[ROM][13.0_r13][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 7.3 [11/24/2022]

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Apr 25, 2011
OnePlus 8
I'm on a old build from october, I can download OTA but it doesn't install, can I dirty flash manually with adb sideload o should I clean flash?


Sep 19, 2021
I cant use msm downloadtool with this rom. My Computer dosent detect my oneplus 8t in device manager. It says "error requesting a device description"

How can i get back to stock?

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    Ok, I know I've said this before, and I'm going to seriously regret saying it again, but I just can't help myself. If you want a Dev to take your bug report seriously, it needs to be reproducible by the Dev. Simply saying "I installed this ROM, plus a ton of apps, changed a bunch of settings, and now my battery life is ****" does not help anyone. If you want them to take the report seriously, it needs to be "I installed a fresh ROM, restored nothing, installed nothing and changed this one setting, found the battery life was noticeably shortened. Turned that setting back off and verified that battery life was back to normal." That kind of report is likely to get some action, the previous one very likely to be ignored. These guys are all volunteers who give their time away for free to help fix googles/oplus/qualcoms **** for us ungrateful end users. If you're gonna winge about the ROM, at least do it constructively :p
    Anyone having issues with pixel launcher since last update. The weather widget is not opening to full forecast and the search bar isn't working-only searching installed apps.
    Issues with pixel launcher have already been fixed. Will be available on the next release.
    The latest build does not work OTA.
    My version: evolution_instantnoodle-ota-td1a.221105.001-11191405-unsigned.

    I have some problem even on op8p

    Same here OP8.
    Verification failed after download OTA


    OTA failed verification, decided to sideload. Phone now bootloops in recovery mode.

    See if I can't sort this out after work I guess...

    On instancenoodle and instantnoodlep, this new update requires data format.
    It's been announced on Telegram but not on xda apprently....
    Would you mind explaining a little further how to get magisk and root with evolution x just installed?? i dont want to get my phone bricked

    Sideload (using with Evolution custom rom provided Recovery) and the
    ADB sideload command

    Once in Recovery and using Sideload as OP lays out in the same way to flash this rom.
    • Boot the phone in recovery and connected to a computer using the ADB commands
    • Once in Recovery go to Sideload option
    • adb devices (verify device is connected) from the computer
    • adb sideload Magisk-v25.2.zip (keep root) from the computer

    The Magisk file is the same as the apk file just changing the extension to .zip

    Once done reboot and install the Magisk app
    I use this rom since August on my Oneplus 8 Pro and i never had battery drain issues. I might be wrong, but reading this thread, the most of the drain are caused by differrent tweaks or settings, and not by the rom.
    But the setting is in the rom, so it's still caused by the rom!
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    Evolution X 7.3 for the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, 8T & 9R [Instantnoodle][Instantnoodlep][Kebab][lemonades]


    Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving.
    Pixel UI, customization and more, we are Evolution X!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @joeyhuab (Founder/Lead Developer)
    @peaktogoo (Project Manager/Co-Founder)
    AnierinB (Project Specialist/Co-Founder)

    Reach us on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM

    Check out our website!


    - Monet Engine
    - Vivid Theme (Black theme/Vibrant monet)
    - Dark Theme Schedules
    - System Fonts (53 Styles)
    - SB Icon Packs (10 Styles)
    - SB Signal Icon Packs (14 Styles)
    - SB WiFi Icon Packs (10 Styles)
    - System Icon Packs (16 Styles)
    - 3 Button Navbar Styles (10 Styles)
    - Clock Styles (Right, Center, Left)
    - Clock & Date Configs (Auto Hide, Seconds, AM/PM, Date Postion/Case/Format)
    - SB Logo Pack (28 Styles)
    - Network Traffic Indicators
    - Battery Icon (10 Styles, 3 Percentage Options)
    - System SB UI Tuner
    - Data Disabled Icon (On/Off)
    - Old Style Mobile Data
    - 4G Instead Of LTE
    - Roaming Indicator
    - Colored Icons
    - Bluetooth Battery Status
    - Mic/Camera Privacy Inidicator
    - Location Privacy Inidicator
    - Media Projection Privacy Inidicator
    - ReTicker
    - Heads Up
    - Heads Up Time Out
    - Less Boring Heads Up
    - Heads Up StopList/Blacklist
    - App Colored Background For Reticker
    - Heads Up
    - Notification Sound If Active
    - Kill App Button
    - Blink Flashlight For Incoming Call
    - In-Call-Vibrations (Connect, Waiting, Disconnect)
    Quick Settings
    - Clock
    - Clock Font Size
    - Date
    - Secure QS
    - Battery Style (11 Styles)
    - Battery Percent Location (3 Locations)
    - Secure QS Requires Unlock
    - Quick QS Pulldown
    - Smart Pulldown
    - When To Show Brightness Slider
    - Brightness Slider Position (2 Postions)
    - Brightness Slider Icon
    - QS Tile Animation Style (3 Styles)
    - QS Tile Animation Druations (3 Speeds)
    - QS Tile Animation Interpolator (8 Styles)
    - QS Vibration
    - QS Vibration Druation
    - QS Footer Warnings
    - User Account
    - Edit Icon
    - Power Menu Shortcut
    - Running Services Shortcut
    - Settings Shortcut
    - Clear All Button (10 Styles, 5 Backgrounds)
    Power Menu
    - System Settings (Hold PWR Assistant + Hold Duration)
    - Disable Power Menu On LS
    - Power
    - Restart
    - Advanced Reboot Options
    - Screenshot
    - Flashlight
    - Settings
    - Lock Down
    - Emergency
    - Users
    - Logout
    - Bug Report
    - System Settings
    - Quick Tap
    - Volume Button Platback Control
    - Swipe To Screenshot
    - Brightness Control
    - PWR Button Torch
    - Double Tap To Sleep Status Bar
    - Double Tap to Sleep Lockscreen
    - AOSP Gestures
    - Pill Length
    - Pill Radius
    - IME Space
    - Back Gesture Animation
    - Edge Light
    - Screen Off UDFPS
    - UDFPS Icon Picker (54 Styles)
    - UDFPS Animation Picker (36 Styles)
    - LS Charging Info
    - Hide SB
    - Hide QS During Secure LS
    - Media Cover Art
    - Ripple Effect
    - Show Vol Panel On Left
    - Per App Vol Control
    - On-Screen NavBar
    - Arrow Keys While Typing On 3 Button Layout
    - Compact 3 Button Layout
    - Invert 3 Button Layout
    - Volume Steps Configs (8 Sources)
    - Volume Rocker Wake
    - Keyboard Cursor Control
    - Alert Slider Notifications
    - Alert Slider Pulse
    - Block Alert Slider In Pocket Mode
    - Click To Partial Screenshot
    - Screen Off Animation (3 Styles)
    - AOD Display Schedule
    - Game Space
    - App Lock
    - Hidden Apps
    - Launch Music App On Headset Connect
    - Unlimited Photos Storage
    - Unlock Higher FPS In Games
    - Jitter Test
    - Ignore Secure Window Flags
    - Show Tempature Warning
    - Toast App Icon
    - Sensor Block Per Package
    - Default USB Configuration
    - Radio Info
    My signature Universal OPlusExtras application:
    - Awesome alert slider (Notification/Flashlight/Brightness/Rotation/Ringer/Notification & Ringer/Refresh rate)
    - Ambient display gestures (raise2wake)
    - Kcal
    - Per-app refresh rate
    - DC-Dimming toggle
    - HBM toggle
    - Auto HBM toggle (with lux adjustment preference)
    - Power efficient Workqueue toggle
    - MSM touchboost toggle
    - fsync toggle
    - Adrenoboost preference (off, light, medium, aggressive
    - FPS overlay (9 Positions, 11 Colors & accent, 9 Sizes
    - Powershare toggle
    - Game mode toggle (240hz touch sampling rate)
    - TP edge limit toggle (disable edge detection)
    - USB-OTG toggle
    - USB2.0 Fastcharge toggle
    - System Vibration Strength preference


    1. HDMI out
    2. Idk, you tell me



    First Time Install / Clean Flash (8 & 8 Pro)
    1. Be on any version of OOS12 (required firmware is shipped with Evolution X for these devices)
    2. Download vbmeta, recovery, and rom for your device from here (please make sure that you don't flash instantnoodlep (8 Pro) on instantnoodle (8) else you will hardbrick your device)
    3. Reboot to bootloader
    4. fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot reboot recovery
    5. While in recovery, navigate to Apply update -> Apply from ADB (if you experience no touch in recovery, then use the vol & pwr keys. This is a sign of you being on an early version of OOS12. The required firmware will be flashed during installation of the ROM.)
    6. adb sideload rom.zip (replace "rom" with actual filename)
    7. Format data, reboot to system & #KeepEvolving

    First Time Install / Clean Flash (8T & 9R)
    1. Be on the latest OOS 12 (C36)
    2. Download copy_partitions, vbmeta, recovery, and rom for your device from here
    3. Reboot to bootloader
    4. fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
    fastboot reboot recovery
    5. While in recovery, navigate to Apply update -> Apply from ADB
    6. adb sideload copy_partitions.zip (press "yes" when signature verification fails) and then reboot to recovery
    7. Repeat step 5 and then adb sideload rom.zip (replace "rom" with actual filename)
    8. Format data, reboot to system & #KeepEvolving

    Update / Dirty Flash
    1. Reboot to recovery
    2. While in recovery, navigate to Apply update -> Apply from ADB
    3. adb sideload rom.zip (replace "rom" with actual filename)
    4. Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving


    1. Check for update. If available, select "Download and install" (approx 10-15 min)
    2. Reboot & #KeepEvolving


    Updates are out!

    If coming from the previous 09/16/2022 release, OTA will work. For anyone who hasn't updated to that build, you will need to use the new recovery with support for erofs as pointed out here in order to flash the latest build.

    • kernel: Enable wireguard kernel backend
    • sm8250-common: Fix disabling A2DP offload
    • sm8250-common: Import audio policy configurations from audio HAL
    • Instantnoodlep: Use 1080p resolution by default
    • base: Save user preferred resolution into persistent data store (restores user set resolution on boot)
    • AlertSlider: Allow UI to work with multiple resolutions
    • SystemUI: Use max Display.Mode in AuthController as well
    • Catch IllegalArgumentException for invalid phone id
    • Fix action bar font family on material themes
    • Fix crash occurred due to null pointer exception
    • KeyguardIndication: Fix glitchy charging info on lock screen
    • Settings: Allow Configuring Navbar Radius
    • StatusBarIconController: Guard yet another function from cast exception
    • SystemUI: Allow using tuner API for Global settings
    • SystemUI: Clean up and fix status bar logo feature
    • SystemUI: More rounded corners
    • SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement
    • ThemeOverlayController: Remove repeated monet check
    • Use alphaoptimized layout for icons on left
    • base: use a double click effect for charging if there is no amplitude control support
    • core: Fix menu popup ripple
    • core: Fix NPE
    • fixup! frameworks: Add support for clock auto-hiding
    • Reland "Don't enable jdwp by default on userdebug builds"
    • SystemUI: Re-inflate keyguard status bar on theme change
    • SystemUI: Set heap tracking default also with a property like all the other flags
    • base: AudioService: bail out if ringer mode is not recognized
    • apns: Clean up Austrian carriers
    • Evolver: Bring back HeadsUp snooze and timeout options
    • Evolver: Bring back HeadsUp blocklist/stoplist
    • Fix Dark Theme "TURN ON UNTIL SUNRISE" not retained after reboot
    • Fixes crash/race condition when destroyActivity
    • Improve PendingIntent security check compatibility
    • Settings: Add charging vibration settings

    Hey everyone,

    Just dropping by here to clean the thread and remind everyone to remain calm and respect the developers. Developers do the development in their free time and are not committed to anything. Let's appreciate the work done and help each other as a community. Also, take some time to read and follow the forum rules, especially:

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    OPlusExtras are back :)