated Maps y Street
    [*]Updated GenieWidget
    [*]Updated PolarisOffice
    [*]Changed default Wallpaper.
    [*]Added new OTG Host drivers from gokhanmoral, thanks
    [*]Option in Aroma to install white apps (contacts, mms, etc).
    [*]Option in Aroma to install kernel compatible CPUSpy (slower, and a little older, r11)
    [*]Dalvik dexout, do not verify, optimize all classes and optimize for uniprocessor
    [*]New dalvik mode int:jit
    [*]More scrolling and battery tweaks.
    [*]Updated kernels to r13
    [*]fix apps and problems with some apps
    [*]More AROMA Features to select apps. Thanks to D4 and amarullz
    [*]TabletUI Mode in installator
    [*]New kernel 3.0.30 - Hydra v8b
    [*]Due to problems with touchscreen. Improve touchscreen sensitivity
    [*]New APN list from CM9
    [*]Changed DPI to 210
    [*]New GooglePlay and GoogleServices patched DPI compatible
    [*]Modified Roboto font 4 percent less and fix some .nondef characters
    [*]CWM app is back
    [*]Black Contacts app 
    [*]Black Talk app
    [*]Black MMS app thanks to travp624
    [*]Black Email app
    [*]Black Google Music app
    [*]Black Calendar app
    [*]Black Youtube app
    [*]Updated Adobe Flash Player
    [*]Undervolting some internal voltages lcd touchkeys etc
    [*]Some GPU Undervolt
    [*]New kernel tweaks to improve battery
    [*]Back to some tweaks to improve performance
    [*]Some minor tweaks
    [*]New rom image on AROMA installer. Thanks to NEBeek
    [*]Retouching base. Brightness and other fixes (still some yet)
    [*]New kernel 3.0.30 - Hydra v7b
    [*]More CFLAGS Optimizations
    [*]Improve touchscreen sensitivity
    [*]Config 300HZ and 150HZ user
    [*]Added Screenstate memory and governor to save battery
    [*]More Wifi batterysave
    [*]MTP set as Default
    [*]Fast Dormancy disabled at boot
    [*]Added KSM to boost graphics
    [*]Update mouse HID resolution
    [*]Update Apex Launcher
    [*]Improved tweaks
    [*]Some minor tweaks
    [*]More stable resuming.
    [*]Added AROMA installer. Thanks to amarullz and D4
    [*]Built from new source IMMD76I
    [*]New kernel 3.0.29 - Hydra v5f - with ZRAM and other optimizations (thanks to gokhan, thoravukk and dornimanx)
    [*]Added DualBoot Support. Thanks to gokhanmoral
    [*]Lulzactive governor as Default
    [*]Tweaked lulzactive
    [*]BLN Fixed
    [*]Tweaks VM
    [*]Added GoogleTTS
    [*]Fixed MTP both storages (you should put it in multimedia mode)
    [*]Tweaks Battery and performance
    [*]Updated Maps
    [*]Updated ApexLauncher
    [*]Updated Twitter
    [*]Some minor tweaks
    [*]Initial Release

    Download Hydra-H²o v1.4.1 (thanks to c0urier and zexbig for hosting):

    rom links disabled for now

    Included Hydra4_r26 kernel



    Optimized NovaLauncher:

    Video Reviews

    thanks to JesusNietoPacha

    thanks to PolarWorks
    Hi Neo,

    It's not a fortune, but have a few beers on me:


    Cheers for your efforts.



    I hope finish tonight the work I was doing this days, and upload 1.4.0 if everything go well (I had many bad roms with 1.3.0 in my pc, so will be 1.4.0, I think), but I have to wake up early, so maybe it for tomorrow
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